Top 5 Best Baseball Cleats for Outfielders

Best Baseball Cleats for OutfieldersIf you are an outfielder and want to buy a pair of cleats then you are in the right place. Today I am going to describe the top 5 best baseball cleats for outfielders.

A baseball cleat is a must-have accessory regardless of your position on the field. So, it doesn’t matter exactly which role you’re playing in the game, you will need a pair of suitable cleats before placing your feet on the field.

You can find a variety of baseball cleats on the market. But not all of them are are going to be the right ones for you. Based on the position you play, the cleats can vary.

So, before buying a pair of a cleats, you should have a clear thought of which role you are playing the most on the field. I recommend that if you are a beginner then check out different types of baseball cleats which will help you get started before decide on making a purchase.

If you are an outfielder this article may come of great help as I have added 5 review of the best baseball cleats for outfielders. But first, let me list what would make cleats optimal for outfielders.

Top 5 Best Baseball Cleats for Outfielders (Quick List)

Best Cleats for Outfielders.

You may already be aware of what role an outfielder plays. Unlike other players, an outfielder has to run quicker and more frequently. This is so because they usually have to cover a lot more field than other positions. After all, the outfield is the largest space on the baseball field.

Therefore, it is obvious that the outfielders have to run more and usually at much faster speeds to catch the ball. Also, since they’re playing on the grass which can be quite slippery in wet conditions, they should rely on metal cleats.

Unlike the other cleats, metal cleats are good to “stick” to the ground more effectively. Again, metal cleats are best to provide maximum grip.

Also, outfielders should usually avoid a high-top cleat as they are relatively heavier. As you have to run more, having lightweight cleats will definitely provide an advantage. In this case, a low-cut cleat would be a better option.

However, you’ll have to have some idea about the field you’ll be playing on most of the time. If it is a field with soft ground, you might want to go with molded cleats. For muddy and soft ground, metal cleats can have more risk of injury vs. molded cleats.

However, we’ll go into more details below about choosing the best baseball cleats for outfielders.

New Balance Men’s L3000 v5 Metal Baseball Shoe

New Balance is one of top baseball accessory brands. This brand has launched one of the best baseball cleats for outfielders and it is the New Balance Men’s L3000 v5 Metal Baseball Shoe.


One of the great features of these baseball cleats is that you get a ton of color options as well as many size options ranging from 5 to 16 including wide styles.

In addition, these quality cleats are made of 100% Textile and Synthetic Leather along with a Synthetic sole. So, durability has definitely been considered here.

These cleats come with 8 spikes which are enough to produce maximum grip. In addition, they’re very lightweight allowing you to cover the field quickly.

This low-cut shoe is very comfortable to wear as the upper part is quite breathable. Also, it is long-lasting and durable enough to last multiple seasons.


  • 8 spike
  • Many sizes and colors available
  • Debris-free tongue
  • Toe protection
  • Comfortable collar


  • The price varies in accordance with the size
  • Durability problem is found by a few users

Give these a try and you likely won’t be disappointed. They are metal low-cut cleats which are a great choice for outfielders. Also, I think that proper use and care can reduce the very few incidents related to durability. Therefore, these are great cleats that should get a recommendation.

New balance L4040v3 Cleat Baseball Shoe

Let’s meet another one, among New Balance’s best baseball cleats for outfielders, New balance L4040v3 Cleat Baseball Shoe. Again, it is a low-cut metal shoe for your best performance.


Almost all the new balance baseball cleats are durable and long-lasting. This one is made of 100% synthetic leather with a Synthetic sole. This makes the shoe flexible and also comfortable.

This stunning cleat includes full-length REVlite foam which is very light in weight. It is also good to provide a comfy feeling. This cleat has the Debris-free tongue that will come as a great advantage too.

Furthermore, the padded collar and the no-sew FantomFit upper will always ensure enough support when you are running at the maximum speed. So, as an outfielder, you will find it as the best one for you.

To be more certain of it, you can have a look at its pros and cons.


  • Provides versatile Toe protection
  • Includes exclusive padded collar
  • Very light in weight
  • Sizes and colors available


  • No major problem is found yet

So, this con-free cleat is worth to have a recommendation. I think if you are a beginner, this is the best option for you as it is the best baseball cleats for youth outfielders.

NIKE Men’s Lunar Vapor Ultrafly Elite Baseball Cleat

who doesn’t know the name of the world-famous sports accessory brand, Nike? Yes, we, everyone has enough idea about this brand. So, it will not be fair if Nike doesn’t include a cleat for the outfielders.


Here is Nike Men’s Lunar Vapor Ultrafly Elite Baseball Cleat, one of the best baseball cleats for outfielders. It is a shoe of mid-range and so, easy to afford.

This Nike lunar vapor ultrafly elite white cleat is made with mixed materials like Synthetic and Mesh. So, it will be enough durable to surprise you. Also, you will find almost all sizes and a good number of standard color combination of it.

It is a mixed spike shoe is made of durable rubber and metal cleats. So, for those who have to run in the soft ground with mud or the hard one, it will be the perfect one to use while playing as an outfielder.

The Lunarlon midsole of this cleat is good to provide a comfy feeling with a foam cushion. Again the Flywire cables will come as a great benefit. However, if you are interested, you can have a look at its good and bad sides.


  • Provides both of the rubber and metal cleats
  • Includes Lunarlon midsole
  • Offers Flywire cables
  • Much affordable


  • Made with a combination of mixed materials
  • In accordance with the user’s review, it creates poor ankle support

Now, it’s completely up to you whether or not you are going to try this one. But for me, the cons are not serious and it will not disappoint you.

Adidas Men’s Freak X Carbon Mid Baseball Shoe

I will never believe if you say that the name Adidas is new to is. I don’t think no other sporting accessories manufacturer is as famous as Adidas. So, Adidas also includes the best baseball cleats for outfielders.


So, Adidas brings Adidas Men’s Freak X Carbon Mid Baseball Shoe especially if you are an outfielder. These amazing metal cleats are very affordable and you can get it within a hundred dollars. Also, it one of the best Adidas baseball cleats.

However, you are allowed to get it with 8 different colors and lots of sizes. Furthermore, it is made of 100% leather with durable rubber sole. So, you don’t have to think about its durability.

Also, it has premium nubuck upper along with diamond perforations. So, it will be more comfortable and will come as great benefits. Besides, as a mid-cut cleat, it is very light in weight too.

So, if you are interested in it you can check the pros and cons to be more specific about it.


  • Provides premium nubuck upper support
  • Includes ironskin toe protection
  • 100% leather made shoe
  • Includes durable rubber sole
  • Provides Internal shank for your midfoot support


  • Not yet found

So, what are you thinking about it? I think there is no reason to say no to it. After thinking about its price, materials, supports, and style, I must recommend it.

Nike Men’s Huarache 2KFilth Pro Baseball Cleat

Lastly, it is another one from Nike. And it is a molded cleat especially designed for the outfielders. So, if you are an outfielder then you should learn more about it.


So, say hello to Nike Men’s Huarache 2KFilth Pro Baseball Cleat, one of the best baseball cleats for outfielders.

As it is a molded cleat with lots of spikes, I recommend it for you if you have run in the muddy field or soft ground. Because the molded cleats perform well on such ground and even much better than the metal cleats.

This amazing cleat is made of synthetic leather and TPU mesh. These materials are very good to provide unbelievable durability. Besides, the lightweight Phylon midsole is used to craft it to ensure the most comfortable approach for you.

Also, it is not very expensive and you can get almost all of its size along with 4 different standard colors. Below, I have added the pros and cons of this cleat. You can have a look at it.


  • Provides lightweight Phylon midsole
  • Very affordable
  • Made of the mixture of synthetic leather and TPU mesh
  • Includes geometric divots for cushion


  • Sizing problem is found by many users


The cons, this stunning cleat include is not a serious one and you can handle it easily. So, I think you should give a rethink to it before saying goodbye to it. As because it is affordable, comfortable and awesome to look at, it is worth to be recommended.