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What We Do
We offer the most comprehensive and reliable sports products reviews out there. Whatever your sporting interest, whether you have been playing for years or are just starting out, we are here to be your first and last stop to find out everything you need to know about the latest supplements, clothing, gear, and equipment. All our reviews are from the experiences and opinions of actual buyers, so you can trust them to be unbiased and relevant to the needs of people just like you. We’re committed to providing the information and head-to-head comparisons you need to make the best buying decisions.

What We Review
Everything that’s relevant to sports is relevant to us. We get that the right supplements are what you need to be the best “you” you can be and finish strong every time. We know how important the right training gear is to getting you ready. We know that clothes or supporting equipment can be the crucial key when the buzzer is about to sound. We know that the right baseball gear or basketball kit can make all the difference at winning time, and we know what features set apart one piece of sports gear from another.

Why You Need This
The field of sports equipment and gear is competitive, just like you. Everyone wants your dollar, and with new models coming out constantly, how can you find out what’s good and what’s bad? What’s truly outstanding and what’s just ok? If you’re working with a limited budget (and let’s face it, most of us are) how do you know where to spend your hard-earned money, especially when everything sounds the same? Every product description is always glowing and makes it out to be the perfect choice for your needs and better than anything else out there. You need honest reviews from people with no skin in the game if you’re going to make the right choice.

What Sets Us Apart
Sure, you could read reviews on the product websites, and these days more and more manufacturers include supposedly unbiased reviews of everything they make and sell. But can you really trust them? Most of them are going to include a token negative review here or there, carefully chosen so they don’t say anything really bad about the product. The reviewer might complain about being sent the wrong color or about delays in shipping, but they won’t mention anything that might make you question whether the item you’re thinking about is anything but perfect.

You could also go to third party seller websites and look at reviews, and lots of those reviews are from verified buyers. But you take sports seriously and your gear is crucial to achieving peak performance at crunch time: how do you know all those reviewers have the same attitude as you?

Are you sure they have the expertise to know what makes one item stand out from another, or that they’re using the equipment as intensely as you?

You need the opinions of people just like you: people who know sports and the gear it takes to play them well.

Whether you’re headed to the mountains or to the big game, when you need new gear we’re here to help you make smart decisions.