Softball Pitching Mat: Indoor Pitching Training Made Easy!

Practicing your softball pitch can now be done under the roof with the help of a softball pitching mat! Softball players know the hassle of having to bring themselves out in the uncontrolled environment of the outdoors. In just one snap, a training session could stop due to extreme heat or unexpected rains. In addition, external factors due to uncontrolled circumstances such as winter temperatures can be avoided by training indoors.

On the other hand, coaches can utilize a softball pitching mat that shows grid lines and charts to correct the pitching footwork of a player. All in all, a pitching mat has much use when it comes to pitching form training. Therefore, we have collected the best softball pitching mats to help pitchers and coaches train and improve their own or someone’s pitching style.

What to look for when buying Softball Pitching Mats? — A Buyer’s Guide

Softball Pitching Mat

Practicing individual pitching style is a crucial matter especially for highly competitive athletes. Without a doubt, there is a need for a platform where players can focus on their pitching form free from distraction. As a result, softball pitching mats came into play, offering designs and features that serve a specific purpose in pitching practices. Therefore, pitchers and coaches must first identify the various things to consider before buying a softball pitching mat that will serve their needs.


Usually, the recommended softball pitching mat size is 10ft long x 3 ft wide. However, some manufacturers may produce some mats bigger than this recommended size. Still, we recommend buyers not to go down the recommended size.


Softball pitching mats feature various designs depending on their purpose. For beginners, we recommend coaches and parents buy a mat that offers grid lines to visually help correct a pitcher’s throwing stance. Conversely, it boils down to preference between green and clay-colored mats for seasoned pitchers looking to train during the off-season.

Back Material

The back material of a softball pitching mat matters depending on the surface you’ll be using it on. For outdoor purposes, we recommend a foam-back pitching mat to help the mat grip on the grass or clay field. Conversely, we recommend a rubber-back mat for indoor use due to its tendency to grip smooth floors.

The Best Softball Pitching Mats on Amazon

All Turf Mats Pro-Ball Softball Pitching Mat


Brand: All Turf Mats

Type: Green Rubber-back Pitching Lane Mat

Price: $227.98

Crafted from 100% nylon, the All Turf Softball Mat features a 100% nylon spike-proof material that makes it comfortable to train over. In addition, the All Turf Mats’ size fits the regulation size of  10 x 3 ft.

Furthermore, the All Turf Mat helps enhance a pitcher’s foot placement and balance through the 4” tufted white line on the middle. Plus, the 4” tufted line features paint materials that won’t chip or fade away after a period of use.

Let your child train on the All Turf Mats Pro-Ball Softball Pitching Mat with their favorite softball or baseball cleats for pitchers!

However, if the green design is not for you, then we recommend you to look at the All Turf Mats Pro-Ball Clay Pitching Mat.


  • 10 x 4 ft. size
  • Grass design
  • Carrying case
  • 100% nylon front material
  • Foam-back material


  • Features non-chipping turf lines.
  • Provides a 4” tufted line for a pitcher’s footwork.
  • The 3mm rubber back ensures that it’s safe for use on gym floors.
  • Provides a free carrying case perfect for traveling.


  • Not ideal to use when teaching beginners.

Jennie Finch Softball Pitching Lane Pro


Brand: ProMounds

Type: Softball Pitching Mat Turf

Price: $228.99

Train like Olympic Gold Medalist and National Softball Hall of Famer Jennie Finch through her signature ProMounds Softball Pitching Mat. The Jennie Finch Signature Mat includes a regulation-sized (10 x 3 ft) softball pitching mat that features a middle inlaid power line to help pitchers with their footwork. In addition, ProMounds also included two inlaid white lines on the mat’s sides to simulate the NCAA pitching regulations.

Furthermore, the Jennie Finch Softball Pitching Lane Pro features a non-slip backing to help the mat grip the floor better. Moreover, the non-slip back of the Jennie Finch Softball Pitching Lane helps preserve gymnasium floors. Therefore, this makes the Jennie Finch Softball Pitching Lane Pro the ultimate solution for indoor pitcher training.


  • 10ft length x 3ft width regulation-sized mat
  • Inlaid pitching lines
  • Non-slip back
  • Includes a carrying case
  • Green design


  • Includes professional specifications.
  • Highly portable because of its carrying case.
  • Excellently put softball regulation lines.
  • Keeps hardwoods and floors healthy.


  • This particular softball pitching mat is prone to creasing.

Baseball/Softball Dual Purpose Instructional Pitching Mat


Brand: StrideRightMats

Type: Instructional Baseball/Softball Pitching Mat

Price: $249.00

An excellent choice for intricate coaches and parents, the StrideRightMats Dual Purpose Instructional Pitching Mat helps pinpoint and correct errors within a pitcher’s footwork. In addition, the StrideRightMats focus on the fundamentals and aids pitchers to increase both pitch velocity and accuracy by enhancing muscle memory.

Furthermore, the StrideRightMats features an excellent patented grid system that enables the coaches and parents to visually align the pitcher’s footwork, helping them unleash a better pitching technique.

Help reinforce proper habits and pitching stance to your little pitcher with the help of the StrideRightMats Instructional Pitching Mat today!


  • Patented labeled grid system
  • 3mm Rubber-back
  • 24 x 6 inches
  • 32 lbs


  • Provides good traction on hardwood surfaces.
  • Ideal softball pitching mat for indoor use.
  • Enables coaches to make visual adjustments to a pitcher’s stride.
  • Lightweight enough to carry around.


  • The surface is on the slippery side.

Premium 10 Feet X 3 Feet Softball Pitching Mat


Brand: Premium Pro Turf

Type: Clay-colored Softball Pitching Mat

Price: $196.99

An excellent regulation-sized mat for both beginners and experienced pitchers alike, the Premium Pro Turf Softball Pitching Mat measures 10’ x 3’ and weighs 30lbs. In addition, the Premium Pro Turf provides pitchers with a 2” white power line to aid pitchers with their foot placement.

Furthermore, the 100% nylon material of the Premium Pro Turf mat ensures that pitchers won’t slip during training sessions. Plus, the 5mm foam-back of the Premium Pro Turf’s Pitching Mat enables usage in both indoor and outdoor settings.

If you are a fan of green-colored mats, then we suggest that you check the Premium Pro Turf Softball Pitching Mat in green.


  • 10’ x 3’ regulation-size pitching mat
  • 30 lbs
  • 2” inlaid white power line
  • 5mm foam-back
  • 100% nylon material


  • Usable in both outdoor and indoor settings.
  • Regulation-sized to help imitate in-game situations.
  • Features a 100% non-slip nylon surface.
  • Comparatively inexpensive compared to other products on this list.


  • Does not come with a carrying bag.

ProMounds Jennie Finch Softball Pitching Mini-Mat


Brand: ProMounds

Type: Softball Pitching Mini-Mat

Price: $97.99

If you require extreme portability, then the ProMounds Jennie Finch Softball Pitching Mini-Mat is an excellent choice for you! Taken from the specifications of Olympic Gold Medalist and National Softball Hall of Famer Jennie Finch, the ProMounds mini-mat provides professional-level pitching training that doesn’t consume much space.

Furthermore, the ProMounds Jennie Finch Mini-mat aligns perfectly to the gym floor linings to aid pitchers in training on almost any gymnasium floor. In addition, the non-slip backing of the mini-mat prevents the player from slipping when executing a pitch. Moreover, the Jennie Finch Mini-mat is both lightweight and portable to accommodate the training of traveling pitchers almost anywhere!


  • 3’ x 2’ turf pitching mat
  • Intended to align on gym floor linings
  • Non-slip backing
  • Green-turf design


  • Extremely portable and easy to store.
  • Features pro-level specifications of Jennie Finch.
  • Heavy-duty and durable construction.
  • The non-slip back excellently grips hardwood surfaces.


  • Not regulation-sized.

ProMounds Softball Pitching Mat with Non-Skid Back


Brand: ProMounds

Type: Softball Pitching Mat Turf

Price: $149.00

The ProMounds Softball Pitching Mat is the perfect pitching training equipment for athletes on a budget. Furthermore, the ProMounds Softball Pitching Mat is an excellent tool in teaching pitchers of all ages and skill levels.

Moreover, the ProMounds Softball Pitching Mat features a non-slip back to ensure safety when practicing pitching stances. In addition, the ProMounds Pitching Mat preserves the floor it grips into, making it an ideal mat to use on gymnasium floors.


  • 3’ x 9’ dimension
  • 25 lbs in weight
  • Green turf design
  • Non-slip back


  • Excellent price-range.
  • Preserves gymnasium floors.
  • Portable weight.
  • Easy-to-store construction.


  • Does not provide any pitching line or guide.

Frequently Asked Questions about Softball Pitching Mats

Q: How long is a softball pitching mat?

A: Usually softball pitching mats feature a regulation size of 3 ft in width and 10ft in length to help pitchers practice their softball pitch.

Q: What makes a pitch illegal in softball?

A: An illegal pitch can vary because of the difference between fastpitch and slowpitch softball games. However, an illegal pitch occurs when a pitcher breaks a written rule when pitching. For instance, illegal pitches can be crow hopping, re-planting, and other types of bad forms when pitching. Therefore, pitchers must focus on practicing their pitching stance to avoid executing illegal pitches.

Q: What is the pitching distance for 12U fastpitch softball?

A: The distance between the pitcher’s mold and the batter in a 12U fastpitch softball game is 40ft.

Q: What is the pitching distance for fastpitch softball?

A: The pitching distance between a pitcher and batter in a fastpitch softball game varies depending on the age group of players. Therefore, the pitching distance for 10U games is 35ft, 40ft for 12U games, 43ft for 13U games, and 46ft for adult softball.

Q: What is a turf mat?

A: An artificial turf mat helps players train their pitching stance while emulating the feel of a green natural field. In addition, turf mats usually boast rubber or foam-backing to help preserve the floor of gymnasiums during indoor training. Usually, coaches utilize turf mats during pregames or winter indoor training.