How to Throw a Baseball Harder? (Complete Guide)

Almost all of the baseball pitcher’s dreams follow the way to be a pro in throwing the ball harder. A player may know how to throw the ball but it is quite possible for him or her to not to know about throwing it that much harder. However, all the players should learn about the right system and techniques as well as follow the appropriate way of living his or her life by maintaining discipline so that he or she can learn it and can be a successful pitcher in the ground.

To be a pitcher, expert in stubborn throwing, a player is ought to follow the appropriate instructions in each and every phase of his or her life. From the ground to the home and from the game time to the bedtime, the player with ambition needs to maintain discipline and have to be very active and rise significantly.

This article is in fact aimed to help you in your journey to learn about how to throw a baseball harder know some good pitching techniques. I hope you will find the necessary points and facts, you need to throw the ball harder.

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The basic needs

Practice makes a man perfect. So an acceptable lifestyle with consistent practice can make the path of the player’s success. First, you have to know the proper way to stand in the pitcher mound. Then learn about the accurate body movement and power transmission. The proper way to release the ball is indeed essential to know also. If you know the techniques of these activities well then you can think about a stiffer throw.

Concentration is another key factor in this case. With a messy and anarchical as well as a rough and tumble mind, one can never throw a baseball harder even perhaps cannot throw at all. Before walking forward the pitch, you need to have relaxed and ease mind full of tranquility.

Besides learning the techniques and sufficient intentness of a good lifestyle with adequate exercise is mandatory for a hardball pitcher. Nutrition, sleep, water, and relaxation are also some necessary facts related to a good pitcher’s lifestyle. So the main key factor you need to keep in your mind on the journey to learn about the harder throwing are:

  • Appropriate techniques.
  • Adequate practice.
  • Concentration.
  • Sound health and mind.
  • Strength
  • A good and disciplined lifestyle.

These common factors are mandatory for you if you are planning to be a pro-level baseball pitcher. I think these are enough for a player to be so.

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To learn stiffer throwing is inevitable. Because –

As a pitcher, it is inevitable to learn about the way to throw the ball harder if she or he has a plan to get a stable position in the team. For the success of a team, the pitchers have to throw the ball harder because a stubborn pitch makes the hit ball slow. Again a slow pitch has a great risk to be a strike. And you know that a set of three strikes can cause a disaster. So it is obligatory for each and every would-be pitcher.

Acceptable artifice to throw a baseball harder

In the baseball field, both the position player and the pitcher have faced situations where they get involved with an obligation to throw the ball harder with enough power and velocity. The following techniques are important to follow if any of you want to throw the ball with that much power.

# Before planning to throw the ball, a pitcher needs to make his or her body muscle loos and relax. For this, warming up is the best way. He or she needs to make it sure that rotation and movement by the body must be ease while throwing the ball. So warm up the body for a few minutes by making an adequate movement of the body. While warming up, keep these factors in your mind:

  • Start to warm your body up with comparatively easy movement.
  • Don’t do it for a long time so that it can make you tired.
  • Warm up is significantly important to avoid the risk of injury.

# A pitcher needs to know the right way to throw the ball before throwing it harder. Actually, a few techniques are needed to add with the common strategy to throw them correctly. For this, just follow the below directions.

  • Make a push up with a back foot while placing another in front of your body. Try to make sure that your back foot will provide the strength you need from that.
  • Place your shoulder straight to your target so that you can keep your head as well as your eye directly towards your target zone.
  • Keep the ball behind your body with the perfect grip system. Hold it with your two fingers on the top and the other in its lower part.
  • Before throwing the ball make a rotation of your hip and shoulder just to produce enough power and force. Bend your knee slightly.
  • Try to throw the ball with the power, you get from your whole body not just from your leg.

These simple statics will help you to throw a ball properly. After that, you should add a few extraordinary strategies to throw it stiffer.

# The statics of the above point is enough to get an average speed but to make harder follow the below factors.

  • Place your throwing arm back to your elbow just like your knee. You also need to move it with the rotation of your body. So the timing is very important here.
  • Striding has an effective essential to create more power behind your throw. Stride the front foot so that the back leg can get enough space to make a proper body movement.
  • Try to get enough push off power from your back foot. It is essential for extra velocity and power. Again it helps to make the body rotation straight your target.
  • For a powerful throw, you can follow the system of a “power thrower“. In this case, you have to tilt your elbow above your head and make sure to create a 90-degree angle with your hand that held the ball.
  • When you can ensure the right placement of your all body parts, you can release the ball. But throw it with the just time rotation of your body, especially with the rotation of your head and shoulder.

# Relax your body and also your mind on the pitcher mound. Especially just before throwing the ball. Because you need to get rid of all the obstacles inertia of your body. This is the reason, the very first point of this section is about warm up.

These techniques are sufficient for a beginner to learn about the right way to throw the ball with a stubborn stiffer way which is enough to arise fear in the opposition’s mind.

Workout for strength and power

To be a hard and fast pitcher, it is compulsory for you to make a regular workout plan. You can admit to a gym or you can also make a home-based workout system if you have enough equipment. But the gym is better as there you will get hundreds of machines that will make your session easy.

In your workout zone, you may spend hours doing a different exercise. But all of them probably cannot come as helpful the pitcher mound. As a pitcher, particular exercise is indeed essential.

For the power of your hand and shoulders as well as the upper portion of your body, you are recommended to do some special exercise like a push-up, overhead pull down, bench press, pec flies, etc. But weight lifting is also very important. Remember you should not do over exercise with excessive weight.

To make your legs more powerful, there are some other types of exercise you have to do. Always remember, leg muscles are very important to throw a ball. For this, you can do deadlifts, squats, leg press, etc. These exercises make your foot and leg stronger and powerful enough for a good pitch.

Besides the exercise for hand and leg muscles, you can spend some time doing the exercise for the ease of body rotation. In this case, you can do some Russian crunch, push up, cycling and run on a treadmill. But I will say it again to not to do over exercise and avoid doing any kind of difficult work out if you are below 16.

Advises for an appropriate lifestyle.

A disciplined and orderly lifestyle is mandatory for an athlete. If you are a would-be baseball pitcher, then you have no other alternative to follow some regulations in your life. So here I have listed some regulations you need to follow.


If you want to be a pro at pitching the ball harder, you have to spend much time in practice. You cannot make it on your first pitch. You may fail for several time. But if you put consistent effort then it will be an easy task for you. So practice getting your aim closer.

Another fact is also needed to remind which is to keep your practice session in a regularity even after you will be good at throwing the ball harder.

Food and Nutrition

As an active athlete, you are not allowed to eat whatever you want. You need to maintain a proper and artifice diet. Keep foods with more protein and fiber with less fat and carbs. To make a stronger muscle and immunity system you have to follow this type of a food chart.

Drinking sufficient water is another need for you. A dehydrated body cannot produce enough velocity and power. So drink an adequate amount of water to keep your body and mind sounds.

Please try to eat organic foods and avoid fast food, bakery items, pastry, oily food, excessive sugar, and saturated fat.

It is very essential to make some replacement in your diet chart. Use brown and unrefined rice, sugar and flour instead of the white and refined one. Try to use olive, coconut or sesame oil instead of any kind of vegetable oils. Take nuts and fruits as snacks to fill the place of fried and sweet snacks.


A decent amount of sleep and leisure period is also a significant factor. You can never get a body with enough power and stability without it. For an athlete, sound sleep with 6 to 8 hours is compulsory.

Say no to alcohol and any kind of drugs

With addiction, you can never be a good athlete. So if you are addicted to any kind of drugs, you should not dream to be a famous baseball pitcher. Because drugs reduce the immune system and the control of your brain. So in the field, a drug-addicted player can never pay a decent concentration.

Yearly health check-up

An athlete’s one of the most important responsibilities is to make a yearly check-up of his or her body to make it sure that for this game he or she is okay.

Follow the above suggestions to get the appropriate lifestyle for being a good athlete. None of these is less important to be neglected. So go forward with all the standard features of a pro-level pitcher.