Rawlings Catchers Masks: Century-Old Quality for Everybody

Being a catcher in a baseball game is both a demanding and dangerous task at the same time. As a result, all leagues require baseball catchers to wear various protective gear all the time including helmets and shin guards. One of the most crucial pieces of equipment a catcher should have is a catching helmet. In this light, a catcher’s helmet should provide high-quality specifications to provide ample protection to its user. Therefore, we have collected the best Rawlings Catchers Masks from Amazon while considering an excellent balance between quality and budget.

Types of Catchers Mask— Which One is For You?

In this article, we will be including two types of Rawlings Catchers Masks— a hockey-style and a traditional two-piece catcher’s mask. Furthermore, a buyer must first know the fine details of both mask types since they offer varying strengths and weaknesses. Consequently, we recommend a buyer choose depending on their playstyle to ensure a mask’s optimal performance during games.

Hockey Style Catcher’s Masks

Rawlings Catcher's Masks Types

Hockey-style Rawlings Catchers Masks are recent additions to the Rawlings company’s arsenal of baseball safety pieces of equipment. In addition, this style of catcher’s mask has only been here for around a decade. This type of mask sports a sleek and modern feel to it, providing an aesthetic fit to the current trend of baseball. However, there are more to looks with hockey-style catcher’s masks, such as increased protection compared to traditionally styled masks. Let’s look at the pros and cons of hockey-style catcher’s masks.


  • The construction of the metal guards of hockey-style masks provides users with enhanced vision.
  • The hockey-style construction provides users with increased head protection against rogue balls and fastballs.
  • Hockey-style catcher’s masks provide a stable fit, preventing unwanted position shifting of the helmet when in play.
  • More convenient to wear compared to a traditional catcher’s mask.


  • Because of the modern features of hockey-style catcher’s masks, it sports a higher price tag compared to traditional catcher’s masks.
  • It is harder to remove a hockey-style mask because of its secure fit.

Traditional Two-Piece Catcher’s Masks

Rawlings Catcher's Masks Types 2

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Before the inception of hockey-style masks, the only choice when it comes to a catcher’s head protection is the traditional two-piece catcher’s mask. Since 1876, traditional catcher’s masks have assisted tons of catchers throughout the leagues. As time pass, manufacturers made modifications by adjusting wires, adding paddings, and changing the overall construction of the traditional catcher’s mask. Still, there exists a significant difference between a traditional two-piece catcher’s mask and a hockey-style catcher’s mask.


  • Traditional Two-Piece Catcher’s Masks provide its users with an unrestricted ventilation system.
  • Traditional masks are easier to remove compared to hockey-styled catcher’s masks.
  • As stated, traditional two-piece catcher’s masks are more affordable compared to hockey-styled catcher’s masks.


  • Not all leagues allow traditional catcher’s masks for play.
  • Traditional masks are generally bulkier to balance the mask’s integrity despite its open design.

What to look for when buying Rawlings Catcher’s Masks?

The Rawlings brand currently dominates the market when it comes to baseball gear and protective equipment. For example, Rawlings provided the whole baseball community with excellent offerings such as The Rawlings Velo and 2021 Rawlings Quatro Pro Youth Baseball Bats. Trusted by professionals across the MLB, you can never go wrong with the name Rawlings.

Now we know the difference between hockey-style and traditional Rawlings catchers masks, let’s move forward on the things to consider when buying one. Before spending your money on Rawlings catchers masks, it is imperative to know how to pick one that fits its user. Therefore, players must look for masks that provide an excellent fit, ball protection coverage, and vision before buying a Rawlings Catchers Masks.

The Best Rawlings Catcher’s Masks from Amazon

Rawlings Ultra Lightweight Adult Catcher’s Face Mask


Featuring an ultra-lightweight hollow wireframe, the Rawlings Ultra Lightweight Catcher’s Mask acts as a cushion and distributes the ball’s force away from its user’s head upon impact. In addition, the internal leather cushions provide the user’s face with a comfortable experience by providing ample padding. Furthermore, the fabric of Professional Rawlings Catchers Masks incorporates a Pro-Dri Plus fabric that ensures a cool and dry experience. Moreover, this feature also reduces the chance of sweat reaching your eyes. Lastly, the overall design of this particular model features a darker colorway to minimize glare, providing its user with maximum visibility under any weather.

Therefore, if you are looking for a Rawlings catcher’s mark custom-made for adult players, the Rawlings Ultra Lightweight Face Mask is an excellent choice for you! Used by professional players like Mike Piazza, Professional Series Adult Rawlings Catchers Masks are undoubtedly one of the best catcher’s masks in the market.

Type: Traditional Two-Piece Rawling’s Catcher’s Masks.

Age Group: Adults.


  • Hollow-wire facemask.
  • Leather interior cushions.
  • Pro-Dri Plus fabric.
  • Glare-free finish.
  • PWMH Harness.

Fit: The Rawlings Ultra-Lightweight Adult Catcher’s Face Mask fits most adult head sizes.

Ball Protection: This particular model of Rawlings Catchers Masks redirects the force of the ball’s impact away from its user’s head, minimizing injuries from accidental ball impacts.

Field of View: The overall finish of this Rawlings Catcher’s Face Mask reduces glare and other possible distractions from any weather condition.


  • Excellent between weight and durability.
  • Sweat-wicking fabric.
  • An ideal choice for games under intense heat.
  • Incorporates comfortable cushions around the mask.


  • Comparatively expensive for a Traditional Two-piece Catcher’s Face Mask.

Rawlings Sporting Goods Catchers Helmet Velo Series


Perfect for young players looking for overall protection behind the plate, the Rawlings Velo Series got you covered. The hockey-mask design of the Rawlings Velo series provides its users with unparalleled protection against rogue balls and fastballs. In addition, the Velo Series Rawlings Catchers Masks meet the NOCSAE standards, ensuring protection and comfort from any angle.

Crafted from ABS Shell, the Rawlings Velo Series features an impact-resistant outer shell that effectively protects its user from hard-hitting fastballs. Furthermore, the Velo Series features a comfortable interior padding that incorporates Rawlings’ Pro Dri Plus sweat-wicking technology for a cool and dry experience even in the most demanding games. Moreover, ventilation is not an issue with the Velo Series because of its COOLFLO venting technology distributed strategically at 15 points around the helmet. Get the best comfort and protection with the Rawlings Velo Series Catcher’s Mask.

Type: Hockey-style Rawlings Catchers Masks.

Age Group: Youth.


  • Pro-Dri Plus Sweat-Wicking Technology.
  • ABS Plastic Outer Shell.
  • Comfortable interior padding.
  • COOLFLO venting technology.
  • NOCSAE Certified.

Fit: The Rawlings Velo Series Catcher’s Mask features most youth sizes.

Ball Protection: The ABS impact-resistant shell of the Velo Series Catcher’s Mask protects the sides and rear of the head while the front features an impact-resistant cage.

Field of View: The Velo Series Catcher’s Mask features a stream-lined field of view gap on the cage to provide an unimpeded view.


  • Comfortable interior padding even under extended use.
  • Meets the NOCSAE safety standards.
  • Features an excellent ventilation system.
  • Moisture-wicking interior fabric.


  • Not an excellent choice for use under direct heat.



If the blue and red colorway of the Rawlings brand is not for you, then you will undeniably enjoy the Rawlings LWMX2-B Adult black colorway. The Rawlings LWMX2-B Adult Lightweight Mask features the same specification as the Rawlings Ultra Lightweight Professional Catcher’s Face Mask.

The Rawlings LWMX2-B features a hollow wireframe that effectively protects its user’s head from impacts against fastballs and rogue pitches. In addition, the Rawlings LWMX2-B incorporates a sweat-wicking interior leather design that enables a cool and dry experience behind the plate. Moreover, the sweat-wicking interior leather design of the Rawlings LWMX2-B doubles as a comfortable interior cushion excellent for extended use. Lastly, the black colorway of the Rawlings LWMX2-B Catcher’s Mask absorbs most light coming to it, reducing glare for a more focused vision.

Type: Traditional Two-Piece Rawlings Catchers Masks.

Age Group: Adult.


  • Sleek black colorway.
  • Lightweight Hollow Wireframe.
  • Interior leather padding.
  • Sweat-wicking interior leather.
  • PWMH harness.

Fit: The Rawlings LWMX2-B Adult Lightweight Mask fits most adult sizes.

Ball Protection: The lightweight hollow wireframe of the Rawlings LWMX2-B redirects the force from accidental fastballs and pitches away from the head of its user.

Field of View: The breathable design of the Rawlings LWMX2-B features anti-glare properties that provide its user with unrestricted vision.


  • Offers a great balance between durability and weight.
  • Features a sweat-wicking interior leather.
  • Comfortable and breathable when in use.
  • Reduces the probability of glare.


  • The black leather colorway absorbs heat when exposed to sunlight for a long period.
  • Slightly smaller adult sizing.

Rawlings PWMX Face Mask


Perfect for adult catchers that requires a catcher’s mask that does not impede vision, the Rawlings PWMX Catcher’s Mask is an excellent choice. Armed with a high visibility design, the Rawlings PWMX features a lightweight solid frame while providing enough space for uninterrupted visibility.

Furthermore, the lightweight solid wireframe of the Rawlings PWMX Face Mask provides its user with an excellent level of protection without compromising weight and comfort. In addition, the leather pad covering of the PWMX provides its user with increased comfort and cushioning during the most demanding games. For increased protection, the Rawlings MWMX-B Adult Catcher’s Face Mask features a built-in throat guard to prevent throat-related injuries. Moreover, the PWMH harness completes the package with its highly adjustable straps that always ensure a perfect fit. Lastly, the Rawlings PWMX meets the NOCSAE standards for baseball protective gears, ensuring high-quality performance under any condition.

Type: Traditional Two-Piece Rawlings Catcher’s Masks.

Age Group: Adults.


  • Lightweight wireframe.
  • Comfortable leather pad covering.
  • Features a throat protector.
  • Incorporates a PWMH Harness.

Fit: The PWMH Harness ensures that the Rawlings PWMX features an elastic fit that provides comfort and a snug fit.

Ball Protection: The Rawlings PWMH Harness features standard protection through its wireframe with an added throat guard.

Field of View: The high visibility design of the Rawlings PWMH provides more space on the eye level of its user, creating a distraction-free field of view.


  • Affordable price point.
  • Provides a distraction-free experience during games.
  • Meets the NOCSAE safety standards.
  • Offers an excellent fit for most adult sizes.


  • Slightly heavy compared to other traditional catcher’s masks.
  • Does not provide any sweat-wicking technology.

Rawlings Velo Series 2.0 Two-Tone Baseball Catcher’s Helmet


The Rawlings Velo Series 2.0 is the ultimate upgrade for your current catcher’s helmet. In addition, the Rawlings Velo Series 2.0 is also an excellent option for young players looking for comfortable and beginner-friendly Rawlings catchers masks.

Custom made for young catchers, the Rawlings Velo Series 2.0 ensures that it offers an optimal fit size 6 ½ up to 7. Furthermore, the Velo Series 2.0 incorporates a sweat-wicking interior design to provide a cool and dry experience during games. Moreover, the cage and shell of the Velo Series 2.0 consist of durable and impact-resistant materials for maximum protection.

Type: Hockey-style Rawlings Catchers Masks.

Age Group: Young and Junior players.


  • Sweat-wicking interior paddings.
  • Durable and impact-resistant shell and cage.
  • Three-way adjustable backplate.
  • Redesigned chin strap.

Fit: The three-way adjustable backplate and the chin strap of the Rawlings Velo Series 2.0 provides a custom fit for every user.

Ball Protection: The Rawlings Velo Series 2.0 offers ball protection from any angle thanks to its hockey-style construction and impact-resistant materials.

Field of View: The recessed cage of the Rawlings Velo Series 2.0 features a custom construction that does not impede a player’s vision.


  • Provides overall protection from any angle.
  • Offers a customizable fit for any user.
  • Features sweat-wicking interior paddings.
  • Comes in four different two-tone colorways.


  • The cage attaches itself to a plastic-like surface.
  • Expensive price point.

Rawlings Youth Pro Preferred Hockey Style Catcher’s Helmet


The Rawlings Youth Pro Preferred Hockey Style Catcher’s Helmet features a durable and impact-resistant shell accompanied by a stainless steel cage. The combination of the impact-resistant shell and stainless steel cage provides its user with absolute protection from fastballs and rogue pitches. Furthermore, the Rawlings Youth Pro Preferred Mask also features the innovative Pro-Dri Plus sweat-wicking technology that provides its users with a comfortable playing experience.

With the approval of various professional players, the Rawlings Youth Pro Preferred Hockey Style Catcher’s Helmet brings professional specifications to your gameplay!

Type: Hockey-style Rawlings Catchers Masks

Age Group: Young players.


  • Impact-resistant and durable shell.
  • Stainless steel cage with chrome finish.
  • Pro-Dri Plus Sweat-wicking Technology.
  • Comfortable interior padding.
  • Comes in a Matte Cardinal colorway.

Fit: The interior padding of the Rawlings Youth Pro Preferred Catcher’s Helmet helps with securing a snug fit. In addition, this particular Rawlings Catcher’s Mask features a one size fits all measurement.

Ball Protection: The Rawlings Youth Pro Preferred Catcher’s Helmet provides overall protection from all angles due to its hockey-style construction.

Field of View: The stainless steel cage of the Pro Preferred Youth gives the eyesight of its user enough space for maximum visibility.


  • Excellent COOLFLO vent system.
  • Provides overall protection from any angle.
  • Features a durable and impact-resistant shell for maximum protection.
  • Includes sweat-wicking fabrics.


  • Not advisable to use under direct sunlight for prolonged periods.
  • The finish of the cage causes glare in certain lighting angles.

Frequently Asked Question about Rawlings Catcher’s Masks

Q: Why do catchers have to take off their masks?

Catchers generally wear a mask to protect them from rogue pitches that might accidentally hit them in the head. These accidental hits may cause severe to fatal consequences. However, catchers may remove their mask and helmet after a batter hits a pitch for them to see better.

Q: Do catchers have to wear masks?

Yes, every league requires catcher to wear a catcher’s mask to avoid severe injuries from an accidental hit from a baseball.

Q: Do catcher helmets expire?

Helmets do not necessarily expire; however, their certification does. For instance, the NOCSAE standard expires on helmets that meet their certification. Fortunately, owners that have expired certifications can opt for recertification.

Q: How often should you replace catcher’s gear?

Catchers wear different protective equipment such as shin guards, chest protectors, and even the best catcher’s mitt for highschool. Furthermore, a catcher’s helmet usually has a lifespan of two years. However, old helmets can be sent to NOCSAE to have them recertified. If a catcher’s helmet does not meet their criteria for recertification, it is advised to buy a new NOCSAE certified helmet.

Q: Are catchers important in baseball?

Being a catcher in a baseball game is a grueling task since it involves the player in every defensive play. In addition, catchers must catch balls reaching up to 100+ mph which can cause severe injuries if it hits the wrong spot. Furthermore, it is the catcher’s job to help make calls during games. Therefore, the role of a catcher in a baseball game is important.