How to Buy a Youth Baseball Bat? Youth Bat Buying Guide

In this new era, children of the Western world are seemed to be interested much in the game, Baseball. So often people feel the essence to learn about the best youth baseball bats as to buy them. But to learn about it, you have to know about some baseball bat related facts and actualities like the bat’s weight, manufacturers, materials, Leagues justification etc. so to choose the right one for you or the player, you will buy for.

As well as to learn about the bats, it is indeed essential to check the sluggers’ height, weight, age, and test. So don’t take it so simple to buy the best youth baseball bat. But a good buying guide or expert’s advice may direct you the right way.

This article is for them, who are looking for some suggestions about the best youth baseball bats. I hope you will get helped to choose the right bat for you or your beloved child.

Know more before buy a youth baseball bat 

baseball bat length

Many of you have a wrong idea that it is okay to buy a bat for any type of player. As I say, it is completely a wrong thought. It is not the same to buy a youth bat or an adult bat for a player of any age. To get an adult bat you need to be at least 13. Otherwise, you have to use a youth bat. Even before buying a bat that is supposed to be the best one for your slugger then you have to consider the size, weight, and materials of the bat in accordance with the slugger himself.

To choose a right bat needs a good research on it. Because a players performance depends much on the bat’s contribution. If the bat is heavier, lighter, lengthier, shorter or not that much flexible than your comfortability then it is natural to give an unworthy performance. So to make your hit satisfying, you are bound to justify each and every factor, essential to give priority.

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Key points to remember when to buy your baseball bat

Choosing the perfect youth bat largely impacts on your game. This is because the bat allows the players to work on their swing speed, batting stance as well as their hitting mechanics. Below are 7 things you need to keep in mind when buying a youth baseball bat.

Wooden or metallic

wooden and metalic bat

Most youth players prefer to use metal bats. This is because they are lighter, easier to swing and don’t break easily. However, some of them train using a wood, then play with a metal one. Wood is often too heavy for young players. Lighter wood bats can also easily break when practicing or playing.

Consequently, a newly invented bat which is widely known as the composite bats has also gained popularity among the youth players because it’s lightweight and brilliant performance. Again half and a half and hybrid bats have also become popular in recent baseball ground.

The weight of the bat

A heavier bat has more mass. The more the mass, the further the bat sends the ball. However, a very heavy bat can slow down the child’s swing as well as reduce the hitting power. If your child has less muscle, choose a lighter. You have to make it sure that the child feels comfortable while handling the bat.

Besides a heavier bat will be appropriate for a strong child. So choose the bat drop that means the length to weight ratio in accordance with your child’s weight. Don’t think it is not difficult to cope with a bat with random weight easily.

Youth baseball bat size chart

Length of the bat

The right weight and length lead to a peak performance. To get the appropriate size of a bat you have to consider the age, height, and weight of the child. With just your eyesight, it is impossible to choose a bat if you are not an expert.

First, measure and weigh your child. Second, use a sizing chart so that you can determine the right length of the bat. It is important to know that based on your child’s skill level you can buy a slightly shorter or longer. Just like with the weight, the child can swing bats of different lengths to determine which best suits him/her.

Barrel diameter

The barrel is the hitting area. A barrel with a large diameter increases the contact area. However, this makes the heavier. A smaller barrel is ideal for a child who makes good contact but does not hit very far. This is so because a smaller barrel increases the swinging speed and hitting power. If the child has more muscle and can swing the bat fast, choose a bat with a large barrel.

Most of the youth players love to have the big barrel bats but it does not mean that you have to buy a bat with a big barrel for your skinny child. It doesn’t matter how big the barrel of the bat is if the slugger is not capable of handling it.

Most of the League’s rules say that the barrel diameter of a youth bat will not exceed 2 ¼ inches but a few of them allow 2⅝ inches barrel if your child is about to 13.


A thicker handle bat absorbs more shock on missed hits. It also gives the batter more stability and adds the durability of the bat. On the other hand, a thinner better helps the better to move their hands quicker. So learn which facilitates do the slugger want to enjoy.

The manufacturer

When you go shopping, choose a trusted and reliable company. Prices will vary according to manufacturers and the bat models. Sometimes it is seen that some of the nameless company may be inexpensive much that will give you the worst experience.

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League requirements

The requirements and restrictions differ from league to league. Some leagues require the bat to be stamped with a logo of an official supplier. This makes sure that the bat has the approved material, barrel size, length and a knob. Ensure that you are aware of all your league requirements before you go to buy one. You can also check with your coach. Youth bats are almost governed globally by 1.15 BPF. BPF is the short form for Bat Performance Factor. When you go shopping for the youth, look for the 1.15 BPF mark on the bat.

The markets are full of different kinds and varieties of baseball bats. There are those that are meant for professionals and there are bats for those who play for fun. And then there are special baseball bats for kids. It is very important to know what to buy when you are choosing from amongst such multitude of baseball bats as it makes no sense to give a kid a baseball bat that is too big or too heavy for him.

According to a study conducted by Worth Sports in which they determined the best bat weights for hitters, based on their heights, a youth league baseball batter should have a bat that weighs 16 to 19 oz if his height is between 45 to 60 inches. (In other words, if his height is less than 48 inches, then his bat should weigh below 16 oz., if his height is less than 50 inches, then his bat should weigh below 16.5 oz., if his height is less than 52 inches, then his bat should weigh below 17 oz., if his height is less than 54 inches, then his bat should weigh below 17.5 oz., if his height is less than 56 inches, then his bat should weigh below 18 oz., if his height is less than 58 inches, then his bat should weigh below 18.5 oz., if his height is less than 60 inches, then his bat should weigh below 19 oz.)

If you consider the following facts before choosing the best bat for you or your child, you are then supposed to get the best bat for you or the slugger, you want to buy for.

Besides you are in an essence to learn about you or your child’s test and choice as well as the surroundings of you or the child for whom you are looking for the best bat. Always remember, to make a dream true one needs enough intentness and a worthy companion in his way. So to make a players dream to be an eye-catching baseball hitter, first of all, things, a proper and suitable bat is essential.

Facts that depend on personal choice

Some facts of a baseball bat indeed depend on the personal test of the players. And so they vary from person to person. This is why, if you are the one who wants to buy a bat for someone else, you need to know about their test and references.

Try to know which color, and material bat, the lucky child is dreaming to have. Again the grip and knob are also varied from bat to bat and so you have to know what type of grip the child prefers. Again try to learn if the slugger has any choice of brand.

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Some advice

Buying a perfect youth baseball bat is not a silly matter. You need to-be-determined and should know all the necessary facts about it. Though I have given all the necessary tips to choose a youth bat, you are still in need of some advice.

  • Cost – Before buying a bat please take a glance at your pocket. To know about which bat you can afford is dependent on your budget. If you have a least limitation then choose an aluminum alloy bat. Because alloy bat is comparatively cheaper than the wooden and composite bat. You will get an alloy bat of a good brand in approximately 50 to 300 USA dollars. To your budget needs to be more if you choose a composite or wooden bat as they start from about 70 to 400 USA dollars. So check your balance and then decide to have your bat.
  • Weather – Many of you don’t know that the weather of your environment can impact your bats greatly. Very cold weather that is less than 70 degrees Fahrenheit may harm your bat if it is made of alloy and in a very rare case, composite bat also. So before buying a bat, it is important to consider your environment.
  • The slugger’s health – Baseball is not an indoor and easy game. In the ground, the slugger has to run, hit and be strong. So in any case, your child is not healthy enough for that much exercises don’t let your child do so. Otherwise, the child may end with a health issue.

If you don’t neglect any of the following facts, you are supposed to be successful in getting the right bat for the slugger you, will buy for.

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If your child is a dreamer to stand on a baseball ground with a bat, please help the boy with enough inspiration and the things that are needed. A right baseball bat may help you watching his performance proudly. I hope the above suggestions are enough to make you wise on this fact. Still, expert’s advice may come as a great help.

Give priority on the slugger’s choice then put concentration on the bat’s material, its barrel and the other parts. Choose the bat’s weight and height in accordance with the player’s need. Don’t neglect the bat drop also. Again prior to the manufacturer and the League rules. Your budget and the weather are also important to think about. So your bat choice may make you happy. I am just longing for your best luck.

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