Easton Softball Bats Reviewed: Tried and Tested Aluminum Innovation

Are you looking for a leading softball brand that offers bats of excellent quality? Don’t worry because Easton Softball Bats has got you covered. Both fastpitch and slowpitch players worldwide know the word quality comes with the name Easton. With Easton being the official sponsor of USA Softball, experience top-of-the-line quality in the palm of your hands with an Easton Softball Bat today!

The History of Easton Softball Bats

Arrows to Bats

The Easton company started with James Easton manufacturing wooden bows and arrows back in 1922. After 17 years, Easton introduced the first aluminum arrow in the world in 1939. Thirty years later, Easton moved to make aluminum bats, a technical innovation at the time. The technical prowess of Easton when it comes to aluminum makes them one of the best manufacturers and innovators in the field of aluminum bats.

The magic of the Easton brand improved the concept of aluminum bats. Easton provided the market with lightweight and durable aluminum bats, a near-impossible feat at the time. During the onset of aluminum bats, Easton leads the way by innovating year after year. In 1978, Easton released the iconic B5 Pro Big Barrel to the market. The B5 Pro Big Barrel, also known as the Green Easton, has shown the world that a bat can feature higher bat drops without sacrificing durability. Consequently, the Green Easton has taken the world of baseball by storm by featuring a more lightweight and durable bat with a bigger barrel.

Easton Changed the Game

It wasn’t only one time when Easton innovated and changed how athletes played baseball and softball. During the early 90s, Easton once again changed the game by introducing two-piece bats to softball. The two-piece construction allowed the bat to flex upon ball contact, unleashing a trampoline effect that enables players to hit the ball harder without the hassle of one-piece bats. In addition, Easton also introduced titanium bats; however, multiple leagues immediately banned them due to exit speed violations. As a result, Easton incorporated scandium instead, which still provides improvement that does not violate various league exit-speed guidelines.

A decade later, Easton incorporated aerospace-grade fiber with a composite base which enables the bat to reduce its weight significantly while improving durability. After countless testing on Easton’s newly released material, it proved much durable than steel.

Historically speaking, Easton never failed to provide athletes of any level with equipment that exceeds technological and quality expectations. Incorporating a culture influenced by research and development, Easton innovates and changes the game until today. These meticulous and detailed manufacturing processes are integrated and put into work through Easton Softball bats.

What to look for when buying Easton Softball Bats?

Easton bat provides quality and innovation for every softball bat they offer; however, one must know what to look for when buying softball bats. In addition, since softball has two-game types, we will both look at what to look for fastpitch and slowpitch softball bats. Without further ado, let’s look at what you should consider when buying an Easton softball bat.

Type of Softball game

Before we buy a softball bat, it is imperative to understand which softball game you are playing. As we know, there is a massive difference between fastpitch and slowpitch softball games. The rules of the two softball variant are immensely different, especially on how a pitcher sends the ball to a batter.

In fastpitch softball, the pitcher sends the ball in the fastest and most deceiving way possible to the batter. In this case, a fastpitch bat needs to be light and easy to swing for a batter to react fast. Conversely, a pitcher lobs the ball in an arc around 6-12 feet from a 50 ft distance away from the batter in slowpitch softball. This slow ball delivery gives the batter more time to react and anticipate the ball’s direction. Therefore, in slowpitch softball, we suggest you find a robust bat that offers a powerful swing for a farther ball distance in every game.

Choosing the right feel

Softball bats feature two types of weight feel— balanced and end-loaded bats. Balanced bats provide players with an overall balanced feel from the cap to the handle, enabling fast swings and better control. On the other hand, end-loaded bats are for players who can handle heavier bats. An end-loaded bat will provide batters with an end-weighted swing that produces more power and distance.

When buying a softball bat, it is imperative to choose the appropriate feel depending on an individual’s swing style. In addition, a softball bat’s weight feel is a subjective choice; therefore, we don’t recommend a specific feel for fastpitch and slowpitch softball games.

League Regulation

Slowpitch bats offer different league stamps such as ASA Slowpitch Softball Bat Standards, USSSA and NSA Bat Standards for Slow Pitch, and SSUSA Slow Pitch Bat Standards. Depending on your league’s regulation, your slowpitch softball bat must have a stamp when playing by your league’s rules.

On the other hand, fastpitch bats require USA (ASA) or USSSA softball safety standards. In addition, most fastpitch bats feature dual stamps— making the bat qualified for most fastpitch softball games.

Both fastpitch and slowpitch softball games rotate on different league regulations. Depending on which league you play, your league will require various bat stamps when playing. Therefore, finding the proper bat stamp when you are playing in a specific league is essential.

Barrel Size

Both slowpitch and fastpitch softball games require different barrel sizes. Barrel sizes can affect how much sweet spot you have, affecting the power and efficiency of your swing. However, slowpitch is more strict when it comes to barrel size compared to fastpitch softball.

Slowpitch softball requires all its bats to have a 2¼” barrel because of how the pitcher sends the ball. On the other hand, fastpitch softball bats’ barrel measures 2½” on average; unlike slowpitch bats, barrel size can vary on fastpitch softball bats.

Size and Weight

Before buying a softball bat, the last vital thing to consider is a bat’s size and weight. Players that cannot control the size and weight of the bat they’re using risks injury. In addition, when batters swing a bat that is not fit to their capabilities, their overall performance is significantly reduced. Therefore, it is crucial to find a perfect balance between size and weight when purchasing the best Easton softball bat.

7 Outstanding Easton Softball Bats from Amazon

Easton GHOST Model


The Easton GHOST is perfect for batters looking for a durable and lightweight bat that is excellent for the most demanding games. Featuring a double-barrel construction, the Easton GHOST offers an intimidating pop and a comfortable feel. This construction incorporates an XTX Xtra tough resin that enables the players to have a durable bat without compromising weight.

In addition, the two-piece construction of the Easton GHOST allows players to have a flexible bat that unleashes unforgiving power upon ball contact. Featuring an ultra-thin handle design, the hyper skin grip will provide all hand sizes with a comfortable grip perfect for long games or training sessions.

Rule the field with the Easton GHOST today!


  • Double-Barrel Construction
  • XTX Xtra Tough Resin Matrix for a lighter and durable bat.
  • 2-Piece CONNEXION+ Technology
  • Ultra-thin handle
  • Hyper skin grip

Type of Softball game: Made for fastpitch softball only.

Bat Feel: The Easton GHOST features a balanced feel.

League Regulation: Allowed by ASA (USA), USSSA Fastpitch, NSA, ISA, and ISF leagues.

Barrel Size: The Easton GHOST features a barrel size of 2 ¼”.

Size and Weight: The Easton GHOST offers size and weights from 29″/18oz up to 33″/24oz (-9,-10, and -11).


  • Provides a one-year warranty replacement.
  • Outstanding balance between durability and flexibility.
  • Excellent sound and pop due to its double-barrel construction.
  • The ultra-thin handle provides young players with a comfortable grip.


  • The 2-piece CONNEXION+ Technology feels like it can easily break at any time.
  • Comparatively expensive.



An excellent upgrade from the Easton GHOST, the Easton GHOST ADVANCED takes its standard version to the next level. The Double Barrel 2 of this softball bat offers a mixture of a solid outer barrel and a light inner barrel, providing players with more durability and flex. In addition, Easton’s new Launch Composite Technology elongates the barrel further, providing players with a longer barrel that improves overall performance.

Easton has made improvements to their two-piece connection through the CONNEXION EVOLUTION. By injecting more nitro cell foam inside the joint of the bat, the Easton GHOST ADVANCED eliminates vibration, preventing unwanted bat stings towards the player’s hand. Incorporated with the power boost soft knob, the bat further eliminates vibration, providing the player with more comfort and control.


  • Double Barrel 2 Technology.
  • Launch Composite Technology.
  • Features the Power Boost Soft Knob Technology.
  • Improved 2-piece connection with the CONNEXION EVOLUTION.
  • Lizard Skins DSP custom bat grip.

Type of Softball game: Made for fastpitch softball only.

Bat Feel: The Easton GHOST ADVANCED provides a balanced feel.

League Regulation: Approved by ASA (USA), USSSA Fastpitch, NSA, ISA, and ISF leagues.

Barrel Size: The Easton GHOST ADVANCED features a 2 ¼” barrel size.

Size and Weight: The Easton GHOST ADVANCED features a broader range of bat drops from -8 up to -11.


  • Improved version of the Easton GHOST.
  • Approved for use on all fastpitch leagues.
  • Comfortable to grip for extended periods.
  • Little to no bat sting when used.
  • Offers a wide range of bat drops perfect for younger players.


  • The barrel is significantly easy to crack.
  • Some bats feature weights more than what’s advertised.
  • Comparatively expensive.

Easton SAPPHIRE Model


Perfect for fastpitch softball players on a budget, the Easton SAPPHIRE surely doesn’t disappoint, considering its price range. Incorporating a material made from 7050 aircraft-grade aluminum, expect a lightweight and faster bat that dominates the budget softball bat market.

Furthermore, the lightweight swing mixed with an excellent barrel enables its user to unleash a mighty swing. The barrel of the Easton SAPPHIRE provides the players with a massive sweet spot, perfect for the best pop and sound. Paired with the cushioned All-Sports grip, the Easton SAPPHIRE enables players to have a comfortable grip and swing, excellent for longer games and training sessions.

Dominate the field without busting the bank with the Easton SAPPHIRE softball bat.


  • Crafted from 7050 aircraft-grade aluminum.
  • Ultra-thin handle.
  • All-sports grip.
  • One-piece construction.
  • End-loaded feel.

Type of Softball game: Made for fastpitch softball only.

Bat Feel: The Easton SAPPHIRE provides a balanced feel.

League Regulation: Approved by ASA (USA), USSSA Fastpitch, NSA, ISA, and ISF leagues.

Barrel Size: The Easton SAPPHIRE features a 2 ¼” barrel size.

Size and Weight: The Easton SAPPHIRE features a -12 bat drop and is available from 28″/16oz up to 33″/21oz.


  • The 7050 aircraft-grade aluminum provides excellent durability and weight.
  • The ultra-thin handle is ideal for most hand sizes.
  • The all-sports grip offers a decent amount of comfort.
  • Comparatively cheaper than other fastpitch bats on this list.
  • Comes with a one-year bat warranty.


  • The Easton SAPPHIRE only comes in one bat drop of -12.



The Easton WONDERLITE incorporates a balanced design paired with a composite HYPERLITE barrel for a more prominent sweet spot that doesn’t compromise the bat’s lightweight feel. In addition, the Easton WONDERLITE is easy to hold thanks to its ultra-thin handle wrapped around with the excellent HYPERSKIN grip.

If you are looking for a softball bat that features an evenly balanced feel and -13 bat drop, then look no further because the Easton WONDERLITE has got you covered!


  • Composite HYPERLITE barrel.
  • 29/32″ ultra-thin handle.
  • 2mm HYPERSKIN grip.
  • One-piece construction.

Type of Softball game: Made for fastpitch softball only.

Bat Feel: The Easton WONDERLITE provides a balanced feel.

League Regulation: Conforms with ASA (USA), USSSA Fastpitch, NSA, ISA, and ISF rules.

Barrel Size: The Easton WONDERLITE does not specify its barrel size. Still, it offers a massive sweet spot.

Size and Weight: The Easton WONDERLITE offers a bat drop of -13. In addition, the bat provides a selection of size and weight from 28″/15oz up to 33″/20oz.


  • The Easton WONDERLITE is perfect for young athletes.
  • The Composite HYPERLITE barrel offers a massive sweet spot.
  • The HYPERSKIN grip provides the user with a comfortable grip.
  • The ultra-thin handle is an excellent choice for players with small hands.
  • Comparatively cheaper than other fastpitch bats on this article.


  • The one-piece construction bat feels flexible between the handle and barrel.
  • The Easton WONDERLITE’s product rating is the lowest on this list.

Easton CRYSTAL Model


If you are looking for the specifications of the Easton SAPPHIRE on a lighter bat, then the Easton CRYSTAL is the perfect choice for you. Made under the Easton Diamond Gem Collection, the Easton CRYSTAL features similar specifications with the Easton SAPPHIRE.

The Easton CRYSTAL incorporates the 7050 aircraft-grade aluminum in its design. The 7050 aluminum enables the Easton CRYSTAL to provide its user with an improved swing and overall performance. In addition, the Easton CRYSTAL features a lightweight swing paired with a more prominent sweet spot that unleashes a mighty swing across the diamond. The Easton CRYSTAL includes an All-sports grip that enhances bat control and comfort, perfect for longer playing and training sessions.

With the Easton CRYSTAL, power comes in speed.


  • Made from 7050 aircraft-grade aluminum.
  • One-piece construction.
  • 29/32″ ultra-thin handle.
  • All-sports grip.

Type of Softball game: Made for fastpitch softball only.

Bat Feel: The Easton CRYSTAL provides its users with a balanced feel.

League Regulation: Approved by ASA (USA), USSSA fastpitch, NSA, ISA, and ISF leagues.

Barrel Size: The Easton CRYSTAL features a 2 ¼” barrel size.

Size and Weight: The Easton CRYSTAL offers a bat drop of -13. Its selection of sizes and weight varies from 28″/15oz up to 33″/20oz.


  • The bat comes with a one-year warranty.
  • The 7050 aircraft-grade aluminum provides its user with a lighter and durable bat.
  • The grip included provides a comfortable playtime even after prolonged sessions.
  • Ideal for small hand sizes.
  • Great price range.


  • The Easton CRYSTAL only comes in one bat drop of -13.

Easton HAMMER Model


Perfect for players looking for a powerful softball bat, the Easton HAMMER will surely not disappoint. Paired with the ALX50 military-grade aluminum alloy and a one-piece design, the Easton HAMMER is perfect for powerful hitters that requires a larger barrel with a faster swing. In addition, the one-piece construction of the Easton HAMMER enables its user to experience a robust bat that provides an excellent ping in every hit.

Realize your full potential with the Easton HAMMER today!


  • One-piece construction.
  • Made with ALX50 military-grade aluminum alloy.
  • Features an all-sports bat grip.
  • 29/32″ ultra-thin handle.
  • Long 12″ barrel length.

Type of Softball game: Made for slowpitch softball only.

Bat Feel: The Easton HAMMER provides a balanced feel.

League Regulation: The Easton HAMMER conforms with ASA (USA), ISF, USSSA, NSA, and ISA softball regulations.

Barrel Size: Since the Easton HAMMER is a slowpitch bat, it features a barrel size of 2 1/4″.

Size and Weight: The Easton HAMMER offers a bat drop of -7 in a 33″/26oz size and weight.


  • Made with the durable and lightweight ALX50 military-grade aluminum alloy.
  • The all-sports bat grip provides its user with comfortable handling.
  • Features a 12″-long barrel.
  • The ultra-thin handle makes the Easton HAMMER ideal for most hand sizes.


  • The Easton HAMMER features a significantly heavier bat drop of -7.

Easton REBEL Model


Slowpitch softball players looking for a durable aluminum bat will be impressed with the Easton REBEL’s massive offering. The ALX50 military-grade aluminum alloy construction of the Easton REBEL delivers a bat that breaks expectations regarding swing speeds and power. Furthermore, the end-loaded feel of the Easton REBEL provides its user with a Herculean swing that offers tons of pops. Paired with its 12″ barrel, the Easton REBEL is perfect for players that require a decisive swing in their batting.

Featuring an all-sports grip paired with an ultra-thin handle, the Easton REBEL offers unparalleled control and comfort. In addition, the name Easton provides you with an assurance that the quality of the Easton REBEL will not disappoint.

Possess excellent power and control within the palm of your hands with the Easton REBEL.


  • ALX50 military-grade aluminum alloy material.
  • One-piece construction.
  • All-sports bat grip.
  • 29/32″ ultra-thin handle.
  • 12″ barrel.

Type of Softball game: Made for slowpitch softball only.

Bat Feel: The Easton REBEL features an end-loaded feel.

League Regulation: The Easton REBEL is ASA, ISF, USSSA Slowpitch, ISA, and NSA certified.

Barrel Size: The Easton REBEL features a 2 ¼” barrel perfect for slowpitch softball games.

Size and Weight: The Easton REBEL offers various size and weight: 33″/26oz, 34″/28oz, 34″/30oz (-7, -6, and -4).


  • Features a long 12″ barrel.
  • Offers various bat drops.
  • Allowed for use in all slowpitch softball leagues.
  • ALX50 military-grade aluminum alloy offers increased swing speed and power.


  • We do not recommend the Easton REBEL beginners due to its end-weighted feel.

Frequently Asked Questions about Easton Softball Bats

Q: Is the Easton Ghost Softball Bat Legal?

A: The Easton Ghost Softball bat is certified by ASA (USA), USSSA Fastpitch, NSA, ISA, and ISF leagues; therefore, making them legal to use on all fastpitch games.

Q: Is Easton a good softball brand?

A: Since 1969, Easton has innovated and changed the game of baseball and softball multiple times. Throughout their years as a company, Easton produced excellent protective gear and batting equipment, such as the Easton Ghost X Evolution and some great first base softball gloves. Easton is one of the leading brands in baseball and softball today; therefore, it is safe to say that Easton is a good softball brand.

Q: Are Easton softball bats good?

A: Easton softball bats are certified by all fastpitch and slowpitch softball leagues. In addition, Easton offers softball bat innovations every year. Trusted by both professional and amateur players alike, the Easton brand will not disappoint.

Q: What Easton softball bats are illegal?

A: In March 2018, NSA banned the Easton SCX2 Synergy from being used in their league.

Q: How long do softball bats last?

A: The life span of a softball bat varies between 1-4000 ball hits and swings. External factors also change the total number of swings your bat can take. These external factors are the following: how hard you swing, the materials of the bat, ball material, and how frequently you use the bat.