Baseball Drills For 12 Year Olds: All You needed to know in 2021

At the age, after 11 it is a common seeing among the children that they are very interested in learning baseball. For learning baseball properly one needs to know that how to take proper drill. 12 year is the age when you are not a child or a grown-up guy. So drill is a little bit different at this age. In fact, it is the tutorial time of learning baseball.

Everyone knows the benefits of baseball and how essential it to for the youth to participate in the game. It improves the mental condition, keeps us physically fit and also improves social relationships. If you learn to take proper drill then baseball will be a matter of joy and you will be interested more than ever to dominate in the field.

The required belongings for baseball drills

baesball drill equipment

Before discussing baseball drills for 12 years old you need to get some proper knowledge about belongings that you require for baseball drill.

Baseball: This is the most important thing that is required and you need to know about it. For 12 years old the circumstances of the ball is generally 9 to 9.25 inches. Now come to the point of weight. The required weight for you is 5 to 5.25 ounces.

Baseball glove: Actually baseball glove is a big fact for everyone. Actually, there is no custom size for you. The gloves will depend on the size of your hand. Secondly, the material you prefer the most. Finally, the thing if you are comfortable with the glove or not. Select the right one with considering flexibility and you can also get the help of your coach or seniors. However, if you want then you can take a look at this guide How to choose a baseball glove?

Baseball bat: Just go to the market and select the one you feel good. There are no such essential things you need to keep in mind just make sure that the bat is in accordance with the BBCOR standards. Also here is a complete guideline which will help you to choose the best bat for you. How to buy a youth baseball bat?

Hat: Baseball is generally played in sun and the light of sun takes away your attention. Besides, you won’t be able to look well with high light. Using a hat you can prevent this problem and will be able to see better. You will not get scorched in sun using the hat as well.

Slack pant: You have to buy pants of a proper size. But I am recommending to buy a slack pant. As the growth rate is higher so within a couple of months the pants become tight and the player feels uncomfortable wearing them. The consequence of the incident may affect your game.

Full or half-sleeve undershirt: Buy full sleeve or half-sleeve undershirt from the market which one you feel comfortable wearing.

Sunglass: Sunglass is really important for playing on a sunny day. It will protect your eye and sight from the sun and will keep your concentration on a good level.

Hula hoops: It is an essential fitness equipment for drill. The kids and teenagers generally use colorful hula hoops. Hula hoops will keep you slim and fit.

Water and food: Baseball burns a lot of calories and one needs to become energetic during the whole game. It’s wise to keep water and nutrients besides you. During the break eating those, one can boost up the energy.

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Types of drills

I will represent here 3 important drills. They are fielding drills, hitting drills and baserunning drills. Get the vast knowledge about those drills now. And also I’ll here describe some other 2 drills too. Check out the list below.

Fielding drills

There are some parts of fielding drills that is depending on fielding tactics and skills. I am describing some of them.
fielding drills

Scoop drill: Something that is carried outside the hand is scoop. The main aim of the drill is to learn the way to use a glove. The learner needs to go to scoop shape to his glove and need to be careful about the certain place they should position their glove. They should be shown grounders, waist level tosses, head level tosses etc.

Past ball: This drill will help a guy to field properly in front of the ball. Many learners feel fear to field in front of the ball that they can get hurt. The main is they need to keep in mind that they won’t let the ball cross them. It can be practiced by fielding with some rolling and bouncing ball toward them.

They need to get their body in front of the ball that the ball can’t pass them. For that, they have to learn to shuffle from side to side with the glove. I have a tip for you, if you are really scared about getting hit by the ball then start with a tennis ball or a T-ball level softball.

Tag out: A big advantage comes if you can out the player at the first base. This drill teaches to tagging player and makes them out. At first, the player needs to know the distance between force out and tag out. Hitting shallow flying the ball into the outfield they can try and tag out the runner.

Catch and throw: These two things are most important. First, they need to learn to catch. Considering the hit they should imagine the approximate place where the ball can fall and need to reach there. At first, it’s better to try with some slow catcher.

Catching the ball they need to throw them properly. They can make an instant throw. Also, they can step forward 2 step and gain momentum and throw is faster.

Throw them out: This is a standard throwing drill. Getting the ball you have to learn to throw them out. The player will try to outrun the throw. So keep in mind that.

Double play ball: When you will have the ball in different positions and you have to throw it to the second base and then turn that to the first base is the double play. It is an effective drill and can be achieved by a lot of practice.

Catching the flies: When the ball doesn’t come to you directly then this drill is helpful. You need to maintain footstep and position. You can practice it in the field.

Where to go: Sometimes players don’t know where to go. When the ball is hit they just look at them. But they should be able to get the consideration of the fact.

Here are the most important fielding drills. There are also some fielding drills such as pickle, pepper, make the play etc. You have to learn also them to make you perfect.

Hitting drills

From the tee: Everyone wants to hit the ball right to the targeted place. Just focus on the ball and stride toward the field and make a solid contact with the ball but hit the top of the ball. This drill helps you to hit well and focus well.
hitting drills

Eye on the ball: For ensuring a hit with timing this is essential. It is a mental job. Always keep eye on the call. Concentration is the main condition for this one.

Balloon drill: Helps the batsman to make the right stride length while hitting. While striking the ball do not overstep. For developing hitting consistency keep balance and make solid contact with the ball.

Pull hitting: Body position and timing control is the main of the drill. Positioning your body like rules and focusing the ball you can gain this drill.

Hi hitting and low hitting: It is an advanced hitting drill. It helps you to take the quick decision. One can practice this in the batting cage with facing different kinds of ball.

Those hitting drills will be helpful for anyone to improve their baseball skills and gameplay. There are also some other batting skills you should learn. Those are brunt drill which is one of baseball’s lost art, batter stance, holding the shirt, swing down and others.

Baserunning drill

Baserunning drills are also very important though the importance of fielding and hitting drills are more. Not so broadly but I am discussing most important baserunning drills.

Baseball Drills For 12 Year Olds

Learn the base is the first drill a kid should learn. Every practice they can get through this drill for a couple of time. They will understand when to hit the ball, when they need to run, where and how much they have to run and others.

Run with proper order drill is also really helpful. Kids can practice it with the competition. Some kids can join to the game and with the order of the coach they will run and in proper way, they will complete all the bases and tag the next person. The one who will do it in the least time will be the first.

Learning star with two, kids will understand the better angle and proper technique to run in the base. Their running quality will increase and will be quicker and more effective.

Those drills are the most important baserunning drills. Without those, some other drills such as baserunning relay, crack of the ball, watch the base coaches, run through first, quick jump etc. are also helpful to you.

Offensive drills

It is mentionable that there are some other offensive drills one should be tamed. I am describing briefly some of them.

Learning squeeze play drill runner first need to make a good contact with the ball. They should try to play at least 10 to 12 feet away from the catcher and need to learn to get a big jump, ofto pitcher.

Sacrifice play is also very common in the baseball game.

Double steal is also really important to increase the score. If the player can appropriately execute a double steal them the total run increases.

Defensive drills

Defensive drills also need to be tamed to become a classy player. Get some ideas about it.

Pitcher’s drills are used to increase the pitching accuracy. Besides helpful for picking up and bunt defense.

Catcher’s drill is almost the same of fielding drills. Learn to catch well, blocking the ball etc. are the main aim.

Besides them, there are infield drill, outfield drill and team drill in the category of defensive drills.

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Practicing regularly

Drills are not so easy to tamed. Some drills are really tuff. But the most important thing is to practice. By practicing regularly a kid can be more skilled in baseball. I am highly recommending that the drills will be good for nothing if you don’t practice them regularly. But for getting well in drilled other warm physical warm up and practices are needed.

I will give a short practice list that one can maintain and that will be helpful for drills

You can do throwing warm up for 10 mins. Full body stretch for 5 minutes. You can take a light jog for 10 minutes. Know where to go drill for 10 minutes. Practice peeper for 10 minutes. Lead runner for 7 minutes and hut the relay for 15 minutes. Throw them out for 10 minutes and double-play ball for 10 minutes. Practice first base cover for 10 minutes. Catch flies for 10 minutes. Finally, cool down for 5 minutes.

While practicing a drill is essential to take water break. At least 2 times for about 10-minute water break you will take to keep your heartbeat calm.

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Lessons you should maintain Baseball Drills For 12 Year Olds

12 years old drills are kind of different than others and I am showing you the lessons you should maintain.

Target bunting: The required things needed for this lesson is a couple of bats, few ball and hula hoops. At first in front of the home plate keep the hula hoops in the bunting zone. Being in the position as another player to bunt a baseball into particular hoop relying on the color. This must improve the bunting control of you.

Injury drill: Every baseball player are always at a risk of getting injured. So one should always maintain the safety equipment. Helmets, knee guard, arm guard is essential for maintaining utmost safety.

You should learn how to grip a bat or swing. Need to learn the proper way of catching a ball or moving toward a ball. You should learn about how the baseball injuries happen.

Don’t switch back and forth: The idea of switching back and forth is really the worst. Especially I am recommending not to switching back and forth from 60/90 to 54/80 in a game.

Appoint a pitching coach: No matter you are a skilled or weak one. For a 12-year-old kid, I am suggesting to find a pitching coach. A pitching coach can teach you a lot and you must improve under his guidance.

Practice more in batting cage: The hitting drills can be improved by practicing in the batting cage. You will get so many hits and you will learn the mistakes of you. It is really necessary to face lots of different kinds of balls. You will be able to take quick decisions besides you will understand the upper balls and lower balls and others.

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Baseball drills are kind of a fun and enjoyment among the children. It can also be presented as a competition. Kids are more likely to join something where they find competition. As the age 12 is the main part of tutorial so the drills are important for the children of that age. A kid needs to be careful about drills because if one does not pay attention then he or she can never get control over drills.

There can be competition such as hitting competition with a few kids. In the batting cage, they can play this by counting average proper hitting. There they can get different kinds of ball and will get used to with all kind of shots. Besides they can practice catching as competition. High catch, long catch, and other some tricks are effective to bring interest inside them. I have already discussed base running competition, it is also a good way to involve them in drills.

Negative effect of anything shouldn’t get priority among the kids. Very often the unsocial senior’s criticism about their starting condition of drills. Besides the kids sometimes get frustrated with hard drills. But patience is the key to success everyone needs to keep in the head. The help of coaches and seniors also effect in a positive way among the kids. The main thing is a kid needs to practice regularly.

In a sum, I have tried you to understand the facts about baseball drills for a kid of 12 years. Hopefully, you will get help reading this article.


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