Infielders Training Glove Reviewed: Dominate the Diamond Today!

When developing key fielding fundamentals on your infielder lineup, we recommend coaches incorporate an infielders training glove to help instill proper fielding habits around the diamond. In addition, an infielders training glove develops a beginner’s fielding, transition, throwing, and catching to prepare them for the best infield gloves. Therefore, we have collected the best infielder training gloves to aid infielders on their quest to dominate the diamond with their superior fielding skills.

What is the best Infielder Training Glove for you?Infielders Training Glove

As we all know, there are various types of infielders training gloves in the market; however, each type of infielders training glove offers various functions during fielding training. Thus, we dive in deeper to help you understand the purpose of each infielder training glove type.

Pancake Infielder Training Glove

 Pancake Infielders Training Glove

A pancake glove provides infielders with a gentle approach towards the fundamentals of proper baseball fielding. In addition, a pancake glove requires an infielder to catch a baseball with the use of two hands.

Furthermore, by training infielders to get used to a pancake glove, their baseball transfer speed faster. Plus, a pancake infielders training glove hones the “soft hands” of an infielder, providing them the ability to field the ball without letting it bounce away from their glove.

Four-Finger Infielder Training Glove

Four-finger Infielders Training Glove

A four-finger infielder training glove usually acts as a transition from pancake gloves to small infielder training gloves. Due to its flexible build, a four-finger infielders glove enables infielders to field baseballs using only one hand. In addition, a four-finger infielders glove provides infielders with the capacity to catch on the middle, glove hand, and backhand during training.

However, using a four-finger infielders training glove for one-handed fielding is still difficult. Nevertheless, a four-finger training glove provides more flexibility compared to a pancake glove.

Small Infielder Training Glove

Small Four-finger Infielders Training Glove

A small infielder training glove features downsized specifications of a regular infielder glove. In addition, small infielder gloves prepare beginners to transition to regular gloves while still emphasizing the fundamentals of fielding.

Furthermore, infielders can still hone their pancake, backhand, and glove hand fielding. In conclusion, a small infielder training glove encourages the use of proper technique, soft hand, and hand-eye coordination while retaining the feel of a regular infield glove.

The Best Infielder Training Gloves from Amazon

MacGregor Infield Training Glove


Brand: MacGregor

Type: Pancake Infielders Training Glove

The MacGregor brand is not one of the big names when it comes to the best outfielder baseball gloves and accessories; however, the brand is an excellent choice in terms of infield training. In addition, the MacGregor Infield Training Glove features decent specifications for its price!

Boasting an all-leather construction, the MacGregor Infield Training Glove is an excellent pancake-style glove that aims to develop the speed of an infielder’s “glove to throw” transition during games.


  • Leather material
  • Right Hand Throw
  • Leather lining
  • Durable construction


  • An excellent choice for infield pancake training.
  • Significantly improves transfer time of infielders.
  • Fits the left hand perfectly for right-hand throwers.
  • Excellent for children ages 8 years old and above.


  • Truly flat and has little to no flex.
  • The leather materials lack thickness.

Diamond Sports DG-Trainer INF Infielder’s Training Glove


Brand: Diamond Sports

Type: Pancake Infielders Training Glove

The Diamond Sports DG-Trainer is an excellent choice for infielders who has the extra budget for improved specifications and build quality compared to the MacGregor pancake glove. In addition, the DG-Trainer features upgraded comfort and feel than other pancake gloves in the market.

The DG-Trainer features full-grain American steer hide construction that provides extreme durability that will surely last. Furthermore, the finger slot construction emulates an authentic glove feel. Lastly, the DG-trainer comes with an adjustable strap for customizable sizing comfort and fit.


  • Full-grain American steer hide construction
  • Glove-quality finger slots
  • 29” circumference
  • Adjustable straps
  • Left-hand throw design


  • The leather material of the DG-Trainer is comfortable to wear.
  • Excellently emulates the feel of authentic glove slots.
  • Customizable fit thanks to its adjustable straps.
  • Excellent fit for all ages.


  • Comparatively more expensive than some small infielders training gloves.

BaseGoal Softhands Foam Fielding Trainer Quik Hands Batting Baseball Infield Practice


Brand: BaseGoal

Type: Pancake Infielders Training Gloves

Infielders and coaches looking for an extremely budget-friendly pancake glove should not look further from BaseGoal Infielders Training Glove. In addition, the BaseGoal Softhands Foam includes 2pcs of infield training gloves, an excellent offer for its price.

Furthermore, the BaseGoal Infielders Training Gloves feature elastic finger strips to keep the glove from moving around during fielding training. Plus, the construction of the BaseGoal gloves features an ambidextrous design perfect for both left and right-hand throws. Most importantly, the BaseGoal Infielders Training Gloves features high toughness foam and friction-resistant surface to provide infielders with the ultimate fielding experience.


  • 2pcs Infielders Training Glove
  • Flexible elastic finger strips
  • Soft foam construction
  • Ambidextrous design
  • High toughness foam


  • Straightforward design.
  • Excellent price for infielders on a tight budget.
  • A decent option for two-hand fielding drills.
  • Universal size.
  • Extremely portable training glove.


  • Does not provide the feel of authentic baseball gloves.
  • The elastic finger strips have questionable durability.

Mizuno Classic Pro GXT2A Training Glove


Brand: Mizuno

Type: Small Infielders Training Glove

So, have you got your fielding fundamentals down and are now ready for an actual training glove? Then, the Mizuno Classic Pro GXT2A Training Glove is an ideal choice for your first small infielder training glove.

The Mizuno Classic Pro GXT2A helps infielders to improve within the diamond. From quick transfers to executing successful double plays, Mizuno will surely not disappoint. Furthermore, the 9” size of the Mizuno GXT2A fits both children and adults, helping all ages and skill levels to develop their fielding during training sessions.

However, if you are looking for a pancake glove, we recommend the Mizuno Baseball GXT3A Infielders Training Glove for you!


  • Rich natural leather
  • 9” size
  • Right-hand throw
  • Premium-quality Mizuno construction
  • GXT2A


  • The glove fits both adults and children.
  • Excellent for two-hand, backhand side, and glove hand side fielding.
  • Extremely durable construction.
  • Promotes quick fielding and soft hands.
  • Designed to encourage proper fielding execution.


  • Not suitable for official games.
  • No left-hand throw variant.



Brand: Easton

Type: Pancake Infielders Training Glove

Infielders who want to experience professional-level training should consider incorporating the Easton Professional Collection Infielders Training Gloves into their arsenal of baseball gear. In addition, this particular Easton Infielders Training Gloves is one of the best in terms of two-handed fielding drills.

Furthermore, the combination of smooth steer hide leather and professional-grade rawhide laces provide a premium look and feel to the Easton Professional Collection.

Also, Easton offers an Easton 9.5” infield training glove if you prefer a small-sized infielders training glove.


  • Smooth steer hide leather
  • Comes in both left-hand and right-hand throw models
  • Classic Cowhide Palm Lining
  • 28” in size
  • Professional-grade Rawhide lace


  • Excellent choice for high school, college, and pro-level training sessions.
  • Features specifications intended for infielders.
  • Provides infielders with an excellent glove to train fast hands and quick transfers.
  • Features premium-level specifications.
  • Great value for its price.


  • Not designed for children’s use.

Rawlings Heart of the Hide Baseball Glove Series


Brand: Rawlings

Type: Small Infielder Training Gloves

Designed for training-committed infielders, the Rawlings Heart of the Hide Baseball Glove is an excellent choice for training against fast grounders and fly balls. In addition, the I-web of the glove enables infielders to field the ball consistently and execute faster ball transfers.

Furthermore, the construction of the Rawlings Heart of the Hide promotes two-hand fielding that can be followed with an immediate throw, increasing an infielder’s overall performance within the diamond.

Lastly, the Rawlings Heart of the Hide features pro-grade leather laces, padded thumb sleeves, deer tanned cowhide palm lining, and soft full-grain finger back linings. that provides unparalleled durability and comfort during training.


  • Thermoformed Hand Opening
  • 5” size
  • I-web glove
  • Pro-Grade Leather laces and padded thumb sleeves
  • Deer tanned cowhide palm and soft full-grain finger back linings.


  • Excellent for advanced infielders.
  • Extremely comfortable and durable glove.
  • The glove provides excellent wrist breathability and comfort thanks to its thermoformed opening.
  • An asset when it comes to honing fielding fundamentals and faster ball transfers within the infield.
  • The glove retains its shape even under harsh training conditions.


  • Significantly harder to break in.
  • Comparatively expensive than other small infielder training gloves on this list.

Rawlings Great Hands Training Glove


Brand: Rawlings

Type: Four-Finger Infielders Training Glove

An excellent tool for practicing glove hand and backhand side catching, the Rawlings Great Hands Training Glove is the next step after pancakes gloves. In addition, the Rawlings Great Hands is an advanced zero pocket fielding trainer that ensures that infielders still utilize a two-hand pancake for a faster ball transfer. However, the Rawlings Great Hands still offers an adequate amount of flex for one-handed fielding.

Furthermore, the Rawlings Great Hands Infielders Training Glove is an excellent tool that promotes an infielder’s hand skill, soft hands, quick release, and ball transfer time to increase the competitive edge of its wearer during official games.


  • Quality leather construction
  • Zero pocket design
  • Right-hand throw but fits left-hand throwers
  • One size fits most adults and youth hands


  • Excellent value for its price.
  • A good stepping stone after learning the fundamentals of fielding.
  • Provides infielders with the capacity to hone their one-handed fielding.
  • The zero pocket design forces infielders to focus on their fundamentals when fielding.
  • Excellent choice for beginners.


  • The materials feel cheap on the hand; however, it still gets the job done.

Frequently Asked Questions about Infielder Training Gloves

Q: How do you use an infield training glove?

A: An infield training glove has various uses depending on its design. With a pancake glove, an infielder focuses on using a two-hand technique with his bare hand as the ball controller and the glove as a cushion, providing faster ball transfers. On the other hand, four-finger training gloves act as a transition glove from a pancake glove while enabling one-handed catches due to their flexibility. Meanwhile, a small-sized glove provides the same features as a normal infielder glove; however, its smaller size forces infielders to become more precise when fielding baseballs.

Q: Should infielders flare their glove?

A: We oftentimes see infielders flaring their gloves, making its catching surface significantly larger while allowing faster ball transfers. However, this method only boils down to preference since you can break in your infield glove in various ways.

Q: What size glove do pro infielders use?

A: Professional infielders usually use 11.5” gloves since it’s the baseline length for MLB middle infielders. In addition, MLB players usually utilize a maximum of 11.75” glove size for infielders.

Q: What are baseball training gloves for?

A: A baseball training glove features specifications that enable players to learn the fundamentals of basic fielding during training sessions. Furthermore, infielders usually utilize their training gloves during the offseason when they focus on honing their fielding skills.

Q: Is a 12.75” glove too big?

A: Yes, a 12.75” glove is too big for an infielders training glove. However, we recommend outfielders get a glove size from 12.5” up to 12.75” to help them field fly balls properly and with ease.