The 6 Best T-Ball Helmet with Mask without Breaking the Bank!

A T-ball helmet with mask is essential in every t-ball session because even in T-ball batting sessions, the safety of a child is still the number one priority. Furthermore, without proper protection, one t-ball hit to the head can prove severe or even fatal for children. Therefore, we have collected the best t-ball helmet with mask to protect your child on his next t-ball game.

What is a T-Ball Batting Helmet?

T-ball helmet with mask

In t-ball games, the rules require a batter to hit the ball off a tee instead of receiving it from a pitcher. However, a tee-ball can still bounce from a flexible tee towards the direction of the hitter’s face. Therefore, authorities still require t-ball batters to have ample head protection against accidental tee-balls to the head.

Furthermore, a T-ball helmet with mask assures parents that their child possesses protection every time they step on the plate. In addition, a t-ball helmet with mask enables children to get used to the feeling of wearing a batting helmet with a faceguard.

What to look for when buying a T-Ball Batting Helmet?

T-Ball Helmet With Mask

To avoid confusion when buying a t-ball helmet with mask, buyers must know what they are looking for in a product. In addition, buyers should also take a close look at the product’s description to ensure that their product possesses high-quality specifications and provides optimal performance during games.

However, the trouble of finding the right t-ball helmet comes when finding the right size. Luckily, the CDC guideline packs all the things you need when it comes to finding the right helmet size and all! Furthermore, the CDC guidelines include proper helmet maintenance, label-checking, and a replacement guide designed to help you decide when to replace a child’s batting helmet.

Lastly, it is crucial to check the certification of a T-ball batting helmet to ensure the amount of protection it provides. We recommend parents look for a T-ball batting helmet with mask that features NOCSAE’s certification as a general rule of thumb.

The Best T-Ball Batting Helmets from Amazon

Rawlings CoolFlo Youth Tball Batting Helmet


Brand: Rawlings

Type: NOCSAE-Certified T-ball Helmet with Mask (Optional)

Similar to the Rawlings Catcher’s Masks, the Rawlings CoolFlo Youth T-Ball Batting Helmet incorporates the century-old reputation of the Rawlings brand. Furthermore, the Rawlings Coolflo Youth is ideal for the protection of T-ball players within the diamond!

Rawlings fitted the CoolFlo youth with dual-density foam that provides a comfortable fit and protection. In addition, the Rawlings Tball Batting Helmet contains 15 individual air vents to help cool down and ventilate the inside of the helmet. However, Rawlings NOCSAE-approved face shields require a separate purchase to make the CoolFlo T-ball Helmet with Mask.

Lastly, the Rawlings crafted the Coolflo Youth T-ball Helmet with Mask from ABS plastic shell with clear coat molded finish that meets the NOCSAE standards for T-ball helmet safety.


  • CoolFlo ventilation design
  • ABS Plastic Shell
  • Clear-Coat Molded Finish
  • Pre-Drilled Mask Screw Holes
  • One-size-fits-all 6 1/4” – 7 1/8” sizing.


  • NOCSAE-Certified Mask for T-ball players.
  • Excellent ventilation system strategically placed on the helmet.
  • Offers an excellent fit even when moving.
  • The dual-density foam provides comfort all around the head of the user.


  • The faceguard requires a separate purchase.

Rawlings MLB Inspired Youth Tball Helmet


Brand: Rawlings

Type: MLB-inspired T-Ball Helmet with Mask (Optional)

Let your child experience the feel of an MLB helmet he sees on television with the Rawlings MLB Inspired Youth T-ball helmet. In addition, the Rawlings MLB-inspired T-ball helmet provides professional-level design and ventilation to help children keep cool during intense plays.

Furthermore, the Rawlings MLB Inspired T-ball Helmet meets the NOCSAE Standard that assures parents their child gets the best protection on the plate. Plus, Rawlings fitted pre-drilled holes on the side of the helmet for Rawlings NOCSAE-approved face guards.


  • Clear-Coat Finish
  • MLB-inspired Design and Ventilation System
  • 6 1/4” – 6 7/8” Sizing
  • Pre-drilled faceguard slots
  • NOCSAE-Certified


  • Features professional-level specifications and design.
  • Excellent helmet for the price.
  • Crafted from solid materials that feel robust and durable.
  • Includes pre-drilled faceguard slots.


  • The faceguard requires a separate purchase.

EASTON GHOST TBall Batting Helmet, 2021


Brand: Easton

Type: Tball Helmet with Mask

The Easton Ghost T-Ball Helmet with mask features a design that provides comfort, protection, and unparalleled visibility on the plate. Furthermore, the Easton Ghost features three distinct shell sizes to help children find the perfect fit. In addition, Easton’s engineers strategically placed reinforcements to crucial points of the helmet to increase head protection.

Moreover, the Easton Ghost features forehead and cheek pads incorporated with Aegis Antimicrobial and ClearDri fabrics to provide children with a hygienic and comfortable experience. Lastly, the Easton Ghost includes an integrated facemask that provides excellent facial protection without affecting a player’s field of vision.

The brand Easton has been around for more than a century, still innovating and developing high-quality baseball bats and protective gears for athletes.


  • Three Shell Sizes (Small T-ball Size)
  • Aegis Antimicrobial and ClearDri forehead and cheek pads
  • Integrated Face Mask
  • Comes in a matte black finish
  • NOCSAE-certified


  • Features comfortable forehead and cheek pads.
  • Comes with an integrated facemask.
  • The mask doesn’t impede vision.
  • Includes an extra-plush foam inside the helmet for increased cushioning.


  • Comparatively expensive compared to other products on this list.

EASTON Alpha TBall Softball Batting Helmet with Mask


Brand: Easton

Type: T-ball Helmet with Mask

The Alpha T-ball Helmet with Mask is part of the 2021 series from Easton. Featuring a newly-developed sizing system, the Alpha can accommodate all sizes from tee-ball up to adult players, protecting all ages.

Furthermore, the Alpha T-ball Helmet utilizes an ABS thermoplastic shell that hardens the helmet paired with a dual-density foam that cushions the interior of the helmet. In addition, the moisture-absorbing BioDri fabric provides a cool and dry experience for its users. Lastly, the Easton Alpha T-ball Helmet with Mask meets the NOCSAE Standard for baseball protective wear.

When it comes to T-ball head protection, you can never go wrong with Easton, a brand behind century-old expertise.


  • ABS Outer Shell
  • Dual-density foam interior
  • BioDri interior fabrics
  • Comes in 4 various color styles
  • NOCSAE-Certified T-ball helmet


  • Extremely durable and robust ABS outer shell.
  • Cheaper and comparable to the Easton Ghost T-ball helmet.
  • Provides a cool and dry experience when worn.
  • Extremely comfortable interior cushioning to help dissipate ball force upon contact.


  • Features a larger than usual fit.

DeMarini Paradox Youth Batting Helmet


Brand: DeMarini

Type: T-ball Helmet with mask screw holes

Baseball and Softball players of varying skill levels surely know the brand DeMarini and the high-quality products that come with the name. Offering a superb level of quality on both baseball bats and accessories, you can never go wrong with DeMarini.

Firstly, the DeMarini Paradox Youth’s dual-density padding offers players a soft cushioning that protects crucial parts of the head against direct ball impact. In addition, the hard outer shell of the DeMarini Paradox Youth enables the helmet to deflect oncoming balls away from the wearer to avoid further injuries. Lastly, the strategic venting system of the DeMarini Paradox provides its user with a dry and cool experience even under pressuring circumstances on the plate.


  • Low profile design
  • Premium rubberized matte finish
  • Strategic hole ventilation system
  • NOCSAE-certified
  • Navy blue colorway


  • Extremely durable outer shell.
  • The low-profile design provides an excellent fit on the wearer’s head.
  • Comfortable dual-density interior for extra cushions against ball hits.
  • Includes holes for an attachable faceguard.


  • No dedicated faceguard despite the included attachment holes on the side.

EvoShield XVT Scion Batting Helmet Series


Brand: EvoShield

Type: Youth Batting Helmet with side faceguard

Widely known for its gel-to-shell technology, EvoShield has then sky-rocketed its name among the best when it comes to protective sportswear. Furthermore, EvoShield has taken the baseball protective scene by storm, and the EvoShield SVT Scion Helmet is no exception.

Experience unparalleled comfort through EvoShield’s dual-density molding padding on the XVT Scion’s interior foam pads. In addition, the low profile enables the XVT Scion to have an excellent fit on its wearer’s head. Moreover, the EvoShield XVT Scion is NOCSAE certified, providing unparalleled protection to its wearer in any situation all-around the diamond.

Lastly, the EvoShield XVT Scion can accommodate the EvoShield SVT Batting Helmet Face Shield through the provided screw holes on the sides of the helmet.


  • Dual-Density interior padding
  • Low-profile shell
  • Semi-Gloss Finish
  • Face-shield screw holes
  • NOCSAE Certified Helmet


  • Extremely comfortable to wear interior padding.
  • Excellent balance between weight and durability.
  • Features a NOCSAE stamp.
  • Provides holes on the side for face shields.


  • The SVT Face Shield requires a separate purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions about T-ball Helmets

Q: Are helmets required for T Ball?

A: Yes, although the batter on a T-Ball game does not receive the ball from a pitcher, it doesn’t guarantee that a ball cannot hit them while running around the plate or through accidental ricochets from the tee.

Q: How do you size a T Ball helmet?

A: For sizing, the CDC Guidelines provide the best method to measure the head of a T-ball player. However, parents can still measure the circumference of their child’s head with a tape measure. We recommend that parents measure the circumference where the head is the widest so they can base on a baseball helmet sizing chart when buying.

Q: Can you use a T-ball helmet for softball?

A: Technically yes; however, players should first look at the stamp requirements of their league and make sure that the helmet they will be using has the recommended stamp.

Q: What size t ball bat should I buy?

A: When buying the best tee ball bats, parents should pick the right length relative to their child’s size. We recommend tee ball bats around 24” up to 28” as a general rule of thumb.

Q: Do baseball helmets expire?

A: Baseball helmets do experience wear and tear. In addition, T-ball helmets with masks require reconditioning and recertification annually unless stated by its manufacturer. However, the NAERA Standards for Reconditioning states that a helmet older than 10 years old should not be viable for recertification and reconditioning.