The Louisville Slugger Select: A Premium Lightweight Solution

Louisville Slugger is a very familiar name in the ground of baseball. As one of the best baseball bat manufacturers in the USA, Louisville Slugger has produced many stunning baseball bats every year. Last 2020, along with the Slugger Prime Youth Bat, the Louisville Slugger has released a bat with maximum pop and power using a composite and alloy hybrid construction. Introducing the Louisville Slugger Select, be prepared for an unmatched combination of speed and power that lies within this bat.

Last update was on: May 15, 2024 12:32 am

With the Louisville Slugger’s reputation of making high-quality bats, the Louisville Slugger Select is here to provide you with the best power without compromising speed. Aside from its pleasing aesthetics, it also features a superb performance and fantastic durability. Made with a three-piece design, the Louisville Slugger Select features a Premium ST 7UI alloy barrel, composite handle, and a VCX System for the maximum pop, power, and comfort fit for young players.

Furthermore, the Louisville Slugger Select is relatively cheap compared to other offerings with the same features. In addition, the Select is a recent model, providing you with innovative technology and material for a lower price level. If you don’t want an old model bat, then the Louisville Slugger Select is perfect for you.

The Louisville Slugger Select’s design is an excellent fit for young athletes. The Select comes with a USA Baseball stamp, allowing use for most leagues and associations. In addition, The Louisville Slugger Select has a variety of bat drop (-10, -8, -5), ensuring the perfect fit for its user.

Key Features:

  • Made of a Premium ST 7UI alloy barrel.
  • Features a three-piece alloy and composite construction.
  • There are three different types of bat drops (-10, -8, -5).
  • Speed Ballistic Composite is used to enhance the speed.
  • VCX technology is also here to reduce shock and vibration.
  • Features a Premium LS Pro Comfort grip for maximum cushion.
  • Features a 2 5/8 inch Barrel diameter for a more prominent sweet spot.
  • 100% composite handle with a strong knob.
  • Almost all baseball associations approve its use.

The Louisville Slugger Select is the perfect bat for young players. It features unique offerings that you can only find with Louisville Slugger’s innovative offerings. Moving on, let us look at the materials and composition of the Slugger Select.

Materials of the Louisville Slugger Select

The Louisville Slugger Select features a three-piece construction of a Premium ST 7U1 alloy barrel and a composite handle, providing its user with tons of pop and power. Furthermore, the Select also features a Speed Ballistic Composite (SBC) cap on top to increase the swing speed and control of the bat.

The three-piece construction of the Select is held together by a VCX Vibration Control Connection System. Moreover, the VCX System is an elastomeric connection that enables separate movement between the barrel and the handle to control excess vibration. In addition, this vibration control system eliminates bat stings and provides a comfortable feel upon ball contact.

Pros and Cons of the Louisville Slugger Select

The Louisville Slugger Select has a 2 5/8-inch barrel that is attached to a 100% composite handle. Furthermore, the Louisville Slugger Select’s barrel size makes the sweet spot bigger for maximized pops. In addition, the barrel wall is thinner and ends with an SBC end cap. The SBC end cap increases the length of the bat for a smoother and more comfortable swing. On the other end, the Premium LS Pro Comfort grip provides its user with the perfect mix of tack and cushion.

  • Premium ST 7U1 alloy barrel.
  • LS pro comfort grip.
  • Composite thin handle.
  • Three different types of bat drops.
  • VCX technology.
  • Approved by all the baseball associations.
  • Comparatively cheaper.


  • Users might have a hard time getting the feel of a three-piece construction bat.


In conclusion, with the decades-old experience of Louisville Slugger, it is ensured that you can never go wrong with their product. If you are looking for a baseball bat with maximum power and pop, then the Louisville Slugger Select is the best option for you! However, if you prefer the feel of a two-piece construction bat, we highly recommend checking out DeMarini Voodoo Baseball Bat.

Last update was on: May 15, 2024 12:32 am