How to Clean a Baseball Glove? 3 Different Ways to Clean It

It’s absolutely necessary for a baseball player to keep their baseball glove neat and clean. With some easy steps, you can clean your baseball fielding gloves or baseball batting gloves.

First, users have to remove sand, dirt, and grit from the glove. Afterwards, applying the necessary cleaning agents will start the process towards making the glove look like new again. Users can wipe away dirt and proceed to applying cleaning agents by either using a brush or rubbing it in with a cloth. Finally, owners have to apply a conditioner and then wait the necessary time while it dries. Once dry, the glove will be ready to for action.

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It is really so easy to clean a baseball glove if you know the proper material and ways to maintain a glove’s sensitive materials. Besides, there is a big difference in terms of overall performance between a dirty glove and a clean glove.

Why do you need to keep your glove clean?

Clean A Baseball Glove

Whether you have excellent products such as the Mizuno GPP1150Y1 or a Wilson A2000 1786, no one likes a glove when it is full of dirt, grit, and bacteria which causes it to smell. In addition, a dirty glove provides less ventilation, resulting in decreased comfort during games. One mistake people always do after a season is that they throw away their glove full of dirt onto their closet until the next season, effectively shortening the life span of their glove.

Conversely, keeping a baseball glove clean helps its materials regain durability, allowing it to last more seasons. Moreover, who likes the grimy and uncomfortable feel a dirty glove provides? People think it’s very hard to wash or clean a glove; however, it is an easy task to do so with the help of this guide. Therefore, we advise you to pay attention as we teach you how to clean a baseball glove and the benefits that come along with it.

Some necessary apparatus and cleaning agents: Leather cleaner, soap, clean water, leather conditioner, hand brush/ clean cloth etc. These things are generally used to clean a baseball glove.

3 Different methods for cleaning a glove

Clean A Baseball Glove

First method for cleaning a glove

Scouring the glove

Use a starchy brush to put away the visible dirt and invisible sands. Do it until it looks a little cleaner, and check out the palm and the top side of the glove for dirt.

Dispel the laces of the glove

If you can dispel the laces it will be easier for you to clean your glove as the laces of the gloves are laced very tightly. In addition, it might be tough work for you, but removing laces allows you to reach hard-to-clean areas around your glove.

  • Some laces are not removable; therefore, check the glove meticulously for removable knots when disassembling.
  • You can use a piercing apparatus such as scissors if you decide to cut the laces.
  • Remember that once cut, these laces are not re-useable.

Apply measurable cleaning agent

You can use any good leather-friendly cleaning agent to clean your glove. Apply a little bit of the agent to the glove and carefully rub that on the glove using a circular motion. Keep cleaning it for a short period of time; however, we do not recommend cleaning a glove until it becomes spotless as it may degrade the quality of its leather materials.

  • Don’t use too much cleaning agent.
  • After using cleaning agent you need to wait for a few hours up to a day depending on the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions.
  • You have to obey the direction of the cleaning agent.

Apply conditioner as the command

Finally, you have to apply a reasonable amount of glove conditioner to the glove using a clean dry cloth. Put them even inside the glove and rub a little to every corners and finger. After applying, do not wipe off the product and let it sit for a while.

  • Don’t overuse the conditioner.
  • You must follow the glove manufacturer’s instructions when conditioning a glove.

There you can clean your glove following those steps.

Second method for cleaning a glove

Using rubbing alcohol and water

According to the instruction of The University of Missouri Extension Service, you need to make a mixture of 1 cup rubbing alcohol and 1 cup water as the cleaning agent. You need to dip a soft clean cloth into the mixture until the cloth is moist; however, do not soak the cloth too much as it can damage the glove’s materials. Afterward, rub the cloth on the whole glove until visible dirt is gone.

  • Keep the cleaning solution exactly 50% water and 50% rubbing alcohol by using measurement instruments.
  • Wring the cloth until moist.
  • Don’t rub for a long period of time that could be harmful for the glove.

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Drying up the glove properly

It’s really essential to drying up the glove. It generally takes a few hours to dry up a baseball glove. In a various way you can complete this step. Using electric fans you can make it dry or naturally with the outside air and sun you can make it dry. However, do not expose the leather too long under the sun as its leather material may crack under immense sunlight.

  • Always check out if every part of the glove is dry.
  • Sometimes the inside space of a glove remains moist, which in turn can lead to its leather materials degrade in quality.
  • If the glove still has moist pockets and stitching, let the glove dry naturally by leaving it in a cool and well-ventilated area.

Wash again with sudsy water

You have to follow this only then if you find molds and dirt into your glove after it gets dried. Wash the glove properly with sudsy water like you are repeating the first process. Keep in mind that you don’t have to soak the glove as it only requires a damp cloth when cleaning.

  • After drying up if the glove looks clean then skip this step.

Applying conditioner

Wait until the glove is fully dry. After drying up, you need to use a leather conditioner to complete the final step. Rub the whole glove especially inside the fingers, palm, and pocket.

  • Don’t use a conditioner that isn’t for baseball gloves or leather materials such as shaving cream.
  • Follow the instructions while applying.

There you can clean your baseball glove properly with this method.

Third method for cleaning a glove

Dirt renovation with soap

At first, gather some pieces of clean clothes and apply mild soap to one of them with a proper moisturizer. Rub the glove slowly with the cloth till the cloth is dirty. Change the cloth and again continue the process until needed. This process will eliminate the grit and grime of the glove

  • Don’t keep doing this for a long period of time.
  • Be aware of the ingredients of your moisturizer before applying it to the glove.

Buff the baseball glove

After removing the dirt you need to use a dry and clean cloth or brush to buff the glove. No need to rinse out the soap using water or other liquid.

Using petroleum jelly

Petroleum jelly is a good equipment to condition the leather. Add petroleum jelly on the glove and rub carefully on the glove. You must look inside the glove whether the jelly has got into there or not. If not then put some inside the glove also.

  • Avoid rubbing too strong to help retain the glove’s original shape.
  • Use it after reading the instructions.

Removing extra petroleum jelly

While applying the petroleum jelly unconsciously people put much amount of the jelly that shouldn’t be good for the glove. So use a dry cloth to remove excess petroleum jelly form the glove

Drying up properly

Finally, all you need to do is just drying up the glove completely. You can use the sunlight or the fans to complete this step.

  • Always check out inside the glove whether it is dried or not
  • If inside part keeps wetted then put it in front of a fan for a few time.

Here your glove is ready for your next game.

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The Proper Way to Store Your Gloves

Clean A Baseball Glove

When the offseason comes in winter young players do the biggest mistake is that they threw away their gloves carelessly. It’s really important for a baseball player to know how to clean and store their glove. Some people think only cleaning is enough to keep the glove safe and make it long lasting. But if you have no idea about the storing of glove then your cleaning is good for nothing but a willingly shorten the lifetime of a glove. Here we have some tips for maintaining that you can store your glove properly.

During the winter

During the winter you have to store your glove in a dry and cool place. However, if you can’t find one, you can keep it at room temperature but always be careful and avoid it from getting wet. Never keep it in a bag which is placed nearby a heater or don’t let it sit outside your home without proper weather insulation.

Always keep it dry

Inadvertently your gloves can get wet during a game or inside the home. Don’t let it get soaked in water for an extended period. Whenever it gets wet, immediately use a dry cloth to dry up your glove. Rub a little with a dry cloth and then let it dry naturally. Soon you will see the glove dry up. This can cause a temporary stiff effect on the glove’s leather, but after using a conditioner, it will come to its regular condition. Therefore, always keep your glove dry.

Don’t Spit in the Glove

It’s a very bad and awkward habit to spit in a glove. It seems alright at first, but it causes harm to your glove. Firstly the material of the saliva can make the glove of your materials weaken due to the saliva’s chemical composition. Secondly, it gets wet and dirty with bacteria from your mouth. Thus, never spit in your glove.

Do not heap up the glove with other equipment

It’s really a carelessness work to pile up your glove with other equipment. Depending on your glove’s position in a pile, it changes the shape and harms the webbing of the glove as pressure build-up on the glove as time passes. Even you shouldn’t put any heavy metal on the glove that can create pressure over the glove. So always be conscious of this fact.

Reshaping and tightening laces

Before storing your glove it’s better to put a ball on the glove then you need to wrap the glove with a binder. Besides you have to look after the laces of the finger and web. Tie it again and make it tight.

Repair Broken Laces

You just need to check out all the laces whether all of them are okay or any of them is broken. If you found such broken lace then don’t waste time to repair it. Always repair the broken laces before storing your glove.

Things You should abstain from

There are variations in the equipment that are used for a baseball glove and others. Here are some tips you must follow them

  1. Avoid conditioners for the leather of saddle or shoe
    You must use the proper conditioner that is proper for the baseball glove only. Don’t use other conditioners because that may gunk up with the internal or external part of your glove. Therefore, avoid this types of conditioners.
  2. Don’t overuse any cleaning agent
    Overusing any cleaning agent can fill up the pore of the glove with the cleaning agent. So stay away from using more than necessary.
  3. Don’t use dishwashing liquid or detergent
    You can use soft soap or leather cleaner or homemade mixer of rubbing alcohol and water to clean the glove. But never apply detergent or dishwashing liquid in the glove. They contain a various harmful component that is harmful for your glove.

Final Thoughts Clean a Baseball Glove

Here you can find the rules and regulations for cleaning a baseball glove. Things you have to do before cleaning is just to remove the dirt. People always do the mistake of neglecting the fact of storing. But this is also a very important fact to keep your glove safe. There are also given the way of storing a glove.

There are 3 methods described how to clean a baseball glove. The homemade cleaning agent formula is really easy but people generally use the popular leather cleaners which are sold in the market. I am also suggesting you to use a leather cleaner from the market. If you make any mistake while making a homemade agent then it could be harmful to your glove.

The most important is that you always read the instructions given in the agent packet and must acquire knowledge about your current glove that requires time to dry. Don’t use the forbidden products for the gloves and take care of all other sides.
So cleaning a baseball glove is very easy just follow steps written up and make your baseball glove 100% same for the next matches.

Frequently Asked Questions about Cleaning Baseball Gloves

Q: What can I use to clean a baseball glove?

Cleaning a leather baseball glove is a daunting task every baseball athlete must know as they progress towards their playing career. Furthermore, cleaning a baseball glove only requires three simple steps of utilizing a dry towel and a moisturizer. Luckily, eHowSports provides players with an informative video using these materials which you can access by clicking here or through the provided video below.

Q: Can you wash a baseball glove?

Technically you can wash a baseball glove with warm water; however, it’s not the conventional soak and dry routine similar to washing clothes due to the leather materials of a baseball glove. Using warm water, dab a dry towel and wring it as much as possible, only leaving it moist enough to wipe excess grime and dirt off a glove’s surface. Professionals recommend this method to prevent soaking a glove’s leather materials, which may lead to the deterioration of its quality. Afterward, wipe the glove with a dry towel and allow it to air dry properly.

Q: Is saddle soap good for baseball gloves?

Yes, saddle soap is one of the few cleaning materials you can utilize when cleaning a baseball glove; however, we do not recommend it as nothing beats a baseball glove conditioner. But if you insist, by putting a little saddle soap on a clean cloth, wipe the surface of the glove in gentle circular motions until you covered all sides of the glove. Lastly, wipe off the material with a moist cloth to clean off the excess material.

Q: Is shaving cream bad for baseball gloves?

A shaving cream’s effect on a baseball glove depends on its ingredients. If you want to use shaving cream when cleaning or breaking in a baseball glove, ensure that the cream has lanolin, which is an excellent leather conditioner.

Q: What cleaner is safe for leather?

If you don’t have enough budget to purchase a safe leather cleaner for your baseball glove, you can utilize simple household solutions to help you do the job. Using a mixture of 1 part water and 1 part vinegar, dab a microfiber cloth with the said solution and rub the leather gently with it in a circular motion. This method effectively lifts dirt and debris out of leather materials without degrading their overall quality.