The Best Infield Gloves Reviewed: Unparalleled Fielding in a Budget

If you are an infielder looking to buy a new infielder glove or upgrade your existing one, then you are in the right place. Whether you are a first baseman, second baseman, shortstop, or third baseman, we have collected the best infield gloves fit for you. Considering a balance between features and pricing, these carefully collected infield gloves will surely give you a bang for your buck!

Best Infield Gloves What is an infielder

The infield is the area that encapsulates the home plate and bases where quick and decisive defensive plays happen. In general, an infielder must be on their toes all the time, executing swift ball reception and transfers all around the diamond. However, the various positions in the infield have their responsibilities during games. Therefore, we can pinpoint the varying glove requirements for each by identifying the roles of every position.

Corner Infield

Best Infielder Gloves Corner Infielder

The first and third basemen occupy the two corners of the infield. With this positioning, the two must work together in coordination despite the distance between them. In addition, these two positions have huge differences in roles when it comes to responsibilities during games.

First Baseman

A first baseman usually has the responsibility of catching balls from various positions. This responsibility is significant since a first baseman can stop advancing batters at the first base. As a result, first basemen should have gloves that make catching balls easier. We recommend first basemen on finding a large baseball glove that features a deep pocket to ensure better ball control and catching similar to the best baseball gloves for outfielders.

Third Baseman

On the other edge of the corner, a third baseman is responsible for catching bunted or hit balls towards the area of the third base. In some instances, a third baseman’s area of responsibility may span up to the second base. Furthermore, the balls hit towards the third base come in various strengths. Sometimes, batters bunt the ball down the line, and in other instances, balls are hit with full force towards the third base. In addition, a third baseman should also have a swift ball transfer towards the first base or when initiating a double play. Therefore, we recommend third basemen an infielder glove that offers a balance between catching balls and quick ball transfers.

Middle Infield

Best Infielder Gloves Middle Infielder

The middle infield is the domain of the shortstop and second basemen. In here, fast and well-coordinated play is a must to execute double plays and outs around the diamond. In addition, the area that these positions cover is significantly larger compared to corner infielders.

Second Baseman

Really, what is a second baseman glove, and what does a second baseman do? The role of a second baseman is to field balls that come at the area between the first base and second base. Furthermore, a second baseman should field balls accurately and quickly throw them to the first baseman to stop advancing batters. Sometimes, a second baseman may see an opportunity to make a double play with the shortstop and first baseman. Therefore, the glove of a second baseman should feature shallow pockets to provide them with faster ball transfers.


Similar to a second baseman, the role of a shortstop is to field balls and transfer them to the first base. In addition, the area of responsibility of the shortstop spans from the second base to the third base. However, since the area between a shortstop and first baseman is large, shortstops must have an excellent throwing arm to make the long throw. Furthermore, shortstops are also crucial when it comes to executing a double play because of their strategic position between the third base and second base. As a result, we recommend shortstops to choose the best infield gloves that provide enhanced fielding and quicker ball transfers.

The Best Infield Gloves from Amazon

Mizuno GGE52VAX Global Elite VOP Infield Glove, 11.75-Inch


If you are looking for the best infield gloves that provide comfortable leather without compromising durability, you are in luck because the Mizuno Global Elite VOP is one of them. Coming from Mizuno’s Pro-Level glove line, the Global Elite VOP features high-quality specifications that will surely be a bang for the buck.

The Global Elite features leather that has undergone Mizuno’s Vibration Oil Process (VOP). The VOP process provides the glove with durable leather that is both comfortable to wear and soft. In addition, the Global Elite incorporates the roll welting method to increase the integrity of the glove’s finger support. Moreover, the overall lightweight and durability of the Global Elite VOP make it an excellent choice for players looking for a glove that can increase their mobility and ball transfer. Lastly, the manufacturing process of all Mizuno fielder gloves is overseen by Master Craftsman Kosaku Kishumoto to ensure quality in every product.


  • Antimicrobial Cushioned Wrist Pad.
  • Axiom Cut.
  • Open Back.
  • Hand Oiled Leather.
  • Roll Welting.
  • Undergone Mizuno’s VOP process.

Price: $199.95

Webbing: Deep 3 L-Web

Size: 11.75”

Dexterity: Right Hand Throw.


  • Excellent balance between durability and comfort.
  • Provides ample finger support during catches.
  • The Axiom Cut enables a quick pass after fielding.
  • The Deep 3 L-Web makes fielding easier.
  • Professional specifications and quality.


  • The product is an old model from 2014.
  • Doesn’t offer a variant for left-hand throwers.

Franklin Sports Baseball Gloves – RTP Pro Youth Baseball Fielding Glove


The RTP Pro Baseball Fielding Glove features pigskin leather to ensure a smooth feel that does not compromise durability. In addition, the leather of the RTP Pro is flexible, providing players with a glove that is easy to break in. Perfect for middle infielders, the RTP Pro features an I-web pocket that provides consistent ball fielding and snappy ball transfers. Moreover, Franklin Sports designed the RTP Pro with a lightweight construction that complements swift turns and quick transfers to the first base or even during double plays.

The best infield gloves should not come expensive. With the Franklin Sports RTP Pro Baseball Glove, specifications and features don’t come cheap as its price point.


  • Pigskin Leather.
  • Durable PU Shell.
  • Features protection against dirt and moisture.
  • Lightweight overall construction.

Price: $31.99

Webbing: This particular model comes with an I-Web; however, there are RTP Pro variants that offer a Closed Basket Web and Deep Basket Web.

Size: This particular model measures 11” in size. There are also RTP Pro variants that offer a 10” (Closed Basket Web) and 12.5” (Deep Basket Web) sizing.

Dexterity: Right Hand Throw.


  • Affordable price range.
  • Durable for its price.
  • It is lightweight and smooth as claimed.
  • Excellent choice for middle infielders on a budget.


  • The glove could use more padding.
  • Does not feature real leather laces.

Easton Blackstone Baseball Glove


Perfect for infielders looking for a decent upgrade from their starter glove, the Easton Blackstone Baseball Glove is truly one of the best infield gloves for intermediate players. The Easton Blackstone Baseball Glove provides its users with a glove that is soft and easy to break in. In addition, the Easton Blackstone features different sizes and webbings fit for any position in the infield. Whether you are a first baseman, second baseman, shortstop, or third baseman, the Easton Blackstone Baseball Glove has got you covered.

The Easton Blackstone Baseball Glove features a cowhide leather shell that incorporates a leather palm lining for an exceptional feel and comfort during games. Furthermore, the rawhide leather laces on the Easton Blackstone enable the glove to withstand a greater force compared to entry-level gloves.


  • Cowhide Leather.
  • Leather palm lining.
  • Rawhide leather laces.
  • Sleek all-black colorway.
  • Extra plush wrist lining.
  • Soft cushion padding.

Price: $61.28 – $99.99 depending on size and webbing.

Webbing: The Easton Blackstone Youth comes in an H-Web, I-Web, and Dual Bar Webbings.

Size: The Easton Blackstone offers sizes from 11.5” up to 12.75” for their infield gloves.

Dexterity: The Easton Blackstone offers both left-hand and right-hand throw variants.


  • Offers both left-handed and right-handed dexterity.
  • It lasts longer compared to other gloves.
  • Fits both younger and adult players.
  • Features a simplistic and sleek all-black design.
  • Offers various webbings and sizes fit for any infield position.


  • The webbing of the glove is not stable.
  • The black colorway of the Blackstone stores heat when used under the sun.

Rawlings Encore Baseball Gloves Series


Perfect for young infielders on the fly, the Rawlings Encore Baseball Gloves Series features a design that ensures accurate ball fielding and transfers. Furthermore, the Encore Series features enhanced shape retention for a snug fit and increased protection against hand injuries To provide more size customizability, Rawlings incorporated an adjustable hand opening on the Encore Series Gloves.

The thick and breathable leather of the Rawlings Encore Series doubles as palm protection against ball stings, providing enhanced protection and comfort. Moreover, the Rawlings Encore Gloves Series breaks in the gloves from the factory to give its user a shorter break-in time.

Get unparalleled comfort, durability, and mobility at the palm of your hands with the Rawlings Encore Baseball Gloves Series!


  • Adjustable hand opening.
  • Provides customized fit.
  • Leather laces.
  • Thick leather material.
  • Enhanced hand shape retention.

Price: $149.81

Webbing: The Encore Series features single post, pro I-web, single post double bar, pro H-web, and 1-piece closed webbings.

Size: The Rawlings Encore Baseball Gloves Series features gloves from 11.25” up to 32” for catchers.

Dexterity: The Rawlings Encore Baseball Gloves Series offers both right-hand and left-hand throw models


  • Offers a wide range of infielder gloves to choose from.
  • Excellent choice for beginner to intermediate youth players.
  • The gloves offer a customizable fit for any hand size.
  • Provides enhanced protection from ball stings.
  • Easy to break in.


  • The glove easily stains.
  • The construction of the webbing is a little bit questionable.

Rawlings Select Pro Lite Youth Baseball Glove Series Kris Bryant Model


You can never go wrong when professionals approve a glove, and that’s what the Rawlings Select Pro Lite Kris Bryant Model brings you. Featuring the specifications of professional player Kris Bryant, the gloves feature toned-down specifications to fit the gameplay of your young third baseman.

The Rawlings Select Pro Lite Kris Bryant features a youth pro taper pattern that provides its user with increased control when fielding balls. Furthermore, the paddings strategically placed on the palm and index fingers offer increased protection against hard-hit balls. For your child’s convenience, the Rawlings Select Pro Lite Youth Kris Bryant Model comes in 90% broken in from the factory.


  • Youth Pro Taper Fit.
  • Palm and Index finger padding.
  • Cushioned Fingerback Lining.
  • 90% broken in from the factory.
  • Shock Reduction Palm Pad.

Price: $44.00

Webbing: Pro H-Web.

Size: 11.5” Infield Glove.

Dexterity: The Kris Bryant model only comes in a right-hand throw dexterity.


  • Features pro-level specifications.
  • Excellent price-point.
  • Offers ample hand cushioning.
  • An ideal choice for shortstops, second, and third basemen.


  • It does not offer left-hand throw models.
  • Size variations are available only through other pro models.

Rawlings Prodigy Series Youth Baseball Gloves


If you are finding the best infield gloves for beginners, then look no further because the Rawlings Prodigy Youth Baseball is an excellent choice for you. The Rawlings Prodigy Series streamlined pro-level specifications in a baseball glove for beginners to provide unparalleled comfort and performance.

The Prodigy Infield Gloves features Rawlings’ innovative youth pro taper fit that offers pro-style aesthetics and a snug fit. In addition, the Rawlings Prodigy Series features a sure catch technology that makes the walls of the gloves smooth for fielding hand movements. To provide comfort, the glove features a soft leather shell that offers an increased shock reduction from hard-hit balls. Moreover, the glove comes in 90% broken-in from the factory for a convenient player break-in experience.


  • Youth Pro Taper Fit.
  • 90% factory break-in.
  • Sure Catch Technology.
  • All-Leather Shell Construction.
  • Shock-reducing palm lining.

Price: $49.99

Webbing: Pro H-Web.

Size: 11.5”

Dexterity: The glove only comes in a right-hand throw dexterity.


  • Excellent choice for young beginners.
  • Excellent price range.
  • Ready-to-use out of the box.
  • Features a soft leather construction that is easy to control.
  • Thick leather material.


  • Does not features a left-hand throw model.
  • Not advisable for experienced players.

Wilson A2000 11.75-Inch SuperSkin Baseball Glove


Are you a second baseman looking for an excellent glove that offers premium quality and high performance? If so, the Wilson A2000 SuperSkin Baseball Glove is an excellent choice for you. Featuring specifications from professional second baseman Dustin Pedrola, the Wilson A2000 SuperSkin Baseball Glove is a glove to be sought after.

The Wilson A2000 consists of a saddle tan pro stock leather to provide its user with unmatched durability and feel. In addition, the dual welting of the Wilson A2000 incorporates a durable pocket that ensures the glove’s long lifespan. Moreover, the base of the glove’s webbing features a double lacing for improved resistance to hard-hit balls. Lastly, the thin heel pad design of the Wilson A2000 allows its user to experience an easier break-in period compared to other gloves.


  • Features Dustin Pedroia’s glove specifications.
  • Walnut/Saddle Tan Pro Stock Leather.
  • Dual Welting.
  • Double-laced web base.
  • Thin heel pad.

Price: $270.94

Webbing: Cross Web

Size: 11.75”

Dexterity: The Wilson A2000 DP Model only comes in a right-hand throw dexterity.


  • Features pro-level specifications.
  • Provides a fast break-in time.
  • Offers excellent durability and cushioning.
  • Provides reinforcements on the bottom of the webbing.


  • Expensive price point.

Wilson A2K 1787 11.75″ Infield Baseball Glove


The Wilson A2K 1787 Infield Baseball Glove is an excellent choice for players looking for an extremely durable glove and light glove.  The meticulous process of making a Wilson A2K glove requires Wilson master technicians to hand shape and process the gloves manually. This provides players with a glove that offers premium specifications and performance within the diamond.

The Wilson A2K is an excellent choice for middle infielders and even third basemen that require a shallow pocket for precise fielding and swift ball transfers. Furthermore, the Wilson A2K features a premium Black SuperSkin leather that provides players with a durable glove without compromising weight. In addition, the Wilson A2K features copper and white pro select leather for an excellent consistency within the line. To provide users with a long-lasting and durable glove, the Wilson A2K features a rolled dual welting and double palm construction that reduces break-in time and increases stability.


  • Black SuperSkin.
  • Copper and White Pro Stock Select.
  • Rolled Dual Welting.
  • Double Palm Construction.
  • Premium quality handmade craftsmanship.

Price: $359.95

Webbing: H-Web

Size: 11.75”

Dexterity: The Wilson A2K only comes in a right-hand throw dexterity.


  • Extremely light and durable.
  • The Black SuperSkin is twice as strong as regular leather.
  • Easy to break in.
  • Made by Wilson’s professional technicians.
  • Excellent hand shape retention.


  • Most expensive glove on this list.
  • Does not offer a left-hand throw model.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Best Infield Gloves

Q: Why do infielders use smaller gloves?

A: Infielders use smaller gloves since they usually have to catch bunts and passes, unlike outfielders that field flyballs. In addition, the smaller glove size of the infielders allows them to field and transfer balls faster during crucial moments such as a double play.

Q: What is the difference between infield and outfield gloves?

A: Usually, the best baseball gloves for outfielders are bigger and feature deeper pockets compared to infield gloves. Outfield gloves feature larger sizes to help them field balls more accurately, especially they deal with flyballs and hard-hit balls. On the other hand, the best infield gloves are smaller to help infielders to field and transfer balls faster.

Q: Is 11.75 too big for infield?

A: No, the optimal size for an infielder glove is between 11.5” and 11.75”.

Q: What gloves do MLB infielders use?

A: Surveys answered in the MLB show that most professional infielders use Wilson and Rawlings.

Q: Can I use an infield glove in the outfield?

A: Although technically you can use any glove in any position, we do not recommend them. To perform your best in any position, we recommend you to get an ample-sized glove that features the right specifications. Furthermore, the right glove can prevent severe injuries and can improve your overall performance in the diamond.