Mizuno Catchers Gear Reviewed: Excellent Gear without Busting the Bank

Today, Mizuno Catchers Gear is one of the best when it comes to protecting a catcher from behind the batter’s plate. Thanks to Mizuno’s innovative technologies throughout the year and their mastercraftsmen, catchers can now experience absolute protection and comfort as they catch baseballs that could reach dangerous speeds of up to 90mph.

Therefore, to save you from the trouble of knowing how to choose youth baseball gloves and catching gear, we have collected the 10 of the best Mizuno Catchers Gear to protect you or your child even in the most demanding games. In any weather and situation, there is a Mizuno Catchers Gear perfect for you!

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Who is Mizuno?

Mizuno Catchers Gear

In 1906, brothers Rihachi and Rizo Mizuno founded the first Mizuno Brothers shop in Osaka, Japan. During their first year up to 1910, the shop sold Western sports equipment such as baseballs and athletic wear. The store then moved to Umeda-Shinmichi under the name Mizuno, manufacturing sporting equipment such as gloves and baseballs.

The first American Mizuno factory was built in Los Angeles, California in 1961. Furthermore, Mizuno provided professional players with sponsorship deals; however, this expansion didn’t make it within the realms of baseball. Therefore, Mizuno implemented their “Mizuno Baseball Workshop” in the late 70s to serve MLB clubs in the state of Florida and Arizona during spring training. This effort led to the company opening more opportunities within the baseball community.

Today, Mizuno is one of the biggest Japanese sports equipment manufacturers worldwide. In addition, Mizuno is currently one of the trusted brand professionals uses in Major League Baseball, making their Mizuno Catchers Gear one of the best in the market.

The Best Catchers Equipment from Mizuno

Mizuno Samurai Adult Baseball Catcher’s Gear Box Set


Type: Mizuno Catchers Gear Box Set for Adults

Price: $291.43 – $451.76 depending on size and colorway.

Patterned from a Samurai’s armor, the Mizuno Samurai Adult Baseball Catcher’s Gear Box Set provides a catcher’s helmet, chest protector for baseball, and leg guards. Featuring excellent materials and design, you can never go wrong with the Samurai Catcher’s Set.

The Mizuno Chest Protector features a low rebound foam that helps absorb the impact of a baseball and dissipate it effectively upon contact. In addition, the grippe surface of the chest protector effectively helps the foam to reduce the ball’s rebound, helping catchers field pitches easily under any circumstance.

Furthermore, the Samurai Catcher’s Helmet features the innovative EVA foam padding, providing incredible comfort during games. Moreover, the strategic ventilation system of the Samurai helmet provides effective heat management for games under the sun. Lastly, the Mizuno leg guards feature the patented Mizuno K-Pad and Triple Knee Cup construction, providing users with a customizable fit, comfort, and ample leg protection.


  • Includes a catcher’s helmet, chest protector, and leg guards.
  • Low Rebound Foam for Chest Protector
  • Patented K-Pad Leg Guards
  • Triple Knee Cup Leg Guard Construction
  • EVA Foam Helmet Padding


  • The triple knee cup design provides overall protection and mobility.
  • The chest protector features an air mesh lining for a lightweight feel.
  • Provides moisture wicking on the legs through the Drylite inner leg guard lining.
  • Excellent strong steel frame on the helmet for increased protection and field of view.


  • The included Samurai helmet is hard to remove after playing.

Mizuno Samurai Youth Baseball Catcher’s Gear Box Set


Type: Mizuno Catchers Gear Box Set for Youth

Price: $320.00

If you want the Mizuno Samurai’s Catcher’s set for your child, then the Mizuno Samurai Youth Baseball Catcher’s Gear Box Set is an excellent choice for you. Featuring the same specifications as its adult variant, this Mizuno Catchers gear set downsized its specifications to fit your child’s needs.

The Mizuno Youth Samurai Helmet features the 3-layer EVA foam padding that effectively absorbs a baseball’s impact. Plus, this specific foam padding provides excellent cushioning and comfort during games. In addition, the helmet also features the strategic ventilation system of the Samurai series.

Moreover, the Mizuno Samurai Youth chest protector features the Low Rebound Foam that helps absorb and dissipate the force of a baseball, significantly reducing its bounce away from the wearer. Furthermore, the chest protector’s grippy texture helps its foam reduce a baseball’s recoil effectively.

Also, the Mizuno Samurai Youth Shin Guards feature the patented K-Pad that features sweat-wicking fabrics for a comfortable and dry experience. Finally, the triple knee cup construction of the Samurai leg guards offers an incredible level of protection without compromising its user’s range of motion.


  • Low Rebound Foam Chest Protector Padding
  • Patented K-Pad Leg Guard padding
  • Triple Knee Cup Construction
  • 3-layer EVA Foam Helmet Padding
  • Highly-durable Steel Mask
  • Strategic Helmet Ventilation System


  • The sizing fits most young catchers.
  • The leg guards feature moisture-wicking Drylite fabric.
  • Provides excellent rebound controls, helping catchers field the ball easily.
  • The Samurai Helmet’s strategic ventilation system allows catchers to stay cool.


  • This set is expensive.

Mizuno Samurai Youth Baseball Shin Guards


Type: Mizuno Catcher’s Leg Guards

Price: $119.99

Perfect for catchers that require exceptional leg protection without compromising movement, the Mizuno Samurai Youth Shin Guards has you covered. Moreover, thanks to the excellent specifications from Mizuno, the Samurai Youth Shin Guards provide an incredible balance between comfort, protection, and durability.

The Mizuno Samurai Youth Leg Guards feature the patented K-Pad, emphasizing knee protection and comfort during games. In addition, the K-Pad provides a soft cushion on the knee to protect it against a direct impact with a baseball.

Furthermore, the Mizuno Samurai Youth Baseball Shin Guards feature a Triple Knee Cup design, providing an excellent range of motion for its wearer’s legs. In addition, this design provides an excellent range of protection starting from the toe to the upper knee.


  • Patented Mizuno K-Pad
  • Triple Knee Cup Design
  • Drylite inner fabrics
  • Shin Grip Inner Lining
  • Offered in 9 various colorways


  • Provides excellent moisture-wicking fabrics to help manage sweat for a comfortable game.
  • The triple knee cup design feels excellent when crouching.
  • The shin grip inner lining enables a secure fit, preventing the leg guards from moving during games.
  • Mizuno’s patented K-Pad provides excellent knee cushioning and protection.


  • Comparatively more expensive than the Mizuno Prospect Youth Leg Guards.

Mizuno Samurai Youth Baseball Chest Protector


Type: Mizuno Catcher’s Chest Protector

Price: $114.99

A catcher’s protector shirt should help its wearer field balls efficiently to become a more effective catcher. Mizuno answers this need of catchers with the Mizuno Samurai Youth’s excellent Low Rebound Foam. In addition, the Samurai Youth protector shirt’s grippy texture reduces the rebound of balls, complimenting the foam design of the product.

Furthermore, Mizuno incorporated an air mesh lining on the chest protector, providing increased comfort and feel. Moreover, this lining cuts the weight of the Mizuno Samurai Youth, offering users an extremely lightweight feel behind the plate.

Lastly, do not worry about losing the Mizuno Samurai Youth Baseball Chest Protector thanks to its Personalized Name Plate feature. With the PNP, owners can now personalize their Samurai Chest Protector by embroidering or writing their name on the name tag.


  • Low Rebound Foam
  • Grippy chest protector surface
  • Air mesh lining
  • Personalized Name Plate
  • Offered in 9 different colorways


  • Extremely lightweight to wear.
  • The Mizuno Samurai provides two shoulder pads for increased player protection.
  • Effectively reduces a baseball’s rebound upon impact.
  • Features detachable wings for high customizability.


  • Younger users may find this chest protector shirt too bulky to use.

Mizuno G4 Samurai Catcher’s Helmet


Type: Mizuno Catcher’s Helmet

Price: $93.03 – $118.40 depending on size and colorway.

Mizuno meticulously engineered the G4 Samurai Catcher’s Helmet for catchers who require exceptional head protection from behind the plate. Therefore, if you’re looking for a NOCSAE-certified catcher’s helmet, the Mizuno G4 Samurai is for you.

The Mizuno G4 Samurai provides excellent ventilation and comfort thanks to its strategic ventilation system which allows its users to stay cool under hot weather. In addition, the 3 layer EVA foam padding cushions the impact of a speeding baseball, providing increased cushioned protection and comfort for its user. Moreover, the adjustable jaw pad adds overall protection and features a moisture control capability.

Moreover, the Mizuno G4 Samurai features a highly durable steel cage, providing users with excellent protection without restricting visibility. Most importantly, the Mizuno G4 Samurai meets the NOCSAE standard for a catcher’s helmet, ensuring the ultimate protection and confidence during games.


  • 3 Layer EVA Foam Padding
  • Strategic Ventilation System
  • Adjustable Jaw Pads
  • Strong Steel Cage
  • Meets the NOCSAE Standard


  • Effectively prevents concussions and injuries against a direct baseball impact.
  • The hockey-style construction of the G4 Samurai provides overall head protection.
  • Provides users with comfortable inner cushioning and linings.
  • The adjustable jaw pad allows users to have a customizable fit.


  • Features plastic clips instead of heavy-duty ones.

Mizuno Franchise Series Baseball Catcher’s Mitt 33.5″


Type: Mizuno Catcher’s 33.5” Glove

Price: $65.00

Firstly, the Mizuno Franchise Series Baseball Catcher’s Mitt offers excellent durability, comfort, and fit without breaking the bank. In addition, Mizuno used excellent hand-based patterns, allowing users to customize their gloves according to their hand shape.

Furthermore, the Mizuno Franchise Series Catcher’s Glove incorporates pre-oiled Java leather making the glove extremely durable and game-ready out of the box. Also, Mizuno’s HiLo alternate lacing pattern helps the glove retain its integrity and shape without compromising flexibility.

Moreover, the Mizuno Franchise Series Catcher’s Glove uses the Parashock Plus Palm Pad to protect the hands of its users against ball stings. Plus, this Ortholite palm pad absorbs shock which deadens the ball upon impact. Lastly, the MZO lining by Mizuno features excellent moisture-wicking fabrics, allowing players to have a cool and dry experience during games.


  • Pre-Oiled Java Leather
  • 5” size
  • HiLo Alternate Lace Pattern
  • MZO Lining
  • Parashock Plus Palm Pad


  • Cheaply-priced considering the features it provides.
  • Doesn’t need much effort breaking in since it’s game-ready out of the box.
  • Provides users with a glove that possesses excellent leather quality.
  • An ideal choice for left-hand throwers.


  • The included laces could use an upgrade.

Mizuno GXC95Y2 Samurai Youth Catchers Mitt


Type: Mizuno Catcher’s 33” Glove

Price: $66.87

Complete your Mizuno Samurai Catcher’s Gear with the Samurai Youth Catcher’s Mitt. Featuring excellent Mizuno-designed features, the Samurai Youth provides incredible durability and fielding performance behind the plate.

Firstly, the Mizuno Samurai incorporates pre-oiled Soft Full Grain Leather as its main material, providing players with a durable glove that meets their needs. In addition, the two-piece closed web paired with the Samurai’s open-back construction improves ball control and overall baseball glove fit.

Furthermore, the ParaShock Palm Pad reduces ball sting and improves rebound control, enhancing its user’s overall fielding ability. Moreover, Mizuno incorporates its Shell Thumb Protection Technology to provide exceptional thumb support, preventing hand injuries throughout the season. With all these features combined, the Mizuno Samurai Catcher’s Glove is one tough glove for players looking to upgrade their beginner catcher’s glove.


  • Pre-oiled Soft Full Grain Leather
  • ParaShock Palm Pad
  • Shell Thumb Protection Technology
  • Two-Piece Closed Web and Open Back Construction
  • 33” size


  • Provides better leather material compared to beginner catcher’s gloves.
  • Offered at a budget-friendly price.
  • Decent durability and quality.
  • Provides various hand support features to avoid injuries.


  • Requires a break-in period before it can be fully functional.

Frequently Asked Questions about Mizuno’s Catching Equipment

Q: How do I clean my Mizuno Catchers Gear?

Mizuno Catchers Gear should be shown with care especially during cleaning. Therefore, we advise users to use a mild detergent and the lowest setting in their washing machine. Afterward, let the gear dry in a cool and dry environment.

Q: How to know a catcher’s gear size?

When the Mizuno Chest Protector measures from the collar bone to the top of the waist in inches. On the other hand, the Mizuno leg guards measure from the knee cap to the ankle in inches. While a Mizuno headgear features predetermined sizes that fit most youth, intermediate, and adult catchers.

Q: What is catcher’s gear?

A catcher’s gear consists of a protective helmet, chest protector, and a pair of leg guards. In addition, a catcher’s gear also extends to throat guards, thumb supports, and a catcher’s mitt.

Q: Do pro catchers wear thumb guards?

Yes, professional catchers in the MLB wear thumb guards due to the extra support it provides, preventing possible injuries from catching a speeding baseball.

Q: What gear do pro catchers use?

Pro Catchers in the MLB use various gears such as Rawlings, Wilson, Louisville Slugger, and All-Star. In addition, the Mizuno brand is one of the trusted brands in the MLB.