Best youth Baseball Cleats for wide feet | Top 6 wide cleats in 2020

Are you a baseball player with wide feet? I know the problem of you finding a pair of perfect and best cleats for baseball. Keeping hour problem in my mind, I have decided to form this article focusing best youth baseball cleats for wide feet.

Yes, many of you find a lot of difficulties when to find a pair of best youth baseball cleats for wide feet. To get it with easement you need to know everything about the cleats designed for the wide feet. Most of the cleats manufacturers made cleats for them who have wide feet. So, all you have to know how to find it and make it sure that it fits well.

First, I will answer some questions most of you make, related to these facts. It will help you to clear all your confusion on it. After the question answer section, you will find reviews of six best-selling and the best youth baseball cleats for wide feet. From them, you can easily choose one that will fit you well.

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Top 6 Best baseball cleats for wide feet (Quick List)

Most common questions and answers about Baseball Cleats

1. What Exactly You Need?

It may seem to be odd to hear this question, right? But it is true that many of you don’t actually know exactly what you need. And if you don’t have an actual idea of what you need in your cleats then it is pretty much harder to go with that pair of cleats.

However, to make sure that all you need to know is already known by you, just have your eyes on the following points.

  • Which cleats you should buy – I am trying to say that what type of cleat your League allows from the metal, mold, and turf cleats, and interchangeable cleats.
  • How do your feet look like – I am indicating your feet structure. Is it wide or thin? You have to consider it when to buy a cleat.
  • Are you sure about the feet size? Make sure you are. Otherwise, the money you will spend on it will be a waste.
  • Which material you want – Is it original leather or synthetic leather? You should make a wise choice here.
  • Your budget – Make it sure that you have a good budget if you desire to get an original leather. You can get a synthetic leather cleat with a low budget also.
  • What about the top – you know that you can find cleats with 3 top styles. They ate the low top, high top, and mid-top cleats. So, make a clear idea about which one you need to buy.

When you are conscious of all these facts, it can be assumed that you will be successful to buy a perfect cleats pair for yourself.

2. The Problem When Finding Wide Cleats?

Actually, the problem won’t appear all the time when you will be going to buy wide baseball cleats youth. Most often, people avoid buying things going to the market themselves. To be true, the problem arises in such a situation only.

If you can go to the market, you can get the opportunity to find perfect size cleat. You can give try to lots of cleats as a trail. If they don’t fit well, you can go to the other shop for more variations. In such a way, you can get a well-fitted and the best cleats for wide feet for you. But both of us know that it is time-taking and so, most of you don’t want to do so.

As I have said it that problem only appears when to buy cleats from any online shop. Because, there is no way to give a trail and so, there is a big possibility to get it not as just you want. In this case, you have to make sure that the online shop will provide you the right sized cleats. Check it again whether they understand your feet size and especially, how wide they are.

3. What is the best brand cleats for wide feet?

If you seek my suggestion or the expertise’s one, all will tell you that there is no better brand than the New Balance for wide feet. You know, most of the young players of MLB love to use new balance baseball cleats when they have wide feet.

However, there you will find some other brand like Under Armour, Nike, Adidas and so on that manufacturer cleats for wide feet. There is a way to find out if it is enough wide for your feet. If it is standard wide then it has a sign of D or M. For wide width cleats, you will find W. Lastly, if you want extra wide width then you have to find WW or X-Wide. Such way you can find the best baseball cleats for wide feet of any brand.

4. What are the best cleats for wide feet?

To be true, it is really very tough to specify a pair of cleats as the best youth baseball cleats for wide feet. But most of the reviews of the young players both from MLB and Little League suggest New Balance Men’s PM4040v4 Molded Baseball Shoe.

You know, this turf cleats has a wide width for your wide feet. Also, as it is a turf shoe, you have no reason to get disallowed from the little league and MLB. Also, you can use from outside the ground too. So, you can give a try on this cleat without any doubt.

Also, I can ensure you that all the 6 cleats I have put in the list below are very good for the wide feet. So, it is not obligatory to buy New Balance Men’s PM4040v4 Molded Baseball Shoe. You can choose any of them considering your choice and needs.

Hopefully, there is no question or confusion left about the best baseball cleats for wide feet. Now, you can check the reviews of 6 below best cleats for wide feet and chose the one you select.

Men’s Leadoff low RM Baseball Shoe

First, let me introduce you with Men’s Leadoff low RM Baseball Shoe, one of the best choices of the players with wide feet. It is a very affordable shoe with an aesthetically amazing appearance. If you want to have a thought about this perfectly polished synthetic shoe, you can have a look over its features. It will make you confident of it.


Material: The company, Under Armour, has handcrafted this shoe with a very strong synthetic leather. So, it can ensure you about its long-term durability and super flexibility. Also, a synthetic sole will ensure you an amazing feel with easements. If you are conscious about its breathability, then stop thinking about it. Because it has mesh tongue for that.

Size and weight:Size it the first priority when to buy a shoe for baseball or any other sport even or for general use. However, this shoe offers a huge range of size variation. You are allowed to get it from 6.5 M US to 15. 0 M US. So, there should be no complaint about its size. All you have to is to find out the best size of it. 11.4 oz is the weight of it on average. Isn’t it very light in weight?

Cleats: Do you love to use Rubber cleats? If yes, then I think you don’t have to look further. This awesome shoe has crafted with some super strong Rubber cleats. Be sure that these cleats will provide extra durability and optimal traction. And you must know how important these are for you.

Other Functions:Here, I have gathered the other important features of this shoe that should be mentioned too. Please, a have a look over them.

  • It includes exceptional step-in comfort.
  • Low top shoe and so, will be good for extra flexibility.
  • It offers 8 color variations.
  • This shoe contains full-length EVA midsole for extra comfort.
  • EVA midsole is necessary for the cushioning and for the distribution of the cleats pressure.

All of these things are necessary. For the best performance in the field, you need a pair of comfortable shoes and this one contains all the features that are necessary for you too.

Final Thought: Do you think that it has any fault or lacking? I don’t think so. Again, it has not been possible to find out a serious complaint about this stunning shoe. So, there should be no doubt about its authenticity. But still, you have some other options too. You can have a glimpse over them on later.

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New Balance Men’s 3000v4 Turf Baseball Shoe

Today, let’s learn about one of the finest baseball shoes which carry a lot of benefits. This time, it is called New Balance Men’s 3000v4 Turf Baseball Shoe. A greater portion of rubber cleats is attached to the sole of the shoe. Generally, they are used in youth programs. However, I am giving all the points of this cleats. It will allow you more confidence in these cleats.


Material: Baseball is a game that can be played on different surfaces like grass and dirt. So, it is important to know which materials are being used to make any cleats. The color of this baseball cleats is white. Again, the shoe is built with a very strong synthetic. Thus, there’s nothing to worry about its durability but also it will offer you extra comfort.

Here, you will achieve the spike placement of the shoe along with a full-length authentic foam midsole. This new balance baseball cleats enables unmatchable plush more natural ride. The upper body is also made with a synthetic and tie lace cage that enables you to tuck your laces into. Anyway, you can also enjoy the breathability because of its mesh tongue. The ultra-heel makes sure plushness around the heel.

Size and weight: Let’s check the size and weight of this baseball cleats. Generally, when you buy any baseball cleats the size is also a major thing. If you buy any size of shoes that don’t fit your feet then it’s unnecessary. Here, the cleats are expected to fit 73%. You will be also thankful for a lot of sizes. It includes 9 M US to 16 M US along with 9 W US to 16 W US. You can just select the one you chose for your feet.

Cleats: If you are seeking any fine rubber cleats then you are welcome here. Rubber cleats are mostly granted to use in youth programs. It is stable and strong. Also, it is allowed to use most surfaces like concrete and asphalt. You can really enjoy amazing traction. Most importantly, you will find this surprising cleat with such a reasonable price.

Other Functions: I am putting all the necessary functions of these cleats. Let’s see why you should choose this one.

  • Built with synthetic
  • It is a rubber sole
  • Provides a lot of sizes
  • Such a cheap price
  • Enables unmatched feel and excellent durability
  • May cause cancer and reproductive harm

It is important to check the features. If you want a successful game then you should know all the necessary things that the feature describes.

Final Thought: Are you much satisfied with these cleats? I hope you are. Not so many cleats will provide you these sorts of advantages. Hence, with a little trouble, this shoe is packed with a lot of benefits. Now, it’s your choice if you go with it or not.

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New Balance Men’s PM4040v4 Molded Baseball Shoe

Are you looking for any well-manufactured baseball cleats? Then meet New Balance Men’s PM4040v4 Molded Baseball Shoe. You will be thankful for its benefits. Because you won’t be troubled with the fitting system of these cleats. Besides, you will be easy going with it. I am giving some major information about these cleats. If you are interested then please check below.


Material: At first, this new balance wide youth baseball cleats is built of synthetic. So, you can enjoy the extreme durability here. You can get these cleats only in black color. Again, you will be cherished with its lightweight. Though the cleats are flexible but supportive enough. Thus, you will feel no heaviness while playing. The rubber sole is affixed to the bottom of the shoe. These cleats are really suitable for both teenaged or youth players.

Size and weight: Before buying any cleats, it is important to look after the size and weight. Most of the baseball players are very conservative about the fitting system. And If you do not pay attention here then the cleats won’t be easily fit your feet. You will discover this shoe with 62% fitting. And it will provide 5 M US to 16 M US and 5 W US to 16 W the US in size. You can simply pick your own proper size.

Cleats: Well, these rubber cleats are not less benefitted than any metal baseball cleats. And if you are conscious about the breathability? Then don’t worry. Because it includes durable TPU mesh boots ventilation. You can get a clean, streamlined look with the convenient lace cage. It also lets you focus on your game. While playing, you can feel the optical traction through these cleats. Again, you are permitted to wear these rubber cleats at any kind of surface.

Other Functions: Before buying any cleats, it is important to know all the functions. Some may won’t satisfy you. But if you look further, you can have better satisfaction.

  • Built with synthetic
  • Includes convenient lace cage
  • Durable TPU most boosts ventilation
  • Very lightweight and flexible
  • Well-fitting system
  • May cause cancer and reproductive harm

So, does this pair of new balance wide youth baseball cleats satisfy you? I think they do. It is important to know every single function that benefits you.

Final Thought:
What is your opinion now? This cleat may cause some harm with a lot of goods. There isn’t anything left to worry about. Now, it’s your choice if you go with it or not.

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Nike Men’s Huarache 2K Filth keystone Mid Baseball Cleat

Have you heard already heard about Nike Men’s Huarache 2K Filth keystone Mid Baseball cleat? If not, let’s introduce this latest cleat. It is made of the rubber sole. This rubber cleat will give you the same opportunity as metal cleats. Though these rubber cleats are flexible but enough stable and strong. Let’s check all the necessary information about these cleats.


Material: This cleat is built of a rubber sole. So, you won’t be disturbed with any durability problem. You will be pleased to know that this recognizable brand is designed to keep you at the bottom of the game. As far as you know, Nike is crafted with the closure is front lace. It is one of the most recognizable brands because of its authenticity. Again, these rubber sole cleats are allowed to play any youth programs.

Size and weight: Not all the cleats include many sizes to fit your feet. But here you will get 6 different sizes. They are 9 M US, 11 M US, 11.5 M US, 12 M US, 14 M US, 16 M US. You can just select your own size according to your feet. And you will be glad to know that here the fitting system is allowed 77%. So, there’s nothing to be worried. Also, if you have any questions about the color discussion then it will give you two choices of color such as black and white.

Cleats: Well, baseball is a game which is played on any kind of surfaces together with grass and dirt. But rubber cleats can be worn in any surfaces. This rubber sole cleat is permanently joint to the base of the shoe. BAseball cleats made from rubber provides traction to switch directions while running and fielding. Again, you will discover amazing softness and lightweight in your feet.

Other Functions: Let’s check other necessary functions that will ensure your satisfaction more. Before buying any cleats, it is important to know all the functions. If you know them well then you can use it to success your every match.

  • Built with innovative fabrics and designs
  • Guaranteed authenticity
  • Provides a lot of sizes
  • 77% fitting system
  • The closure is front lace

Yes, you will find hardly any disadvantage here. It is packed with all the essential things. So, you can easily get a fine performance using these cleats.

Final Thought:
It is really tough to find any cleats without any harms. People of all ages are allowed to play with these cleats. So, what are you waiting for? Bring this Nike Men’s Huarache 2K Filth keystone Mid Baseball cleat and make your game successful.

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New Balance Men’s 4040v4 Baseball Shoe

Are you searching any perfect fitting cleats for big kid players? Then I can give you a suggestion for the latest cheats. Meet New Balance Men’s 4040v4 Baseball Shoe, one of the latest models nowadays. These imported cleats are made of a rubber sole. Furthermore, it provides a really good fitting for the wide foot. For your satisfaction, I am putting some general information. However, please check below.


Material: The benefits of this rubber cleats are as same as material cleats. They are also made of synthetic. Here, you will discover the cleats rubber molded. This pair of new balance wide youth baseball cleats is also affixed to help the athletes to succeed in their goals. The synthetic will provide you enough durability and unmatched feel. The rubber sole cleats include shaft volume nearly low-top from the arch.

Size and weight: Are you concern about the size of this baseball cleat? Don’t worry, it will offer you many sizes. The size starts from 4 M US to 6.5 M US along with 4 W US to 7 W US. You can pick your own preferable size. I have already told that this cleat keeps the size for big kids nearly 8-12 years. So, the size will fit them without any doubt. The fitting system won’t dissatisfy you either. It contains 89% fitting system. Thus, the size of this cleat will gratify you for sure.

Cleats: Have you ever used any rubber molded cleats? If not, then use it. These rubber cleats are enriched with so much quality. The cleat offers two choices of colors such as black and camo. It also fits wide foot easily. A new balance is built like one of the finest shoes for any athletes. Besides, not all the synthetic rubber cleats are preferable for big kid players. But, these New Balance cleats are specially made for them. The cleats are very comfortable for the feet with long-lasting durability.

Other Functions: Before buying any cleats, it is important to know all the features and functions. Some of them may satisfy you or perhaps some won’t. So, check all the essential functions before getting late.

  • A special building system for Big kid players
  • Great fitting system
  • Amazing durability and softness
  • Offers two different color
  • May cause cancer and reproductive harm

Perhaps, now you are ready to buy this cleat. Not all the cleats grant so many functions.

Final Thought: So, why are you being late now? It is really high time to bring these cleats to your near ones or maybe for you. Though you may cause some trouble too while using. But, it is packed with all the necessary things that are needed.

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Under Armour Men’s Leadoff Low RM Baseball Shoe

Today, let’s introduce Under Armour Men’s Leadoff Low RM Baseball Shoe. It is known to be one of the superb baseball cleats. You will be cherished to know all the advantages here. Most of the big leagues’ players choose this cleat for an incredible performance. For you to know, I am giving all the major information. If you are interested then please check below.


Material: This amazing cleat is made of synthetic. The synthetic leather measures amazing consolation with unmatched durability. It helps to keep your feet cool and dry all day long. This Mesh tongue is also added to provide breathability. Not all sort of cleats ensures the breathability function. Because of this you will feel cherish while playing. Again, you will get full-length EVA midsole which creates no pressure to feet. So, you can really enjoy optimal traction here.

Size and weight: If you have any questions about the size of this cleat then the answer may please you. The fitting system is just perfect. It is allowed 88% here. The size includes 7 M US to 14 M US. You can pick your own size among them. You can also enjoy the lightweight here while most other cleats are heavy. Generally, the lightweight gives you the chance to success your game. The weight is 11.4 oz. So, you won’t suffer from the size and weight problems.

Cleats: Baseball is such a game that is played in any kind of surfaces. But the rubber molded cleats comprises optical traction and you will feel no pressure beneath your feet. So, you can run easily while playing. The Under Armor cleats will give you two options of color choices such as black or charcoal. The amazing fitting system of this cleat will make your game more conquest.

Other Functions: Are you aware of all the functions here? But before going on an opinion you should check all the necessary information. Some may please you ar some may not. So, before going on a decision check below.

  • Provides optimal traction
  • Amazing fitting system
  • Offers many choices of sizes
  • Made of a synthetic sole
  • Unmatched durability

Have you checked all the points? You may have already prepared your mind about this cleat. Because you won’t be able to find any damages here.

Final Thought: Well, you will hardly find any difficulty here. This cleat is packed with all the essential facilities. Now, it’s your time to choose a better cleat to enjoy an amazing baseball performance.

Bottom lines

Do you still think that it is pretty much tougher to find out the best youth baseball cleats for wide feet? I don’t think you are still afraid of it. You can share your opinion on your experience with us. Like what you think of the list or is there anything I have missed here. Also, you can share which one you have chosen from the list and how about your experiences with it.

But I know some of you are still confused and cannot choose which one to pick up. Am I right? I know, I am. So, for those, I can give a more specific suggestion. But first, think about if there is any cleats pair which specifications are compatible with your needs. If there are two or more, you can consider the one that is more compatible than the others.

Again, if you are totally failed to choose any of them, then I can help you a bit more. If you are a Nike fan, then try Nike Men’s Huarache 2K Filth keystone Mid Baseball Cleat. But my suggestion for cleats for wide feet will always follow the New Balance. In this case, you can try New Balance Men’s 3000v4 Turf Baseball Shoe.

Is everything clear now? Hopefully, it is. But still, if you have something to ask, you are welcomed. Even, I will be honored if you do so. Thank you so very much for staying for us.

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