7 Baseball Laces and Glove Care Kits: Unleash your Glove’s Potential!

Baseball laces can usher and provide a new life to your own and worn-out baseball gloves. In addition, baseball laces keep baseball gloves together, making them extremely valuable within a glove’s build. However, no matter how crucial baseball laces are in a glove’s construction, players tend to overlook their importance.

Similarly, some baseball manufacturers incorporate cheap laces on their entry-level baseball gloves. As a result, these gloves provide subpar durability during games. Therefore, we collected excellent baseball laces to improve your glove’s overall quality, performance, and durability!

Why Should You Get A Baseball Lace Set for Glove Care Kits?

Baseball Laces

Through baseball laces, a glove owner can customize the fit and aesthetic of their baseball gloves. In addition, this feature helps people save up tons of money by allowing owners to repair their baseball gloves. Therefore, here are the reasons why you should incorporate aftermarket baseball laces into your baseball arsenal.

Easy Repairs

For instance, you have a left-handed baseball glove with broken laces. Of course, you wouldn’t want to buy a new one right away, especially when its original leather isn’t worn out. Therefore, allowing players to repair their gloves easily. Thus, we advise players to buy baseball laces that include at least a threading needle.

Convenient Maintenance

Some manufacturers offer baseball laces within a glove care kit. Moreover, these glove carer kits include leather conditioners for proper glove maintenance and break-in. Therefore, providing convenient glove maintenance for players and people learning how to clean a baseball glove.


Do you know what’s cheaper than a baseball glove, repair kits, and baseball laces! As stated, a baseball laces and glove care kit is a cheap way to maintain and repair baseball gloves. Therefore, these products allow buyers to maximize the potential of their baseball gloves.

3 Excellent Glove Care Kits for your Baseball Glove

Wilson A2000 Baseball Glove Care Kit


Brand: Wilson

Type: Glove Care Kit with Baseball Laces

Specifically designed for the Wilson A2000, this baseball glove care kit can also handle most baseball gloves. Featuring baseball laces, threading needles, and other glove care essentials, the Wilson A2000 Glove Care Kit is an absolute bang-for-the-buck!

Furthermore, the A2000 glove care kit contains a lacing tool and glove oil, providing excellent glove maintenance in a bag. In addition, professionals in the MLB trust the Wilson A2000 Glove Care Kit, making it one of the best kits in the market.

Moreover, the kit features black and tan rawhide laces for baseball gloves, offering incredible durability during games. Lastly, the Wilson A2000 Baseball Glove Care Kit comes with a carrying case for easy transportation and storage.


  • Black and Tan Rawhide Laces
  • Lacing Tool
  • Awl and Cutter
  • Threading Needle
  • Glove Oil and Brush


  • Trusted by Professionals in the MLB.
  • Excellent for relacing baseball gloves.
  • Budget-friendly price point.
  • Excellent for A2000 and other Wilson Baseball Gloves.


  • The tools lack quality; however, it gets the job done.

Hot Glove Bundle Deluxe Glove Care Kit with 1 Minute Microwave Steam Glove Break-in


Brand: Hot Glove

Type: Glove Care Kit

If you’re looking for an all-around glove care kit, then the Hot Glove Bundle Deluxe kit is for you! Hot Glove specifically designed this Deluxe Glove Care Kit to handle glove break-in and maintenance. As a result, this makes the Hot Glove Bundle excellent to go with a baseball glove relacing kit, providing all-around glove maintenance.

Moreover, the Hot Glove bundle utilizes steam to soften a glove’s material in just 1 minute! In addition, the included Hot Glove mallet allows users to form the pocket and fingers of gloves easily. Plus, users may utilize the handle of the mallet to break in their glove’s finger sockets.

Furthermore, the Hot Glove Deluxe Bundle comes with an all-natural cream conditioner. Featuring natural ingredients such as lanolin, aloe, and vitamin E; the cream conditions the glove gently compared to harsh glove oils.


  • Hot Glove Mallet
  • Cream Conditioner
  • Microwave Steam Kit
  • Hot Glove Treatment
  • Glove Wrap Deluxe


  • Includes an all-natural cream conditioner that softens and preserves leather quality.
  • The dual action glove mallet effectively helps in breaking in the glove.
  • Features a 1-minute microwave break-in period.
  • All-around baseball glove conditioner and care kit.


  • Suitable for dark-colored leather baseball gloves only.

Markwort Deluxe Pro Relacer Kit


Brand: Markwort

Type: Glove Relacer Set for Baseball Laces

The Markwort Deluxe Pro provides all the necessary tools and equipment for an easy glove relacing process. Featuring three 72” laces, the Markwort Set provides various lacing possibilities to get the best out of your baseball glove.

Firstly, the Markwort Deluxe Pro Relacer Kit includes intricate step-by-step instructions by John Mathes. In addition, John Mathes designed the instruction set Thus, making glove relacing easier for both beginners and experienced players alike.

Secondly, the set features a quality leather cutter, puncher, u-wire needle, and lacing tool within an affordable price range. Lastly, the Markwort Deluxe Pro Set comes with a free tote bag for better portability and storage.


  • 3 pieces 72” laces
  • U-wire Needle Lacing Tool
  • Steel Lacing Tool
  • Leather Puncher
  • Leather Cutter


  • Includes decent essential relacing tools.
  • The included instructions are easy to understand.
  • Cheaper than the Wilson A2000 Glove Care Kit.
  • The included laces are decent in terms of quality.


  • Some of the included tools aren’t durable.

4 Incredible Laces for Baseball Gloves

TOFL Softball and Baseball Glove Laces


Brand: TOFL

Type: Baseball Laces for Catching and Fielding Gloves

The TOFL Baseball Laces set comes with 6 cowhide leather strips, boasting a length of 72” long each. In addition, the set’s lace features a width of 3/16”, making them effective for relacing the glove’s pocket and fingers.

Moreover, the TOFL laces utilize an authentic cowhide construction, making it a heavy-duty option to replace your glove’s stock laces. Furthermore, each TOFL laces are easy to use, providing enough flexibility for users to follow their glove’s original lacing pattern.

Finally, the TOFL laces are compatible with all baseball and softball brands. Featuring a vast selection of colors to choose from, the TOFL provides incredible versatility for both aesthetic and practical use.


  • 6 pieces Cowhide Baseball Laces
  • 72” in length
  • 80mm wide
  • TOFL Tips and Tricks
  • 23 Options to Choose From


  • Compatible with all baseball glove brands and types.
  • Provides a soft and supple leather feel.
  • Offered in different colorways to match your team’s colors.
  • Thicker in comparison with stock baseball laces.


  • The set doesn’t include a lacing needle.

Rawlings Glove Lacing Kit



Brand: Rawlings

Type: Baseball Laces Kit

The Rawlings Glove Lacing Kit is an excellent glove lace for players within a tight budget. Featuring a standard rawhide lace, the Rawlings Glove Lacing Kit is ideal for both Rawlings and other baseball glove brands.

Furthermore, the rawhide lace features a total of 48” in length, making it good for one baseball glove. Meanwhile, the lace features a width of 3/16” that fits most glove pocket and finger slot stitchings.

Lastly, the Rawlings Glove Lacing Kit includes a 5” plated steel needle paired with a coated handle. As a result, the included awl-type lacing tool makes relacing easier and convenient.


  • 48” rawhide lace length
  • 3/16” lace width
  • 5” plated steel needle
  • Coated awl handle
  • Available in both black and tan colorways


  • The Rawlings Glove Lacing Kit’s included awl is durable.
  • Offers enough length for one glove.
  • Works with any glove brand.
  • Budget-friendly price point.


  • The included glove lace is brittle compared to the TOFL Baseball Laces.

Rawlings Glove Re-Lace Pack


Brand: Rawlings

Type: Baseball Laces Kit

The Rawlings Glove Re-Lace Pack features a vast selection of colorways buyers can choose from. Featuring 11 different options, there is a  Rawlings Glove Re-Lace Pack for all player aesthetics and preferences.

Moreover, the Rawlings Re-Lace Pack features 4 pro-grade rawhide laces, providing enough coverage for one glove. In addition, these professional-grade laces feature a width of 3/16” and ¼” suitable for all baseball glove parts.

Lastly, the Rawlings Glove Re-Lace Pack includes a free U-wire tool. This tool allows users to thread the baseball lace easily through the glove.


  • 4 Pro-Grade Rawhide Laces
  • 3/16” lace width
  • ¼” lace width for web relacing
  • 11 colorway options
  • U-Wire Lacing Tool


  • More durable than the standard rawhide of the Rawlings Glove Lacing Kit.
  • Offers 2 different lace width for different glove parts
  • Features more colorway options than the Rawlings Glove Lacing Kit.
  • Enough length to relace one glove.


  • The included U-tool lacks quality in comparison with a standard lacing awl.

Professional Baseball Glove Re-Lacer Kit with Tools and Leather Lace


Brand: Authentic Baseball

Type: Baseball Laces Kit

A great choice for buyers looking for decent relacing tools, these professional-grade tools get the job done! Featuring a leather punch, U-wire steel needle, and steel lacing tool, this kit makes relacing a walk in the park.

In addition, the set includes three high-quality 72” baseball laces that are both durable and versatile. Moreover, this professional lace kit comes with a step-by-step guide to help beginners with the basics of glove relacing.

On the other hand, the professional deluxe kit includes two extra relacing tools— a cutter tool and an L-tote tool. These extra tools make relacing easier, especially on a glove’s hard-to-lace areas such as pockets and finger slots.


  • 3 piece 72” baseball laces
  • Leather Punch
  • U-Wire Steel Needle
  • Steel Lacing Tool
  • Cutter and L-tote Tool (Deluxe version)


  • The standard version is comparatively cheaper than the Rawling Re-Lace Pack while offering more tools.
  • Includes an easy-to-follow step-by-step guide for beginners.
  • Decent tool and lace quality.
  • Offers durable and versatile baseball laces.


  • Does not offer other lace colorways.

Frequently Asked Questions about Laces for Baseball Gloves

Q: What size laces for baseball glove?

Typically, manufacturers construct their lace around 72” in length. In this light, a standard baseball lacing run would require 3-4 laces. Meanwhile, bigger gloves such as the best gloves outfielders would require around 6 laces.

Q: How is a baseball laced?

Lacing a baseball is an extensive and exhaustive process if you don’t know what you’re doing. Usually, some products such as baseball laces and specific tools are required to make relacing easier. However, the main trouble here is the process of relacing the glove itself. Therefore, we provide you with a video that can help you through the basics of baseball glove replacing.

Q: What are baseball glove laces made of?

Baseball laces usually feature genuine cowhide leather. Some manufacturers who offer higher-quality laces would incorporate professional-grade rawhide leather.

Q: How do you replace baseball glove laces?

As stated in this article, replacing a baseball glove lace is an exhaustive process glove owners should know. Although optional, it is a vital skill to learn, especially when preserving a glove’s quality; thus, improving its overall performance. Therefore, here is a step-by-step video that covers the nitty-gritty of replacing baseball glove laces.

Q: How do you break in a baseball glove?

Breaking in a baseball glove is an extensive process that may take days or weeks depending on the glove’s material. It also has no definite process as players tend to break in their gloves depending on the glove feel they want.

If you’re aiming for a faster way to break in your glove without damaging it, the Hot Glove Bundle Deluxe Glove Care Kit is the way. This glove care kit provides the user with an easy break-in process that lasts for only one minute.