Best Baseball Glove for 12 year old | 12u Baseball Glove in 2021

Without gloves of perfect size and quality, it is tough to ensure good performance on the baseball ground. Also, it is not that much easier to find an ideal glove pair from all sides. Specifically, for young children, it is more challenging. So, this article will assist you in buying the best baseball glove for 12-year-old kids.

Also, to pair the best baseball gloves for 12-year-old kids. Here is another article for your 12u baseball player to find the best baseball bats for your 12-year-olds kids.

Within this article, you will find the ten best youth baseball gloves and a review on why we chose them. In addition, we also have included the key considerations to make when buying a 12u baseball glove, such as sizing and facts about the product. Therefore, let’s first take a look at the products!

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Top 10 Best baseball gloves for 12 year old (Quick List)

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Things to Consider when buying a glove— A Buyer’s Guide

Now, let’s first look at some crucial things about baseball gloves that you should have your eyes on. So, here is the list.

  • When finding the best baseball bat for 12u players, it is imperative to first look at sizing. Without a perfect glove for a player’s hand, it will become more challenging for them to catch a ball.
  • It would help if you also kept attention to a product’s brand since a good brand can most often provide impressive quality and durability.
  • A leather glove provides better durability than its synthetic version, but it is also important to mind your budget since the former is more expensive than the latter.
  • In terms of lacing, a glove with contrasted lacing is a good standard for great performing gloves. It would be best to take this suggestion with a grain of salt since lacing is mostly a preference.
  • Breaking in a baseball glove is imperative before you use it in official games.
  • It is essential to consider the webbing of a baseball glove as it cushions the impact between the thumb and other fingers— increasing your in-game performance.
  • Make sure to pick a color that fits your style.
  • Before buying a U12 baseball glove, check their warranty offering first. The last thing you want is a defective baseball glove with no way of returning it to its manufacturer.
  • Last but not least, consider your budget. Treat this purchase as an investment so you can squeeze out a few more bucks in your quest to find the best U12 baseball gloves.

To supplement the things to consider before buying a U12 baseball glove, let’s move on to the frequently asked questions about baseball gloves to shed more light on confusing matters.

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Frequently Asked Questions about U12 Baseball Gloves

1. What size glove should a 12 years old use?

Sizing is one of the biggest factors to consider when buying a glove for baseball players. Choosing the right-sized baseball glove is important when it comes to handling an incoming ball. Without the right baseball size, overall cushion and webbing functions will work inefficiently, decreasing your overall game performance.

With this in mind, here is a chart including the standard sizing for a 12-year-old, depending on their position. It is essential to take note that the sizes needed vary depending on their role in the field.

  • For the 12 years old first base players, it is 11.5″ – 12″.
  • For the 12 years old infielders, it should be 10.25″ – 11.5″.
  • For the 12 years old outfielders, you should choose a glove of 11.5″ – 12.25″.

Note that these sizes were based on the size of an average 12-year-old boy. It is vital first to gauge your child’s hand size as this chart does not fit all children.

2. How do you pick the right size baseball glove for 12 years old?

Measuring your hand for a baseball glove is not an easy task. With this in mind, we will provide you with the steps to measure hand dimensions with accuracy. Here is the system to follow:

First, put your hand on a table with your palm facing down. Extend your palm and fingers loosely and keep your fingers close together. Now, measure your index finger with a measuring tape. Size it from the base of the finger to its tip. Now, add two more inches to your initial measurement. Make sure that you have two inches of gap between your index finger’s tip and base. It will determine the perfect sizing.

3. What is the best youth baseball glove on the market?

As often as this question gets asked, it is hard to answer with a few simple words. The success of baseball players relies on their skill and equipment used, such as baseball bats and gloves. Do not make the mistake of buying adult gloves for a youth player since both have different specifications. Youth baseball gloves possess key differences from adult gloves, such as fit, materials, and functions.

Furthermore, adult-sized baseball gloves are comparatively more oversized and feature a significant difference in the mitt. In addition, it is crucial to avoid buying a glove bigger than it needs to be if you are considering that your child will outgrow it anyway. These could lead to a decrease in your child’s baseball performance and could cause possible injuries.

In this article, we have compiled a list of the best baseball gloves for youth athletes. You will find a great selection of youth baseball gloves on the market that is perfect for your child.

4. What baseball glove brand is best?

There is an inflated market with thousands of brands offering the best youth baseball glove. Most of these offerings are made with cheap materials and do not function as stated in its product description.

Rawlings, Mizuno, B45, and Wilson are the leading baseball manufacturers currently in the market. These brands offer outstanding durability and quality considering their price. Wilson also produces baseball gloves that professionals use. Furthermore, B45 provides all-star baseball players with durable and high-quality gloves and bat signature models.

5. What is the most popular glove in MLB?

The Major League Baseball, also known as MLB, is the oldest professional baseball organization in the world. If players in the MLB use it, therefore, it is a top-of-the-line product in the world of baseball.

One popular glove in the MLB is the Wilson A2000 Glove series and another one is the Rawlings Gamer Series. In addition, the Mizuno Supreme GXC94 is considered the top youth catcher’s mitt in the MLB. These gloves are regarded as top-of-the-line baseball gloves in the MLB.

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The Best U12 Baseball Gloves in 2021

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Wilson A2000 Baseball Glove

First, meet Wilson A2000 Baseball Glove, one of the most selling and stunning baseball gloves nowadays. This exclusive glove is packed with the latest technology alongside a lot of features. Here you can enjoy the durability and superfine flexibility. This 11.5” model includes orange super skin to ensure a superb outlook. Let’s check the Wilson a2000 review to be more specific of it.


Why choose it?: If you know well about the reasons to choose it, it will be helpful. First of all, this glove is good to decrease the break-in time. It is packed with Orange tan and Royal Pro Stock leather to provide extra durability and a super look. So, you must experience the unmatched feel for its awesome performance.

This lightweight glove is made with pro A2000 materials and pattern. SuperSkin and Dual Welting also provide it the fame of the best baseball gloves for 12 years old. It also helps to repel the moisturizing of your hands. Along with left-hand glove you can have the right-hand throw or with the right-hand glove with the left-hand throw.

What about the size and other functions?: This Wilson a2000 baseball glove must provide rugged durability but half the weight. At present, it is one of the most popular gloves among the players. Here, the 11.5” glove is a perfect combination with Dual welting for a durable pocket and the pro laced T-web. So, this glove it enough good to have a strong recommendation.

Final Thought: So, what’s your opinion about this glove? Hopefully, you have understood all the advantages of it. Do you think, it is compatible with your needs? If yes, you can give a try on it. Don’t forget that this amazing glove is flexible and durable enough to mesmerize you.

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Rawlings Gold Glove 12.75″ Baseball Glove

Are you any professional baseball player? Then you have surely heard about gloves by Rawlings. Nowadays, Rawlings Gold Glove 12.75″ Baseball Glove: RGG 3039-6 MO RGG 3039-6MO is becoming much popular within the players. The following glove is intensely profited for the outfielder baseball players. Let’s check this Rawlings baseball glove reviews.


Why the design is authentic?: Here, you will find this glove with both left-hand throw and right-hand throw. The left-hand glove will provide you right-hand throw. On the other hand, the right-hand glove will ensure left-hand throw. With this glove, you will feel much comfortable towards your hand. Because the glove is made with kip leather which is very lightweight and gentle.

Besides, most of the players are worried about the sting to their hands. But, here calfskin-palm lining wicks away moisture gives your hand extra protection. So, there’s nothing to be worried.

Other essential functions: The glove is built with the finest glove crafts in the world. Therefore, this glove will also satisfy you with extreme durability. The glove is packed with durable Tennessee tanning leather laces. So, you won’t be concerned about the durability but also you will feel amazing softness while wearing this glove. The authentic pro pattern of this glove won’t let you be dissatisfied. Therefore, you will hardly feel any sweating problem. The technology will let your hand cool and dry.

Final Thought: So, what are your thinking about this Rawling glove? I think you are quite happy with the facilities and technologies. I have put all the necessary information in this rawling baseball gloves review. Hence, you will face some trouble too. Using this glove, you may cause cancer and reproductive harm. With a little dissatisfaction, you will be benefited with a lot of advantages.

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Rawlings R9 Baseball Glove Series

Are you searching for any gloves designed for infield players? Then I can suggest you one of the finest gloves from Rawling. Rawlings R9 Baseball Glove Series will be the preferable one. The features and technologies of Rawling gloves are very useful and well needed. The short break-in time and durability are also the reason for being popular. Let’s check the Rawlings r9 review.


The best features: This Rawlings glove is specially designed for teenage players. The age selection is quite near 8 to 14 years old. It delivers 11 ¾” in sizes and preferable for infield players. Here, the glove is both handed. The left hand-glove serves right-hand throw. On the other side, right-hand glove serves left-hand throw.

Most importantly. The glove is made with soft, durable full leather. Although, it is designed to be game ready. So, there’s no chance about the sweating problem of this glove. Moreover. This Pro-H web designed baseball glove includes 80 percent factory break-in. Thus, you don’t need any worry about break-in time.

Other essential functions: There’s one thing about the players kept a worried max of the time. That is the sting to their hands and the ultimate comfort zone. Well, here padded thumb loop, finger back liners along with reinforced palm pad defend your hand and creates a mild, pleasant feel. So, you will hardly face any problem while catching or scooping the ball.

Now, come to the point of durability. If you are any baseball players, then you have surely known about the authentic durability of Rawling gloves. Again, with these large facilities, you can get the glove with such an accessible price.

Final Thought: Well, these Rawling gloves are really a lot to appreciate. I have put all the fundamental issues in Rawlings r9 review. But yet, you have to face some disturbance too. While using, you may cause cancer and difficulties of giving birth or reproduction harm. Now, it’s up to your choice whether you go with it or not.

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Rawlings Player Preferred Baseball Glove

Today, let’s introduce another glove from Rawlings. It calls Rawlings Player Preferred Baseball Glove, Regular, Slow Pitch Pattern, Basket-Web, 12-1/2 Inch. The glove is specially designed for adult players. I must say, you can get every necessary functions and element through this glove. At present, it is one of the most popular and preferred gloves in the market. Now, let’s check more details about this glove.


Why you should choose it?: In the beginning, one-third of the players seek protection while catching the ball. Well, here you will get zero shock palm padding. It will help you to increase impact protection to your hands. You will find this glove in brown in color along with the size of 12.5 inches.

If you are searching any Rawling gloves with right-hand throw then you are welcome here. Although, the glove easily adjusts to your hand because of the conventional back with a flex loop velcro strap. Also, basket-web approves to play any position in the field. That’s why this glove is the same profited for the infielders and the outfielders.

Other necessary things that are helpful: Generally, this Rawling glove is a great option for recreational slow-pitch for both baseball and softball. Moreover, the glove includes an 80 percent break-in from the factory. It enables break-in time shorter. So, you will furthermore miss any catch. You don’t need to worry about the durability. If you are any professional baseball player then you have surely known about the popularity of Rawling gloves because of durability.

Final Thought: So, what’s your opinion about this Rawling gloves. I hope, you are almost done with the facilities. Though, you will face a few disadvantages. Using this glove, you may cause cancer and reproductive harm. But with a few disadvantages, these gloves are benefited with a lot of extra advantages. Now, it’s your choice if you go with it or not.

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Wilson A1000 Baseball Glove Series

Nowadays, Wilson A1000 Baseball Glove Series is much popular than any others. Here, the functions and technologies are really eye-catching. Besides, you will feel superior feel through this glove. The design of this glove will also surprise you with a lot of advantages. So, why are you waiting for? Let’s learn some general questions and thought to get this glove.


What are the main reasons to choose this glove?: If you are searching any glove with right-hand throw then you are welcome here. This H-Web designed includes 11.75 inches in size. It also offers two different colors like black and bond. The glove is built with full grain leather. So, there’s hardly any problem with durability. Full grain leather makes an unmatched feel to your hands.

Once again, rawhide laces and leather lining provide the strength where you need it. Thus, you won’t feel any sting towards your hand but discover a great softness. This sort of gloves includes hand designed patterns that help to decrease break-in time. Also, you will find a larger pocket in this glove. That’s why you will hardly miss any catch.

Something more that can help you: Well, most of the players are concern about the sweating problem. Many people face this sweating problem while wearing any gloves. But, here the full grain leather works against your sweating problem. This glove is although packed with the finest materials. Even how much tighten you may wear this glove, you will always feel the fit in your hand.

Final Thought: I think you have already found so many good advantages. You are benefited with durability, low break-in time and other necessary materials. So, you should make your mind with this glove. Hence, you have to face some trouble too. If you use this glove then you may cause cancer and difficulties while giving birth or reproductive harm. However, you will be pleased with other good facilities.

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Wilson A2K Baseball Glove Series

Let’s talk about another glove from Wilson. This time, it is Wilson A2K Baseball Glove Series. The item includes catcher’s model along with the half-moon web. It is built with black super-skin and offers two different colors such as black and copper. This glove series is packed with almost every necessary function. It is known that A2K is Wilson’s largest first base mitt. Now, I am giving you all the needed information right below.


Most essential things of the glove: At first, this glove includes a right-hand throw. So, if anybody is seeking right-handed glove then you have come to the very right place. Here, the materials are of high quality. This Wilson glove is made with black super-skin which is twice as strong as regular leather though immensely lightweight.

Here, the pro stock leather will offer you a great compact and firmness. Thus, you will face no trouble in durability. Also, you won’t face any sweating problem either.

Why you should select this?: If you want any quicker break-in then this glove is an ideal one This glove is included double palm construction and rolled with dual welting. Here, the double palm construction provides maximum pocket stability and 3x more shaping. It enables to minimize break-in time. So, it won’t let you miss any catch. This largest first base mitt also comes with a single break and double horizontal line web. There’s no chance to face any durability problem. Because the pocket is wider, you can easily fit your hand even how much tighten you wear it.

Final Thought: Have you already taken your decision? Well, it’s not surprising because Wilson gloves are really great to use. Therefore, you may face some troubles too. While using this glove you may cause cancer and reproductive harm. However, if you think clearly you will find this out helpful.

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Mizuno Supreme GXC94 Youth Catcher’s Mitt

Let’s introduce the best Mizuno baseball glove. This time, it is Mizuno Supreme GXC94 Youth Catcher’s Mitt (33.5 Inch). This glove enables outstanding protection and amazing comfort towards your hand. The eye-catching design of this glove will surprise you with a lot of benefits. You will hardly find any disadvantages here. Now, please have a look at the following information about this glove.


Most necessary functions: At first, if you are seeking any left-handed thrower then don’t worry. This Mizuno glove includes a left-handed thrower with a size of 33.5 inches. While catching or scooping a ball, the player may cause sting to their hand. But this glove features the ParaShock palm pad which absorbs the shock of repeated use along with less rebound. The glove also provides outstanding protection and you can feel an amazing softness to your hands.

This youth traditional sized baseball glove is nearly perfect for any infielders. Because all they need is optimal control and speedy ball removal. Now, come to the point of durability. Most of the people are concern about durability. Well, I must say this Mizuno glove is made with the finest material and it won’t dissatisfy you with its durability.

Something more you can get through this glove: This ideal glove is enriched with a lot of goods. Since the technologies of this glove also allow reducing the break-in time. So, you will rarely miss any catch. Again, a sweating problem is also a big fact. People often feel uncomfortable while wearing any gloves that unsuccessful against a sweating problem. But here, you won’t find any sweating problem.

Final Thought: Obviously, this Mizuno glove is a lot to be praised. You will not face any major disadvantage here. While most of the well-known glove series holds some sort of defects. It is great to use for any teenage or professional baseball players. So, what are your opinion now? I think you have already settled your mind positively about this glove. I wish you a very good performance through the glove.


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Rawlings R9 Youth Baseball Glove

Are you any professional baseball player? Then you have surely heard about the Rawlings glove series. This time, let’s introduce the Rawlings R9 Youth Baseball Glove. Nowadays, these Rawling gloves are becoming very popular among the players. The demands of this glove in the market are very high now. I am giving all the major information right below.


The most mentionable facilities: Well, here you can get this Rawlings series glove with a low price available. The glove is built with all leather pro shells designed to be game ready. So, you will find this glove with enough durability. Most of the players do seek durable glove that can pass season after season. Thus, there’s nothing to be worried about that.

Here, you will find this glove with a right-handed thrower. The pro-style patterns along with reinforced palm pad help to reduce break-in time. It is a great facility if the glove enables shorter break-in time. Successful performance depends on it.

Some other important functions: The durability of any glove series depends on its laces and materials. If the materials are fine enough then you don’t need to worry about any problems. Also, while wearing any badly designed glove you won’t be comfortable at all. This glove enables a larger pocket. Besides, it will fit your hand easily. The glove is built with laces, a single post web, and a conventional back. Here, the laces are specially made by a renowned company. Again, you won’t feel any sting to your hands but an amazing softness.

Final Thought: Yes, this Rawling glove will really remarkable. Only very few gloves prefer this sort of advantage. You can enjoy a successful game through this glove. But having a lot of advantages, this glove series admits some disadvantages too. You may cause cancer and other reproductive harms or difficulties while giving birth. Though most of the glove includes some defects. So, you can choose this glove without any doubt.


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Rawlings Gamer Series Baseball Gloves

Meet another glove from Rawlings. It is Rawlings Gamer Series Baseball Gloves. Almost all the Rawlings’ Gloves are given first priority by the professionals. So, I think it will never make a mistake by giving a try on it. It has a handful of amazing features and you can have a glimpse over them here.


Why it is recommended?: Well, there is a lot of reason to recommend it. This amazing glove pair is packed with updated pro-style patterns. A well-contrasted lace is also here. You will also find an improved shell leather which will ensure its durability and will retain the shape of it. Also, it is very good to decrease break-in and the ratio is 80 (factory): 20 (players).

If you are worried about the durability of these gloves then stop worrying at all. Because it has Tennessee Training Rawhide leather lace. It will provide extra durability and strength.

Size and other facilities: For any 12 years old player, 11 3/4 inches is a good size of glove. So, if you are looking for a glove for such aged player, then grab it with no doubt on its size. However, it is a black and gray color mixed gloves with basket wave for your excellent performance.

Final Thought: Do you have any question about it? I think you don’t have. One thinks I should say before that it is considered as one of the best baseball gloves for 12 year old by most of its users. So, don’t go back to another one before giving thinking on it.


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Rawlings Heart of the Hide Glove Series

Lastly, meet another best baseball glove for 12 year old, Rawlings Heart of the Hide Glove Series. I think you have no question on the authenticity of Rawlings’ accessories. Yes, they are worth to be believed. However, this pair of gloves has also a good name. If you are interested a bit for it, you are welcomed to have a glimpse over the next points on its features.


What are the most important facts about it? : This glove is made with the super strong Premier leather construction. So, there is no reason to think about its durability. Again, the break-in times you will get with it will provide a ratio of 30% factory, 70% player. This is quite a satisfying ration in this case.

Furthermore, it had the Padded thumb loops. This will provide extra comfort for you so that you can stay at the top of their game. Also, it is a packet with 1-piece solid construction and single post double bar webbing.

Size and other features: 11.75″ is the approximate size of this stunning pair of gloves. Again, the premier leather construction is featured with 5% of steer hides for a sturdy exterior. Also, it is lined with deer-tanned cowhide for a soft touch. Moreover, Tennessee Tanning leather laces will ensure sufficient durability and strength for you.

Final Thought: Is there any doubt on it? I think you have understood all its functions. So, what do you think of it? You can let me know. Also, you can give a try on it to experience its super performing quality.

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In conclusion, Wilson, Mizuno and Rawlings provides a great collection of U12 baseball gloves perfect for any position in the field. Approved by professionals and top league players, you can never go wrong with B45. Just remember that the suggested sizes for a player aged 7-12 years old are 10.25″ up to 12.25″. In addition, it is also essential to note your child plays in their team since different positions require different glove-webbings.

We hope that this article has shed some light on the best U12 baseball glove for your child.

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