How to hit a Baseball Harder (Complete Guide)

Every Baseball player’s dream follows the way to make his or her team glorious as well as to create a bright place for him or herself in the team. For this, the player has to make some breathtaking moments in the ground. Audience’s breath seems to be stopped when the ball, hit by the batter, is going to leave the ground. So the players need to know how to hit a baseball harder.

To hit a baseball harder is not an easy task. You cannot take it as simple as to hit anything with strength. If it is that much easy, there would have numerous famous players even each and every player would become that much special. So it is important to learn more about the way, a baseball player can hit the ball harder.

Different players use different techniques to hit the ball harder. But the first thing, you need to know is to swing your bat faster. You also can adopt various techniques to do so. Furthermore, you need to learn the right way to stand, to the bat, to transfer strength and power to the bat as well as to hit correctly. Significant exercise can also come as effective to help you in this case.

So, this article is about this case. Here, I have tried to give you some suggestions about how to hit a baseball harder and I hope you will find the accurate instructions, you need to know.

Why is it needed to swing a baseball bat faster?

It is, of course, essential to know how to swing a bat faster so that one can hit the ball harder. In fact, how much harder you hit the ball completely depends on your swing. A batter actually hits the ball with the bat. So you have to learn how to swing your bat faster.

To swing a bat is indeed dependent on how much pressure or force you can gather in the point of your bat. So you need to know how to hold the bat correctly so that you can transfer the strength from your body to the sweet spot of the bat. So first learn about how to stand on the ground with confidence and the right way to hold the bat and finally hit the ball harder with the strength and power you gather in the focusing point of the bat.

Enough confidence is also essential for you in the ground. Never think yourself weak and infirm. To swing the bat faster you need to have strength also. For this, you can take a suitable diet and also have to do some exercise. Even this article belongs to a phase that is about the fact ‘exercise’ as it is essential for your faster swing. And swing speed is needed for your success because Swing speed is the most important metrics as it seems to determine how fast the ball has been coming off the bat.

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Which bat is good for a faster swing?

Many of us wrongly think that there are some significantly featured bats which would be good to hit harder. But it is probably a completely wrong idea. Your bat’s selection should be dependent on your type. If you are well comfortable with comparatively lighter bats then grab a lightweight bat and if not then you should buy a heavier one. You have to find out that what type of bat is suitable for you to hit harder.

If you search for the legendary baseball players’ history you will find many of extraordinary batters have used light bats for their best sort. For example, Roger Maris used a relatively lightweight bat which was approximately 33oz in weight to hit his 61 home runs in 1961. On another side, you also get the names of numerous players who love to use a heavy weighted bat for their faster swing like Ty Cobb and Joe Di Maggio, both of whom loved to play with 42oz bats and even some heavier bats are also grabbed by many legends. For example, Rogers Hornsby used a bat with 50oz weight for his best sort.

So it is completely up to you whether you need a lightweight bat or a heavier one. But if you ask for the least suggestion I will recommend you to peak a bat which is at least heavier more than 15 to 18oz because the research says that no expert players used that much lightweight bat for their successful hits.

Techniques to hit the ball harder.

Here I have pointed out some important techniques that you need to remind while you are in the ground, standing with your bat and aimed to make a breathtaking hit. I hope you will follow these instructions to make your hit harder.

  • Be careful about your back foot and the toe. Because you need to gather strength there. Again for the fastest swing, very quick rotation of your back foot is compulsory. But you should also make rotation slow when it is needed, especially when you have turned your back foot from your knee.
  • Make your head static by minimizing the movement of your head. It is essential because you have to make a stable and concentrated focus on the ball that is thrown towards you. If you continue moving or lifting your head unnecessarily then it would be difficult to get your target.
  • Carefully watch over the side of your body and keep concentrate on one part of your body at a time while striking.
  • Always try to swing faster using your core muscle. Long swing is also effective in this case.
  • The 80/20 rule is also effective here. For this, you need to hit 80% line drives while 20% line for “home run swing”.
  • It is very important to know how to balance the power of your top hand. But you cannot neglect the balance of another arm for the swing.
  • Try to learn details about the term “discipline approach”.
  • Keep your back arm close to your torso and your elbow close to your hit until you plan for the way of your swing.
  • For the hardest hit, hold the handle of the bat near the knob so the maximum part of the bat can be free to gather power.

These are the common techniques for the hardest hit. But you cannot follow these techniques only for your good sort. Rather you need to continue your fitness plan with some specific exercise that can help to your right movement for the faster swing.

Exercise that helps to hit the ball harder.

From the beginning, I have been telling about the importance of proper related exercise that is almost compulsory for you if you want to be a pro to hit the ball heard. It will not be okay to know all the techniques to hit the ball harder. You have to have the strength to swing your bat that much faster. To gain enough strength you need to make a regular basis routine for working out. You can go to a gym or if you have enough facilities, you can exercise at home.

It doesn’t matter whether you choose a gym or your home. The fact, you need to confirm is to ensure your exercise routine. With proper exercise, it is pretty hard for anyone to be a pro level player.

In the gym or you work out place, you cannot do whatever you want if your aim is related to be a pro-level baseball player. In a gym, a guy may have the facility to practice almost hundred types of exercise. But you need to choose some right and related exercise. Otherwise, your time and exertion will lose recklessly in the time of your strike.

Here I have made a list of some exercise that will help you to get your aim.

  • Cable chop is such an exercise that is the best for the fast rotation of your body. But while doing this one, you need to keep it in your mind that you have to use the handle of the cable and use the handle from both of the low and high settings.
  • Russian twist is another important exercise that helps to make your torso stronger. It’s a weight lifting exercise where you will need a weighted object like dumble. But make sure to do it correctly so that you can avoid the risk of injury.
  • To make your feet stronger you need to some exercise with your legs. But weight-related exercise is not mandatory for legs. Here to make the movement of your legs is important. So face up bicycle crunches is essential.
  • Bench press is also good for your biceps and triceps. Because the power you need to hit the ball harder is quite dependent on the strength of your hands. I know it is not an easy exercise but it is essential.
  • Pull up and push up is also good for quick rotation and especially for the balance, you need to control while hitting the ball.

The following mentioned exercise will be sufficient for your work out plan. These common exercises will help you gain enough strength and power so that your body, as well as your mind, will get enough courage to focus on the ongoing ball towards you and hit it more furiously.

Some important suggestions

Besides learning the techniques and the doing essential exercise, you should also follow some basic rules to be a beast like a player. Even these suggestions are not just for a good player but also for the compulsory activities for any good sportsman.

  • People say that practice makes a man perfect. People don’t say it wrong. It is, of course, a true fact. As much as you practice, that much harder you can hit the coming ball with your bat. So make a regular routine for practice.
  • A sound and discipline sleep is essential for each and every person whether he or she is a sportsman or not. You cannot neglect your sleep if you want to be a good baseball player. Because this game is not for the weak and always tired guy. Sound sleep has no alternative for your sound health.
  • Food with fewer calories is another need for you. But keep high protein and fiber in your diet chart. Do not add food with high carbohydrates, sugar, and fats. Your health is the key fact for your future in the baseball ground.
  • Drink sufficient water for your proper blood circulation and for your happy liver and lunch. A dehydrated body cannot get enough strength to hit a ball harder.
  • To get your yearly checkup is another obligatory fact for a good player. Please do not keep negligence on your health because your future, as well as your team’s future, is depended on your sort.
  • Last of all, please try to eat organic and natural food. Avoid the street food, fast food and bakery food rich with sugar and oil. Once again I asked for the sincerity of your health.



So, what do you think? Is it easy to hit the baseball harder or not? It is actually up to you because only you know how much effort you can give to make your dream true. It is really not such hard to be a pro level hitter if you are disciplined in your life. If you know how to make your day fulfilled by dividing the time in accordance with your need, it is very easy to learn what you want.

Just follow the necessary suggestions about your lifestyle, learn the techniques to hit properly and harder and lastly give enough time in the gym for the workout you need to be a pro baseball hitter. I always hope you will be successful on the ground and the time you spend to read this article will not be wasted. Just follow all the directions and confidently stand on the ground, focus on the ball and finally hit with your strength in accordance with the techniques you have learned. I hope the ball, you hit will be tough to find out.