Best Baseball Glove For 8 Year Olds (Buyers Guide)

Today, baseball is one of the most popular games worldwide. Both younger kids and teenagers get excellent entertainment from playing this game. Of course, before running out on the field, many pieces of equipment are required such as a baseball bat and a baseball glove.

However, parents cannot just pick any glove and let their kids wear it. Children require specific equipment, especially at the crucial age of 8 when they are physically maturing. Therefore, we have reviewed the best baseball gloves for 8-year-old kids as well as providing details on how to choose the right one.

Quick List of Best Baseball Gloves for 8 Year Olds

Things to consider before buying a youth baseball glove

best baseball glove for 8 year olds

The first thing you need to consider is whether they are right-handed or left-handed when throwing the ball. One important thing to remember is that gloves are labeled for the hand with which the player throws. For example, a right-handed glove would mean the glove would go on the left hand and vice-versa.

Once you know whether you need a right or left-handed glove, the next thing you need to consider is whether the size of the glove is suitable for your child’s hand. It should be a snug fit but also be comfortable on their hand. Anything too big and you run the risk of it being too heavy and unmanageable when fielding the ball. On the other hand, if it’s too small, it can be uncomfortable to wear for a long period of time.

Furthermore, a glove’s material is also a huge factor to consider before making a purchase. For instance, high-quality gloves feature  genuine leather.  If you are looking for a cheap and a light glove then you can choose a synthetic leather glove. However, a genuine leather glove is durable and usually a much better option.

To pair one of these gloves with the perfect youth baseball bat, you can also check out the best baseball bats for 8 year olds.

Different parts of a youth baseball glove

Parts of a youth baseball glove

  • Lacing – The lacing holds the glove together and provides it’s shape. The top baseball gloves have genuine leather lacing which can be broken in similar to the leather glove itself.
  • Inner/Outer Web – This is the “sweet spot” for catching ground balls, pop-ups, and line drives. It connects the thumb and fingers allowing the fielder to close and possess the ball.
  • Pocket – Area of the glove where the ball falls into after the catch making it easier to transition to the throwing hand.
  • Palm – Padding beneath the pocket providing some extra impact protection. Usually want to catch the ball between the pocket and webbing to increase chances of a successful catch.
  • Heel Pad – Provides further protection and usually can determine the break in of the glove based on condition of the heel pad.
  • Wrist Strap – Holds the glove firmly on your hand and in some cases can be adjusted to achieve the perfect fit. Premium gloves also have some padding on the wrist strap to extra comfort.

Different types of youth baseball gloves

Types of youth baseball gloves

  • Basket – This type of glove is likely easier to open and close due to the basket weave flexibility. Pitchers may prefer this type of glove since it conceals the ball.
  • Trapeze – This glove feature a strap down the middle with lacing on each side providing a nice deep pocket. The deep pocket makes it an ideal glove for outfielders.
  • I-Web – As the name indicates, this glove has webbing shaped like the capital letter “I”. The larger openings allow dirt to fall through which makes for a good infielder glove.
  • H-Web – As the name indicates, this glove has webbing shaped like the capital letter “H”. Similar to the I-Web, the openings allow dirt to fall through making it a popular infielder glove.
  • Two-Piece – Another glove that helps conceal the ball making it a good glove for pitchers. However, the multiple pieces can add some extra weight.
  • Cross – Shaped like a cross, this glove has a single post down the middle which provides nice flexibility. Additionally, the bigger openings allow more visibility to the ball.

Baseball glove size for an 8-year-old player

For an 8-year-old baseball player, the typical baseball glove size can be between 10.5″ to 12″ depending on the position they’ll be playing. The following chart can give a general idea on what glove size is ideal although they’ll still need to try out the glove to confirm it’s not too heavy for them.

Kids Baseball Glove Size Chart

Top baseball gloves for 8-year-olds

Wilson A2000 Spin Control 1786

If you are looking for a glove that offers excellent performance and long-lasting durability, we can safely say that the Wilson A2000 1786 is a good choice for you. A durable pocket is always at the top of the list for customers but it may be hard to find. As an answer to this problem, Wilson incorporates the A2000 1786 with a dual welting design to keep the pocket durable. Furthermore, the glove carries premium leather alongside its H-Web style webbing.


Why choose this glove?
With a lot of great technologies, these gloves check off many of the boxes players look for. Players usually try to avoid heavyweight gloves and the Superskin technology on this glove helps reduce the glove’s weight. In addition, this proprietary material provides the glove with excellent durability. Everyone also wants a glove with a fast break-in. Therefore, Wilson used pro stock leather to craft this glove. It also provides users a long-lasting commitment thanks to its durable materials. Furthermore, some players sweat excessively on their hands when wearing gloves for long periods of time. To prevent this from happening, Wilson incorporates the innovative Dei-lex to keep your hands dry throughout a full baseball game.

Why will it be your favorite?
This 11.5-inch glove will perfectly fit your hand. It is designed in a way that you can feel the ball but you won’t get hurt as there is enough padding to protect your hand. In addition, the lightweight feel of the glove paired with its webbing allows users to catch baseballs with ease. With confidence, we recommend this glove if you want a long-lasting and easy-to-use baseball glove for your child.

Final thoughts
Wilson A2k 1786 comes to market with lots of advantages as they are ultra-lightweight, making it one of the go-to gloves of young athletes. This glove provides an excellent break-in time and also offers an incredible level of protection. Finally, the Wilson A2000 1786 is one of the most durable gloves in today’s market, providing an excellent level of craftsmanship to all skill levels.

Wilson A2000 Clayton Kershaw Game Model Baseball Glove

Wilson is a very renowned company and they have come out with a good series of gloves including the A2000 Clayton Kershaw. Nevertheless, this glove features a design for everyone, even for your 8-year-old. Indeed, even many professionals turn to this baseball glove as their preferred choice. Furthermore, for better performance, this glove uses the latest technology so that you get top-notch comfort and durability with these gloves.

  • Position: Pitcher
  • Web: Closed 2-Piece

What you need to know about this glove
These gloves are made of pro-stock leather. Therefore, this ensures good durability along with a great feeling while wearing this glove. You don’t need to worry much about your hand overheating as the cool material will keep your hand dry. Again, everyone wants a fast break-in and this glove has two strips of leather toward the back fingers that results in this glove having a fast break-in. This also helps the glove keep its form and last for many games.

Why are we saying this is a good glove?
To choose a good glove you have to know all the details about the glove. This glove has a deep pocket and that provides certainty that the ball won’t be popping out. Also, there is a closed 2-piece web and many MLB players recommend this glove for its long-lasting and easy use. There is a Dri-Lex wrist lining that works great against sweat and also keeps your hand feeling cool. Undoubtedly, these gloves are the best for your future baseball star.

Final thoughts
The A200 Clayton Kershaw is another glove that provides all the features players look for. The one great feature is that it works great against excessive sweat as any player can’t survive a long time wearing a glove that’s too warm. The glove feels very soft and the shape is really good. The durability is also top notch. The only issue that some may have with this glove is the higher price.

Wilson A2000 Tim Anderson TA7 Infield Gloves

It’s really hard to choose the best baseball glove for your kid. Wilson has a good collection of baseball gloves and the A2000 TA7 is one of the latest and most popular ones with top-class technology and the best feel for young players.

With a wider wave and stiffer thumb, these gloves will fit perfectly on your child’s hand. In addition to that, this 11-inch glove is equipped with the latest Super SnakeSkin material that is lighter but more durable than genuine leather.

  • Position: Infield
  • Web: Reinforced H-Web

Why is this glove very attractive?

Many people face the big problem of sweating but this is glove comes with Dri-Lex lining to help with this issue. There is a breathable wrist lining that helps with moisture and keeps your child’s hand dry. Not only will your hands stay dry, this technology also keeps your hand cool. The glove is also made of pro stock leather which ensures long durability.

Why is this one perfect for your kid?
Commonly, everyone wants a durable and long-lasting pocket in their gloves especially when spending significant money on one. This glove has dual welting that provides long-lasting performance. The glove has a deeper pocket and a stiffer thumb. Pro stock leather also helps get a quick break-in. Finally, everyone likes following what gloves MLB players are going for and these are highly recommended by the pros.

Final thought
These gloves comes with many features you’ll love. First, it will always keep your hand dry which is always an important feature for comfort. The durability is also top notch. Additionally, the quick break-in is appreciated. The look of this glove might not be for everyone but aside from that, not many cons here.

Wilson A2000 SCDP15SS Baseball Glove

A2K series  from Wilson has always been a popular choice. The innovative technology and authentic features have made it even more popular among baseball players. The design is really attractive and comes with very durable webbing. Of course, performance is always important and this glove doesn’t disappoint.


What are the advantages of this glove?
There are many different aspects to consider for the glove you choose. People usually get worried about changing gloves too quickly after spending a lot of money on one. Your child can easily use this for multiple seasons as it is made with pro-stock leather. This pro-stock leather is also useful for providing a fast break-in. People always want a durable pocket and the dual welting technology on this glove provides just that.

Why are we recommending it to your child?
Most players feel warmth on their hands while wearing any glove for a short time. This glove has the technology known as Dri-Lex wrist lining which always keeps your kid’s hand cool and also keeps their hand dry. The glove has super skin that makes it very lightweight.
So undoubtedly this glove will be a great choice for youth players.

Final thoughts
These gloves are very popular. They can keep you from sweating too much during those long games and even can make your hand feel cool. A durable pocket is present as well and the durability of the glove is much appreciated. The glove isn’t very heavy to carry and can be quickly broken in.

Rawlings Players Youth Glove Series

Rawlings Players Youth Glove Series comes with an amazing baseball glove for youth baseball players. With some attractive functions and 4 eye-catching colors, this glove is now a bestselling product. The glove is a game-ready glove and is extremely flexible as well.


What are the most attractive functions of the gloves?
You will never play well if you are not comfortable with your baseball glove. As a result, Rawlings added a soft inner lining to this excellent glove. In addition, everyone wants a glove that can help them field the ball easily as it’s really irritating when the ball pops out of the glove. For that, the Rawlings Players Youth Glove Series features a basket web design and there is a pliable shell inside the glove. For a custom fit, they have used Neo-Flex conventional back with a velcro strap.

Why this one is good for your kid?
Rawling sporting goods is one of the most renowned companies in the USA that manufactures excellent baseball equipment. Undoubtedly most folks are familiar with their quality manufacturing. In addition, they have put a soft inner lining for extra comfort. The glove is really soft and you can get a good feel for the ball entering your glove. Moreover, the glove is easy to break in, saving your child’s precious time when playing.

Final thoughts
These awesome baseball gloves have a very attractive design. Plus, this glove is easy to break in. Aside from that, the price is also reasonable. Additionally, there is great comfort when wearing this glove, allowing children to field baseballs easily. There aren’t many negatives for this youth baseball glove although the glove is made of textured vinyl material which isn’t premium like genuine leather.

Rawlings Renegade Series 11.5″ Youth First Base Mitt

Rawling has designed their youth Renegade gloves with all the modern technologies for young hands. Focusing on durability and strength, they have attached Tennessee tanning rawhide leather to their gloves. It’s really a good looking glove, boasting a pro-style pattern and contrast lacing providing users with a professionally made glove.


Solutions to the usual problems:
A player always faces some problems with a typical baseball glove. Rawling has solved many of them with these gloves. If the size is too small, then you can’t get the ball inside gloves easily. This glove provides ample space for the ball to be caught. Furthermore, the most annoying thing is when the ball pops outs when fielding. As a result, Rawlings designed this glove to help fielders catch the ball cleanly.

Why should you choose this?
I am pretty sure that you will face no discomfort wearing this as deer tan is used on the gloves. The palm padding is also added which eliminates the sting when catching baseballs. Besides, the cowhide lining is ultra soft, providing users with a very comfortable glove. In addition, this glove features an H web webbing while sporting full leather construction. Therefore, this 11-inch glove is an excellent recommendation for young athletes.

Final thoughts
Comes with some advantages such as the glove being very long-lasting. The players always feel comfortable. Catching balls are now easier with gloves thanks to the glove’s excellent design. However, the glove doesn’t feature any sweat-wicking inner fabric. Therefore, we do not recommend these for players who tend to sweat excessively on their hand.

Easton Ghost Flex T Arched H Web 10″ Fielder’s Glove

Easton has always been a renowned baseball gloves manufacturer and they have come through with another great glove. Their new Ghost Flex Fielders Gloves are perfect for everyone especially beginners. They come in two different colors and have an aesthetically pleasing look. In addition, the gloves are lightweight and really soft. Get the extra edge using this popular baseball glove today!


What are the features you will get?
Considering the regular problems of players, Easton provides players great solutions with this glove. With the Easton patented Ghost flex technology, players can now squeeze into this glove easily. Furthermore, the Ghost flex provides an excellent closing motion through its palm, pinky, and ring finger glove design. The gloves are made with pigskin leather that is a lot lighter than many other gloves.

Why are we recommending it?
The gloves are really flexible and perfect for the hand of young athletes. For more softness and flexibility, Easton used elastic strips on each side of the glove. In addition, the pockets are extended for a tighter grip, so you don’t have to face any problems while catching the ball. With these features on board, the gloves are fairly cheap in comparison to other offerings on this list.

Final thoughts
This glove has many pros with just a few cons here and there. For instance, the durability of the glove is incredibly impressive, providing long-lasting quality game after game. Moreover, the glove is really soft. As a result, you will feel comfortable wearing this for those very long games. However, the glove feels like it could fit more features to make it perfect.


As there are many options on the market for a baseball glove, it’s quite tough to decide on the best one. These top little league baseball gloves can help get you started and hopefully make the process easier.

After recommending the best baseball gloves, we believe the Wilson A2000 series gloves might be the best baseball gloves for 8-year-old kids. Besides the Wilson A2000, the Rawling Renegade gloves are also very competitive. Most of the gloves are chosen based on their performance and also their popularity with MLB players. Although this list will help you get started in your search for the perfect glove, you can also stop by your local sports store to get more information on these products.

Frequently Asked Questions about Baseball Gloves for 8-year-old Kids

Q: What size baseball glove does an 8-year-old need?

Baseball gloves come in various sizes and types according to the position their user plays. Therefore, for 8-year-old children, we recommend from 10 1/2″ up to 11″ baseball glove sizes. However, outfielders may get a bigger size from 11.5″ up to 12″ to help field flyballs efficiently.

Q: What size baseball glove should a 7-year-old have?

Usually, 7-year-olds may wear the same gloves 8-year-olds wear. These gloves measure from 10 1/2″ up to 11″ at their maximum. However, we do not recommend sizes from 11.5″ up to 12″ for children aged under 8. Also, some smaller 7-year-olds may need smaller gloves around 9″ to 10″,

Q: What size baseball glove should a 9-year-old have?

We recommend that 9-year-olds wear gloves that are similar to 8-year-olds. These are around 10 1/2″ to 11″ if they are in the infield and a maximum of 12″ if they play in the outfield.

Q: How do I choose a baseball glove for my child?

When choosing the right baseball glove for your child, parents should measure their child’s hand length from the base up to the tip of their finger. Afterward, add two inches to the final measurement which will result in the glove size you should buy for your child. This method ensures that children can use the glove efficiently and comfortably.

Q: Can kids use adult baseball gloves?

Usually, we recommend children wear smaller sizes when it comes to baseball gloves. Since adult-sized baseball gloves feature a design meant for adults, it’s hard to fit them on a child’s wrist. However, parents may tighten the glove’s wrist fit by re-lacing, allowing the glove to fit on their children’s wrists seamlessly. Even with this modification, adult baseball gloves may still be too heavy for youth players.