An Informative Guide to Baseball Chants

Bring energy to a baseball game through our informative guide about baseball chants. Of course, having the right baseball bat and baseball glove are important factors when it comes to winning baseball games.  However, the home team fans also play a big part in rallying their favorite team with cheering and chants.

A good baseball chant is far from simple yelling, and it’s also not jeering at the opposing team. From little league to major league, fans and players love to bring extra excitement to the game with some unique baseball chants.  Here, we’ll provide you with a guide on some of the best baseball chants you can use at your next game.

What are Chants for Baseball Games?

Baseball Chants

Baseball Chants are short organized cheers that are easy to follow among fans of a particular team. In addition, these chants provide energy, excitement, and sounding support to the teams on the field. Moreover, baseball chants keep the crowd engaged during games, especially during game-changing plays.

A baseball chant garners the solidarity of a crowd’s support to a playing team. A chant usually starts with a few fans and then everyone who knows the chant joins in to create a loud atmosphere. When the large crowd joins in on the baseball chant, this will boost the team’s confidence and can also change the momentum of the game in your team’s favor.

The Benefits of Chanting in a Baseball Game

Baseball Chants

During games, players tend to outplay and outsmart the opposing team, competing with all their best to come out victorious. As stated, baseball chants provide players with additional confidence and momentum.

Importance of a Crowd in Baseball Games

During official baseball games, the crowd cannot affect the physical capabilities of their players. The pitcher on the opposing team could be registering 90+ mph fastballs on the radar gun  and you can’t directly help your team’s batters with that. However, crowds can affect the psyche of a player so having everyone make some noise can impact the pitcher’s accuracy which in turn could lead to some mistakes.

Crowds often show their support in a game by cheering their team and jeering their opponents. However, we do not recommend jeering as it can result in a negative atmosphere especially in youth leagues.

A Study on Cheers Vs. Jeers

Baseball Chants

In a study by Kimberly Epting called “Cheers vs. Jeers: Effects of Audience Feedback on Individual Athletic Performance”, cheering provides a significant positive effect on a team’s overall performance. However, Kimberly Epting also stated that the effects of cheering and jeering vary across different types of sports.

In baseball, cheering and jeering show both positive and negative effects respectively among players. This results in home advantage being significantly important in baseball. However, conversely to baseball, fast-paced sports such as basketball and football show no effect against cheering and jeering.

For instance, picture a little league player in the batter’s box waiting for a pitch. No matter how well prepared they are and how well they picked out their baseball bat, cheering and jeering will impact their performance. Especially at this age, we wouldn’t recommend jeering at the opponent and instead it’s better to cheer for your own team.

Dos and Don’ts when Chanting in A Baseball Game

Chanting in a baseball game is different compared to other sports such as football and basketball. For instance, basketball and football players’ roles change depending on who possesses the ball. However, in baseball, teams take a turn playing offense in one half of the inning and defense in the other half.

In baseball, there are various chants both fans and players shout during the game. These chants occur at different points in the game. For example, the crowd starts chanting when a big play happens such as a home run. Cheers and chants can also start up when the bases are loaded or when a batter has a full count at the plate.

Of course, there’s a limit on what you can do when chanting in a baseball game because you want to have some level of etiquette. Therefore, you have to mind our list of Dos and Don’ts of baseball chants.


  • Keep the chant short and simple
  • Make the rhythm easy to follow
  • Mix with easy to say words
  • Incorporate famous tones such as iconic advertisements ads
  • Customize it for important events in the game
  • Incorporate some easy movements such as clapping and stomping


  • Avoid hard to pronounce words
  • Do not make it complicated
  • Do not curse and offend players or other fans

Examples of Different Chants in Baseball Games

Baseball Chants

Baseball chants vary depending on many different factors. Typically, fans of different teams may have different chants but some chants can be common across teams. Players from different teams may also have their own chants separate from the fans. Let’s move on to the different baseball chants you can use at your team’s next baseball game!

Crowd Chants

As stated, a crowd has the potential to change the momentum of the game. Below are some exciting chants for your baseball fan collective!

Crowd Chants for Offensive Team Examples:

Be Aggressive Chant

“Be aggressive, be, be aggressive,


Homerun Chant #1

“Homerun hitter is up to bat.

If I were you I’d scoot your booty back,

Scoot your booty back.”

Homerun Chant #2

“We want a single, just a little single,

S‐I‐N‐G‐L‐E, single, single, single.

We want a double, just a little double,

D‐O‐U‐B‐L‐E, double, double, double.

We want a triple, just a little triple,

T‐R‐I‐P‐L‐E, triple, triple, triple.

We want a homerun, just a little homerun,

H‐O‐M‐E‐R‐U‐N, homerun, homerun,


Walk Chant

“Pitchers gonna walk her

Just like daddy taught her



Crowd Chants for Defensive Team

Strike Out Chant #1



Or even a curve

Pitch, Pitch, Pitch that ball

We don’t care how but

Strike him out!”

Strike Out Chant #2



Whatever it takes

When he hits that ball we

We wanna see the bat break!”

Strike Out Chant #3


Pitch that ball

Make that player strike at the plate!”

Standard Crowd Chants

Cheer #1

“Big “G” Little “O”



Cheer #2

“*Clap clap clap clap*

Let’s go (insert your team’s name)!

*Stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp*

Here we go (insert your team’s name)!”

Team Chants

Before a team heads into a game, they often have chants that they recite together, allowing everyone to get into their competitive mindset. Therefore, here are some team chants you can use in your team’s next game:

Little League Team Chants:

Dugout Team Chants:

Batter Cheer #1

“Ain’t nuthin’ but a ground-dog, rollin’ down the line…

Woof! Woof!”

Batter Cheer #2

“Hey pitcher (echo)

Tie your shoes (echo)

Cause (insert batter’s name) gonna hit it (echo)

Right over you (echo)”

Pre-Game Team Chants:


Baseball Chants

In conclusion, baseball chants are part of the game where a team can build camaraderie and support for each other. Although it’s not as important as protective equipment such as a chest protector for baseball, it provides players with audible support and confidence to push through the game.

Moreover, some fans find baseball chants annoying; however, taking baseball chants out of the game is similar to removing their right to express their support for their team. In addition, allowing both players and crowd to chant develops a bond between the fans and players, resulting in better social interactions during games.

Furthermore, cheering and chanting are present in various types of games. Whether be it in baseball, fastpitch, and slowpitch softball games, cheering is here to stay. Therefore, we advise you to read up and learn these baseball chants as you support your favorite team through their games.

Frequently Asked Questions about Chants in Baseball Games

Q: What are some baseball cheers?

A good baseball cheer should be simple, easy to understand, and easy to follow. Here are some simple baseball chants in this list:

Cheer #1:

“Big “G” Little “O”



Cheer #2:

“*Clap clap clap clap*

Let’s go (insert your team’s name)!

*Stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp*

Here we go (insert your team’s name)!”

Q: What is baseball chatter?

Baseball chatter is synonymous with baseball chants. In addition, these chants are easy to follow and short organized cheers among fans of a particular team. Furthermore, these chants provide positive support towards a particular team, helping them to push through their games with confidence.

Q: What do you yell at a baseball game?

Some people yell at a baseball game to show support to their favorite baseball team. As a result, baseball fans refer to these organized chants as baseball chants. Furthermore, these chants can show support through cheers or distract the opposing team through jeers.

Q: What are some softball cheers?

Since softball and baseball games are relatively similar in rules, the cheers for both games are also closely similar too. Here are some baseball cheers you can also use in softball games:

Walk Chant

“Pitchers gonna walk her

Just like daddy taught her



Be Aggressive Chant

“Be aggressive, be, be aggressive,


Q: What are some good chants?

A good baseball chant is short, simple, and understandable. A good chant also uses a familiar tone and rhythm, making it easy to follow by a crowd.