Metal vs Molded Baseball Cleats | Which one is Best?

Which one will be the best? Metal or molded baseball cleats? – it is always an argumentative confusion amongst the baseball lovers and players. So, the topic about the “metal vs molded baseball cleats” has become a very common problem for many of you.

metal vs molded baseball cleats
I cannot make an exact solution for you if you are confused about this fact. But I can make sure that this article will help you to get out of this confusion and to find out the best baseball cleats for youth. Because here I am going to point about each and every fact of the metal and molded cleats in together.

So, this will be helpful for you to find out which is better for you. I hope you will read the whole article to make a crystal-clear decision. I have tried to make it short and precise so that you can find the facts easily.

However, let’s see which one is good for which facts.

Metal vs molded baseball cleats

To make it clearer, here I have taken a point and will tell about that in the case of both cleats. I think it will make it easy for you to have a better idea.

Baseball cleats are in the maximum case made of original and synthetic lather whether it is with metal studs or molded one.

In case of a metal cleat, the studs are made of high-quality metals. It is good as one among different types of boat cleats. Besides, in the case of some cases, there are rubber caps for metal cleats.

But when it is a molded cleat, the studs can be or either plastic or rubber.


Metal cleats are comparatively better to provide traction.

As the metal cleats are with thin, sharp and strong metal studs, they are good to dig up the mud and the grass. So, these hybrid baseball cleats are meant to be better to provide more traction. Because of this, metal stud soccer cleats are quite popular.

Molded cleats have no sharp studs. So, they can’t ensure as much traction as a metal cleat can.

For specific players:
In the field, if you a pitcher or infielder, metal cleats are good for you.

As I have said it before that metal cleats ensure more traction, you should choose a pair of metal cleat if you are a pitcher or infielder. They need more traction as they have to change the direction frequently.

The rest can go for the molded cleats. Because they don’t have to face them as much direction-changing situation as the infielders and the pitchers have to.

Safety and approval:
These two facts are related. Because which is unsafe for children is not approved and allowed to use in different leagues.

Metal cleats for youth baseball players are not completely safe. So lots of leagues don’t allow them to use metal cleats. In relation to this, molded cleats are safe and also have no problem with approval and acceptance.

Use outside the field:
Often you need to use your cleats outside the field. Like while going or coming back from the field.

If you have any kind of intention of using your cleats outside the field then don’t look for a metal cleat.

Metal cleats are only good to use in the field. They make noises and are cumbersome. But if you go for a metal cleat, I think it will be wiser. Because molded cleats are equally good to use both in the field and the outside like road and the other places.


It is the most important fact. All of you must think of this fact before buying anything and everything.

However, metal cleats are more durable and long-lasting things in relation to the molded cleats.

So, if you are still in a phase of growth and having your foot growth too, then it is better to go for a molded cleat. Because they are not long-lasting things like the metal one.

It is another biggest fact, anyway.

Metal cleats are naturally more expensive. You can even find a cleat of 150$ too. This is why metal cleats for youth baseball are not suggested.

But molded cleats are inexpensive. Cleats of 40$ even are very available in the market. Because of this, in the previous point, I suggest you take a molded cleat if you are in a phase of body growth.


You must be thinking of the brands now. Are you?

However, almost all popular brands like Nike, Adidas, Reebok have their own designs and models of both molded and metal cleats.

So, I think you have learned almost all the necessary facts of these two competitors. Now, you can think and get which one is good for you.

But still, if you are in confusion, I have one more dessert for you as a solution. Let’s see what is it.

Interchangeable cleats:
Interchangeable cleats are the biggest solution if you are getting out from the confusion of metal vs molded baseball cleats.

An Interchangeable cleat refers the cleat that has adjustable studs. That means you can adjust the studs either metal or molded one with the shoe. The studs and adjacent with the sole with some easy to set screws. So, you can easily and quickly change the studs of your cleats.

This is for you to experience both of the cleats. If still, you are really in a bad situation in selecting one from these two, I think interchangeable cleats are the best solution for you. But as it is more functional, you have to pay comparatively more than the other two.

Final Thought

Now, the choice is yours. You are the one who has to make the final decision. But before making the final decision, I want to take a few minutes of you to give some suggestions.

First think about your ages, leagues, and cost. Think if you are in growth or not. Give priority in thinking about your position in the field.

Now, rethink about the features of these two types of cleats. Match them with your situation and make sure you are the right person to have the particular one you are going to choose.

I think you already get your answer. If still, you have any question, let me know. Stay closure with your comments and feedbacks. Thank you in advance.

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