2019 Anderson Techzilla S Series Hybrid Youth Baseball

If you have a keen interest in Baseball then you must be familiar with the Anderson. Yes, I am talking about one of the most leading Baseball bat manufacturing companies or brands, Anderson. Unlike most other leading Baseball equipment manufacturers, Android didn’t take a very long time to get such fame and name. Do you know what makes them successful in such a short time? Of course, it is their honesty and dedication.

Last update was on: July 2, 2024 2:31 am

So, if your child is an active baseball player, then you should let him try some bats of Anderson soon. If you are thinking the same, then I can suggest a great bat of this company. It is 2019 Anderson Techzilla S Series Youth Bat. So, you must get it that this innovative baseball bat is latest and somehow especial. Well, now I am telling you why it is special and why you should keep it in your collection. First, let me tell you about the key features of this bat.

Key Features:

  • Children of 10 to 13 years are most suitable to use this stunning bat.
  • The bat has a 2 5/8” Barrel which is durable enough to be satisfactory.
  • This stunning bat has a Whip Handle which is better to increase the bat speed because of its Ultra-Thin feature.
  • To ensure enough support and power, it has a lightweight end cap.
  • USABat and most other Baseball Associations like Little League, AABC, Dixie Youth, Babe Ruth, Cal Ripken, Pony, etc. have already approved this bat.
  • An aerospace M1 alloy made barrel is attached with a powerful and flexible composite handle. So, it’s a hybrid bat.

Well, this is the most important features of this bat. But just these few sentences are not enough to understand every detail of this bat, right? To have a better idea of a bat is essential before buying and I know that you are looking for some more details of it. Don’t worry, I am here for that. Let’s see some more details of this superb baseball bat.

A composition that will ensure durability

Do you know why some people spend a lot of money to buy a single baseball bat? Well, not everyone spends money for a passion but most of them do that to ensure the best quality. To be true, it is the most essential thing, as far as I know. And the composition of a bat is just like that. This Techzilla S Series is a hybrid bat of alloy and composite components. The barrel with aerospace M1 alloy alongside the composite handle has made the best combination. And it is enough to provide satisfaction in durability and performance.

Other appreciated examples of its perfection

To attach the word ‘perfect’ with this bat, Anderson has packed lots of exciting ideas. There is a synthetic leather grip which is soft enough to ensure comfort and works well to reduce vibration. The light and flies-cap are there to bring more power and durability. Also, a strong but comfortable knob will always protect the connection between your hand and the bat. Also, the bat drop is – 8 and you know that it is perfect for the young players.


  • It is not a very expensive bat.
  • It is durable enough to be a loyal friend of your little hitters for years.
  • The light Flex-cap is a very essential part to ensure extra power.
  • Vibration reduction quality of the grip is very essential for the best sort.
  • Combination of composite and alloy has made it more durable.
  • No chance to get disapproval by any league or association as it is accepted by almost all of them.


  • It is only made for young players. Adults have to choose something else.


I hope, all the essential details, you should learn before buying a baseball bat for your little hitters, is now clear to you. And if your choice runs for Anderson, then nothing is left behind your decision for this bat. Hopefully, it won’t demotivate your little dreamer to be a baseball celebrity. Just gift the bat to his hand and say, I know you will do the best and I love you. The rest will be done by him to make you proud.