Soft Toss Pitching Machines: Training Partners on the Go!

You may be wondering about the automated instruments you could use to improve your batting technique by yourself or automatically pitch balls to provide convenient fielding drills for your team. Wonder no more as we have collected the best soft toss pitching machines excellent for both batters and fielders to improve their game sense and training sessions. Whether training alone or with a team, a soft toss pitching machine is here to help!

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What are Soft Toss Pitching Machines?

What are Soft Toss Pitching Machines?

Before we list the best soft toss pitching machines, we must first define the fundamentals of a soft toss drill. Furthermore, we also have to tackle the various benefits of using a soft toss pitching machine and the pros and cons of incorporating one in your training sessions.

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A soft toss baseball drill is often utilized by hitters to help with their hand-eye coordination and ball contact familiarization when hitting the ball on the plate. Furthermore, this drill exercises a batter’s muscle memory to hit the ball more accurately and enhanced power. In addition, a coach could also incorporate soft toss pitching machines during fielding training with the help of the best fungo bats in the market.


  • Provides a controlled scenario for a batter to practice their swing.
  • Ideal for bunting practice.
  • Improves the hitting of batters when done under the right program.
  • Helps strengthen the necessary muscles for swinging.
  • Assists the burning in of a batter’s muscle memory.


  • The included training balls do not simulate live pitching.
  • Batters must incorporate it with the correct drills.
  • Beginners may develop bad incorrect habits when used without proper guidance.

The Top 5 Best Soft Toss Pitching Machines from Amazon

Jugs Toss Machine


Brand: Jugs

Type: Baseball and Softball Soft Toss Machine

Experience straightforward and worry-free soft toss drills with the Jugs Toss Machine! As baseball batters, Jugs knows the frustration it comes with learning and mastering ball contact and proper swing. As a result, Jugs engineered a toss machine to provide all levels of batters with a convenient and facile way to practice their swing.

Furthermore, the Jugs Toss Machine boasts a capacity of 14 baseballs or 10 softballs in one full load and can toss balls automatically every 5 seconds. In addition, this feature provides batters with up to 1600 swings in one charge— an excellent choice for team batting drills.

The Jugs Toss Machine is perfect for all ages and skill levels from little league up to collegiate-level training sessions. Moreover, the portability of the Jugs Toss Machines enables it to be set up and torn down easily, providing convenience even under home use.

Put your swing game to the A-game with the Jugs Toss Machine today!


  • Can hold up to 14 baseballs at once
  • 5-second ball toss interval
  • 8 hours battery time
  • 10×10 ft space requirement
  • 13lbs gross weight


  • The included battery will last under extended use.
  • Can be set up at home.
  • Easy set up and tear down.
  • Excellent platform for beginners to improve their confidence when swinging.
  • Helps beginners to familiarize themselves with the fundamentals of swinging.
  • Includes a free home plate and drill book upon purchase.


  • The package does not include training balls.
  • Balls get stuck on the machine sometimes.

Heater Sports Scorpion Soft Toss Pitching Machine


Brand: Heater Sports

Type: Baseball Soft Toss Pitching Machine

This particular soft toss pitching machine features a fully automatic spiral ball feeder that can hold up to 12 baseballs in one full load. In addition, a tubular steel stand supports the Heater Sports Scorpion Soft Toss Pitching Machine, providing a sturdy and durable base to retain a stable form when tossing.

Furthermore, the power of the Heater Sports Scorpion Soft Toss Pitching Machine comes from a 4 C battery or a 4-hour crusher battery. Nevertheless, the Heater Sports Soft Toss Pitching Machine hosts a fully portable construction enabling it to stand anywhere, even within your backyard!

The Heater Sports Scorpion Soft Toss Pitching Machine is an excellent addition to your child’s or personal batting training. Moreover, this soft toss pitching machine provides excellent hand-eye coordination drills and offers superb contact within the strike zone.

Feel the burn of your hard work with the Heater Sports Scorpion Soft Toss Pitching Machine!


  • Spiral automatic ball feeder
  • Enough space for 12 baseballs
  • Tubular steel stand
  • Powered by 4 C batteries or a 4-hour Crusher battery
  • 30-day money-back guarantee / One-year manufacturer’s warranty


  • An ideal choice for batting training.
  • Includes a decent warranty period.
  • Excellent for ages from 6 years old and above.
  • Can load both lite-balls and regulation baseballs.
  • Battery-powered for portability purposes.


  • Does not include training balls and batteries.
  • Requires user to stand near its dropping point.

Louisville Slugger Soft Toss Training System


Brand: Louisville Slugger

Type: Baseball Soft Toss Training System

Trusted by millions of baseball players, the Louisville Slugger is one of the dominating names in the field of baseball equipment manufacturing worldwide! Furthermore, this soft toss training system manufactured by Louisville Slugger features top-of-the-line materials excellent from mild to intense batting sessions.

In addition, the Louisville Slugger Soft Toss Training System includes a unique slope soft toss that enables its user to lock in the ball to anticipate its movement, enhancing swing timing and hand-eye coordination. Moreover, the Louisville Slugger Soft Toss Training System features customizable height toss and release time for a more personalized training session for its user.

Additionally, the Louisville Slugger transforms into a fielding trainer for infielders and outfielders. Aside from that, this Soft Toss Training System from Louisville Slugger also converts into a reliable batting tee for children, an excellent pair to the best tee ball bats in 2021!


  • Unique slope soft-toss system
  • Adjustable height toss
  • Customizable automated ball release (6, 8, and 10 seconds interval)
  • Convertible to a fielding trainer and batting tee
  • Fits both regulation and training baseballs


  • An excellent choice for both beginners and experienced batters.
  • Features a wide range of versatility.
  • Simple gravity-assisted automated toss.
  • Provides superb visibility on the ball for improved hand-eye coordination.
  • Energy-efficient motor.


  • The ramp vibrates after tossing a ball.
  • Provides less room for baseballs compared to other products.

SKLZ Catapult Soft Toss Baseball Pitching and Fielding Machine


Brand: SKLZ

Type: Soft Toss Pitching and Fielding Machine

When it comes to athletic training gear, the whole world knows about the brand SKLZ. Manufacturing various types of training supplies for sports like football, baseball, and basketball, the SKLZ Catapult Soft Toss Pitching Machine will not disappoint!

Featuring an AC or battery-powered motor, the SKLZ Catapult Soft Toss Pitching Machine can toss balls every 8 seconds, providing users with drills that improve visual acuity and hitting accuracy. Furthermore, the SKLZ Catapult features an acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) material supplemented by steel and polypropylene for increased durability during training.

The SKLZ Catapult Soft Toss Pitching Machine offers drills for both the batting and defensive fielding tactics of its user. Eliminate the need for a partner when you can train extensively on your own with the help of the SKLZ Catapult.


  • Can handle both regulation and training baseballs
  • Polypropylene, ABS, and steel materials
  • AC adapter-powered / Battery-powered
  • Adjustable height distance
  • Automatic motorized soft toss


  • Excellent choice for both fielding and batting training.
  • Durable construction for extended training sessions.
  • Features two power modes (AC adapter and Battery-powered).
  • Automated soft toss every 8 seconds.
  • Manufactured by a trusted brand worldwide.


  • Only features one soft toss time interval.
  • Can only hold 8 regulation-size baseballs at a time.

Franklin Sports Kids Pitching Machine


Brand: Franklin Sports

Type: Baseball Pitching Machine

As we know, children require a gentle approach, especially during baseball training sessions. As a result, Franklin Sports manufactured a Kids Pitching Machine to provide comfortable and fruitful batting training drills for children. However, do not mistake the Franklin Sports Kids Pitching Machine for a toy as it helps children improve their hand-eye coordination and ball movement analysis, ensuring ball contact in every swing.

The Franklin Sports Kids Pitching Machine features an adjustable pitch speed and a 3-angle adjustment to maximize training customization depending on a child’s capabilities. Furthermore, the Franklin Sports Kids Pitching Machine features a motor that releases a pitch every 7 seconds. In addition, this feature incorporates a red light to help children anticipate the pitch of the machine. Also, this Kids Pitching Machine features battery-operated power to help with its portability.

Improve your child’s swing with the Franklin Sports Kids Pitching Machine!


  • Adjustable pitch speeds (10,15, or 20mph)
  • 7-second automatic pitch interval
  • 3-Angle Adjustment
  • Enough capacity to hold up to 9 training balls
  • 4 C Battery-operated power


  • Includes 4 foam baseballs in every purchase.
  • Highly customizable pitch speed and angle.
  • Includes a red light pitch indicator to prepare children for swinging.
  • Kid-friendly design.
  • Highly portable construction.


  • Does not include batteries.
  • Questionable durability due to its plastic construction.

Frequently Asked Questions about Soft Toss Pitching Machines

Q: Is soft toss effective?

A: A soft toss drill with a soft toss machine is an efficient and effective way to train both beginners and experienced batters to improve their ball contact and swinging technique. However, to benefit fully from this, soft toss drills should be done under the supervision of a coach to correct and prevent the development of bad swinging habits.

Q: What is the purpose of soft toss?

A: The purpose of a soft toss drill is to enhance a batter’s hand-eye coordination and feel upon ball contact. In addition, incorporating soft toss drills into a batter’s training regimen improves their visual perception and ball movement prediction when swinging. However, the main goal of a soft toss is to consistently simulate a ball within a batter’s strike zone to help them adjust and familiarize them with hitting the ball properly.

Q: How do you adjust the SKLZ Catapult Soft Toss Pitching Machine?

A: The SKLZ Catapult features an adjustable knob that tweaks the throwing distance of the machine. By tightening the knob, you’ll increase the machine’s throwing distance. Conversely, loosening the knob will decrease the throwing distance of the SKLZ Catapult.

Q: What does no soft toss mean?

A: A no soft toss rule only means that batters should not use a fence or a baseball net during soft toss drills. Since a soft toss brings in a full-force ball on a fence or net to stop, some owners implement a no soft toss rule to avoid the wear and tear of their property.

Q: Is soft toss bad?

A: No, a soft toss drill is not bad if a batter implements it under the right circumstances. Furthermore, a soft toss is an excellent drill to help batters break away from bad habits as coaches teach them how to swing a baseball properly.