How to Clean a Wood Baseball Bat? Complete Guide

Unlike different one-time products, a baseball bat is an object for long-term use. So a good baseball batter’s responsibility doesn’t end only in hitting the bat correctly but to keep his bat clean and lucid. For one’s good sort, it is indeed essential to have a bat with good condition. A dirty and disheveled bat cannot be a good weapon in the baseball ground. So it is an extremely important task for a baseball player to keep his or her bat clean.

It seems to be silly but the reality is, a baseball bat is a very sensitive thing especially when it is wooden. So it is a pretty crucial task to clean the bat properly. But if you know how to clean a wood baseball bat properly and if you apply the procedures by maintaining enough discipline then it will not a very hard task.

You have to clean the dirt from the bat with a wet towel with some suitable equipment like soap or dish soap and if the dirt is not easy to clean then you can use approved chemical and rubbing alcohol as well as some washing conditioner or olive oil. For the rigid and consolidated marks, you have to use some professional baseball bat cleaning solutions. It is equally important to wipe the bat with a dry but soft towel so that the bat doesn’t get moisture.

The things you need to clean a bat may be available near your hand but they are not all enough. Besides the necessary equipment, you also need to know the process or the way you grab to clean your bat. I hope I can give you a solution to this problem. This article is all about how to clean a wood Baseball bat and I describe every single point step by step in details.

Why it is obligated to clean your bat

Some of you may have a question that it is a very simple thing so why I have to waste more time to make it clean. Again you can also think that it will be okay just to wash it with water and that is it. But it is not okay at all. It is in fact not enough to have a longer period of usage. It is obvious that without a precise care you will lose it in a very short time because it will be damaged.

You can think it like your pet that means it provides good appearance if you care for it. Otherwise, you cannot be happy with it. Actually, if you keep the bat with dirt and grit it can be affected by fungus and dangerous bacteria. Besides if it is kept in a wet condition then as a wooden bat it will lose its durability.

So you have to care for your bat and make it clean and lucid so that you can make some good memories with it.

How a bat gets dirt and spot

Baseball is not an indoor game. It is played in a ground. This is not such a thing that you can keep it in your arms. Sometimes you have to keep it on the muddy ground or on a spot with sand and dirt. It is round shaped bat and it can be rolled on that place.

Besides a grip is not a hard and polished part of that bat like the barrel of it. In every lap to lap of the grip, dirt and sand can be accumulated. In the crease of the knob, there can be some dirt too. But in very common case, a bat get dirt especially mud on its body even anywhere of its body.

When the wet ball hits it, the spot can be found on the wooden bat. Scratch and scrap can also appear for a different reason. These are the main reasons for what you have clean your bat properly.

Necessary ingredients to make it clean

To clean a bat is not that much crucial but you have to know which cleaning accessories are good with your bat and which are not. So you must learn about the good washing equipment for the bat. There is a list of those things you generally need to clean your wooden bat.

  • Mild soap, dish soap or shampoo for simple dirt and grime.
  • Wet fabric or towel.
  • Brush (toothbrush can also be used)
  • Rubbing alcohol for rigid stains and watermarks.
  • Conditioners and professional chemical.
  • Olive oil as an organic solution for your bat.
  • Dry but soft towel to wipe the bat after cleaning.
  • Water as usual.
  • Approved professional baseball bat cleaning solutions.

These are the main cleaning agents, maximum experts use to clean their bats. Furthermore, I think these things are easy to get and always available near us.


Everything has its respective system to deal with. A baseball bat is also a thing that you have to use and take care in its respective way. You cannot clean it just like you clean your dinnerware or your cloth. Is it true that the word “cleaning” is the same in all aspects?  Of course not. Think about your pet. You know it is quite different to make your pet clean from to clean your cloth. A baseball bat is like that. You have to follow the acceptable ways or methods to clean your baseball bat. Generally, a bat is cleaned in accordance with its conditions.

For mild spots

Sometimes a bat gets normal dirt and grime. This time you don’t have to clean it with special and strong equipment. In this case, a mild soap and a wet towel are okay. Take a wet towel and wipe the bat to make it dump. So it will be easy to apply soap on it. Then make some foam from the soap and apply the soap with the foam on the bat. Rub it properly.

Make it sure that the foam reaches on every place of it and all the corner of the bat is grazed enough. Wash the bat with running water. It is this much easy. In the place of soap, you can also use some dishwashing liquid soap. Even shampoo can also be a good thing for your use. But the following facts are important to keep in your mind while using soap and detergent.

  • do not use detergent mixing with bleaching power.
  • avoid soap or detergent with basic salt.
  • don’t squeeze the bat with metal rubbing kit or something that can destroy the polished aril.

For medium stains

When mud dried on the bat and some other don’t get it strongly, then you have to spend some more time to clean your bat. This time I don’t think just a soap will work. I think you need to apply some strong washing kits like chemical and rubbing alcohol. If you have a new bat then you can ask for some suitable chemical cleaner for your bat from the shop.

For those cleaner, you need to read the instructions carefully because each product has its own direction to use. Again for some rigid water spot you can use a trick by using rubbing alcohol. You can spray it on your bat or make a towel dump with it to apply on the bat. Make sure each and every place with stains get a touch of it. Wash it as usual. For this method, you also need to remind the following suggestions.

  • make sure the alcohol you apply on your bat is used for cleaning.
  • be aware of that chemical what is not suitable for your bat.
  • don’t keep your bat wet with rubbing alcohol for a long time.

For uncompromising rigid stains

Sometimes the stains and scraps are so rigid and that it can make you crazy. On the end cap of the bat, the green stain of grass is like that. Beside a bat can also get scraps from ink or other obdurate marks. This time you need to apply some strong and special solutions. You can find some approved professional baseball bat cleaning solution from your nearest baseball bat shop.

Read the direction of your cleaner carefully and apply it accordingly. Besides as some natural and organic solutions you can use olive oil and lemon juice. Apply olive oil before cleaning it and graze it with lemon juice because citric acid is good to remove spots and lemon juice is full of it. Then wash it with soap as usual. In this case, remind the following suggestions.

  • try to use the olive oil that is featured for skin care, not for cooking.
  • make sure the professional baseball bat cleaning solution is for a wooden bat, not for the metal bat.

First, you have to find it out what your bat’s condition is and how it gets dirty. Then follow the methods to clean it in its respective way. Cleaning the bat doesn’t mean that it’s okay just to clean it. There are some more deeds you have to follow after cleaning the bat.

Applicable deeds after cleaning the bat

It is not the end when you just clean the bat. After cleaning the bat you have some duties for its good. Just think about it. When you clean your bat using water, how is its condition?  Of course, it becomes wet and gets moisture. Then what nature says? Is it okay for the wooden things to get wetted for a long time?

It is, of course, harmful to those things. So you have to wipe the bat with a dry but soft towel. Make it sure that there is not a single drop of water on it. After that keep it on a cool and dry place. If you can’t use the bat for many days then please check it if sand or dirt gather on it or spider wave or other insects build their sweet home near it.

Things to avoid for a clean bat

I have already said that a baseball bat is a silly thing that it becomes more sensitive when it is a wood bat. Let’s think about your wooden furniture. You must not use your wooden furniture just like some steel or another metal one. Just like so. This is the reason you have to be more careful. However, you should always keep your bat hundred feet away from blessing powder or liquid.

Don’t keep your bat near to the fireplace. I think you have known that wood is good to make fire. Besides to keep your bat clean do not let the bat wait in a muddy or dirty place for you. And the most important thing is you have to keep it dry and clean. But you don’t need to keep it in a place of your home where the sun directly shines. There is another thing you have to avoid for your bat. It may seem to be weird but it is true that wrong way of use may cause problems for the bat. So you have to use it correctly.

How to care for your bat as a whole

You have already learned from the earlier paragraphs about how to clean your bat and related information. But this is the final paragraph that will say about how to take a proper care in a whole for your bat. To make it simpler to you I just put the main suggestions on a list which you can follow to get a very good performance from your bat by taking a good care of it.

  • use the bat correctly.
  • If you are a beginner and don’t know how to use it properly then first learn about how to use a baseball bat properly.

(The wrong way of using a baseball bat can be harmful to it and cause problems related to durability.)

  • After use, it cleans it by the proper guideline of cleaning a baseball bat.
  • avoid harmful washing kits to clean it.
  • keep the bat dry.
  • place it on a cool and dry place.
  • make sure the bat is safe from insects and dirt in the place you keep it.

That is all. Just remind these words and do accordingly. I am pretty sure that your bat will provide you with a long lasting better performance.

I hope the following instructions will appear as helpful to you while cleaning your beloved baseball bat. You don’t need to be panicked. It is not that much harder to keep a clean bat. Believe me, when you learn to use it properly and develop your interest in it, you won’t feel any pressure to make it clear. Rather when it will be a subject to love, you will care for it instinctively. Follow the instructions in accordance with its conditions that means do what you should do for a mild scape or a medium scratch even or a harder one. Apply essential equipment and dry it after cleaning. It’s done and it is cleaned.

I am not sure whether any of your close well-wishers or your parents even or you yourself gather each penny for your bat, please utilize it with affection and love. And when you will make happy memories with your bat, the person who bought it for you or your inner self must be very happy for you and your bat. I am wishing your best luck. Make good memories with your beloved bat and of course keep it clean.