Best Baseball Gloves for Outfielders

If you are an outfielder in the baseball field and want to know about the best baseball gloves for outfielders, then this article is for you. Because in this whole article I will provide you information about it alongside some reviews of the best baseball gloves for outfielders.

Choosing the right baseball glove for you is not very easy. Because there are a lot of fats that you have to keep in mind while choosing them. Otherwise, you will not get any help with it. Also, the money you will spend on it will just be a waste. So, have a good thought about the baseball gloves before you are going to buy it.

Here, I will start with the facts you should keep in mind while buying the best outfielder’s glove. After that, you will find a question-answer section. Here, you will find all the common questions about the best outfield baseball gloves. Lastly, I will end with 10 best-rated outfield baseball gloves. Hopefully, this article will come as a great help to you.

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Top 10 Best baseball gloves for outfielders (Quick List)

Facts to keep in mind while buying the best outfielders’ gloves

You can call this section a short buying guide. Here, I will focus just only the facts that you need to keep in mind when to buy the best outfield baseball gloves. So, let’s have a glimpse over those necessary issues.

  • You have to ensure the right size of baseball gloves to make your performance better.
  • Always keep in mind about your position in the field. Don’t forget that, baseball gloves vary in accordance with the user’s position.
  • You should have look at the material of the gloves. If you think you have enough budget to buy a pure leather glove, then it will be great. Because a leather glove is much more durable than the synthetic one. Leather gloves will last you more seasons especially if you know how to take care or clean a baseball glove.
  • I just forget to tell about your price. Make you that you have enough to buy that one of your desire.
  • Choosing a versatile glove will also be a great choice.

Hopefully, you get the points. After having your eyes on them, you have to look over the laces, webbings, pockets, wrists, backs, catchers’ mitts and so on. However, now you should have a glimpse over the most common question and confusion, most of the people face when to buy the best youth outfield baseball gloves.

Most common questions and answers

1. How do you pick the right size baseball glove?

While choosing a pair of gloves for baseball, the first thing you should pay attention to is its size. Yes, the size of a baseball glove is really very important if you want to play it properly. Also, the wrong size glove can cause a great disaster in the field. Because it will never let you catch or through the ball perfectly.

If you will buy a glove from the shop, I will suggest you check again if it matches with your size or not. I said to check again. But if you will make online shopping, then you have to know the right size and measurement. Otherwise, it will come as a big mistake. Also, nothing help will be done by those wrong size of gloves.

However, while choosing your gloves, first see the size of it. The researchers have found that hands of the kids from 4 to 6 in age, match well with 10” gloves. For the hands of the kids of 7 to 9, gloves of 11″ will be perfect. And if you are 10 or more then you have to more careful. Because it can be 12″ or 13″ even or more. So, be careful about that.

Also, gloves size for infielders and outfielders are not the same always. Keep it in your mind that outfielder’s gloves should be a little bit larger than an infielder’s one. Generally, it will be. 5″ or 1″ larger. So, you should be aware of those too. If you have all these in your mind while choosing your baseball gloves, hopefully, you will get the right one.

2. Can I use an infield glove for the outfield?

This question is the most common one. Many of you want to use one set of gloves for various purposes. But unfortunately, it is not a good idea at all. The next two answers will disclose your question of this fact. But still, I am saying that you should better buy two pair for two of your positions.

The positions of both infielders and outfielders are very important in the field. And you cannot deny that. I have already said it that, an infielder’s glove will be smaller than an outfielder’s one. So, it should be natural that the function of both will not be the same. This is why I am asking you to have two. Please, read the next two passages. They will clear more of it.

3. Is There any difference between outfield and infield baseball glove?

At first, infielder gloves are used by defensive player positioned in the infield. An infielder is a person who usually plays in one of the four defensive infield positions in baseball. ON the other hand, an outfielder is a baseball player who is positioned on the grassy area far from the infield. The outfielder is a baseball player who stationed at one of the three defensive positions in baseball.

Yes, we can say that there’s a quite difference between infield and outfield gloves. Infield glove is smaller than the outfield glove. Because the infielder needs to get the ball and throw it quickly. Thus, even if the infield glove is smaller the player won’t face any problem.

But the outfielder glove is bigger than the infielder gloves. The reason is an outfielder tends to catch fly balls with a bigger pocket. Even, it helps them to catch the ball over their head. Here, the defenders are the left fielder, the center fielder, and the right fielder. So, big pocket outfielder glove is needed for a proper catch.

In the end, it is important to choose the perfect glove for the infielders and outfielders. Of course, a baseball glove is different for every player because they need to catch the ball from a different position. So, pick up your own needed size for a worthy match.

4. Are Gloves for Specific Positions Necessary?

Yes, it is necessary. Not every baseball glove is built equally. Different types of glove hold a different sort of uses and technologies. The first baseman and the catcher have to choose their own gloves according to facilities. If an outfielder uses another smaller glove then he will surely face lots of trouble. It is also similar for an infielder baseball player. So, let’s check more details about why gloves for specific positions necessary.

At first, meet Rawlings PROSNP5-2C Pro Preferred 11.75” Baseball Glove. It is highly recommended for durable kip skin leather and complete-performance sheepskin lining. This also provides 30 percent broken in. And if you are searching any competitive outfielder glove with a big pocket then Wilson A2K 1799 SuperSkin 12.75’’ Baseball Glove will be a perfect match for you. Marucci Founders’ Series 12.75” Baseball Glove is best known for the thin heel on this glove which provides a faster break-in.

Have you already heard about Rawlings Heart of the Hide ColorSync 3.0 PROCM43BP 34’’ Baseball Catcher’s Mitt? It is well known for 1-piece solid webbing pattern with a deeper pocket and extreme durability. Again, Under Armour Flawless UAFGFL-1175SP 11.75” Baseball Glove – Black provides 5 percent of Japanese Tanned Steer Hide. It is a great option for any infielder for its great durability.

Thus, several types of glove include several facilities. Not every baseball glove provide the same sort of options. So, it is important to choose the correct one with the needed facilities.

5. What are the components of a Baseball Glove?

Generally, a glove is packed with six parts including the web, heel, fingers, palm and more. It can be made out of some sort of leather and sometimes various colors for each part. However, it remains the same leather. Some of these parts may increase higher durability and decrease the time of the break-in. So, if you know the proper use of every part of a baseball glove then you can be surely benefitted. Let’s learn some of the parts of the baseball glove.
1. The web
The web of the baseball glove is mainly made out of leather. It contains different sort of pattern along with weave, trapeze, close trapeze. Again, the web connects to the bridge, the fingers and the thumb.
2. Triangle
The triangle of a baseball glove is connected with the pocket, pad, heel, hinge along with web crotch. The player catches the ball with this baseball part. This is also made out of some sort of leather as the rest is built with.
3. Bridge
The bridge of a baseball glove is built with leather lacing and the leather from the web. It is on the top of the glove
4. Little Finger Pad
Little finger pad is linked with the triangle and the pocket. It is generally used to control the reverse side of the thumb.
5. Hinge
This part of the glove supports to hold the glove together.
6. Pocket
This major part is very important while catching a ball. If the pocket is wider then it will help you to not miss any catch and have a better performance.
I hope, now you’ve understood the uses of every major part of a baseball glove. Thus, it will help you to have a greater experience.

10 best baseball gloves for outfielders’ reviews

Rawlings Renegade Series Baseball Gloves

The first one among the list should be an exclusive one. And so, I have chosen Rawlings renegade catcher’s mitt gloves. You must know that rawlings is one of the most popular baseball accessories manufacturers of USA. And this glove is considered as the best Rawlings baseball gloves because of its stunning features and breathtaking functions.


Reasons behind its popularity: This stunning baseball glove is good for both baseball and softball. Also, as the best-rated outfield baseball gloves, it is known well. Again, the game-ready Right off the shelf approach which will offer you the best performance. These gloves are also better for slow pitch alongside recreational play.

What about the size?: 12 1/2 is the ideal size for the gloves and you will get this glove with this size. On the other hand, it is only 1 pound in weight. So, it will be easier to hold the ball with the gloves perfectly. Furthermore, it will deliver quality at an affordable price. A versatile top of the line is also available for better performance.

Final Thought: So, what is your opinion on it? Do you think that it will go well with your playtime? You know, the number of the negative feedbacks of these gloves is almost zero. Furthermore, most of the users are very happy with that. So, I hope you will enjoy your game time well with it.

Louisville Slugger 12.75 Inch FG Pro Flare Baseball Outfielders Gloves

Today, I am introducing you with one of the latest gloves from Louisville Slugger series. This time, it is Louisville Slugger 12.75 Inch FG Pro Flare Baseball Outfielders Gloves. It is Baseball outfielder glove which will provide you some unique facilities and also with advanced technology. Let’s see why you should buy this item.


What about the size and features?:This louisville slugger gloves pro flare generally right-hand throw. The size of this glove is 12.75 inches and the only color it provides is black. Most importantly, they have used oil infused Gaucho leather while making these gloves. So, you won’t face any sweating problem. You can easily have extra strength for catching a ball in the baseball game.

The unique functions of these gloves: The glove is made from oil-infused Gaucho leather. So, you don’t need to worry about its durability. There are some few reasons why many young and adult players feel uncomfortable while using any gloves. But this Louisville Slugger baseball glove will ensure you a larger pocket.

Thus, your hand will fit easily in the gloves. And also, it prevents the sweating problem. This way the players will be much comfortable with these gloves. Furthermore, if you want a quick transfer of the ball from glove to hand then the unique flare design will permit you for this.

Final Thoughts:I think, now you are already aware of the uses of louisville slugger baseball glove. It will ensure you great durability. But also, these gloves can cause cancer and reproduction harm. Besides this little harm, these gloves are amazing with so many facilities. This glove works against sweating. Overall, I am quite sure that this glove will confirm your satisfaction.

Wilson A2000 Fastpitch Glove Series

Gloves from Wilson is known to be another pro preferred series of baseball. It is Wilson A2000 Fastpitch Glove Series. This outfielder model is super attractive for its durability and amazing features. The glove is from fastpitch specific model with pro laced T-web. Again, the pro stock leather helps to reduce break-in times and offers dual welting for a durable pocket. Let’s see how you can be benefited with these gloves.


Most mentionable features: This wilson a2000 outfield glove is superior with 12.5’’ including 3 different color options such as black, red, and white. Besides with left-hand glove you can have the right-hand throw or with the right-hand glove you can have the left-hand throw.

This gloves especially decrease break-in time. So, you don’t need to worry while catching the ball. Though this white super skin is made with premium pro stock leather it is twice as strong as regular leather. It will also ensure long lasting durability and superior feel towards your hand.

Another noticeable function of the glove: While choosing Wilson a2000 outfield glove you can have a lot of functions packed with it. If you are worried about the sting in your hand, then don’t worry.

This glove provides new drawstring closure for the comfort of your hands and honeycomb cell padding builts no sting catch zone. Here D-Fusion padding is also attached just beneath the pocket to absorb the hard line drives along with screaming throws. Because of the custom fit system, the gloves easily fits the hand even if the players wear it tight.

Final thought: I have almost explained about this wilson a2000 baseball glove review. Though it is packed with lots of eye-catching features also it includes cancer and reproductive harms. However, if you compare this glove with any other gloves then it is not less in outstanding design and technology. Now it’s up to your choice if you choose this glove or not.

Easton Future Legend Series FL 1200 BKTN 12″ in Youth Outfield Pattern

Meet easton outfield glove is a great choice for any kind of youth baseball players. This iconic glove comes with an outfielder’s position with an H-web design. The supreme technologies help the young baseball players for practice. It is newly designed in 2018 but offers great features. The lightweight and flexibility are its charisma. Let’s get some more information if you are interested in buying this glove.


Most necessary things about the glove: This glove is made with thin cowhide which is oil tanned and provides PU palm lining. Thus it is tumbled soft and holds a lightweight and flexible glove. Within the left-hand glove, you can enjoy right-hand throw. On the other hand, the right-hand glove will help you to get a left-hand throw.

Through the tricat finger lining, young players can easily catch the ball without any sting to their hands. It also decreases the break-in time. So, you can catch the ball quickly in your hands without missing it. I must say, this glove easily fits the hand. Even if you wear it tight it will fit your hand easily.

Other facilities of this glove: Here the technology of super soft sponge-tricat finger lining is quite helpful for any kind of young baseball players. This lightweight and flexible glove help them to catch the ball without any sting to their hands. Besides, the glove is tailored especially just because the professional forms scaled down for young players.

Final thought: I have already added many features of this glove through this easton future legend review. This glove is really one of the finest choices for young players. And most importantly, you won’t face any negative issue about this glove

Wilson A2000 SuperSkin Baseball Glove Series.

Wilson A2000 SuperSkin is one of the finest baseball gloves nowadays. It includes the latest technology with a lot of features. Here, you can enjoy the durability and the unmatched feel of this glove. This 12.75” outfield model includes black super skin which is twice as strong as regular skin. Let’s check the Wilson a2000 baseball glove review to learn more about it.


The design and mentionable advantages: At first, I would like to submit that this glove helps to decrease the break-in time. It is packed with black or blond pro stock leather. It provides enough durability with an unmatched feel. This lightweight glove provides double horizontal bars web. Super skin is stronger and lighter than leather. So, you can repel the moisturizing of your hands. Along with left-hand glove, you can have the right-hand throw or with the right-hand glove, you can have a left-hand throw. Therefore, a dual welting drilex wrist lining is also included.

Why will you choose it?: This Wilson a2000 outfield glove provides rugged durability but half the weight. At present, it is one of the most popular gloves among the players. Here, the 12.75” glove is a perfect combination of pro stock leather, double horizontal bars web and dual welting drilex wrist lining. So, there is no such thing to be uncomfortable while wearing this glove.

Final thoughts: So, I think you have already understood the benefits of this glove. But also having a lot of features, it provides cancer and reproductive harms. However, this glove is flexible in hand and offers great durability.

Franklin Sports Field Master Series Baseball Glove

Like a catcher’s training mitt, Franklin sports field baseball glove series is quite popular among the players. This glove is made with thicker premium synthetic leather. It will also help to decrease the break-in time. Most importantly, this glove is enriched with many high technology and functions. Let’s learn some more about this glove series.


Most needed functions of the glove:The highest number of players is often concern about the fit system of the glove. But here you won’t face this sort of problem. Because of the contour fit system, you can enjoy customizable thumb adjustments. Through for its the hand-formed pocket, you are accessible for an undoubtedly easy catch.

The basket web design will help you to raise enough flexibility for all positions of play. If you are searching any gloves with both handed then don’t worry. This glove is both left handed and right handed. For its amazing features, this baseball glove can be used as a toddler baseball glove for tee-ball.

Some other amazing features: Here, the premium synthetic leather glove offers very long-time durability with a short break-in opportunity. It contains various sizes with various offers. The size of 11” includes an infielder with its ideal L-web design This design is quite fitting for middle fielders to make a quick transition play. And 12” is so perfect with its trapeze web design. The size of 12.5 helps to get a deep, wider pocket to tight fly balls.
Final thoughts:

Rawlings Heart of The Hide Glove Series

Nowadays, gloves from Rawling heart series is becoming more popular among the players. This glove is enriched with much high technology. It provides 30 percent break-in from the factory. Let’s see the Rawlings heart of the hide review, why this glove is attractive with so many features.


Why the design of this glove is attractive?: At first, this glove is one of the best Rawlings outfield glove. The design of the glove is always a big fact. Therefore, it only provides black in color. Most of the players are conscious about the hand throw. But this glove is both left hand and right-hand throw. So, with the left-hand glove you can have the right-hand throw and with the right-hand glove, you can enjoy left-hand throw.

These best rawlings baseball gloves are made with 12 inches all leather with providing top 5 percent obtainable steer hides. Through for the Tennessee tanning rawhide leather, you can also enjoy the strength and resilience. This supreme glove is high with 2 pieces solid web and a conventional back.

Other important features: Are you worried about the fit of your hand? Then don’t worry. This glove customizes your fit effortlessly. It also contains a padded thumb sleeve to ensure superior comfort. No player can achieve good performance without fine functions. The outfield glove is excellent for short stops or pitchers. Just because it is 12 inch all leather men’s baseball glove, so you will hardly face the problem of sweating. You won’t feel uncomfortable while wearing this glove.

Final thoughts: So, what are you thinking now the best Rawlings baseball glove? I have given almost all the essential features through this Rawlings heart of the hide review. Hence, it can because of cancer and reproductive harm but it will also satisfy you with a great performance.

Wilson A2K Baseball Glove Series

Today, I am introducing with you one of the latest baseball gloves from Wilson series. This time, it is Wilson A2K Baseball Glove Series. The 33.5” baseball glove is developed with many high technologies. It is made with black super skin which is twice as strong as twice the regular leather but also half the weight. Let’s check more details about this glove.


Why will you choose it?: Here you will get double palm construction which will help you to gain maximum pocket stability. The rolled dual welting is designed for long-lasting shape. Therefore, it only offers the color options of black and copper. Thorough this glove, your hand will feel fit.

Choosing the pro-stock select leather you can enjoy the firmness and flawlessness. The design of rolled dual welting and double horizontal bars web will help you to decrease the break-in time.

Other important features: This finest glove will also offer you a double palm construction for the maximum pocket. So, you can ensure more stability towards your hand with the gloves. The larger pocket generally makes your hand comfortable.

Even if you tighten the gloves in your hands, it will fit easily without any effort. Therefore, making break-in time shorter makes a catch more durable and makes a match great.
Final thoughts:
Have you settled your mind about buying this glove? Though you won’t be less profited while buying but you should be aware of the cause of cancer and reproductive harm. Despite its little defect, the glove is sure enough to be satisfied.

Marucci Founders Series 12.75 Inch MFGFS1275H BK/CM Baseball Glove

Today, I am giving you the suggestion of using another excellent glove from Marucci. This time, it is Marucci Founders Series 12.75 Inch MFGFS1275H BK/CM Baseball Glove. Most importantly, Big league promotes thin heel padding for a better feel while playing. This skillfully handcrafted glove will also provide you an individual custom fit. Let’s learn more about this glove.


Most important factors of the glove: The glove is built with premium Japanese Kip leather construction which provides superior quality with a great feel. Here the break-in and double lace reinforcement secure more durability of this glove. You will also get both handed gloves. The left-handed glove provides a right-hand throw. And the right-handed glove provides left-hand throw.

This handcrafted leather glove will also enable a custom fit system. So even if you wear it more tighten, the glove will easily fit your hand. And double lace reinforcement is added for enough durability. That’s how, you will be able to use this glove even season after season.

Why will you choose it?: Most of the time, people do ask if the glove is durable or not. But this Marucci baseball glove is enough durable. The thin heel padding will provide you a better feel and help you for an excellent match. Generally, this glove is highly recommended for the outfielders. The break-in time is also very short, so you won’t miss the ball while catching.

Final thoughts: So, what are you thinking about now? I think the larger facilities of this glove will ensure your satisfaction. Though this glove also contains some disadvantages. The gloves can be a cause of cancer and reproductive harm. Despite this little damages, there’s nothing of this glove that won’t please you.

Rawling Adult Blem 12.75” Bryce Harper Outfield Baseball GloveLHT PROBH34BC-RH

Let’s meet another baseball glove from Rawling series. This time, it is Rawling Adult Blem 12.75” Bryce Harper Outfield Baseball Glove LHT PROBH34BC-RH. The glove is packed with many unique features and advanced technology. Nowadays this glove from Rawlings series is becoming quite popular among the players. Be sure of every feature of this glove.


What are the main functions that attract people?: Are you searching any left-handed baseball glove? Then you have found an excellent one. Most of the players are concern about the sting in their hands while catching the ball. This 12.75” glove includes soft full grain leather palm within a finger back lining. Thus, it will help you to have exemplary comfort. And here you have only two choices of color options such as brown and tan.

This authentic glove is built with Bryce Harper pattern. Though you will face cosmetic imperfections from handling within leather oiling you can still have the highest level of performance. You should also know that this glove includes USA tanned leather lacing. So, you won’t face any sort of durability problem.

Other necessary things that are helpful to you: This finest glove is built from the world’s finest glove technicians. While choosing any baseball gloves, durability is one of the main issues. The professional glove is very much popular among the players for its unmatched durability. Sometimes the ball comes too fast and the player gets hurt. But this glove works against the sting towards your hand and helps to decrease the break-in time.

Final thoughts: First of all, the glove is very much popular among professional baseball players and leagues. Durability is one of the major reasons for choosing this glove. This outfield glove enables great facilities. So, make a good decision with choosing this Rawlings glove.


Do you get my point? Have you any confusion left? You can let me know about it. If you have still confused about them, I can help you a bit more. But you are the one to make your final decision. And I suggest you think sincerely and have a clear thought about all the issues I have mentioned already.

However, if you want me to be more specific about the best gloves, I can suggest to you a bit more. Rawlings Renegade Series Baseball Gloves will be a good choice as the functions are quite impressive. Also, no serious faults are still found about it.

Again, Franklin Sports Field Master Series Baseball Gloves is also another amazing baseball gloves. Franklin Sport is really very popular in the sports world. Also, this glove is free from any serious faults. Customers review is again impressive.

By specifying these two, I am not saying that the rest are not good. All of them are qualified and experienced by professionals. By the way, the customer’s reviews of them are not too poor. So, hopefully, you will help.

Still, if you have anything to ask, go ahead. Also, let me know about your selection of the best youth outfield baseball gloves. I will always eagerly wait for your response. Thank you for staying with us.