Types of Baseball Cleats | You Should Know Before Buy Cleats

When it is about playing baseball, cleat comes as one of the must-have items. Without a pair of a comfortable, durable and good quality cleat, playing baseball has become near to be impossible. So, if you are a beginner, make sure that you have a perfect pair of a cleat. But, before having a pair of cleat it is wise to learn about the cleats as well as different types of baseball cleats.

Though there are a variety of cleats, for baseball and softball, cleats are of specific a particular style. Also, this particularly made cleats for baseball and softball, are also internally varied intro different types. Now, you may have a question that why you need to know about the types of baseball cleats. I am now telling you about it.

different types of baseball cleats

Why learn about the types of baseball cleats?

Yes, it is, of course, necessary to learn about the types of baseball cleats. If you are completely unaware of this fact, you may end up buying the wrong pair for you. Also, you may think that cleats are cleats and you can use any of them. If you are thinking like this then you are making a big mistake.

All kinds of cleats are not suitable for players with different abilities and of different ages. For kids and for youths, cleats are not the same. Again, it varies in accordance with different leagues. Furthermore, there are also some restrictions on using cleats in different leagues.

So, first, make sure that you are aware of the different types of baseball cleats. And at the same time, you have to know exactly which type of it, is perfect for you. If you can ensure these two very important facts, I hope, then you will be able to choose the right pair of the cleat for yourself.

Different types of baseball cleats

There are actually four different types of baseball cleats exist. They are generally differentiated in accordance with the material of the studs and the function of it. Each of these cleats contains its respective functions and features. Let’s have a look at these four types of cleats along with the precise and respective tracings.

1. Metal Cleats
The cleats with the metal studs, permanently adjacent to the sole of the shoe are known as the metal cleats. These cleats are specifically designed for particular functions. Metal cleats are good to provide the best traction because with it’s sharp studs, it can excavate the hard pitch easily.

Unlike other cleats, metal cleats are good to offer enough grip for you. This will help you to slow down or to take off easily. But players injure mostly with metal cleats. Because, as it excavates the ground tightly when the player changes his or her direction, the risk of getting injured has increased. This is why many Leagues make a limitation of using metal cleats.

2. Molded cleats
Molded cleats are made of rubber or plastic studs. These cleats are comparatively more durable and versatile. For the young players, molded cleats are the most popular one. On another hand, molded cleats are more affordable and available. It makes less risk for injury.

So, before going for the metal cleats, you should make a good practice using molded cleats. They are comparatively more forgivable and inexpensive. Moreover, specialist, in most of the cases, suggest it for the beginners and ever for the mature players. So, if you are a beginner or a youth player, my suggestion for you will follow a pair molded cleat.

3. Turf cleats
If you are expecting for the most comfortable cleats then choose a pair of turf cleats. Also, many of you want to have a cleat which you can use not just in the field but also everywhere as a general cleat. For them, I will suggest a turf cleat.

In comparison with any basketball shoes or any other sneakers, turf cleats are better to provide extra tractions. Even if they are also a very good choice for the low pitch softball players. Because they are capable of holding more grip for the dirt and grass. So, turf cleats, I think, will never disappoint you if you can make sure of its quality.

4. Interchangeable cleats
If you have a desire to have experience of both the molded and the metal cleats, then don’t worry. To make your fantasy true, different cleats companies have launched interchangeable cleats. The main features of it is you can change the studs of metal and molded one and adjust them with the same shoe. So, you can enjoy experiencing two different cleats in one only.

The spikes of an interchangeable cleat are adjacent to the shoe with some screws. So, it is very easy to change those studs. But as it includes some more functions, it is comparatively heavier than the others. And for the same reason, you may find a good quality interchangeable cleat with a relatively higher price range.

Besides these four different types of cleats, cleats can be divided into two other variations. The variation is dependent on the design only. It doesn’t differ in material or other functions. However, let’s s see what are those cleats.

1. Low-cut cleats
It is like a general shoe cut style. As it is said as the low-cut cleat, the top of the shoe hole is not high and is cut like “u” shape. As it doesn’t take extra material, it is comparatively lightweight and players find it good to be quicker. Because, in a low-cut cleat, it is very easy to roll the ankles.

2. High-cut cleats
High-cut cleats are meant to be the cleats with the highest cut on the top of the shoe whole. As it includes some extra materials it is heavier than the low-cut one. Again, for many players, it is good to look at and also it is stylish. But I personally don’t prefer it because it may not be as comfortable as the low-cut cleats.

Bottom Lines

Now, I think you have become aware of which type will be the best for you. I ask you to think about it again. Don’t make a decision instantly. I think you can buy the right one for you only when you are aware of the types and also the type that will suit you the best.

Always I’ll hope that you can be helped by my articles. Thank you for staying with us. Don’t forget to let me know about which one you are going to pick up and stay tuned.

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