How to Grip a Baseball Bat (Complete Guide)

No one expects a weak shot. But for making a proper shot you need to know the proper way that you can grip your baseball bat. Yes, this article will teach you the best way you can grip a baseball bat. If you can correct your grip that will increase the batting speed and you can also make an adjustment with your hand.

It’s sad but true that people do not give a good importance to gripping a bat. They just ask for grip then rip that. But it’s a mistake. Besides some players think gripping a bat is very hard. If you are playing baseball for a while then it is really easy for you. But you need to take care of several facts and maintain an appropriate position. Find out the perfect bat angle and always remain relaxed. However, briefly I am showing the way to grip a bat first, I will discuss them broadly later on.

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First, you need to place the handle of the bat appropriately. Now you need to arrange your fingers of your bottom hand properly. Now it’s time to grip the bat. Use your top hand to do it. Hold the bat lightly. Move your wrist in a good manner. Now for finding a good swing keep relaxed and synthesize your shoulder. Now go to your batting style and keep calm. And finally, find the proper bat angle. Here you can grip a bat successfully now

Types of Baseball Grips

Before learning about how to grips you need to know a little about the types of grips. There are many kinds of grips such as Door knocking knuckles, ax grip, wrapped, box grip and others.

Door knocking knuckles are taught universally. Some great hitters use wrapped grip on the bat. I and going to discuss box grip and door knocker grip.

Using the pair of your knuckles form a box and that is box grip. People of every age can use this grip and I prefer you to use this one if you beginners. Its easier than the others beside it’s really common. Most of the videos you watch are generally box grip player uses. This grip gives you good torque as well.

The way you knock a door grip the bat like that way and keep your knuckles be lined up vertically on the handle of the bat. You may get well control on the bat and feel comfortable with this grip. Your fingertips and bat handle become close to each other, so it’s a good advantage. You can have a try each of the grips.

The Steps of Gripping a Baseball Bat

Place the Handle

At first place the head of your foot on the ground near your lead foot. Now use your non-dominant hand to hold the handle of the bat.

  • If you are a right-handed hitter then use your left hand to grab and left foot as a lead foot. And if you are a left-handed then use the right hand and right foot.

Arrange the finger of the non-dominant hand

After grabbing the handle bend the index finger and isolate the bottom three fingers. Also, keep them wrapped. Knuckle should be pointed up the barrel of the bat.

  • Try not to use the palm. Just hold that with your fingers.

Grip with the dominant hand

Just like the last step use your dominant hand to grip the bat. Keep your index finger apart from the bottom three fingers.

  • Keep your thumb and other fingers comfortable.

Keep your grip relaxed

It’s really important to keep the grip loose and light. You don’t need to worry about slow shot because at the time of swing motion it will be tightened automatically

  • Grabbing a grip tightly can cause a lot of problems such as it creates lassitude to your fingers and muscle. So a probability creates to become the shot slower and weaker.

Move your wrist properly

If you want to deliver the bat head to the ball then you need to move the wrist well according to your grip. Your wrist can give more power to your grip and that can generate a good bat speed.

Keep your body flexible

Keep more importance to the upper side of your body. Keep that relax there you will be able to explode a big shot.

Aware of shoulder position

Be careful about this fact that your shoulder will not position at the same level. One shoulder should be a little raised than other. Check out the image. In this way, the shoulder also creates some power while hitting.

Findout the strongest grip

First, you need to know where the grip is the strongest. Where the palm of your dominant hand facing up and the palm. of the non-dominant hand facing down, that is the strongest grip. Your thumb will work against the force and won’t allow your bat to go backward. Keep in mind if you open your both hands then keep the hands parallel to the ground.

Go to the proper position of batting

You should distribute your weight equally on each side and stand on your feet. For that bend, your knee slightly and keep a little distance between the back leg and the shoulder. Follow the image. Keep your lower body be prepared for shot with the maximum power.

  • If you try to lean back on you heal then you will lose balance. That will decrease both speed and power.
  • Don’t keep your two legs too close to each other. The beginners generally make this mistake. It won’t let you hit with full weight. So the hitting speed will decrease.
  • It’s the most important thing to notice the pitcher and the ball with your two eyes. If you are facing problem to see them then open up your stance.

Keep calm in your batting stance

As soon as you are in your batting stance stop moving your body. Excess movement will disrupt you focusing the ball and you will miss the timing. Besides, it will decrease the speed and power of hitting.

Readjust your problems

While you are gripping a bat you may have some problems and don’t get enough time to recover that. There you should use your brain to solve them. As an example for preventing constant pop up you can, you can position your middle knuckle closer. Besides, you may grip too tight and for that most of the people face difficulties to hit a ball. Always hold it lightly. You may find problems you are facing while hitting. It’s wise to concentrate more on a perfect grip than finding regular problems.

Find out the proper bat angle

Most of the people think the proper angle is in between the parallel and straight up. But actually, the proper angel depends on what kind of hitter you are. There is generally two kind of batting angle.

  • One kind of angle is perpendicular to the ground. This creates a loop when you swing. When you are swinging back you can take a big length because your swing space get increased and you can hit the ball with more speed. The negative side of this angle is the chance of hitting the ball is lower as your bag is traveling a big distance.
  • Another kind of angel is to position your parallel to the ground. In this angle the bat doe’s travel a big distance backward. So you will have more chance to hit a ball. But the negative side is as you don’t come with a High motion or swing long in back you won’t be able to generate a good power when hitting the ball.

Advantages of a good grip

As you are learning about grip a bat well then you should learn the advantages of it. Here I am explaining briefly about this topic.

A good grip gives you many advantages. It will increase the speed of your bat. As we know it is very important to focus on the pitcher and the ball, a good grip will keep you comfortable and you will be able to give more concentration on the ball. The bowler always tries to fool you and a good grip will let you be in an advantageous position. So finally what a player expects a good shot, you will be able to smash a good one if you can grip your bat well.


I have explained the proper steps of griping a baseball bat. Following these steps, you can grip your baseball bat well.
You have already known the importance of gripping the bat well. And you also understand that isn’t a very hard task.

We know things get easier to anyone by practicing. Griping is also under this rule. The first and foremost thing is that you need to do practice. At first, it may be a little hard for you but you will able to cope with that by practicing. You can also check the videos about how to grip a bat.

I wish from this article you will get the necessary information you are looking for. Wish you a safe and easy learning.