Learn The Basic Rules of Baseball Game for beginners

Baseball is a very popular game which is played by two teams. The game is very easy to understand and young people like it too much. The main fact about the game is to score more runs than another team. But there are different rules you have to maintain otherwise that will not be counted. Not only for a run, in many sectors of the game there are different rules. I think every player should know the basic rules of baseball game.

The young take it too seriously and a large number of young players dream about becoming a pro baseball player. When you give importance to any topic you always try to get the deepest knowledge about the topic. It’s a regular behavior of people. Like that many baseball-loving people are willing to know deep, especially the rules of baseball. Here you come to the perfect place to get all the information.

History of baseball

history of baseballBefore knowing the rules of a game one should obviously get knowledge about the history of the sport. Here I am giving you some knowledge about it.

There are many confusions about the real history of baseball. But it is considered that a young man named Abner Doubleday invented this game during the summer of 1839. It is known that it was invented in Cooperstown, New York. But the matter of sorrow that he did get forward to publish the game among the people. In 1907 A.J. Spalding and sporting good created a special commission for baseball.

The real history of baseball is a bit complicated. It is suggested that first the game was originated in England. In the September of 1845 New York, Knickerbocker Baseball Club was founded by the sportsman of New York.

The objectives of baseball

Almost all of us know the main objective of the game. There are two teams, batting team is called the offensive team and the fielding team is called defensive team. The target of the offensive team is to score runs as much as they can. Touching all the bases legally a player can score a run for his team.

On the other hand, the defensive players try to prevent the offensive player from running. Like that a 9 innings game lasts and each team gets the same opportunity to bat and fielding. After 9 innings the team with more scored runs win the match.

So the main objective of the game is to score runs.

Rules of the game

Let’s get the rules of the game broadly now.

  • Every match held between two teams.
  • Each team contains 9 players
    There is a catcher, a pitcher, a first baseman, a second baseman, a shortstop, a third baseman and three outfielders. The outfielders stay at the left field, at the right field, and at the center field.
  • There are 9 innings of a game. After 9 innings the runs are counted off the teams. The team scored with most runs wins the game. If the score is equal after 9 innings then extra innings are added until the winner is found. Each team gets an equal chance of batting and fielding.
  • If a team arranges and submits the batting orders then it can’t be changed through the game. They can substitute players but they have to bat in place of the replaced player.
  • If the batsman able to hit the ball from the pitcher then they must run to at least one base. They can run to many bases if they want. But they have to touch every base with any part of their body. If they get tagged out then they cannot cross more bases.
  • If the batter swings their bat and miss to hit then it is called a strike but the ball need to be in the strike zone. If the batsman gets a strike for 3 times then he is out. If 4 balls miss the strike zone then the batsman gets an advantage of reach the first base. They don’t need to swing their bat.
  • When a batsman is on a base they are permitted to run to the next base at any point.
  • There are 4 outs in baseball. Strike out, force out, fly out and tag out.

Strikeout: If the batsman misses the ball three times in the strike zone then it is a strikeout

Force out: If the batsman misses completing the base before the defensive player then it is forced out.

Fly out: When the batsman hit the bat into the air and the fielder catches the ball without bouncing then it is fly out.

Tag out: If the defensive player with the ball tags the runner with the ball while running it is called tag out.

You can take a look at this short video to get more clear basic information about baseball game:

These are the basic game rules of baseball.

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Some important rules everyone should aware of

important rules

There are variations in the rules of baseball. Here get some rules you should know and aware of them.

Maintain batting order: Each team has a batting order and they have to bat like the order. If the players don’t maintain the order then the umpire can declare the player out who is batting in the wrong order.

Keep the helmet on: While batting or running its mandatory to wear a helmet. At the first mistake, a player will get warned and the second time the umpire can declare him out.

Fair ball: If a hit ball lands in the field of play or passes through the first and third base in the fair territory the batted ball is fair.

Catchers miss the strike and the batsman isn’t out: It’s certain if a batsman misses the ball in the strike zone for 3 times then he strikes out. But if the catcher miss to catch the strike ball then it won’t be out.

Tie goes to the runner: If the is a confusion creates about a force out. That means if the runner reaches to the base and instantly the fielder catch the ball then the runner is considered to be safe.

Rules of baserunning: There are some rules for baserunning. It seems enjoyable and easy but a player needs to maintain the necessary rules.

For reaching another base a player needs to touch the base with any part of his body. If he misses then he has to go back and touch. It is also the rule that one can’t run more than 3 feet away from the baseline. But if a situation creates to have an interference with the fielder then the player can. But it’s illegal to do it to avoid tag out. Also, a runner can’t cross his fellow runner while rounding the bases.

Tagging out rules: Everyone knows while running on the base if the fielder with hand touch the batsman then that is tag out. But it is the rule to touch the runner with the hand in which the fielder keeps the ball. If you keep the ball in left hand and touch the runner with the right hand then it will be considered as out.

Rules for the pitcher: At the time of wind up a pitcher has to keep one foot on the rubber and need to come to a complete stop. Besides he can’t put a hand on the mouth staying the pitching circle.

Sportsmanship: It is a hardcore rule that the players or coaches can’t argue with the umpire about their decision. They need to show respect to the umpires. If the umpire wants can disqualify any player or coach for this reason.

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Rules of uniform and equipment

There are also big rules for the equipment and uniform. Learn the rules and know the way to use and choose them properly.


baseball ball
A baseball should be sphere shaped. A small core of cork or robber is yarn wound and coved by two strips of white horsehide or cowhide tightly stitched together. The weight should be 5 to 5.25 ounces and measure should be in 9 to 9.35 inches.

It is illegal to discolor and damage ball by rubbing it to the soil, licorice, sand-paper or other any element. The penalty of this misdeed is the umpire can remove the offender for the game. Even he can be suspended for 10 matches.

Baseball bat

baseball bat

A legal bat should be smooth and round stick. The length of the bat should be highest 42 inches and the thickest part should be highest 2.61 inches. In the professional league, no color bat isn’t used. Laminated and experimental bats are not allowed in the professional league. If the rules committee approves a bat then one can use it.


rules of uniform

In color trim and style all the player of a team is ruled to wear the same uniform. There will be a minimum 6-inch number on their back.

No player is allowed to attach any tape or other material of different color out of his uniform. The steve size should vary from player to player. Using a glass button and polish metal are illegal. It’s illegal to contain any design of commercial on the uniform.


baseball glove

There are different gloves and different size are determined for the gloves. The catcher mitt’s circumference shouldn’t be more than 38 inches and from top to bottom it shouldn’t be more than 15.5 inches.

First baseman’s glove should be top to bottom highest 13 inches and width across the palm shouldn’t be more than 8 inches.

The fielding glove shouldn’t be more than 13 inches from the tip of any one of the 4 fingers, through the ball pocket to the heel of the glove. And it should be highest 7.75 inches width range.


baseball helmet

It’s mandatory for a player to use a protective helmet while batting and running. National Association Leagues players wear a double ear-flap helmet. Major League players wear a single ear-flap helmet. The catcher uses protective catcher’s helmet and face mask.

If the umpire finds any fault according to the rules he will warn the offender. If the offender does not re-correct the violation then he will be ejected by the umpire.

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The field

the field

Most of the field are different from each other. The accurate and same field isn’t available. But the general measurements of the fields are almost the same.

The baseball field has different names. Generally, a baseball is known as a ball field. Some call that sandlot and some call that baseball diamond.

The infield is a square sized field where most of the balls are appeared after hitting. The square is 90 feet on each side.

The area between the two foul line is called the outfield. 3 players fielding in the outfield.

The shape of the field is diamond shaped. The field has two lines which meet at home plate and prolong outward. They ate perpendicular to each other. Those lines are called foul line and that line separates the two boundaries of fair territory and foul territory. If a batsman hit a ball and goes to foul territory then the hit will not be counted. But if any player catches any ball in the foul territory then that will be counted.

There is a team dugout in the field that is a shelter is where players stay when they are not playing in the field.

The bullpen is the area where the pitchers practice before the game.

The coaches stats on the base coach’s boxes which is next to the first and third base and give instructions.

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In a summary

Finally, the game can be played easily maintaining the rules and regulation. This game is played all over the USA greatly as the rules aren’t too tuff along with a great way to get amusements.

Here there are some rules players need to maintain to score or keep playing. Also, some rules there are that a player should know before playing. The rules against misdeed and violation are also strictly created. The equipment and uniform must be maintained by a team. Also, the fielding position and the field have some rules. Some rules are created to protect a player from accidents. Besides gentle behave is mandatory to play the game.

So, learning the rules be inspired by this game. Play more correctly and keep loving baseball.

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