How to choose baseball cleats?

Just like most other outdoor games and sports, Baseball is such a game for which a player needs to have an active and athletic physical and psychological condition as it makes him run and demands speed and power.

To have a stunning ability to run fast as well as to have enough speed and power, a pair of strong, unexhausted, painstaking and operative limbs are compulsory for a successful baseball slugger or a pitcher. And without a pair of comfortable, sustainable and fit cleats your strong limbs won’t do their works perfectly. So if you dream to be a good baseball player, you should know how to choose baseball cleats that suit you the best.

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Many players especially the beginners often give priority to the outlook and affordability of the cleats. If you think about it in that way, you will soon regret it. A baseball cleat is not a silly thing to choose just by checking the size of it. Otherwise, manufacturers like Nike and Adidas don’t make the cleats specific for Baseball players.

A right Baseball cleats are necessary as it can help to reduce injury and to produce flexibility, speed, and tactics. However, by thinking about this fact, I have set my mind to write this article about the basic idea of the Baseball cleats as well as the way to choose the right one for you.

As I have said it before, you may get the right size cleats but not the right one for you as an active Baseball player if you don’t have enough idea about it. One by one you will get the necessary ideas like the materials, types, size and measurement, functions, approval, comparison, and contrast etc.

in this article. In advance, I wish you the best to learn about the cleats and finally be successful in getting the cleats that are the best for you.

baseball cleats

Materials and construction

To produce baseball cleats is a very complicated task as it is pretty tough to make it ready completely by machines. In most of the cases, workers have to make the isolated parts of a cleat by their own hands. Again some parts are possibly machine made though. But to say it in total, the workers provide much labor to produce those cleats. This is why you should never use it or treat is carelessly and also you should not waste it by making a wrong choice.

A good quality and brand cleat are made with much care of its every part. Because the manufacturer companies clearly know about how much your game depends on your cleats. However, Baseball cleats are generally made by two materials which are the original leather and the synthetic leather. Let’s learn about the cleats of those two materials.

Original leather cleats

Almost all of us have an idea about the durability of an original leather product. Skin leathers, collected from different animals like ox, bull etc. are used to give a shape of the cleats. This is why original leather cleats are comparatively more expensive. But if you are well aware of the advantages of the original leather cleats, I am pretty sure that you will forget about the cost.

In relation with another materials, I mean the synthetic leather cleats, a pair of original leather cleats can be incredibly more durable and breathable. Even in terms of flexibility and malleability, original leather cleats are also reached one step further than its competitor. Notwithstanding of it, I will recommend you to purchase what you can afford without any problem and don’t give priority to the costly and good to look at cleats when they are not the right one for you.

Synthetic leather cleats

Synthetic leather is no natural product. People make it with different polymeric materials like polyurethane, polyester, PVC etc. This is unlike the original leather cleats, these types are less expensive. Even the availability of this type of cleats is more to be seen than that by the original one. Just like I said it before, in maximum cases, synthetic leather cleats are comparatively less durable but sometimes especially when you are more careful to use it, its durability can make you satisfied.

The synthetic leather cleats is not always that much expensive and so when you are with a short budget, a good quality synthetic leather cleat can come as a great help. It is comparatively cheaper but it doesn’t mean the cleats, made by this type materials is for one-time use or not come as useful. It can also provide performance like the expensive original leather cleats if you can choose the right one and use it properly.

The synthetic leather cleats provide the wearer more support at his or her front and middle part of the foot as well as the ankle. Again the cleats of a good quality synthetic leather and from a good brand can also be enough flexible and supple. So if you find a pair of cleats, made by some fabulous synthetic leather which perfectly matches all your needs, you don’t need to think about the expensive original leather cleats then.

No think about your budget and look for some cleats that match with your pocket’s weight. If you think you can afford any of them then look for the size and some other functions, you will need when to play in the field. Let’s check those facts out.

The thickness of tarsus supporting sole

Now you have to decide how thick the tarsus or the ankle supporting sole of your cleats should be. In terms of this fact, the cleats are categorized into three categories. They are the high tops, the mid tops, and the low tops. Do you think these categories are making you confused? Then learn more about them to choose baseball cleats that is the right one for you.

High Tops

High tops are the thickest sole providing cleats. For its thickness, it can be heavier than the other two types. So the high tops keep the ankle extend up. They are very good to provide some extra support, especially when to make a lateral movement. But it sometimes causes some problems when you will move straight forward. But high tops are good to reduce the risk of unwanted injury.

Mid tops

Probably you have already got the idea about the mid tops cleat’s sole thickness. You are right. It has a sole with medium thickness. This type of cleats is very helpful as it makes your movements easier and quicker. So mid tops are highly recommended for the pitchers or the ballplayers.

Low tops
As usual, the cleats that belong to the sole with minimum thickness are the low tops. If you are more concern about the stability then you should avoid the low tops. But for the fastest speed, no other categories can stand with it. When to cross the field or the pitch, it helps you to increase your speed greatly. Furthermore, these tops are also good for lateral even the straight movements.

I hope the confusion about the three categories tops disappeared now and you get a clear idea about this fact. Now think about it again that which tops would be the best for you.


It is the most important fact while choosing the best cleats for you. Because without the right size cleats, it is almost impossible to play comfortably. A pair of big size cleats can cause the handling problem and the risk to get injured. On the other hand, you can never feel okay with a small size cleats. So you have no other choice without finding the right size cleats.

While selecting the size of your cleats, you have to ensure it that you can put your feet easily into the cleats. Again it is also important to check whether or not there is a space of about quarter inch from your toe and the cleat surface. And if you feel space is even more, then look for another one as I am pretty sure that those cleats will be much bigger than your feet.

Again remember it always that you have to choose the cleat that just fit you with slight tightly rather than being loose. Because after using for one or two times, your feet will make them more extended and then they will go with your feet perfectly. It is also important to know whether or not the cleats have much cushion to make you feel comfortable.

Types of cleats

Generally, in accordance with the materials of the lower part that touches the surface, four categories of the cleats are categorized with. I have given the description of all the four cleats so that to make a good selection can be easier for you.

Metal cleats

In terms of popularity, metal cleats are reached one step further. In most of the cases, peoples generally love to have the metal cleats. But in other sense, metal cleats are little risky to use as for the other players it can be a cause of injury. So despite having a great popularity, many youth and amateur leagues have banned these metal cleats to use. But in relation to the other cleats, metal cleats are better to provide more traction on the field and it is lighter than the other cleats.

Molded cleats

Generally molded cleats have no obligation to use. When to talk about the durability, molded cleats are better and you can be sure that a good quality metal cleats are durable enough to last throughout a whole season. Actually, these cleats are crafted with the plastic with the rubber studs. Molded cleats are very good to provide extra protection when sliding or running on the base. This is why, among the youth players, molded cleats are extremely famous.

Turf cleats.

For those, who are looking for a pair of cleats especially to use when practicing, turf cleats are better for them. In terms of your provided comfort, turf cleats are better than the other cleats. Generally, Baseball players don’t use these cleats when they are in a game, but it has its huge usages in the practice fields. Actually, it cannot provide as much grip as the metal or the molded one. But for the beginners, it is a very good choice as it is less risky than the others.

Interchangeable cleats

It is for them who wants to test both of the metal and the molded one with the same cleats. That means with a pair of interchangeable cleats, you can change the cleats from the metal one to a molded one even the opposite to it. Actually, the cleats are just only screwed on so that you can change it with your own sweet will. But these cleats, for having more functions, is heavier than the others.

These are the main four types of cleats. So think it again about which cleats can fit you the best before you make your selection.

Cleats for the position players

In accordance with the position of the players, the cleats can play some specific roles. You probably know that, in terms of positions, players have to stand in different places in the field. So cleats of different types will provide different features for those positions. This is why you have to choose your cleats after you have learned enough about this fact. Let’s see which cleats are good for whom.


Infielders have to choose their cleats in accordance with their position and the place they have to stand. For an exam, if you think you will get your role in a place where the base is wet, compact and dense then I will prefer you a molded one. For hard ground with sand and gravel, you should choose a metal cleat.


If you are often in the position of an outfielder then you have been more sincere when to choose your cleats. If you play in a good and freshly made ground then you can grab a metal cleat. Because the metal cleats are not very good in the grassy area. But when the ground is deep and grassy then a molded cleats is okay.


Naturally, the pitchers have to use power for the base to throw a ball faster and harder. If you are a pitcher and can’t make your base stable, your cleats may be a cause of it. Because if your cleats cannot be stuck up properly then this happens. So for the pitchers, low top metal cleats are referred.

Now you have to think what type of cleats will provide you a good playtime in terms of your position in the field.

Some necessary facts and questions, people often ask for

I don’t know actually which questions will appear in your mind after reading the entire article about how to choose baseball cleats that will suit you the best. Yet I have tried to find out the most popular questions, players often ask, and try to give a clear answer to all of them. Check them out if you have any question yet. I hope you will find them below.


Here I add some facts about the comparison between two different kinds of cleats. Let’s check them out.

Metal vs molded baseball cleats

Often players, especially the beginners become confused about the metal and the molded baseball cleats. Though I have already talked about them specifically, to make it more clear I repeat and extend the facts for you.

  • It is already said that metal cleats have some obligation as it is not allowed each and every league you want to. But molded cleats don’t have those obligations.
  • Something metal cleats cause injury and for molded one, these risks are not that much acute.
  • In terms of durability, molded cleats are better than the metal cleats.
  • Metal cleats are lighter than the molded cleats.
  • For the pitchers, metal cleats are better than the molded cleats.
  • For the outfielders and infielders, molded cleats perform the best.
  • Metal cleats provide more traction than the molded cleats.
  • Molded cleats help to get extra support than the metal cleats when to run on the basement.

High top vs low top cleats

Just like the molded and the metal cleats, high top and low top cleats are also described in the mentioned paragraphs. Still, I will help you to have a more decent idea.

  • High tops are heavier than the low tops.
  • High tops help to get extra support while having lateral movement but low tops are good for the straightforward movement.
  • For the pitchers, low tops are better than the high tops.
  • For speed low tops are better than the high tops.
  • For stability, high tops are better than the low tops.
  • High tops are good to reduce injury more than the low tops.

Low cut vs high cut cleats

I didn’t mention this fact yet though when to choose a good cleat, cuts don’t cause that much problem. Still, some of you have questions about it. So I think you need to know about it. The below points will help you get a clear idea about it.

  • Low cuts are more comfortable to use than the high cuts.
  • Low cuts are lighter in weight than the high cuts.
  • When to thrive fast, low cuts are better than the high cuts.
  • Low cuts are good to reduce the restrictions on the ankle of the players than the high cuts.
  • When to roll the ankle while running on the pitch, low cuts are better than the high cuts.
  • Sometimes, players with ankle problems, high cuts fit for them the best.
  • High cuts provide more ankle support than the low cuts.

Some questions you may have.

Here are some questions with their valid answers which may help you to be more specific.

Q. Can you wear metal cleats in the middle school baseball?

A. Yes. You are allowed to wear metal cleats in the middle school baseball. But this rule may vary in accordance with the area. So to be more specific you should ask about it on your couch.

Q. In the youth baseball, metal cleats are allowed or not?

A. No. Metal cleats are not allowed in most of the youth baseball. I hope you have already aware of the dark side or the risk factors of metal cleats. For them, they are totally banned in the youth baseball.

Q. From what age, kids are allowed to use metal cleats?

A. In accordance with the rules od Babe Ruth, kids are allowed to wear the metal cleats when they are 13 or above.

Q. Do the baseball cleats and football cleats same?

A. No. Football cleats and baseball cleats, in most of the time, cannot be the same. Remember it that football cleats cannot be the metal one.

Q. Is there any obligation to use cleats tops with variation?

A. No. There are probably no such obligations. So you can use any of them as you wish.

Q. Is there any obligation related to the cleats cuts?

A. No. Just like the cleats top variation, you can use the cleats with any of the high cuts and low cuts as your wish.

I hope all the facts that can be a cause of your confusion are cleared now. Even if there are some more questions, you have to then contact some specialists.


I can’t give you a final thought as I am not certain about your taste and conditions. You are the one to choose the baseball cleats that suit you the best. Again I ask you to consider some necessary facts like materials, size, tops, cuts, types and your position. Select your cleats after having a decent thought. Again you can consult with some experts or some good shopkeepers. Don’t waste your money by buying the wrong cleats for you. In the end, I wish you the best to have your favorite cleats.