The 7 Best Baseball Bucket Bundles for Efficient Training Sessions

Make your baseball practices with soft toss pitching machines more efficient with a baseball bucket! In addition, a baseball bucket makes it easier for coaches to store practice gear such as training and regulation balls. Therefore, we have collected 8 of the best baseball buckets from Amazon to provide your team with various benefits and advantages during training sessions.

What is a Baseball Bucket?

A baseball bucket is an excellent addition to any training regimen of baseball teams. From baseball pitching machine swinging up to fielding training, having a baseball bucket ready nearby makes training more efficient.

Furthermore, incorporating a baseball bucket in your training sessions will surely save up time, space, and team effort on collecting baseballs in an accessible area. As a result, we recommend coaches utilize baseball buckets in their team’s training sessions for a more organized and drill-focused session.

What to look for when buying a Baseball Bucket?- A Buyer’s Guide

Baseball Bucket

Before investing in a baseball bucket, buyers must check the various things to consider to help them find the right product. In addition, we specifically designed this buyer’s guide to provide an insight on what to look for a baseball bucket’s capacity, materials, and baseball type.


Currently, we recommend coaches look for baseball buckets that offer a capacity of at least 24 baseballs. However, some manufacturers go over this and sometimes offer 30, 36, and 48-piece capable buckets. Therefore, feel free to choose between this range depending on your budget and training needs.


Most baseball bucket manufacturers incorporate their lids with soft padding to double as a seat during intense training and pre-game sessions. Aside from having a comfortable lid, we recommend buyers also look for buckets that can support the weight of coaches and players for bucket-related drills.

Baseball Type

Usually, manufacturers include two types of baseball in their buckets, training and regulation balls. Therefore, buyers must know the purpose of their baseball bucket to discern which type of baseball they should include in their purchase. If you intend to use the baseball bucket for pre-game and training sessions, we recommend purchasing ones that offer regulation balls. Conversely, if the sole purpose of your purchase would be solely for training, then we recommend buying ones with training balls.

The Best Baseball Buckets from Amazon

Rawlings Official League Recreational Grade OLB3/R8U Baseballs


Brand: Rawlings

Type: Baseball Bucket of 24 for 8U Baseball Training

The Rawlings Recreational Baseball Bucket is an excellent choice for 8U Baseball training thanks to its 24 Opounds3 & R8U baseballs. In addition, the included balls feature the same materials, which are easy to grip and pitch because of their cork and rubber core.

Furthermore, the Rawlings baseball features a synthetic leather cover to provide a better feel on the delicate hands of kids. Lastly, the Rawlings Official League Recreational Grade Bucket includes a mpounds logo and a red Rawlings patch to seal the deal!

Perfect for people who are looking for an affordable baseball bucket, the Rawlings Official League Recreational Baseball Bucket has you covered!


  • 24x Opounds3 or R8U Baseballs
  • Synthetic leather baseball cover
  • Solid cork and rubber baseball core
  • Durable white baseball bucket for portability


  • Includes easy-to-grip Opounds3 & R8U baseballs.
  • Excellent choice for training sessions.
  • Excellent price-point considering its features.
  • Ideal for coaches who needs a high quantity of baseballs for training.


  • The baseball bucket is just a plain plastic container.
  • The balls included feels cheap but get the job done.

PowerNet Baseballs 24 Pack Bundle


Brand: PowerNet

Type: Baseball Bucket of 24

The PowerNet Baseball Bucket is perfect for coaches and parents looking for an excellent Baseball Bucket of 24 for pre-game and training sessions. In addition, the PowerNet Baseballs feature regulation ball specifications to make it easier for coaches to simulate the feel of in-game situations to the team. Plus, the included PowerNet Baseballs boasts a solid cork and rubber core incorporating a synthetic leather cover with raised red stitching for a traditional baseball feel.

Furthermore, the PowerNet Baseball Bucket’s lid comes with soft padding that doubles as a coach’s seat during training sessions. Moreover, the size of the PowerNet bucket can easily hold 24 pieces of regulation-sized baseballs, making it a perfect choice for transporting baseballs.


  • 24pcs regulation specification baseballs
  • PowerNet Baseball Bucket with soft-padded lid
  • Solid Cork and Rubber Baseball Core
  • Synthetic leather baseball covers


  • Features a sturdy baseball container that can support its user’s weight.
  • The baseball bucket comes with a soft-padded lid.
  • Excellent choice for both pre-game and training sessions.
  • The included baseballs feature regulation ball specifications.


  • Comparatively more expensive than the Rawlings Baseball Bucket.

Rawlings Game Play Baseballs, Youth (12U)


Brand: Rawlings

Type: Baseball Bucket of 24 for 12U Baseball Training

The Game Play Baseball Bucket comes with Rawlings Baseballs designed for 12U league use, enabling players to train using regulation baseballs. In addition, the baseballs included in the Rawlings Game Play Baseball Bucket feature a wound solid cork and rubber core with leather covers for a traditional baseball feel.

Furthermore, the Rawlings Game Play comes with a sturdy baseball bucket that can hold 24 baseballs easily. Lastly, the Rawlings Game Play Baseballs are both training and game-ready out of the bucket.

Up the ante of your Baseball training sessions to game mode with the Rawlings Game Play Baseballs!


  • 24pcs 12U Youth Baseballs
  • Wound solid cork and rubber baseball core
  • Durable leather baseball cover
  • MLB-themed storage bucket


  • Excellent choice for 12U training and games.
  • Includes 24pcs high-quality Rawlings R12U baseballs.
  • Features durable baseballs that can take a beating.
  • Includes a straightforward baseball bucket.


  • The lackluster baseball bucket doesn’t do justice to its 100 bucks price point.

Rawlings Official League Competition Grade Youth Baseballs


Brand: Rawlings

Type: Baseball Bucket of 24 for 14U Baseball Training

If you are looking for baseballs that bring the heat of competition in your training sessions, then you are in the right place! Introducing the Rawlings Official League Competition Grade Youth Baseballs, enjoy 24pcs of ROLB1X Baseballs in your training regimen. In addition, the inclusion of the ROLB1X Training Baseballs offers players full-grain leather baseball with composite cork and rubber center to imitate the feel of official baseballs.

Furthermore, the included storage bucket of the Rawlings Official League Competition Grade Youth Baseballs offers a volume of 5 gallons that can easily store the included training balls. Moreover, Rawlings sweetens the deal with a snap-on lid that doubles as a cushioned seat for coaches or players during training sessions.

Mold your team for the biggest competitions with the Rawlings Official League Competition Grade Youth Baseballs!


  • 24pcs ROLB1X Official League Practice Baseballs
  • 5-gallon baseball storage bucket
  • Cushioned snap-on lid
  • Composite cork and rubber center baseballs
  • Full-grain leather baseball cover


  • Includes official ROLB1X practice baseballs.
  • The included baseballs imitate the feel of official competition baseballs.
  • The baseball bucket’s snap-on lid doubles as a cushioned seat.
  • Ideal for 14U baseball league training.


  • The Amazon advertisement on the baseball bucket seems off with the rest of the design.

Diamond Sports 6-Gallon Ball Bucket with 30 DOL-1 BLEM Leather Practice Baseballs


Brand: Diamond Sports

Type: Baseball Bucket of 30 for Adults and Youth

Excellent for both adult and youth baseball training, the Diamond Sports Baseball Bucket features 30 DOL-1 BLEM Leather Practice Baseballs suitable for intense practice sessions. Moreover, the included practice baseballs come with a genuine leather cover supplemented by a cork composition core to simulate the feel of official competition baseballs.

Furthermore, 30pcs DOL-1 BLEM is an excellent choice for both batting training or fielding training with the best fungo bats. Plus, the included baseball container bucket can easily store 30 DOL-1 BLEM practice baseballs. Lastly, the included lid on the container bucket features a padded top that doubles as a coach’s seat during training or games.


  • 30pcs DOL-1 BLEM Leather Practice Baseballs
  • Solid cork core and genuine leather cover baseballs
  • Black Diamond Sports 6-Gallon Baseball Bucket
  • Padded bucket lid


  • Provides 30pcs of practice baseballs considering its price.
  • The included practice baseballs provide an excellent feel.
  • The 6-gallon bucket makes the transportation of 30 baseballs easier.
  • Excellent choice for both youth and adult baseball training.
  • Includes one Rod’s Sports Insulated Can Sleeve.


  • Slightly more expensive than some of the big brands.
  • Some practice baseballs show cosmetic imperfections.

Wilson Champion Series Baseballs


Brand: Wilson

Type: Baseball Bucket of 36

Wilson is one of the most sought brands, especially when it comes to their high-quality craftsmanship. The A2000 Series Infield Gloves is one of the few examples of Wilson’s dedication to their professional level of quality. Fortunately, the Wilson quality and attention to detail comes with all of their product, and the Wilson A1030 Baseballs are no exception.

Furthermore, the Wilson A1030 Baseballs are perfect for both fielding and batting training to unleash the peak potential of every athlete. In addition, the full-grain leather skin of the A1030 baseballs is extremely durable and capable of withstanding immense force repetitively.

Lastly, the included baseball bucket’s lid features a foam top that acts as a seat for coaches during training.


  • 36pcs Wilson A1030 Baseballs
  • Hand-stitched durable baseball construction
  • Red Cushioned Cork Baseball Center
  • Grade C/D Full Grain Baseball Leather
  • Foam top bucket lid


  • The included Wilson A1030 features high-quality specifications.
  • The SST Seams of the baseballs make it easier to grip the ball during throws.
  • The full-grain leather of the A1030s makes it durable during extended training periods.
  • The bucket comes with a foam top lid that is comfortable to sit on.


  • The product comes with a higher price tag compared to the Rawlings buckets on this list.

JUGS Bucket of Youth League Pearl Baseballs


Brand: JUGS

Type: Baseball Bucket of 48

The Jugs Bucket of Youth League Pearl Baseballs is an excellent supplement to your team’s pitching machine. The worry of running out of baseball during fielding and batting drills is now a distant memory thanks to the 48 practice baseballs included in the JUGS Bucket.

Furthermore, the construction of the JUGS Youth League Pearl Baseballs features a genuine leather cover and cushion corked center with wool windings for a better hit and fielding. In addition, the included baseballs feature regulation size and weight of 9” and 5oz to simulate the feel of official game baseballs.


  • 48pcs Youth League Pearl Baseballs
  • 9” and 5oz regulation size and weight baseballs
  • Genuine baseball leather cover
  • Cushion-corked center and wool windings
  • Pujol Bucket with Lid


  • Incorporates a reinforced low seam design for machine pitching.
  • Specifically designed for youth machine pitching and fielding training.
  • Excellent for simulating in-game situations due to the regulation specs of the baseballs.
  • Provides a realistic feel upon bat and glove contact.


  • The included baseballs are specifically designed for pitching machines.
  • Most expensive baseball bucket on this list.

Frequently Asked Questions about Baseball Buckets

Q: How many baseballs are in a 5-gallon bucket?

A: A 5-gallon bucket has a space to store 48 baseballs or 36 softballs.

Q: Where can I get a bucket of baseballs?

A: In this article, we have collected the 7 best baseball buckets from Amazon for your buying convenience.

Q: How much is a bucket of balls?

A: The price range of baseball buckets in this article varies from $40.79 up to $239.80 depending on ball quantity, quality, and brand.

Q: How many baseballs can a 6-gallon bucket hold?

A: An empty 6-gallon bucket can safely hold 48 regulation baseballs. However, this figure may go up or down depending on ball size and type.

Q: What baseballs do MLB use?

A: The official baseballs MLB use are Rawlings ROMLB baseballs.