Softball Pitchers Screen Reviewed: Mound Protection on a Budget

Even in Softball, pitchers can train with a softball pitcher’s screen to improve their precision and pitching speeds, especially if they play fastpitch softball. In addition, a softball pitcher’s screen provides pitchers with protection against softballs during hitting training. Therefore, we listed down 8 excellent softball pitcher screens to help you improve your overall game performance and safety during practice.

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What to look for When Buying a Softball Pitching Screen?

Softball Pitchers Screen

Before buying a softball pitcher’s screen, buyers must know about certain pointers to ensure the net they’re buying will provide its expected performance. In addition, a softball pitching screen is similar to baseball throwing nets, making our buying guide closely similar for both products. Therefore, buyers must consider the following before spending their hard-earned money:

  • Net material durability
  • Assembly difficulty
  • Portability
  • Base and Frame Material

Net Material Durability

Fastpitch softball pitchers can deliver a ball around 77 up to 105 mph, making practice throws dangerous without a proper pitching screen In addition, mishit balls during hitting practice could also reach similar speeds, endangering pitchers during training. Without a durable pitching screen, these speeding softballs can hit an unknowing passerby or pitchers. Therefore, players must find a softball pitcher’s screen that can withstand tremendous amounts of force.

Assembly Difficulty

A convenient softball pitcher’s screen is the one you can easily assemble during training sessions. In addition, a fast assembly time enables players to spend more hours training than tweaking their pitching screens. Therefore, buyers must look closely at the projected assembly time a product claims to have a general idea of how difficult it is to set up and tear down.


The word portability is synonymous with how compact a pitching net could go, allowing users to fit it inside a carrying bag. Also, a portable softball pitcher’s screen allows its user to train almost anywhere thanks to the transportability it provides.

Base and Frame Material

The stability of a softball pitching screen depends on its base material. Moreover, users should invest in at least a 7’x7’ regulation size and L-shaped screen for pitching ease. In addition, the frame of a softball pitching screen should feature a robust frame for increased protection.

Excellent Softball Pitching Screens from Amazon

Cimarron Sports 7 x 7 Foot Underhand Softball Fast & Slow Pitch Protective Portable Pitching Screen Safety Netting Net and Frame


Brand: Cimarron Sports

Type: Underhand Softball Pitchers Screen

This softball pitcher’s screen from Cimarron Sports features a 7’x7’ regulation sizing, making it an ideal protective screen during softball training. In addition, the screen design makes it ideal for underhand pitches thanks to the strategically placed square cutouts.

Furthermore, the Cimarron Sports Softball Pitcher’s Screen effectively protects coaches and pitchers during drills thanks to its pillowcase-style net cushions. Moreover, the Cimarron Sports Pitcher’s Screen effectively absorbs impact and disperses it efficiently, eliminating ball rebound.

Cimarron Sports incorporated the #42 twisted and knotted twine net paired with a 1.5” diameter frame on this pitching screen, providing exceptional overall durability and performance. Lastly, Cimarron Sports designed this pitching screen using 16-gauge powder-coated steel, offering users an easy assembly.


  • 7’x7’ Regulation Size
  • Underhand pitch design
  • Pillowcase-style nets
  • #42 Twisted and Knotted Twine Net
  • Powder-coated steel


  • Conveniently placed square cut-outs for underhand softball pitching.
  • Durable net and frame material.
  • Ideal size for pitching training.
  • Easy to assemble thanks to its powder-coated steel.


  • The pitching hole is higher compared to the advertised picture.

Trigon Sports Procage Mini Fungo Protective Screen


Brand: Trigon Sports

Type: Small-scaled Softball Pitcher’s Screen

The Trigon Sports Procage Mini Fungo is the perfect product for buyers that require a compact softball pitcher’s screen for home training. The Mini Fungo features heavy-duty 2” square galvanized steel, providing exceptional durability and easy assembly.

The Mini Fungo Protective Screen features detachable legs that easily disassemble with a push of a button. In addition, this feature provides users with an easy assembly and teardown for transport. Moreover, this teardown design makes the Trigon Sports Mini Fungo an extremely portable softball pitcher’s screen.

Furthermore, the Mini Fungo measures 7’ high and 4’ wide, making it a compact option for players with small training space. Also, Trigon Sports incorporated a 42 black heavy-duty UV-treated net, making the protective screen weather-proof.


  • 2” square galvanized steel
  • Push-button detachable legs
  • 7’ x 4’ compact sizing
  • 42 black heavy-duty and UV-treated nets.
  • Pillowcase style netting


  • Provides users with an easy teardown, making it highly portable.
  • Excellent for small training areas.
  • Accommodates both left and right-handed underhand pitches.
  • Doubles as a hitting net for soft toss pitching machines drills.


  • The net requires tightening because it is larger than the frame.

GoSports 7′ x 4′ – Screen – Baseball & Softball Pitcher Protection Net


Brand: GoSports

Type: Portable Small-scaled Softball Pitcher’s Screen

Featuring a size of 7’x 4’, the GoSports Softball Pitcher’s Screen provides an excellent range of protection without getting in the way of pitches. In addition, the GoSports screen incorporates a net design that works against come-back line drives.

Furthermore, the GoSports screen boasts a premium construction reinforced bow frame paired with high-density polyester nesting. Moreover, the high-density net paired with the 7’ x 4’ covering provides coaches and pitchers with absolute protection against comebackers.

The GoSports pitcher’s screen provides users with a quick setup and a free carrying case. Lastly, GoSports designed this screen with a rated setup and teardown time of 60 seconds, allowing users to save time during training sessions.


  • 7’ x 4’ size
  • Reinforced bow frame
  • High-density polyester netting
  • Free carrying case
  • I-screen style


  • Includes free metal stakes to secure the net on the ground.
  • Comes with a free carrying case.
  • Extremely easy to set up and teardown.
  • Compact and portable design.


  • Thin frame construction.

CHAMPRO Brute Heavy-Duty Steel Frame Baseball/Softball Pitcher’s Batting Cage Practice Net



Type: Z-style Softball Pitcher’s Screen

The CHAMPRO Softball Pitcher’s Screen features extremely durable specifications, providing its users with absolute protection on the mound. Built with 13.5 gauge 1.5” diameter steel tubes, the CHAMPRO screen is capable of receiving come-back line drives without any problem. In addition, the construction of this softball pitcher’s screen is strong enough to withstand continuous impacts similar to a batting cage.

Moreover, the CHAMPRO Pitching Screen utilizes a z-screen construction which provides unparalleled protection while providing space for proper pitch execution. In addition, the CHAMPRO Pitching Screen features a reversible design that accommodates both left and right-handed pitchers.

Furthermore, the CHAMPRO Screen features a weatherized extra-durable net that slides over the frame, securely attaching around the frame with bungee straps. Made with 60-ply weatherized polyethylene, this heavy-duty screen can handle withstand any weather condition.


  • 7’ x 5’ size
  • Z-screen shaped frame
  • Diameter Steel Tubes
  • 60-ply Weatherized Polyethylene Net
  • Bungee Straps net attachment


  • Accommodates both underhand and overhand pitches.
  • Suitable for left and right-handed pitchers.
  • Easy to assemble parts.
  • Capable of withstanding any weather condition.


  • Comparatively heavier than other offerings in this list.

Fortress Softball Screen – Pitching Net & Frame


Brand: Fortress

Type: Underhand Softball Pitcher’s Screen

Need an underhand softball pitchers screen that features a 7’ x 7’ regulation sizing and delivers promising durability? Then the Fortress Softball Screen is the one for you! Featuring a black galvanized 1.5” steel frame, this Softball Pitcher’s Screen provides incredible protection and stability on the mound.

Furthermore, the Fortress Screen features an underhand pitch design, accommodating the needs of fast-pitch softball pitchers. In addition, the netting of the Fortress Screen incorporates a double layer of #42 made from UV treated 1 ¾” mesh.

Moreover, Fortress designed their Softball Screen for all pitching types, catering to both right and left-handed pitchers. With one easy turn, players can adjust the Fortress Pitching Net & Frame according to their preference.


  • 7’ x 7’ regulation size
  • Black Galvanized 1.5” Steel Frame
  • Double layer #42 Weight Net
  • UV Stabilized 1 ¾” mesh
  • Versatile design


  • Suitable for both left and right-handed pitchers.
  • Heavy-duty materials.
  • Comparatively cheaper compared to the Cimmaron Sports Screen.
  • The double-layer netting increases the screen’s durability.


  • Not ideal for small training areas.

JUGS Standard Softball Screen — Softball Pitcher & Pitching Machine Protection


Brand: JUGS

Type: C-Shaped Softball Pitcher’s Screen

JUGS designed their Softball Screen to cater to underhand pitchers, protecting without limiting their pitching form. In addition, the JUGS Standard Softball Screen is suitable for backyard and little league training sessions.

Moreover, the 7’ x 5’ screen features a 33” x 18” C-shaped cutout for both left and right-handed softball pitches. Additionally, the JUGS frame incorporates a 1.5” diameter and 1.2mm thick 1020 cold-rolled steel frame tubing for extra durability. Also, this provides the JUGS Screen with an easy to assemble bolted construction.

Furthermore, JUGS utilizes a double layer of 45 ply Dacron poly-E netting, making the screen excellent for both hitting and pitching training. Lastly, the netting and frame of the JUGS Screen boast a 1-year Guarantee.


  • 7’ x 5’ sizing
  • C-shape design
  • 45 ply Dacron poly-E netting
  • Cold-Rolled Steel Frame Tubing
  • Bolt assembly


  • Caters to underhand pitches.
  • Provides better protection compared to square cutout pitching screens.
  • Excellent for small training spaces with 7’ height clearance.
  • Accommodates both left and right-handed pitchers.


  • Most expensive softball pitcher’s screen on this list.

Skywalker Sports Baseball & Softball Safety Screen


Brand: Skywalker Sports

Type: 8’ Softball Pitcher’s Screen

An ideal choice for buyers who want exceptionally versatile softball pitchers screens, the Skywalker Sports can also act as a backstop screen and divider for drills. In addition, the 8’ screen also provides a wide area of coverage, ensuring pitchers with superb protection in every pitch.

The Skywalker Sports feature powder-coated heavy-duty steel tubings for increased durability and resistance against any weather condition. Moreover, the netting features UV-protected coatings which essentially makes the Skywalker Sports Screen weather-proof.

Furthermore, despite its heavy-duty construction and frame, the Skywalker Sports Screen is portable and easy to assemble. Finally, Skywalker Sports sweetens the deal with a 1-year limited warranty on all parts and a 3-year limited frame warranty.


  • Powder-coated Heavy-duty Steel Tubing
  • 8’ tall square screen
  • UV-protected Netting
  • Versatile Design
  • 1-year parts warranty and 3-year frame warranty


  • Works as a backstop screen and softball pitchers screen.
  • Excellent frame durability and materials.
  • Great value for its price.
  • Ideal for backyard training sessions.


  • Due to its huge size, we do not recommend this product for traveling teams.

Frequently Asked Questions about Softball Pitching Screens

Q: What is the best pitching net?

The JUGS Standard Softball Screen is the best softball pitching screen and net within this list. The product offers excellent versatility and accessibility thanks to its C-shaped cutout on the side.

Q: How do you make a pitching target?

If you’re going to use a softball pitcher’s screen as pitching training equipment, you should make a strike zone target. Afterward, put this strike zone target around the center of the net. This pitching target training will help pitchers hone their precision when pitching to a batter, especially in fastpitch softball games.

Q: How do you practice pitching by yourself?

Before starting your pitching training routine, you must invest in high-quality pitcher screens for your training area. These pitcher screens provide safety within your surroundings, minimizing the risk of accidents you can inflict on others and surrounding properties.

Q: How do you build a practice pitching mound?

The video below teaches parents and coaches how to build a DIY Youth Baseball Pitching Mound. Still, this method is also effective for softball pitchers. However, coaches and parents can instead use a softball pitching mat to avoid the hassle of crafting a pitching mound.

Q: Is there a difference between slowpitch and fastpitch softballs?

There is a lot of difference between fastpitch and slowpitch softball games, which also means there’s a difference between softball sizes. A typical slowpitch game uses 12” softballs; meanwhile, use an 11” softball in fastpitch games.