Franklin Batting Gloves Reviewed: 6 Best Gloves for the Box

Bring your baseball grip and swing to the next level with a pair of Franklin Batting Gloves!

As we know, buying a pair of decent baseball gloves could be a bummer, especially if you are meticulous when it comes to gear. Typically, most batters would look for the best gloves professional batters use, especially those playing in the MLB. Professionals use and endorse only the best brands within the game.

Furthermore, some brands that will pop on the search for the best batting gloves would be the top brands within the MLB. Today, the official manufacturer for batting gloves in the MLB is Franklin Sports. Therefore, let’s dive deep into 6 of the best Franklin Batting Gloves you should get this season and a buyer’s guide to help you make a decision!

Things to Consider when Buying a Batting Glove

Franklin Batting Gloves

Firstly, batting gloves protect the hands of batters from abrasions and blisters caused when swinging. Secondly, batting gloves help with the dampening technology of a bat, minimizing the effects of bat stings. Lastly, when paired with baseball sliding shorts, a pair of batting gloves provide excellent protection when sliding around the diamond.

Of course, users won’t fully get these benefits without the right specifications. Therefore, let’s dive deeper into the things buyers should consider when buying a pair of Franklin Batting Gloves.


Trusted by the MLB, there is no doubt that Franklin Sports uses the best possible materials there is for batting gloves. However, some glove models use synthetic leather to save cost, making them budget-friendly and perfect for beginners. In addition, synthetic gloves provide better elasticity and easier maintenance.

On the other hand, leather materials provide the best comfort and a classic feel when a batter grips the handle. However, a leather Franklin Batting glove requires a high level of maintenance and knowledge on how to clean a baseball batting glove. Therefore, we do not recommend leather gloves for beginners.

Overall Fit and Sizing

No one wants to wear a pair of batting gloves that is too big or too loose. Therefore, Franklin Batting Gloves provide buyers with a sizing chart for all ages. In addition, Franklin Sports’ batting glove hand chart features a printable measurement that can remove the stress on finding your glove size.

Wrist Fit

Similar to a catcher’s wrist guard, batting gloves provide extra protection for a batter’s wrist. For instance, some batting gloves simulate the sensation and tightness of a wrist tape, providing players with additional muscle support.

On the other hand, other batting gloves utilize a Velcro wrap that makes it easy for users to wear and remove them. However, Velcro straps are not suitable against water and dirt, making them harder to maintain than tape-styled gloves. Nevertheless, the choice of wrist fit boils down to a batter’s preference on how they want their glove to feel.

6 Excellent Batting Gloves from Franklin Sports

Franklin Sports MLB Pro Classic Baseball Batting Gloves


Type: Classic Style Franklin Batting Gloves

If you’re looking for a pair of Franklin batting gloves that offers a classic feel, then the Franklin Sports MLB Pro is perfect for you! In addition, these Franklin batting gloves capture the overall feel and performance of the first official MLB batting glove.

Furthermore, the Franklin Sports MLB Pro Classic is a timeless premium and professional-level glove. Surviving the test of time, this makes the MLB Pro Classic one of the best and must-have batting gloves in the market.

Moreover, the Franklin Sports MLB Pro features premium quality leather, providing players the best performance within the box. Plus, this premium quality leather allows the gloves to last more than a season without visible tears, offering excellent durability. Franklin Sports specifically designed the MLB Pro Classic with a natural fit, providing comfort and responsiveness in any situation.


  • Pro Spandex
  • Quad-flex
  • Digitally-etched Cabretta Leather
  • Natural fit
  • Classic style batting gloves


  • The Cabretta leather features etched grooves that increase its wearer’s bat grip.
  • Features extremely flexible fabrics because of its quad flex technology.
  • The pro spandex technology allows players to wrap their hands around the bat handle easily.
  • Comes in small up to XX-large, making it an excellent batting glove for all ages.


  • The Velcro straps on this glove require proper maintenance.

Franklin Sports CFX Pro Adult Series Batting Glove


Type: Professional-level Franklin Batting Gloves

Swing like a professional with the Franklin Sports CFX Pro Adult Series Batting Glove! Trusted by professionals such as Ronald Acuna Jr, Paul Goldschmidt, and Gary Sanchez, you can never go wrong with the CFX Pro!

Firstly, the CFX Pro features the PITTARDS DIGITAL sheepskin leather, providing players with a smooth and tacky glove. Furthermore, Franklin Sports incorporates a dual-layered lycra-flex bridge, allowing players to benefit from the glove’s flexible nature.

Secondly, the tectonic plate inserts of the CFX Pro provide hand protection without compromising flexibility. Lastly, Franklin Sports made the CFX Pro using the QUAD-FLEX technology, providing its user with unbeatable flexibility and responsiveness.


  • PITTARDS DIGITAL Sheepskin Leather
  • Dual-layered Lycra-flex Bridge
  • Tectonic fit inserts
  • Quad-Flex Technology
  • Floating Thumb Technology


  • Extremely soft and responsive glove feel.
  • Flexible overall construction, excellent for gripping baseball bat handles.
  • Professional-level specifications and features.
  • Provides users with a natural and seamless fit.


  • Features an inconsistent stitching quality.

Franklin Sports MLB Shok-Sorb X Baseball Batting Gloves


Type: Shock-absorbing Franklin Batting Gloves

If bat stings get in your way, then the Franklin Sports MLB Shok-Sorb X is the way! Featuring Franklin Sports’ SHOK-SORB X technology, say goodbye to irritating bat stings that you get during ball impact. Whether you have one-piece or two-piece bats, Franklin Sports has you covered.

Furthermore, the Shok-Sorb X not only minimizes bat stings but also provides players with an enhanced grip under any weather. In addition, the Franklin Sports MLB Shok-Sorb X features strategically-placed flex points for a breathable and flexible batting experience.

Moreover, the all-new design of the MLB Shok-Sorb X is ideal for players looking for an all-around glove that can easily handle any task. Lastly, the Mesh Vent Technology of the Shok-Sorb X allows the air inside the glove to circulate, providing a comfortable feel during hot days.


  • Shok Sorb palm padding system
  • Strategically-placed flex points
  • Genuine Smooth Leather
  • Mesh Vent Technology
  • All-New Design


  • Features premium materials that professionals use.
  • The Shok-Sorb X’s mesh vent provides exceptional breathability when batting.
  • Incorporates a soft but durable genuine leather construction.
  • Effectively eliminates annoying bat stings during mis-hits.


  • Not ideal for games held under cold or wet weather.

Franklin Sports MLB Powerstrap Batting Gloves


Type: Professional-level Franklin Batting Gloves

The Franklin Sports MLB Powerstrap provides players with a secure fit when swinging the bat. In comparison to Velcro straps, the Franklin Sports Powerstrap keeps secure every swing, eliminating the need for readjusting. This easily makes the Franklin Sports Powerstrap one of the best gloves in the MLB.

Featuring a Pittards Smooth Sheepskin leather, the Powerstrap is extremely durable without compromising comfort. In addition, this glove model undergoes extensive quality control to ensure a balance between durability, flexibility, and comfort.

Moreover, the Powerstrap’s pre-curved seamless palm design provides players with an anatomically correct fit. As a result, the Powerstrap sits well according to its user’s hand shape.


  • Pittards Smooth Sheepskin Leather
  • Pre-curved Seamless Palm Design
  • Powerstrap Technology
  • Tri-Curve Fit
  • Flex Palm Creasing


  • Extremely durable but flexible at the same time.
  • Features Franklin Sports’ Powerstrap technology, making it a unique glove.
  • Fits well according to its user’s hand shape.
  • Trusted by professional batters in the MLB.


  • Lacks in terms of breathability in comparison with the Pro Classic glove.

Franklin Sports MLB Digitek Batting Gloves


Type: Budget-friendly Franklin Batting Gloves

If you want the best batting glove performance without busting the bank, then the MLB Digitek is the way to go. Featuring a flexible overall construction, the Franklin Sports MLB Digitek provides players with an all-rounder glove excellent for any situation.

Firstly, the Franklin Sports MLB Digitek features a leather heel patch, allowing the glove to protect the hand from bat stings. Furthermore, the MLB Digitek features a microfiber palm material that enhances its user’s grip.

Secondly, Franklin Sports incorporated the MLB Digitek with the Tri-Curve Technology. This enables the glove to retain its original shape despite its flexibility. Lastly, the glove comes in various colors and sizes, making it an excellent glove for all players of any skill level.


  • Digitally-etched microfiber palm
  • Leather heel patch
  • Tri-curve technology
  • Breathable design
  • Specifically designed for hot weathers


  • The digitally-etched microfiber enhances the overall grip and feel of the glove.
  • Offers a tear-resistant performance when swinging in the box.
  • Features a budget-friendly price point.
  • The leather heel of the Digitek prevents it to burn through the season, enhancing its overall lifespan.


  • Misses some key Franklin Sports features such as the flex palm creasing and floating thumb technology.

Franklin Sports MLB X-Vent Pro Batting Gloves


Type: Breathable Franklin Batting Gloves

Specifically designed for hot summer games, the Franklin Sports MLB X-Vent Pro features excellent temperature control during games. In addition, the glove utilizes an ultra-lightweight construction, allowing players to swing without restriction within the box. Franklin Sports made this feat possible through the MLB X-Vent’s mesh-vent technology.

Furthermore, the top-grade genuine leather palm of the MLB X-Vent provides excellent swing control and comfort. Paired with the contoured asymmetrical neoprene wristband, the X-Vent molds accordingly to its user’s wrist.

Moreover, the ultra-lightweight technology of the X-Vent Pro enables users to have unrestricted hand motion. Therefore, if you’re looking for a pair of breathable and lightweight Franklin Batting Gloves, the X-Vent is the way to go!


  • Top-Grade Genuine Leather Palm
  • Contoured Asymmetrical Neoprene Wristband
  • Ultra-lightweight technology
  • Neoprene and leather materials
  • Comes in 4 various colorways


  • Provides an excellent balance between breathability and durability.
  • Ideal for games under the summer heat.
  • The leather palm provides players with a comfortable but strong grip.
  • Offers an ultra-lightweight feel.


  • Lacks in stitching quality compared to higher Franklin batting glove models.

Frequently Asked Questions about Franklin Sports’ Batting Gloves

Q: What MLB players use Franklin batting gloves?

As we know, Franklin Sports is MLB’s number one choice when it comes to batting gloves.  Therefore, more than a handful of MLB players rock Franklin batting gloves. For example, Ronald Acuna Jr, Paul Goldschmidt, and Gary Sanchez are some of the professionals who trust Franklin Sports.

Q: Are Franklin baseball gloves good?

Trusted by the MLB, it is hard to argue with the professionals when it comes to the quality of Franklin baseball gloves. In addition, Franklin sports is one of the few baseball manufacturers that continues to innovate and develop new technologies for baseball equipment.

Furthermore, Franklin Sports’ products undergo a meticulous and detailed inspection before it reaches the public. This ensures a high level of quality for both professionals and amateur batters alike.

Q: Where is Franklin brand from?

Franklin Sports was founded by brothers Irving and Syndey Franklin back in 1946. During their first years, the brand focused on supplying the sporting goods of Joe Namath, a former American football quarterback.

Franklin Sports exploded into the limelight of baseball when Irving Franklin collaborated with Mike Schmidt. Together, they created a baseball batting glove that paved the way for the innovative MLB Pro Classic Gloves that players love today.

Q: Are Franklin batting gloves leather?

Yes, Franklin Sports utilizes a selection of premium leathers on their batting gloves. For example, one of the most popular leather materials of Franklin Sports is Sheepskin Leather or Cabretta Leather.

Q: How can I make my batting gloves last longer?

The key to improving a pair of batting gloves’ lifespan is to use a leather conditioner as its main cleaning material. We do not advise players on using different cleaning solutions such as shaving cream because it doesn’t always possess leather-conditioning ingredients.