How to Choose Baseball Gloves for Youth Size? Complete Guide

Along with all the baseball equipment baseball glove is a very important factor to choose. If you want to get the perfect glove you need to know some necessary fact about a baseball glove. Combining your age, size, position, lefty or righty, budget and others you should select the exact glove and I will give you all the necessary information. That gives you the way to choose the baseball gloves for youth size.

A baseball glove anatomy

Before buying a glove you must achieve some knowledge about all the part of a glove. Briefly, I will let you understand those parts.

  • Pocket: A compactly woven piece of leather that connects the fingers, allows the fielder to catch the ball and maintain possession.
  • Palm: It is a protective padding underneath the leather that assures a good protection
  • Heel: This is the lower part of a glove on the palm and. Gives protection as well and determines break.
  • Hinge: This portion let you open your glove at ease.
  • Laces: Laces provide the shape of your glove.
  • Wrist adjustment: It helps to have a coordination. It’s an optional feature.

These are the main parts of a glove. Now get another information which is more important.

Things you need to know more about gloves

So many things are there in a baseball glove you have to know about. Here are the most important factors which I listed for you step by step that you need to know broadly.

Materials of the glove

A baseball is generally made of leather and synthetic. Check out the advantage and disadvantage of the materials the gloves made by

Synthetic gloves: They are the lightest and good for the young player. Besides those are very cheap and performs well. Break in is also very quick. The durability isn’t so appreciating

Mesh-backed gloves: These gloves are also many expert’s suggestions as a lighter one.

Leather gloves: The best of all and also have variation in this material.

  • Synthetic leather is a lightweight glove with a quick break in.
  • Softened oil-treated leather helps to have a good break in as well. Besides gives a game ready feel.
  • Premium leather gloves have a very good durability. You will get a good feel and the glove will last for many seasons hopefully.
  • Pro series leather is a high-quality glove, especially for the professionals. These gloves assure you a comfort and a great durability.

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The types of the web of the glove

Knowing about the material and the position isn’t all to select about a baseball glove. The growing technology has discovered such many web types of the gloves. Do you feel uncomfortable with your glove? Do you need a flexible one? Would you like to choose a visible one or the lighter glove is appropriate for you?

Let’s get some knowledge about the types of the web of the glove and that will help you to get the appropriate glove not only for the position but also your preferences.

Basket web: Mainly the pitchers use this type of web. Tinny intertwining leather straps are used in this types of glove. This types of gloves are really flexible and you can easily hide the ball with this glove. The basket web design let you close your hand easily.

Modified trapped web:
The infielders, as well as the pitchers, use this type of web. This glove has a big portion of strong leather that ensures a good durability of the glove.

Trapeze web:
The outfields can have this trapeze web glove. This glove contains a thin leather strap.

H web and I web:
H web glove is for the infielders and outfielders. The leather is used that is H shaped. It allows the infielder look at the ball through the webbing. When the ball is high in the sky you can get the advantage of the webbing. This glove is also very flexible.

I web glove has an I shaped leather strip. Those gloves are only for the infielder. The gloves help the infielder to claim the ball quickly.

Single post web:
Generally this types of gloves are used on first base. You will get a great flexibility and visibility using the glove. The leather woven strip is shaped of together horizontal and vertical design.

Double post web:
This glove is almost the same as the single post web glove. Leather Designed is almost the same. This glove is especially for the pitchers and the infielder can use it sometimes. Let you feel flexible and gives a good visibility.

Two-piece web:
It is a pitcher’s choice. It is a closed web glove. It helps to cover up the ball easily. The glove is a little heavier. If you are looking for a heavy one then you can select this types of gloves.

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Gloves for different positions

You may have different positions and for every position, you can’t use the same glove. Gloves differ from the position whether you are a catch or a pitcher or infielder or outfielder. Let’s get broad ideas about the position and gloves.

Catcher’s mitt: The catchers use this glove. This glove has not particular finger cuts like the other position gloves have. These gloves let the fielder at the speedy high balls very quickly without wearing down so fast. The catches become comfortable with this glove. The glove is starchy right off the shelf.

Besides the glove take a little bit time to break in. As their pockets don’t get attached with the laces the catcher’s mitt has a closed pocket. If you are willing to buy a catcher’s mitt keep in mind the standard sizes. Choose your glove in the range of 29.5 to 34.5 inches.

First baseman’s glove:
First baseman’s glove is same like the catcher’s mitt. But there are two differences between a catcher’s mitt and first baseman’s glove.

This glove is a little bit longer than the catcher’s mitt and the padding isn’t so much like the catcher’s mitt in first baseman’s glove. So catcher’s mitt is a more protective than this one. The catching area design is same as the catcher’s mitt. But the advantage is this glove has an open web design and that deeper and lighter than a closed pocket. This glove is a bit harder than the standard gloves. As a result, your finger won’t frequently flop out of the glove.

I am giving a warning that if your kid is under 10 don’t choose this glove for him. As the glove us larger than the others so your kid will face problems to close this glove. Players of 19 and over 10 can use the glove. If you have decided to buy this one then get the standard size range of the glove. It is 11.5 to 13 inches.

Pitcher’s glove:
You can’t find much padding portion in this glove also, but you feel comfortable with the glove. The Pitcher’s glove is generally larger than other gloves. The gloves allow you to move the hand very quickly and hide the ball from the batsman easily. As a pitch needs to catch continuously so always beware of the glove it is comfortable or not.

If you are going to buy a pitcher’s glove then always be careful about weight. Never choose one with a heavy glove. Find out the gloves which are made of light materials. Many companies have already produced the lighter version of pitcher’s glove. They are generally lighters than other gloves and a pitcher is always happy with that kind of glove.

Gloves for Outfielders: 
These have given importance to the fingers. They are generally wider and larger than other gloves. An extra protection on the finger is also given. The outfielders have to catch balls with diving. So the finger gets extra support.

When you dive you can catch easily with this glove and the balls from the very high range can also be caught with this one. The pocket of the glove is the best glove that you can catch the ball well. Get the knowledge about the size if you are willing to buy an outfielder glove. 9 to 15 inch is the standard range. So choose the glove inside this range.

Infielder’s glove:
These gloves are generally shorter. Infielder glove offers you to get the quick balls like the double field in the middle field. There is an open pocket. So you can easily get the ball out. Here is also the size is a big matter that you need to know. 11.25 to 12 inch is the proper size for infielder gloves. So when you buy the glove be aware of the size.

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Why should you beware of the pocket size?

An important thing is the pocket of the glove. You need to know about the pocket. If you are an outfielder then you have to select a glove with a bigger pocket. They need to catch high and long-range balls. So a bigger pocket is always helpful for an outfielder.

The shallower pocket is perfect for the shortstops and second basemen. On double play, they need to get the ball out as fast as they can. This glove is appropriate for this tactics. The catcher’s mitt has a closed pocket.

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3 thing you need to care for

Here I am giving tips about 3 important things.
Fit: First thing is that you need to understand wearing the gloves if it is fit to your hand. Wisely care about this fact.

Wearing the gloves second thing is you try to understand the feeling. Obviously, if you feel weird or uncomfortable then don’t get that one

It’s a mental comfortable for people. Many people don’t want a good glove with bad design. So it’s better to get a glove with a design that catches your eye.

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Select the proper size

Here is the chart about the age and size of the glove.

Age Catcher First Base Second Base / Short Stop Third Base Pitcher Outfield
Under 7 29.5 – 30″ 11.5″ 8-10.5″ 8-10.5″ 8-10.5″ 9-10.5″
8 – 10 30-31″ 11.5-12″ 10.5-11.25″ 10.5-11.5″ 10.5-11.5″ 10-12″
11 – 13 30-32.5″ 11.5-12″ 11-11.5″ 11-11.75″ 11.5-12″ 11.75-12.75″
Over 14 32-34.5″ 12-13″ 11.25-11.5″ 11.5-12″ 11.5-12″ 12-13

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Choosing baseball gloves considering your personal problems

Different people have different problems that are completely personal. Here I am showing up some problems. Almost everyone gets sweat wearing a baseball glove. But some people get ultra sweat wearing a glove. That is a big problem and that is really annoying for them.

Gloves with dry-lex technology have come to the market with the solution of these kinds of problem. They ensure very little sweat in your hand. Besides another problem, this technology solved that many people get their hand warmth and feel uncomfortable with the glove. Dry-lex technology keeps your hand dry and cool.

Again if you are weak at catching you need to seek glove with V-flex notch and patented power close technology. These two technologies help you to catch the ball easily. If you are unable to carry heavy weight then select the lightweight version of the gloves. These problems of you also are considered while you are selecting a glove.


So considering everything I can tell you a final fact you need to look after is the brand of the glove. Many people have the psychological problem that they are comfortable with only a particular gloves company. Then they should choose them. And if are looking for the good brands I can suggest you Wilson and Rawling are the top brands at the present time. If you are looking for Wilson then A2K series is very good and if you are looking for Rawling then gamer youth pro series is a good choice for anyone. Besides at the present time Mizuno is getting improved and performing well.

No one wants to do a wrong investment. I also don’t want you to do so when you are choosing baseball gloves for youth size I wish you will be benefitted while choosing and get the exact one for you. Wish you a very good luck.


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