5 Baseball Sliding Mitt Reviewed: Slide Safely within the Diamond

A baseball sliding mitt helps base runners brave the bases safely, especially during clutch moments within the diamond. In addition, these gloves work similarly to baseball sliding shorts to protect their user from abrasions and friction burns when sliding. Moreover, a baseball sliding mitt also provides much-needed wrist support to prevent injuries when sliding.

In this light, having a baseball sliding mitt in your batting arsenal is a must for players who give their all in the diamond. Therefore, we collected excellent baseball sliding mitts for your baserunning needs.

What to Look for When Buying Sliding Mitts?— A Buyer’s Guide

Baseball Sliding Mitt

As stated, a baseball sliding mitt provides ample wrist support and protection when sliding into bases during crucial plays. However, the overall protection and support a baseball sliding mitt can offer will depend on its quality. Thus, follow our lead as we dive into the things you should consider when buying a baseball sliding mitt.


When it comes to sizing, baseball sliding mitts feature a one-size-fits-most style. Usually, manufacturers size their mitts for youth and adult players. Therefore, finding a properly-sized sliding mitt is not that hard considering the usual sizing manufacturers utilize.


In terms of dexterity, baseball sliding mitts utilize a right-hand and left-hand throw regular baseball gloves use. For instance, left-handed baseball gloves would feature construction for a right-hand throw. Conversely, a right-handed baseball glove would incorporate a left-handed throw construction.

Even though players can wear a baseball sliding mitt on either hand, we recommend buyers to buy one for their dominant hand. In this light, this ensures that buyers get ample protection and support on their batting, catching, and throwing hand all game-long.


The overall durability and protection a baseball sliding mitt provides will depend on its materials. For starters, we recommend buyers look for baseball sliding mitts that feature a hard exterior. This ensures that a player’s dominant hand gets ample protection against a baseman’s cleat, especially when sliding into bases.

Furthermore, a baseball sliding mitt should incorporate a compressive fit for ample wrist support against sprains and injuries. Lastly, a baseball sliding mitt should be lightweight; therefore, we recommend players find one that incorporates light materials such as neoprene and polyester.

The Best Sliding Mitts from Amazon

EvoShield Sliding Mitt


Brand: EvoShield

Type: Baseball Sliding Mitt for either Left or Right-hand Throw

Within the baseball community, almost everyone knows the protection EvoShield provides to its customers. Bringing forth constant innovations such as the iconic gel-to-shell paddings, EvoShield incorporates its unparalleled quality to sliding mitts. Introducing the EvoShield Sliding Mitt, experience absolute protection against abrasions, sprains, and accidental stomps when sliding.

Firstly, the EvoShield Sliding Mitt features shields that protect the mitt’s top and bottom. As a result, these protective shields offer protection against abrasions and stomps that a base runner could endure when sliding.

Secondly, the elastic compression strap ensures that the mitt stays in place when worn. In addition, this feature allows users to enjoy ample wrist support. Thirdly, the EvoShield Sliding Mitt is fully adjustable, allowing users to customize the overall fit of the mitt according to their preference.

Lastly, the EvoShield Mitt features a thumb hole, allowing users to put out or tuck their thumb within the mitt. This thumb hole also provides the EvoShield Sliding Mitt with better ventilation during games.


  • Top and bottom protective shields
  • Elastic wrist compression strap
  • Thumb Hole
  • Left and right-hand throw
  • Fully-adjustable design


  • Offers unparalleled ventilation.
  • Protects hands of users against abrasions and accidental cleat stomps.
  • Comes in both left and right-handed throw variants.
  • Offered in 4 different colorways, allowing users to complement their team’s color.


  • Only offered in either left or right-hand throw variation.

Tucci Sliding Mitt Hand and Wrist Protector for Baseball and Softball


Brand: Tucci

Type: Right-handed Throw Baseball Sliding Mitt

Even though Tucci is not the biggest baseball manufacturer, their sliding mitt is still an exceptional product fit for baserunners. Featuring high-performance padding, the Tucci Sliding Mitt provides protection all around the hands and fingers. In addition, the mitt incorporates a high-impact polyethylene finger shield for better finger comfort and protection.

Furthermore, Tucci utilizes a durable-shaped scuff pad that is adjustable, enabling users to position them how they like. Moreover, the Tucci Sliding Mitt comes with a heavy-duty wrist wrap that is both adjustable and comfortable.

Therefore, if you are looking for a durable and lightweight sliding mitt for both baseball and softball games, considering Tucci’s sliding mitt is a great move. Lastly, the Tucci Sliding Mitt Hand and Wrist Protector come in red and blue.


  • High-performance paddings
  • High-impact Polyethylene finger shield
  • Durable-shaped scuff pad
  • Heavy-duty wrist wrap
  • Simplistic design


  • Ideal for both softball and baseball games.
  • Provides great wrist and palm support for sliding.
  • Includes an adjustable scuff pad.
  • Emphasizes finger protection through its high-impact finger shield.


  • Not ideal for protecting against accidental cleat stomps.

Tru Pro Sliding Mitt


Brand: Tru Pro

Type: Ambidextrous Baseball Sliding Mitt

If you are looking for a sliding mitt for both hands, then the Tru Pro Sliding Mitt is for you! Featuring protective features, the Tru Pro Sliding Mitt is a serious bang-for-the-buck to be reckoned with.

The Tru Pro Sliding Mitt incorporates a hardened exterior top and bottom, providing all-around protection for its users. Consequently, this combination protects the hand of sliding basemen against friction burns, abrasions, and direct cleat contact. In addition, this feature comes with a custom design fit that enables wearers to adjust the mitt’s overall fit accordingly.

Moreover, the Tru Pro Sliding Mitt fits both hands, removing the “left and right-hand throw” confusion from buyers. Lastly, this mitt utilizes high-grade soft flex neoprene. As a result, providing a better feel in comparison with standard neoprene.


  • Hardened exterior top and bottom padding
  • Custom design fit
  • High-grade elastic wrist material
  • Soft flex neoprene material
  • Adult and youth sizing


  • Utilizes an ambidextrous design.
  • Features enhanced soft flex neoprene for better comfort.
  • Does not feature a thumb hole, providing excellent protection when sliding in bases.
  • Incorporates a quick design that allows users to quickly remove and wear the mitt.


  • Offers less ventilation than the EvoShield Sliding Mitt.

Orbis Sliding Mitt


Brand: Orbis

Type: Baseball Sliding Mitt for either Left or Right-hand Throw

The Orbis Sliding Mitt provides an ergonomic design that wraps around accordingly to its user’s hands. Therefore, if you’re looking for a seamless sliding mitt, the Orbis Sliding Mitt does not disappoint.

Featuring composite panels over and under, the Orbis Sliding Mitt provides sock-like compression for the best level of protection possible. In addition, Orbis exhausted all efforts to ensure that their sliding mitt adapts to the shape of its user’s hand. Thus, this makes the Orbis Sliding Mitt an ideal glove for baserunners who wants a more seamless fit.

Moreover, the Orbis Mitt features a finger enclosure, protecting fingers from sprains, abrasions, and injuries caused by direct cleat contact. Plus, this included finger enclosure also features holes that help ventilate the mitt’s interior. Lastly, the Orbis Sliding Mitt utilizes a premium neoprene construction, allowing the mitt to provide a comfortable feel.


  • Ergonomic design
  • Top and bottom composite panel
  • Built-in finger enclosure
  • Premium neoprene material
  • Soft interior lining


  • Provides an ergonomic look and feel compared to other offerings in this list.
  • Easy to wear and remove on both hands due to its wide opening.
  • Comfortable to wear because of its premium neoprene material.
  • Offers easy stain removal due to its all-black colorway.


  • Only comes in either left or right-hand throw variation.

EvoShield A154 Sliding Wrist



Brand: EvoShield

Type: Fingerless Baseball Sliding Mitt

The EvoShield A154 Sliding Wrist features a unique design that offers excellent protection without compromising ventilation. Thus, if you have sweaty hands and looking for a solution, the EvoShield A154 is the one for you!

Featuring a neoprene interior lining, the EvoShield A154 is both lightweight and comfortable to wear during games. In addition, EvoShield utilized durable neoprene materials on the wrist support, further enhancing the glove’s durability without weighing it down.

Moreover, the EvoShield A154 comes with a stable and durable metal insert on the glove’s wrist. As a result, the sliding wrist guard provides incredible stabilization and support from the wrist’s bottom to top. Therefore, if you are looking for baseball sliding mitts minus the hot interior, the EvoShield A154 is the product for that.


  • Double neoprene construction
  • Neoprene lining
  • Metal insert
  • Top and bottom wrist protection
  • Fingerless construction


  • Effectively helps protect its wearer from hyper-extensions and injuries when sliding.
  • Provides unparalleled ventilation compared to standard baseball sliding mitts.
  • Offers twice the durability of standard neoprene materials while staying lightweight.
  • Preferred by professionals in the MLB.


  • Despite its incredible ventilation design, it doesn’t offer ample finger protection.

Frequently Asked Questions about Sliding Mitts

Why do baseball players wear sliding mitts?

As we know, sliding into bases may cause injuries such as sprains and abrasions. In addition, the risk of getting stomped on by metal cleats is also an issue, especially when sliding around the diamond. Therefore, baseball players wear sliding mitts to protect their hands against these risks, considering that hands are valuable assets when playing baseball or softball.

What hand do you wear a sliding mitt?

When using a baseball sliding mitt, there are no rules on where to wear them since you can virtually wear most mitts on both hands. However, we recommend baserunners wear a sliding mitt on their dominant hand as this often becomes the reaching hand when sliding into bases. Furthermore, doing this assures players that their dominant hand can serve them inning after inning without sustaining injuries that may keep them off for a season.

What sliding Mitt do the pros use?

In the MLB, professionals use the best brands, especially since this level of baseball play requires players to perform better than their opponents. Within this league, the two best baseball sliding mitt brands are EvoShield and Tru Pro.

When did baseball players start wearing sliding mitts?

Before 2013, baseball sliding mitts were not a thing in both amateur and professional baseball play. However, Bret Gardner— a Yankees outfielder— started sporting one in his games. Since then, the trend started from the MLB down to other leagues, allowing baserunners to get the much-needed protection against injuries.

Why does Bryce Harper wear a mitten?

Back in September 2016, Bryce Harper injured his left thumb while sliding, only to learn he tore his thumb’s ligament. Since this event, Byrce Harper missed eight weeks due to the needed treatment and rehabilitation from his thumb surgery. Therefore, Harper has been seen in games wearing a baseball sliding mitt to protect his recovering thumb from further injury.