5 Best The Goods Bat Reviewed: Lightweight Feel and Power within a Bat

The Goods Bat line is DeMarini’s answer to players looking for a hybrid model. Typically, the Goods series features an alloy barrel and composite handle. In addition, DeMarini designed the Goods Bat with an end load; thus, making it excellent for power hitters.

Furthermore, the Goods bat’s key features include a heavier weight, stiffness, and a larger barrel. Moreover, these models come in various sizes and bat drops, making them excellent for various league plays. For instance, some of the Goods bat’s models come in with a BBCOR, USSSA, and USA sticker. As a result, cementing itself as a perfect end-loaded metal bat for all ages and skill levels. Therefore, we collected 5 incredible DeMarini the Goods models to bring your batting to its A-game!

What to Look for When Buying DeMarini Baseball Bats?— A Buyer’s Guide

The Goods Bat

Of course, we all know how Ray DeMarini changed and innovated how baseballs perform. For example, his company designed the DeMarini Voodoo One, providing users with power despite its lightweight feel. With time, DeMarini has refined their company’s bat-making, improving the quality of their bats.

In this light, the DeMarini The Goods series is no exception. However, buyers must first look at the various things to consider before buying a DeMarini Baseball Bat. Therefore, we crafted this buyer’s guide to help you find the DeMarini The Goods bat perfect for you!

Half + Half Construction

Firstly, DeMarini designed the Goods bat series with a half + half construction. As a result, this design mainly caters to people who want superior swing speed and performance of two piece bats. However, DeMarini also designed a one-piece The Goods bat for contact and power hitters alike.


Secondly, an aluminum bat’s endcap enhances its performance according to its material. On the Goods bat series, DeMarini utilizes various endcaps such as seismic and tracer endcaps. We recommend the seismic endcap for contact hitters that wants to release explosive swings. On the other hand, tracer endcaps reduce the weight of the barrel for a lightweight but powerful swing.

Connection Design

Lastly, the Goods bat series utilizes two styles of connection design— 3Fusion and Type V connection. DeMarini’s 3 Fusion Connection allows users to fully control the bat’s large barrel with precision while reducing excess vibrations. Thus, we recommend this connection design for batters who wants a lightweight and easy to swing bat. Meanwhile, the Type V Connection aims to maximize a gapped wall barrel’s performance and speed. As a result, making them ideal for players looking for fast swings in a baseball bat.

The Best DeMarini Baseball Bats from the Goods Series

Demarini The Goods USSSA Baseball Bat


Type: 2021 DeMarini The Goods Bat for Youth Baseball

The DeMarini The Goods (-10) USSSA Baseball Bat is an excellent choice for fast hitters. Utilizing an X14 Alloy Barrel, this bat provides an incredible balance between pop and durability while maintaining a lightweight feel.

Furthermore, its half + half construction allows the bat to have an alloy barrel paired with a composite handle. As a result, this construction improves the barrel’s overall swing speed and performance.

Moreover, DeMarini utilizes a 3Fusion Connection on this bat’s construction, resulting in better weight control and performance. In addition, this feature reduces the overall vibration by redirecting the initial ball force back to the barrel. Lastly, DeMarini incorporates a seismic endcap on the bat’s tip, allowing the barrel to store and unleash tremendous energy upon ball contact.


  • X14 Alloy Barrel
  • Composite handle
  • 3Fusion Connection
  • Seismic End Cap
  • -10 bat drop


  • Specifically designed for senior-level batters.
  • The bat’s 2 ¾” barrel produces a massive sweet spot.
  • Effectively reduces vibration, eliminating bat stings in the process.
  • Lightweight but powerful swing.


  • Contact hitters may find the bat’s flexibility a bit too excessive.

Demarini The Goods One Piece (-10/-8) USSSA Baseball Bat


Type: 2021 DeMarini The Goods Bat for Baseball

The DeMarini The Goods One-piece USSSA Baseball Bat produces an explosive swing right out of the box. In addition, the DeMarini The Goods features the standard X14 Alloy Barrel through a one-piece design. Plus, this specific barrel construction allows the DeMarini The Goods One-piece to have a massive barrel. Consequently, allowing the bat to feel sturdy and produce stronger swings similar to wooden bats.

Furthermore, The Goods One-piece incorporates a 2 ¾” big barrel, enabling the bat to have a large sweet spot. Moreover, DeMarini utilizes a seismic endcap on this baseball bat for an efficient energy transfer upon direct baseball contact.

Therefore, if you are a contact hitter looking for a senior-level bat, then this bat is perfect for you!


  • 2 ¾” barrel size
  • X14 Alloy Barrel
  • Seismic End Cap
  • One-piece Construction
  • -10 or -8 bat drop


  • Specifically designed for power hitters.
  • Provides a stiff and durable feel.
  • The Seismic End Cap furthers the bat’s explosive power.
  • Excellent for youth up to senior players.


  • The bat is not ideal for children who utilize a bat’s trampoline effect when swinging.

DeMarini The Goods USSSA Youth Baseball Bat


Type: 2022 DeMarini The Goods Bat for Youth Baseball

Fresh out of the factory, the 2022 DeMarini The Goods Bat USSSA offers brand new specifications on the table. Firstly, the 2022 DeMarini The Goods USSSA features the brand new Type V Connection. Thus, allowing the bat to have a gapped barrel wall for a better swing feel.

Secondly, the bat features the standard X14 Alloy Barrel, allowing it to unleash a massive swing while retaining a durable build. In addition, DeMarini also utilized its Half + Half construction with some minor modifications. Although it utilized the same X14 Silver Alloy Barrel, the handle incorporates an ultra-stiff Paraflex Plus Composite Handle. As a result, providing 2022 The Goods USSSA with an incredible balance between performance and feel.

Lastly, the bat utilizes a tracer end cap, which features lightweight composite materials. Consequently, allowing the bat to have a lighter weight for a faster but powerful swing.


  • X14 Silver Alloy Barrel
  • Ultra-stiff Paraflex Plus Composite Handle
  • Type V Connection
  • Tracer Endcap
  • Half + Half Construction


  • Latest two-piece bat in The Goods series.
  • Specifically designed for travel baseball players.
  • Features lightweight but powerful materials.
  • The new connection style allows the bat to swing faster.


  • Much more expensive than 2021 The Goods Two-piece USSSA Bat.

DeMarini 2022 The Goods One Piece USA Youth Baseball Bat


Type: 2022 DeMarini The Goods Bat for Youth Baseball

If you are looking for a DeMarini bat without breaking the bank, then this baseball bat is perfect for you! Featuring the X14 alloy construction in a stiff one-piece construction, this bat is excellent for power and contact hitters. Plus, the bat’s one-piece construction provides a responsive feel and feedback.

Furthermore, the DeMarini 2022 The Goods One-piece features a tracer endcap, providing the bat with a powerful hit. Moreover, the endcap’s lightweight composite materials allow it to boast a fast swing speed.  In addition, the bat features a 2 5/8” alloy barrel that is both durable and powerful.


  • One-piece construction
  • X14 Alloy Barrel
  • Tracer Endcap
  • -10 or -5 bat drop
  • 2 5/8” barrel diameter


  • Provides an explosive power upon baseball contact.
  • Fast swing speed despite its one-piece construction.
  • Specifically designed for power and contact hitters.
  • Budget-friendly price point.


  • Features a smaller barrel diameter than its predecessor.

DeMarini 2022 The Goods (-3) BBCOR Baseball Bat


Type: 2022 DeMarini The Goods Bat for Adults

The DeMarini 2022 The Goods BBCOR Bat provides all the standard specifications specifically designed for adults. Firstly, the bat features an X14 Alloy Barrel, allowing the bat to unleash an incredible swing power while remaining durable. In addition, DeMarini designed this bat with an alloy barrel and composite handle, making it a half  + half construction. Moreover, the bat’s construction and materials allow it to become robust and powerful despite its two-piece construction.

Secondly, the DeMarini 2022 The Goods BBCOR utilizes a direct connection, maximizing energy transfer upon ball contact. Furthermore, the bat’s direct connection allows it to provide a stiffer feel. As a result, users can unleash herculean swing right out of the box. Lastly, the bat’s Tremor endcap helps the bat to become durable by enhancing its barrel integrity, further increasing its power.


  • 2 5/8” barrel diameter
  • X14 Alloy Barrel
  • Ultra-stiff Paraflex Plus Composite Handle
  • Tremor Endcap
  • Direct Connection


  • The bat’s endcap allows it to become stiffer, providing an efficient power output.
  • Features a half + half construction that emphasizes power.
  • Ideal for both power hitters and players looking for a fast bat.
  • Provides a good amount of pop.


  • The bat’s common problem is rattling and it tends to break on its connection point.

Frequently Asked Questions about DeMarini The Goods Series

Q: What type of bat is the goods?

The Goods bat is DeMarini’s attempt to craft two-piece hybrid bats for players looking for a quick but powerful bat. Typically, The Goods bat features a two-piece construction of an X14 Alloy Barrel and Ultra-stiff Paraflex Plus Composite Handle. As a result, this combination produces a durable baseball bat that provides a comfortable handle feel.

Q: Is the goods baseball bat end loaded?

Yes, the Goods bat is end-loaded thanks to its big barrel. However, DeMarini designed the bat’s endcap to complement to make the bat lighter for a faster swing. As a result, the bat’s endcap becomes lighter while preservings its barrel’s powerful energy.

Q: Is the Goods bat composite?

Technically no, the Goods bat features an X14 Alloy Barrel and a composite handle on its two-piece variant. On the other hand, its one-piece variant features a full alloy construction. Still, the Goods bat’s lone composite handle doesn’t make it a composite bat.

Q: Why are DeMarini bats so good?

Since its founding in Oregon in 1989, DeMarini has been a company that revolutionalized baseball bats. In 1995, the company introduced double-wall bats, which launched the company’s name into the spotlight. Furthermore, this feature allowed players to experience a springboard feel, allowing the bat to propel the ball further with power. As a result, this double-wall feature made DeMarini an excellent baseball bat for those looking to up their batting game.

Q: How much does the goods bat cost?

The Goods bat series costs approximately from $180 on its entry models up to $700 on its professional models. Still, the series’ features and specifications make the price point worth it, especially if you are a competitive baseball batter.