Easton Catchers Gear Reviewed: Unparalleled Protection Behind the Plate

The baseball community undeniably knows the quality Easton Catchers Gear provides to catchers behind the plate. Since the 1960s, Easton has manufactured excellent aluminum alternatives to the traditional wooden bat, which slowly made its way into the domain of softball as Easton Softball Bats.

Today, Easton is one of the world-renowned manufacturers when it comes to baseball equipment. Trusted by both professionals and amateurs worldwide, you can never go wrong with the protection Easton Catchers Gear provide. Therefore, we have collected the best catchers gear from Easton to accompany you as you face fastball after fastball behind the plate.

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The Different Catchers Gear You Should Have

Easton Catchers Gear

As we know, a catcher’s position is one of the most dangerous places to be in a baseball game. When a pitcher delivers a pitch, a baseball can easily reach speeds of up to 90mph. Therefore, without ample protection, these balls can cause catchers serious injury. Catchers may prevent these accidents from happening by wearing the following equipment:

Catcher’s Helmet

Easton Catchers Gear

Catchers must wear proper head protection before positioning themselves on the baseball’s trajectory. In addition, a typical baseball features a cork and rubber core wrapped around by horsehide, making baseballs fly like a rubber bullet. Therefore, without the proper headgear, catchers may receive concussions, or worse, serious injuries when hit by a baseball.

Furthermore, catchers may pick from two different catcher’s helmet styles. A traditional catcher’s helmet provides unparalleled ventilation perfect for hot summer days; however, it doesn’t offer absolute protection on the ears and sides of the head. On the other hand, a hockey-style catcher’s mask provides absolute protection from baseballs, making it the primary choice for youth baseball catchers.

Catcher’s Protection Shirts

Easton Catcher's Gear

Catchers must invest in a good quality catcher’s shirt due to the adverse effects of getting hit with a fastball on the chest. Without proper chest protection, catchers may sustain injuries such as bruises, and in extreme cases where a player gets hit on the chest, commotio cordis.

To prevent these injuries from happening, we advise players to ensure that the chest protector shirt they purchase bears the NOCSAE certification, making the equipment an excellent tool to prevent the occurrence of commotio cordis and other severe injuries caused by a direct ball hit.

Catcher’s Leg Guards

Easton Catcher's Gear

Before assuming a catcher’s position, players must acquire a leg guard to provide excellent protection for their knees, shins, and ankles. Having a leg guard is essential for catchers as they protect them from foul balls and grounders. In addition, having an excellent pair of leg guards prevents injury from sudden drops to the ground when catching a baseball.

The Best Easton Catching Gear from Amazon

Easton Gametime Baseball Catchers Equipment Box Set NOCSAE Approved


Excellent for parents looking for a NOCSAE-certified Easton Catchers Gear, the Easton Gametime features high-quality protection even on the most demanding games. Featuring a protective shirt, a hockey-style helmet, and two pieces of leg guards, the Easton ELITE X provides unparalleled comfort and protection against fastballs and grounders.

The Easton Gametime Elite Catchers Mask features a streamlined design, providing catchers with a breathable design that offers a snug fit and excellent visibility. In addition, the Easton Gametime Elite Chest protector incorporates multi-layer foams which reduces ball rebound while still providing a decent amount of ventilation. Lastly, the Easton Gametime Leg Guards also features multi-layer foams which perform similarly to the Gametime Elite Catchers Mask.

Type: Easton Catchers Gear Set

Sizes: Intermediate and Adult Sizing.


  • Easton Gametime Elite Mask, Chest Protector, and Leg Guards
  • Gametime Elite Mask: Catcher’s Throat Guard Capable
  • At least 5 years of certified life under normal playing conditions.
  • BioDri moisture Control
  • NOCSAE-Certified
  • Multi-layer foams


  • Features both intermediate and adult sizes.
  • NOCSAE approved.
  • Includes a high-quality Easton Catchers Gear Set for its price.
  • Incorporates sweat-wicking fabrics to keep the user cool and dry.


  • The leg guards’ padding is of poor quality.

EASTON ELITE X Baseball Catchers Equipment Box Set


Take your child’s performance to a whole new level with the Easton ELITE X Baseball Catchers Equipment Box Set. The Easton Catchers Gear ELITE X features improved specifications seen from the Easton Gametime Elite, even making it to the limelight of the 2018 Little League Baseball World Series.

Firstly, the Easton ELITE X catcher’s helmet features a solid ABS plastic shell that incorporates a strategic ventilation system, providing excellent protection and temperature management. In addition, the BioDri fabrics inside the ELITE X helmet allow children to stay dry during the most intense games.

Secondly, the ELITE X chest protector incorporates stacked memory foam in the abdominal area, providing excellent rebound control. Moreover, the chest protector features a steel inset waist clip, adjustable shoulder cap, and a 4-point webbing strap system, allowing it to fit snugly around the wearer’s body.

Lastly, the Easton Elite X leg guards incorporate a wide-set knee design which enables catchers to have a free range of motion on their legs in any position. Plus, its reinforced knee and thigh protection design allows the leg guards to have a secure fit while in motion.

Type: Easton Catchers Gear Set.

Sizes: Youth, Intermediate, and Adult Sizing.


  • Includes the ELITE X catcher’s helmet, protector shirt, and leg guards
  • NOCSAE-certified
  • BioDri moisture control fabrics
  • 4-point catcher’s protector shirt webbing strap system
  • Stacked Memory Foam on the Ab area.
  • Vented shell leg guards design
  • Wide-set knee leg guards design


  • Provides a wider sizing range compared to the Easton Gametime Set.
  • 15 different colorways to choose from.
  • Excellent at preventing rebounders when hit on the chest protector shirt.
  • NOCSAE approved set.


  • Not ideal for team use due to its wider sizing range.

EASTON JEN SCHRO THE VERY BEST Catcher’s Equipment Box Set Kit


The Jen Schro Easton Catchers Gear is an ideal choice for girls and women seeking the best protective gear behind the plate. Featuring the specifications of professional catching coach Jen Schro, this set from Easton will surely enhance a catcher’s game.

Crafted from a durable ABS plastic shell and black matte steel cage, the Easton Jen Schro Catching helmet can easily deflect rogue balls away from a catcher’s head. In addition, the incorporation of Clear Dri fabrics and the Aegis Antimicrobial Lining, the inner part of the helmet effectively wicks sweat while killing bacteria.

Furthermore, the Gen Schro chest protector features an easily adjustable system that enables the product to comfortably fit players even when moving. In addition, Easton incorporates its patented silicone grip abs, providing catchers with a form fit protection against rogue balls.

Finally, the Easton Jen Schro leg guards include a neoprene knee strap to enhance user comfort without restricting movement. Also, the inner knee padding of the leg guards provides overall support and protection from direct softball hits.

Type: Easton Catchers Gear Set.

Sizes: Medium sizing.


  • Includes the Jen Schro catcher’s helmet, protector shirt, and leg guards.
  • ABS plastic shell and black matte steel cage.
  • Clear Dri fabrics.
  • Aegis Antimicrobial Lining
  • Patented Silicone Grip Abs
  • Neoprene Knee Strap
  • Inner Knee Padding


  • Incorporates sweat-wicking and anti-bacterial properties.
  • The included chest protector shirt is easy to adjust.
  • The ABS plastic shell helps make the catcher’s helmet durable and lightweight at the same time.
  • The leg padding system ensures overall comfort and protection without restricting movement.


  • Easton designed this catcher’s gear only for girls.

Easton PRO X Baseball Catchers Equipment Box Set, 2021


Trusted by professional catcher Austin Hedges, the PRO X Easton Catchers Gear brings players top-of-the-line specifications behind the plate. In addition, the Easton Catchers Gear PRO X set includes a professional-level hockey-style helmet, chest protector, and a pair of leg guards.

Easton designed its most advanced PRO X helmet with a black steel cage that incorporates a flat middle bar, increasing the user’s overall visibility. Moreover, the two-tone ABS plastic shell paired with the Poron XRD impact-absorbing technology of the PRO X provides unmatched head protection behind the plate. Plus, the BioDri sweat-wicking fabrics and the ergonomic chin pads of the PRO X offer the ultimate comfort in an Easton catcher’s helmet.

In the chest protection department, the PRO X Easton chest protector features a double layer chest design incorporated with an EVAIR foam layer. Paired with deadening memory foam abs and silicone grips on the ab pads, the PRO X chest protector offers excellent breathability and rebound control.

Lastly, the Easton PRO X catcher’s leg guards boast a wide-set design, covering more area while providing more range of movements compared to standard leg guards. Additionally, Easton’s Poron XRD foam enables the PRO X leg guards to resist impact and shock from direct hits. Also, the PRO X shell features the EVAIR foam liner, increasing the airflow and breathability of the leg guards.

Type: Easton Catchers Gear Set.

Sizes: Intermediate and Adult sizing.


  • Features the Easton PRO XTM catcher’s helmet, chest protector, and leg guards.
  • Comes in red, royal, navy, and black colorways.
  • Two-tone ABS plastic helmet shell.
  • Poron XRD shock-absorbing technology.
  • BioDri moisture-wicking fabrics.
  • EVAIR foam layers.
  • Patent Silicone Grip on the ab pads.
  • Wide-set knee design leg guards.


  • Provides players with professional-level protection and specifications.
  • The included chest protector provides excellent rebound control and impact protection.
  • Trusted by professional catchers like Austin Hedges.
  • The chest protector incorporates a commotio cordis


  • The PRO X only offers the toe extensions on the adult-sized variants.

EASTON PRO Catchers Mask Throat Guard


Easton equipped its catching helmets with a slot for optional throat guards, enabling users to fit the Easton PRO throat guard on almost any Easton catcher’s mask. In addition, the Easton throat guard features a 4.5” protective guard that effectively prevents rogue balls from reaching a catcher’s vulnerable neck.

Furthermore, the included adjustable nylon ties provide a perfect fit without interfering with a catcher’s movements. Therefore, if you are looking to improve your Easton catchers gear’s overall protection, the Easton PRO Catchers Mask Throat Guard is an excellent addition to your set.

Type: Easton Catchers Gear Accessory

Size: 4.5”


  • 5” protective area
  • Fully adjustable nylon ties
  • Non-interfering fit.
  • Easton logo on the front.
  • Comes in black, red, navy, and royal colorways.


  • Engineered to fit Easton catcher’s helmet.
  • Usable under leagues that require throat guards.
  • Features durable materials.
  • Easy to attach on protective masks.


  • The shoestring connection requires retightening every once in a while.



Incorporating a hybrid construction, the Easton Professional Hybrid Catcher’s Glove features a durable USA chrome-tanned Horween steer hide leather on the palm and lining and a lightweight Japanese-tanned professional reserve steer hide shell back.  Moreover, this combination enables the Easton Professional Hybrid Catcher’s Glove to withstand the abuse of catching non-stop without compromising its weight.

Furthermore, Easton designed the Professional Hybrid catcher’s glove to incorporate professional-grade rawhide laces, increasing the pocket’s durability against fastballs and grounders. Finally, the Easton Professional Hybrid Catcher’s glove offers

Without the appropriate baseball glove, catchers will have a hard time doing their job within their playing area. Luckily, the Easton Professional Hybrid Baseball Glove is here to the rescue.

Type: Easton Catcher’s Glove

Size: 33.5”


  • Horween Steer Hide Lining
  • USA Chrome-Tanned Leather Palm
  • Lightweight Japanese-tanned Reserve Steer Hide Back
  • One-piece Solid Webbing
  • Professional Grade Rawhide Laces


  • Offers both left and right-hand throws.
  • Durable and lightweight at the same time.
  • Features an excellent hybrid construction for catchers.
  • Trusted by professionals like Kevin Pullar and Delino DeShields.


  • More expensive than the Easton Paragon Catcher’s Glove.

EASTON Paragon Youth Baseball Glove Series


The Easton Paragon Youth Baseball Glove Catcher’s Glove features a select cowhide palm and shell leather, making the glove withstand powerful pitches. In addition, the rawhide laces of the Easton Paragon make the pocket, web, and fingers more durable and robust.

Furthermore, the super-soft palm lining improves the Easton Paragon’s grip, helping catchers to control pitches, enhancing the overall performance of catchers. Finally, Easton designed the Paragon Catcher’s Glove for the hands of young players, providing both comfort and performance during crucial plays.

Type: Easton Catcher’s Gear

Size: 31”


  • Select Cowhide Palm and Shell Leather
  • Rawhide Laces
  • Super-soft palm lining
  • One-piece Solid Webbing
  • Youth sizing.


  • Offers both left and right-hand throws.
  • Comparatively cheaper than the Easton Professional Hybrid Series.
  • Excellent for small youth hands.
  • The Easton Paragon Catcher’s Glove is both comfortable and durable behind the plate.


  • Lacks quality material compared to the Easton Professional Hybrid Series.

Frequently Asked Questions about Catcher’s Gear

Q: What is catcher’s gear?

A catcher’s gear comprises a catcher’s helmet, chest protector, and a pair of leg guards. However, a catcher’s gear is not limited to this selection as catchers may modify their equipment by adding throat guards and other optional accessories to their catcher’s set.

Q: What gear do pro catchers use?

Professional catchers in the MLB uses big brands such as Rawlings, Louisville Slugger, Wilson, and Easton.

Q: Do MLB catchers wear thumb guards?

Yes, catchers in the MLB utilizes a thumb guard to reduce the stress their thumb receives. In addition, thumb guards provide added protection to the user’s thumb.

Q: Are baseball chest protectors worth it?

Yes, baseball chest protectors are worth it considering the amount of protection they provide to a catcher’s chest. Furthermore, various leagues require catchers to wear protective equipment such as a chest protector before playing in a league-sanctioned game.

Q: What age is intermediate catchers gear?

An intermediate catcher’s gear usually fits players aged 13 years and older.