Top Nine Best Base Coach Helmets

No base coach can deny the importance of a helmet. These coaches are positioned near the first and third bases. Their work, which involves directing and assisting baseball players, determines whether their team will be successful or unsuccessful on any given day.

Here’s why. Base coaches perform three crucial functions that nobody else on the pitch could. They help prevent pickoffs, provide assistance to the baserunners and serve as the medium of communication between the manager in the dugout and the batters and runners in the field.

Which is why every team needs to take their safety seriously. One way to do that is to equip these coaches with the best base coach helmets. Those which won’t only shield their heads from fast incoming balls. But which would also provide the necessary ventilation to cool their heads in the heat of the battle.

EASTON PRO X Skull Catchers & Coaches Protective Helmet

Base coach helmets are often accused of providing inadequate ventilation. Nobody could say the same about the Easton Pro X catcher skull cap.  Its three strategically placed vents – two on the temple, one on the back of the head – are the main reason why. All of them do more than enough to aerate your head.


Then comes the soft dual-density foam. Its outer layer is relatively thicker and thus absorbs and dissipates the large portion of an impact’s brunt. The inner layer serves two purposes. It deflects any impact that might have made its way past the outer layer. And it also provides excellent comfort.

Neither of the foam’s layers help in drying moisture. That is done by the helmet’s inner BioDri fabric liner. Its porous surface allows the liner to welcome air that has entered the helmet’s premises through its vents with open arms. You’d therefore be able to play with an (almost) sweat-free head.

In a final effort to woo its potential customers, the Pro X is available in five different colors. They range from conservative (matte charcoal, matte black) to middle-of-the-road (matte navy, matte red) to downright chic patterns such as matte royal.


  • Can be worn backward or frontward
  • Available in five colors
  • BioDri fabric to absorb sweat


  • None

Easton CCX Grip Catcher/Coach Skull Cap

The Easton CCX Grip Skull Helmet has four defining features. The first is its ultra-sturdy plastic shell which does an excellent job of absorbing the brunt of impacts. Base coaches can count on it to limit the transfer of energy of a stray hit ball to their head.


The second feature is the dual-density foam padding. Close to the helmet sits the outer thicker layer and caressing the wearer’s head is an inner thinner one. The former is responsible for deflecting and dissipating the impact of blows. The latter, meanwhile, keeps you comfortable.

The helmet’s strategically placed vents is the third element of its appeal. Two of them are right where anyone’s receding hairline might lie, two are close to the neck area, and the remaining two are on top of the head. All six provide enough space for air to ensure breathability.

The final feature is the most crucial: availability in two sizes. It’s also what differentiates this helmet from others, most of whom belong to the one-size-fits-all category. Both the sides are equally lightweight and come with the same eye-catching matte finish.


  • Extra padding for added comfort
  • Stays on head even during shaking
  • Well-ventilated ABS shell
  • Striking red matte exterior


  • Heavy

Rawlings Coolflo Matte Style Alpha Sized Base Coach Helmet

Each new base helmet brings new features. The Easton Pro X we saw at the start differentiated itself with its BioDri fabric liner. Then came the Easton CCX grip. Its availability in multiple sizes is one of the biggest selling points of this helmet. What is it that sets the Rawlings Coolflo apart?


Start with Coolflo Venting Technology. It’s the main reason why, while other helmets that you see in this review have 3 or 4 vents, this one is provided with 15. Their sheer number as well as their strategic placement allows the sliver to keep your head cool.

Equally noteworthy is this base coach helmet’s rubberized matte paint finish. One that has been able to strike the perfect balance between glossiness and subtlety. Which is what has allowed this helmet to be the center of attention on the field without reflecting sunlight into your teammates’ eyes.

One area where this helmet could have done better is its size. At least two of its users has complained that the size runs too large – forcing them to buy a cap under this helmet. You might want to keep this in mind while selecting the size from one of the four available.


  • Coolflo Venting technology
  • 15 strategically placed vents
  • Glare-free polished exterior


  • Size may run large

Rawlings Pro Base Coach Helmet

Your search for the best base coach helmet might end with the Rawlings Pro. Here is one of those skull caps that are covered with a leather head band that not only keeps it comfortable against your head. But the headband also prevents the helmet from wobbling while you’re running at full speed.


Equally unique is this helmet’s fabric covered leather pads. They serve two contradictory yet convenient purposes. The first of which is to wick moisture particles away from the head and the second involves making sure that bacteria go along with sweat particles too.

Also on offer are nine vents. Six of them are above the ear area – three on left ear, three on right ear – and the remaining three are on top of the head. All nine provide ample space to let air particles and gently nudge them out when their job inside the helmet is done.

What is surprising is that this helmet suffers from the same drawback as the one that we reviewed above. That is to say its size runs large too. However, if you aren’t too fond of following our previous advice of wearing a cap, here’s another one: order a size ¼ to ½ smaller than yours.


  • Clear coat finish
  • Covered leather head band
  • Sturdy ABS plastic shell


  • A little on the bigger side

Schutt Sports Baseball/Softball Coach’s Helmet

The Schutt Sports baseball coach helmet offers multiple amazing features. Foremost among them is its high-impact and durable ABS shell. It is capable of withstanding the most ferocious of impacts without giving way or getting dented in the aftermath. That’s not all.


Within the shell are seven ventilation holes doing their best to make this product breathable. All the holes are placed close to the back of the head to make it easy for air to enter or exit the helmet. This is what allows them to ensure maximum air flow.

This base coach helmet’s semi-gloss finish offers the better of both words. On the one end, it provides that shine that will help this product stand out in the field. On the other, it keeps a lid on the glare, thereby making sure that your fellow teammates won’t complain you about the same.

Other helmets that you see on the market have vents that also snag the straps while the base coach is trying to get rid of the catcher’s mask. The design of this product has no such drawback and the padding on its inside is sufficient to keep your head comfortable.


  • Seven vent holes
  • ABS outer shell
  • Available in four colors


  • Pricey

Rawlings 7 Recreation ball

The Rawlings 7 Recreation Ball is the official base coach helmet of Major League Baseball. That should tell you everything you might want to know about this model’s durability. It should erase any doubts you may have about its ability to protect your head in the aftermath of an impact.


The material this helmet is made of is neither too heavy nor is it too hot. Its perimeter padding is made of leather-like fabric but not leather. This allows it to offer benefits that leather offers – added comfort, more coziness – while avoiding its drawbacks – less breathability.

As for the perimeter padding, it’s made of dual-density foam whose plus points we have already highlighted in one of the previous reviews. You can count on it to withstand the impact on one end and keep your head comfortable on the other.

And the best thing about this base coach helmet? Its availability in six colors means the jig is up for models available in only one or two colors. And the fact that at least two of the colors veer on the bright side – the other four are more subtle, further adds to this helmet’s appeal.


  • Official MLB base coach helmet
  • Comes with a covered leather head band
  • Durable crown and perimeter paddings


  • None

All-Star Coaches Helmet

The All-Star Coaches Helmet is easily one of the best models on the market. It is available in three colors, lets you pick from two sizes and has an extensive black look that will make it the center of attention on the field. That is not where the good news ends.


Cushioning this helmet against your head is a dual density foam liner. One which boasts moisture-wicking properties and will therefore allow easy sweat evaporation. It also has a porous surface to allow air particles make short work of moisture.

One thing which we particularly liked about this helmet is that it’s true to its size. That is to say that you won’t get an XL model even though you ordered one that is large. This benefit might appear as a given but it is actually anything but. You can verify this claim by checking our previous models’ drawbacks.

There is, however, one area where this helmet disappointed us. It has decided to do away with vents – which you saw in the previous models – in favor of a hole in the middle – which you didn’t. Which is why we think it might suffer when it comes to ventilation.


  • Has ABS molded shell
  • Matte black finish
  • Dual-density foam liner


  • Ventilation is sub-standard

Wilson Old School Skull Cap Black

Traditionalists would love what the Wilson Old School has to offer. The reason we’re so sure has to do with this model’s design. It is slightly lifted from the back and slightly sloped at the front to afford as much protection to your temple and the back of the neck as possible.


Equally noteworthy is this model’s combo of a moisture management fabric and dual-density padding. Mainly because of the ability of this combination to keep this head comfortable. That, in turn, is due to the fabric’s ability to ensure moisture evaporation and the padding’s knack to keep the helmet steady.

You won’t have any complaints with this helmet’s outer shell too. One cursory glance is all it takes to convince anyone with a keen eye about the casing’s ability to deflect and absorb blows. Or for those of you who want hard facts, the fact that the outer shell is ABS should convince them of its sturdiness.

Wilson has sweetened the deal even further. It has done that by equipping this product with a glossy finish and making it available in four different colors. They include black, scarlet, navy and royal – patterns which cater to the needs of players with varied color tastes.


  • Available in four colors
  • Made of ABS plastic
  • Lightweight yet sturdy


  • Size runs large

Rawlings Baseball-and-Softball-Batting-Helmet

Here’s another helmet from Rawlings that won’t make a dent in your bank account. Though not at the cost of sought-after features. This baseball helmet boasts an iconic matte finish that will add a stylish touch to your gear on the field. That is not all.


Rawlings has equipped this product with an alpha finish. You can count on it to provide a perfect fit, one that won’t let the helmet move around while you do. This is an excellent safety feature as with the helmet at your head come what may, it would be protected against any sort of impact.

We were equally impressed with this product’s COOLFLO design. Its ability to punctuate the outer shell with no less than nine vents means that regardless of the temperature out there, nobody would be able to guess it by looking at the steam emanating from your head.

The leather headband inside the helmet offers benefits of its own too. It uses a double-layered padding to keep your head warm during the warm up period. Then, once you are fully amped up, it will absorb and eliminate sweat to keep your head cool. What more do you want!


  • Has a leather headband
  • ABS rubberized finish
  • Vent-laden design


  • Slightly expensive

Benefits of Base Coach Helmets

The following are the main benefits of base coach helmets:

  • Don’t weigh as much as traditional helmets: The vents on top of these helmets aren’t just for letting air in and out. They also shave pounds off of these products’ weight. That’s precisely the reason why the best base coach helmets are extremely lightweight.
  • Help keep your head cool: What is it that most baseball coaches think of when you mention summer time? Lots of time spent in the field and lots of sweat. The best base coach helmets, with their strategically placed vents, will take care of the latter.
  • Easy to put on and take off: Ever tried or worn a helmet before? You had to place it on your head, shove it down, steady it and connect the straps. The whole process would take at least a minute. Luckily, base coach helmets can be put on and taken off at will.
  • Won’t swivel while you’re running: The fact that these helmets don’t come with straps doesn’t mean that they will fall on the hint of head movement. Far from it. Instead, they will form a snug fit around your head and will stay there come what may.
  • Have sweat absorption qualities: Some of the helmets you’d see below are equipped with EVA foam. Others have built-in dual density padding. Both of them boast the ability to absorb sweat particles, thereby letting you keep your focus on the game going on.
  • Ensure your safety on the field: Some of you might have heard of Ray Chapman. He remains the only big leaguer to be killed in a game after a stray pitch smashed his skull. Wearing helmets would go a long way in preventing you from meeting that fate.

How to Choose Base Coach Helmets

There are five factors you need to consider when choosing base coach helmets. The first is the material the helmet’s exterior is made of. Then you have to decide which type of padding – dual density or EVA foam – you want in the helmet’s interior.

The third factor relates to ventilation. Cheap base coach helmets come with slivers of vents which do a poor job of letting air in and out. The best ones, on the contrary, have large sized vents strategically dotting the helmet’s upper part.

The last two factors relate to the outer shell’s finish and the helmet’s brand. You have two choices when it comes to the finish. Either you could go for a glossy finish or you could opt a matte finish. The number of brands, as you might guess, is limitless.

Base Coach Helmet Types

Here are the common materials used in making base coach helmets:

ABS Plastic

Start with the plus points of ABS. Here’s a polymer which has been able to provide a highly sought-after combination of massive strength and flexibility. It’s also extremely rigid and therefore provides as much protection as possible against car dents.

That is where the good news ends. ABS has the tendency which causes it to start losing its color and shine after an extended exposure with sunlight. And their massive strength also bequeaths a massive weight to ABS shells. Which means you can’t help but notice their presence on your head.


  • High-impact resistant
  • Extremely strong and rigid
  • Has a shiny, scratch-resistant surface
  • Cab withstand high temperatures


  • Heavy

Carbon Fiber

Carbon fibers offset their high asking price with multiple amazing features. Foremost among which is their massive strength. One which makes them 300% stiffer and 130 times stronger than ABS helmets. They are also incredibly lightweight and are poor conductors of heat too.

These helmets also have multiple strategically placed vents. You can count on those slivers to allow easy airflow in and out of these models and keep your head cool. And the best thing about them? Carbon fiber is a crack- and scratch-resistant material. It won’t let any scratches develop on its exterior.


  • Incredibly lightwight
  • Amazingly strong and stiff
  • Scratch- and crack-resistant exterior


  • Pricey


Here’s a fact that would make the sturdiness of polycarbonate crystal clear to you. It is one of the few materials out there that is used in eyeglass lenses, bulletproof windows and base coach helmets. Its high-impact resistance and resistance to rain and sunlight is the reason why.

The only drawback that we were able to find about polycarbonate base coach helmets – after scouring through dozens of reviews – is their ability to attract scratches. However, if you aren’t excessively worried about your helmet’s looks, you can choose to ignore this shortcoming at will.


  • Has higher impact resistance than ABS
  • Resistant to rain and sunlight
  • Can be colored or left transparent


  • Sensitive to scratches

Base Coach Helmet Inner Padding

How comfortably the helmet fits is determined by its padding:

Dual Density Foam

Dual-density padding offers two highly sought-after benefits. On the one end, its thickness allows it to disperse and dissipate the impact of blows. On the other end, its inner low-density layer absorbs whatever impact might succeed in getting through the outer, high-density layer.

That isn’t to say that dual-density form is without any shortcomings. In fact, its unique selling point – the presence of double density layers – is also its biggest drawback. As it forms a big impediment in the way of sweat evaporation by preventing the foam from being breathable.


  • Inner layer absorbs blow
  • Outer layer dissipates the impact
  • Cushions your head


  • Won’t help in sweat evaporation

EVA Foam

Let’s start with the basics. The ethyl and vinyl acetate form is extremely soft, equally lightweight and boasts water-resistant qualities. It is also non-toxic and has a cushioning texture. The best thing about this foam is its anti-bacterial properties and that you can wipe it clean.

Not everything about EVA foam is as hunky dory though. One of the things that deter people from enjoying its benefits is its high asking price. Which means that base coach helmets with an EVA foam inner padding tend to be pricey. But the benefits that this foam offers offsets the increased asking price.


  • Extremely lightweight
  • Moisture-wicking properties
  • Water-resistant characteristics


  • Pricey

Base Coach Helmet Outer Shell Finish

The best base coach helmets are available in the following finishes:

Matte Finish

You can expect shells with a matte finish to be flat and soft. Though you cannot count on them to beat the vividness of color pattern that comes with a glossy finish. Some people might treat this fact as a deal-breaker. For others, it might just be the feature they are looking for.

Matte finish tries to sidestep this shortcoming by being fingerprint-resistant. It also keeps reflections at bay and therefore won’t trouble your teammates’ eyes by reflecting glare. And you can also count on it to impress those around you with its subtle yet elegant appeal.


  • Keeps reflections at bay
  • Gives elegant and subtle looks
  • Resistant to fingerprint smudges


  • Not as vibrant or vivid as gloss

Glossy Finish

Want greener greens, bluer blues and redder reds? Then you shouldn’t think for a second before opting for a glossy finish. Its vibrant texture allows glossy finish to highlight details better while also provide a striking finish to any surface under the watchful eyes of the sun.

Glossy finishes are plagued with a few problems as well. None comes as close to troubling the eyes of your teammates as its ability to reflect glare. That is why, provided you does go for it, try not to wipe it clean on matchday. As the presence of dirt on its surface would keep reflections at bay.


  • Eye-catching
  • Vivid and vibrant
  • Highlight details better


  • Light matte finishes wear out upon exposure to sunlight

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do base coaches wear helmets?

The idea that base coaches should wear helmets gained traction at the end of 2007. The death of former major league player Mike Coolbaugh, then serving as a base coach for the Colorado Rockies’ Double-A team in Tulsa, by a line drive during a minor league game convinced general managers that first- and third-base coaches must wear some sort of head protection from the upcoming season.

What do base coaches do?

There are two base coaches in every team: first-base coach and third-base coach. First base coaches perform many crucial functions including relaying signals from the dugout to the field, assist baserunners in selecting a time to steal a base, among others.

Third-base coaches also carry signals from the dugout to the baserunners and batters. Where they differ from first-base coaches is that instead of assisting baserunners in stealing a base, they help them decide whether they should continue running home or stop at second or third base.

How much do base coaches make in Major League Baseball?

First base coaches earn between $100,000 and $110,000 in major league baseball. Third base coaches, meanwhile, rake in $130,000 to $140,000. The reason why third base coaches are paid more is because their advice is more valuable for the players on certain bases.

How to clean baseball helmets?

Do not use strong cleaners to clean the helmet or soak any of its part. Simply use a mixture of warm water and mild detergent to clean the helmet’s inside and out.


Start your search for the best base coach helmets with our buying guide. Make sure you understand the significance of all the three factors – material of construction, inner padding and outer shell finish – before embarking on the search for a new model for yourself.

Then check out our frequently answered questions section. The first question is asked by those of you who are new to this game. These are people who are still learning the ropes of baseball. The second question, however, will concern fans of the game and experts.

The last item on your agenda should be going through our product reviews section. Some of the models you’d see there are expensive but the majority should be good values. Yet, despite their different asking prices, all have one thing in common: they are all the best base coach helmets.