How to Throw a Fastball in Baseball Step by Step

Along with sinker, fastball, cutter, and other baseball pitches, the fastball is the initial and most important pitches. Every single baseball player should know the proper way how to throw a fastball in baseball. Generally, it is the first pitch anybody learns about. People think this pitch is a hard one. But if you know the basic rules or techniques to through a fastball, then it will take just time and more practice.

Yes, again I said that practicing is really important to improve. As speed is an important fact to the pitch, the way to a fastball is also very important. I will give you an easy and effective way that you can throw a fastball perfectly.

The types of fastballs you need to know

There are generally four types of fastballs you need know how to throw. The main steps are almost the same that you need to throw. But the position, grip style, fingers movement and other subjects are alternative to each other.

Briefly, I am giving you the main steps before a discussion about them:
First thing is that to grip the fastball perfectly. Though there are variations with different kinds of baseball, the main thing is that you need to maintain the rules, gaps between the fingers, the position of fingers and others. Then you need a perfect stride. Try to find the exact spot where you can maximize your forward momentum for your step foot to land. The final thing is to follow through the motion and don’t make an aim.

How to throw a fastball in baseball

Make a perfect grip

Here I will discuss two-seam fastballs, four-seam fastball, cut fastball and split-finger fastball.

Two-seam fastball

Main thing is that you need to grip the ball toward the seam. You can have the question in mind that where to grip the ball. Find out the part where the seams are closest together. Just grip there with your middle and index finger. Then find out the smooth area between the narrow seam and put thumb there. Use your thumb and middle finger to create pressure on the ball.

  • Two seams balls can move more than four seam fastballs
  • You have yo grip two seam ball tighter and deeper than a four seam ball.

Four-seam fastball

For this fastball, you need to grip the ball with your top two fingers across the seam. Find out the widest point of the ball and use your index and middle finger to grip the ball in that place across the seam. The thumb should be placed under the ball across the bottom seam. At the time of releasing look after the fact that your fingertips should roll off the laces.

This is the way to grip and release a four-seam fastball but there are many things you need to know.

  • Do not grab the ball with pressure. Feel like it’s an egg and you are holding it with a little pressure.
  • The main thing is that when you release the ball try to decrease friction.
  • Take care about the distance between an index and middle finger. If they are too close then it will be a weak throw and if it’s too far from each other then that will cost tour speed. Keep a distance of half an inch from middle finger to index finger to make a perfect throw.
  • Maintain a little distance between the palm of your hand and the ball.

Cut fastball

Four seam fastball thrown and cut fastball thrown method is almost same.

You have to grip the fastball across the seam. The main difference comes with the position of the middle finger and index finger. First, you need to rotate your middle and index finger and keep them together. Then find the closed end of the U shaped seam and leave your middle finger along with the seam. Finally place your thumb smoothly up the inside of the ball.

  • Apply pressure using the middle finger
  • Don’t grip it so hard.

Split-finger fastball

This method is a bit harder and more advanced pitch than the other three.

For throwing a split fastball first you need to seek the widest point. Now disband your middle and index finger and grip the ball along with the seam into the point. Now place your thumb along with the bottom of the back seam.

There are some facts you need to know about this fastball trowing.

  • This should be thrown with more velocity
  • The grip should be hard
  • This isn’t for the children because you need a big hand.
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Make sure an appropriate stride

It is very important to make the throwing faster. You need to be careful from the lunging motion that you can take an advantage of all the body combination.

  • After you uplift the step leg do the proper use of the momentum of the falling forward body that you can produce maximum power for your pitch.
  • Find out the exact spot for your step foot to land it where you will be able to maximize the forward momentum. Now just master the place that you can land your leg with getting maximum momentum. Practice this until you get tamed. For getting more concentration you can practice the lunge motion without pitching the ball.

Don’t need to aim, command the pitch

Undoubtedly it is a confusing and foolish advice you may think. But it’s true that you will never get an advice of aiming from your coach. It doesn’t mean totally get careless about aim.

  • Command the word using for you to locate out the pitches. You don’t need to a proper aiming of the ball.
  • You need to develop the delivery and for that, you have to make sure that the ball should get landed in a particular stop. It is very hard but practice makes a man perfect.

So, you have to maintain those steps and rules. The main thing is to keep practicing. At first, you will feel that a very tuff job but actually it isn’t so hard as you think. Just do a little hard work.

Improve your physical capability

A successful throwing depends largely upon the physical strength of you. You may have mastered all the tactics and rules. But if you don’t have a good physical fitness and strength then your hard work is worth nothing. The combination of physical capabilities and techniques must help you to make an appropriate fastball throwing. Here I am giving some tips about how you can improve the physical capabilities.

Increase your triceps and forearm muscle

For pitching the triceps and forearm are the two important part that helps a lot. But most of the people think and give importance to biceps. Here I am giving some formula that you can increase triceps and forearm

For increasing forearm and wrist strength, you can try reverse barbell curls. Face away and grip with shoulder length apart from the back side. Now using your wrist lift the burble toward your back. First, try some lightweight and when you feel to take more weight increase the weight slightly. Never start with heavy weight. That will blight your muscle instead of increase. In this way, you can get more strength in your forearm and wrist.

For triceps, you need a cable pulley. Just grip the rope in front of you and pull it down using your elbows. You will find other triceps extensions into a local gym. It will be better to take the suggestion from them that the way you can increase your body muscles.

Build rotator cuff elasticity

Most of the pitching injuries take place near the area of the shoulder. So you should gain strength and flexibility. Here I am showing the way

You should tame some shoulder flexions. Anchor tubing can help you to increase. Stand in front facing away from the anchor and take the tubing in your hand. Now prolong your arm out with your elbows and wrists straight then come back to initial position.  Do not start you a big number of repetitions. That will cause harm. You will get all the suggestions more clearly from a trainer of your gym.

Improve the strength of your core

If you think that your hand is the only part to need strengths to throw a fastball then you are wrong. The power gets divided into legs, hips, and abdomen. The combining strength of those parts is called the core.

  • You can use a medicine ball to increase the power.
  • You can use also some bicycle crunches to improve the power. Keeping both hands on head, laying on the floor flat on your back crunch your opposite knee into your opposite elbow. Now start moving slowly.
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So from the whole discussion, it should be clear to you that you need a good combination of everything to throw a fastball perfectly. The main suggestions I can give you that keep practicing. You can easily cope with the steps but you need to tame appropriately for an appropriate throw.

And hard work will let you be tamed with them. And for improving physical power I am suggesting you take advise from a fitness specialist. He may give you more effective suggestions and the best thing is to join a gym.

Hopefully, you may get necessary information about throwing a fastball. Have a good luck.

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