Catchers Wrist Guard Reviewed: 6 Products to Avoid Wrist Injuries

When positioning behind the plate, catchers have the option to incorporate a catcher’s wrist guard with their catcher’s gear to receive unparalleled protection. Even though not required, having a pair of excellent catchers wrist guards could curb down your chances of contracting an injured wrist.

Furthermore, a pair of wrist guards provide ample support and impact cushioning to the wrist, reducing the effects of a direct baseball impact, such as swelling and soreness. Therefore, we list down 6 excellent catchers wrist guards to provide you with the protection you need when facing fastballs.

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What to Look for When Buying a Pair of Wrist Guards— A Buyer’s Guide

Catcher's Wrist Guard

As stated, having a pair of catcher’s wrist guards provides catchers with extra protection behind the plate. However, buyers must be aware of various things to consider to ensure that the product they are buying is a bang for the buck. As a result, we crafted this buyer’s guide to help you on your quest to find the best wrist guard for your next game!

Overall Fit

Before buying a catcher’s wrist guard, buyers must first ensure that the product they’re buying fits properly on their wrist. A wrist guard that is too tight will hinder the flexibility of its user’s wrist. On the other hand, a loose wrist guard will not fit securely on its user’s wrist, lessening the protection it provides.

Therefore, catchers must pick a wrist guard that fits them properly. Luckily, most manufacturers produce catchers wrist guards that feature an adjustable fit. For instance, EvoShield features a sizing selection comprised of a small, medium, large, and extra-large size. This sizing indicates the circumference of a wrist in inches.

Typical Wrist Guard Sizes:

  • Small- 5-6”
  • Medium- 7-8”
  • Large- 7-8”
  • Extra Large- 8-9”


The quality of protection a catcher’s wrist guard provides boils down to the materials used by the manufacturers. Thus, buyers must find catcher’s wrist guards that incorporate leather materials, neoprene, or sweat-wicking capabilities for comfort. However, the choice of buyers should not be limited within this selection as these features affect the pricing of a wrist guard as well.

Attachment Type

Aside from a snug fit, buyers should also look for decent wrist guard attachment types to help them secure the product in place during games. Some manufacturers offer a simple Velcro wrist loop to keep the product in place.

Meanwhile, some manufacturers offer wrist guards that feature lace-on capabilities, allowing catchers to lace the product along with their gloves. Moreover, some companies design their catcher’s wrist guard to feature a wristband construction, making it easier to wear.

Nevertheless, the decision still boils down to a catcher’s preference on how they want their wrist guard during games.

6 Excellent Wrist Guards from Amazon

EvoShield MLB Speed Stripe Wrist Guard with Strap


Brand: EvoShield

Type: Catchers Compression Wrist Guard

Similar to youth baseball chest protector shirts, the EvoShield MLB Speed Stripe catcher’s wrist guard provides excellent compression behind the plate. EvoShield designed the MLB Speed Stripe to feature a Neoprene sleeve that provides ample compression for muscle support and stability.

Furthermore, the Neoprene sleeve of the MLB Speed Stripe comes with a rubber tab strap. This combination allows catchers to adjust the level of compression and support they get from the EvoShield MLB Speed Stripe.

Moreover, the EvoShield MLB Speed Stripe incorporates a tape-less design, providing players with freedom from the hassle and sticky compression tapes. Lastly, the EvoShield is hand washable and air driable for convenient maintenance.


  • Neoprene sleeve
  • Compression fit
  • Adjustable strap
  • Comes in green, yellow, and royal blue colorways
  • Offered in small, large, and extra-large sizes


  • Provides ample muscle support when catching fastballs.
  • Allows catchers to recover from post-game wrist strains.
  • The neoprene material makes the MLB Speed Stripe durable against cuts and tears.
  • Professional-looking design.


  • Doesn’t feature the iconic gel-to-shell technology of EvoShield.

EvoShield EvoCharge Protective Wrist Guard


Brand: EvoShield

Type: Protective Catchers Wrist Guard

If you’re looking for a catcher’s wrist guard that offers a secure fit and protection behind the plate, then the EvoCharge is for you! In addition, the EvoCharge features EvoShield’s iconic Gel-to-Shell technology, allowing catchers to mold this wrist guard according to their wrist size.

Furthermore, the EvoShield specifically designed the EvoCharge to feature neoprene materials, allowing the EvoCharge to withstand wear and tear. Moreover, EvoShield includes a compression tape that supports the wrist muscles of catchers during games.

Lastly, the Gel-to-Shell technology of EvoShield effectively disperses a baseball’s impact, redirecting the force away from the wearer’s wrist.


  • Gel-to-Shell Shield
  • Compression Tape
  • EvoShield Dispersion Technology
  • 100% Neoprene Fabric
  • 5” wrist coverage


  • Extremely lightweight construction.
  • Minimizes impact felt by dispersing the force away from the wrist.
  • Excellent shield custom-molding capabilities.
  • Easy to clean with a simple handwash and airdry routine.


  • The Gel-to-Shell Shield requires players to quickly mold the wrist guard upon opening the package.

EvoShield Baseball/Softball Catcher’s Wrist Guard


Brand: EvoShield

Type: Protective Catchers Wrist Guard

EvoShield specifically designed this baseball wrist guard for catchers that require a secure fit behind the plate. Incorporating four lace holes for your child’s catcher’s mitt, preventing the EvoShield wrist guard from moving around.

Furthermore, the EvoShield Catcher’s Wrist Guard features the innovative Gel-to-Shell technology. This feature allows catchers to mold the wrist guard’s shield according to their wrist shape within minutes!

Moreover, EvoShield’s protective shield features a dispersion technology that minimizes the initial force of a ball’s impact. Plus, this feature effectively disperses the ball away, instead of absorbing it, increasing the protection received by players.


  • Gel-to-Shell Shield
  • EvoShield Dispersion Technology
  • 4 lace holes
  • 5” W x 4” H guard coverage
  • Black colorway


  • Allows players to mold the shield according to their wrist shape.
  • Provides a secure wrist fit thanks to the included 4 lace holes.
  • Disperses force instead of absorbing it, minimizing the felt impact from ball contact.
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance.


  • The Velcro strap requires a high level of maintenance and cleaning to last.

EvoShield PRO-SRZ Protective Wrist Guard Series


Brand: EvoShield

Type: Protective Catcher’s Wrist Guard

Excellent for catchers with sensitive skin, the EvoShield PRO-SRZ features an all-new Soft Neoprene compression fabric. In addition, the PRO-SRZ sleeve features a pocket and molded pull tab that houses the included wrist shield.

Moving on, the PRO-SRZ features EvoShield’s Gel-to-Shell allows players to easily mold the shield based on their wrist shape. Moreover, this shield starts as a gel-like substance that wraps around the wrist, turning solid within minutes.

Furthermore, similar to all gel-to-shell products, the PRO-SRZ features the EvoShield dispersion technology. This feature reduces the amount of sting the wearer feels upon ball contact with the gel-to-shell shield.


  • Soft Neoprene fabrics
  • Molded pull tab
  • Gel-to-Shell Shield
  • EvoShield Dispersion Technology
  • Compression fabrics


  • Offers different sizes that fit wrist circumferences from 5” up to 9”.
  • Provides ample compressive muscle support.
  • The soft neoprene compression fabric provides a skin-friendly but durable feel.
  • Fully-customizable fit.


  • The PRO-SRZ is breathable but features thinner materials.

Rawlings Wrist Guard


Brand: Rawlings

Type: Protective Catchers Wrist Guard

Every catcher in baseball knows the quality that comes with every Rawlings catcher’s gear. With the service Rawlings has provided baseball players since 1887, the brand became a world-renowned manufacturer for both beginners and professionals alike. Therefore, Rawlings provides catchers in every skill level with this budget-friendly catcher’s wrist guard.

The Rawlings Wrist Guard features a Neoprene sleeve, being able to withstand tremendous amounts of force. In addition, the Neoprene sleeve provides ample wrist muscle compression for a more stable performance.

Furthermore, the Rawlings Wrist Guard does not require any type of shield molding, making it both convenient and easy to use. Lastly, the included removable shield efficiently protects the wrist from forceful baseball impacts.


  • Neoprene sleeve fabric
  • Removable shield
  • Compression fit
  • Adult sizing
  • Offered in black, red, and blue colorways


  • Specifically designed as fielding and catching support.
  • Provides an ample compression fit that does not impede wrist flexibility.
  • Extremely comfortable to wear.
  • The included removable shields provide impact protection, reducing the change of wrist-related injuries.


  • Budget-friendly pricepoint but lacks some features EvoSports offers.

All-Star YG-24.5 Pro-Lace On Wrist Guard


Brand: All-Star Sports

Type: Protective Catchers Wrist Guard

If you require a lace-on catcher’s wrist guard with traditional paddings, then the All-Star Pro-Lace On Wrist Guard is perfect for you! Featuring a synthetic leather material, the Pro-Lace Wrist Guard provides a comfortable feel.

All-Star Sports specifically designed the Pro-Lace Wrist Guard with an excellent balance between protection and comfort. In addition, the Pro-Lace features 4 lace holes that help keep the wrist guard secure altogether with its wearer’s glove of choice. Aside from this, All-Star utilizes a Velcro strap to secure the product on the wrist.

Lastly, the All-Star Sports Pro-Lace catcher’s wrist guard features a streamlined design. This provides catchers with flawless performance in every game.


  • Synthetic leather material
  • Wrist guard laces
  • 4 lace holes
  • Velcro wrist strap
  • Streamlined design


  • Specifically designed for catchers.
  • Provides a secure fit thanks to the product’s lace holes.
  • Includes a free glove lace as an optional attachment method.
  • Compact and lightweight design.


  • Provides a smaller area coverage compared to the EvoShield Catcher’s Wrist Guard.

Frequently Asked Questions about Wrist Guards for Catchers

Q: Do catchers wear wrist guards?

Typically, leagues require catchers to wear a protective helmet, protector shirt, and leg guards. In this light, wearing a pair of catcher’s wrist guards is purely optional. However, wearing wrist guards provide catchers with ample muscle support behind the plate. Furthermore, a catcher’s wrist guard also helps dissipate the impact of ball contact, protecting the wrists from possible injuries. Therefore, although not required, catcher’s incorporate wrist guards within their catcher’s gear.

Q: Can you wash an EvoShield wrist guard?

Yes, EvoShield guards are 100% safe to hand wash and air dry. However, we advise against putting it inside a washer and drier, as it can affect the overall quality of the product’s neoprene material and gel-to-shell shields.

Q: Why do catchers tape their wrists?

To provide more compression support on their wrist muscles, catchers wrap tape around their wrists. As technology progressed, tapes were slowly replaced by catcher’s wrist guards, performing efficiently compared to the former.

Q: Can you remold the EvoShield?

Once opened, wearers can mold their wrists for approximately 30 minutes before the gel turns into a shell. Afterward, catchers may no longer remold the EvoShield; as a result, buyers should immediately mold their wrist guards as soon as they open the package.

Q: Can pitchers wear wrist tapes?

According to baseball rules, leagues prohibit pitchers to wear any distracting accessories on their hands, arms, or wrists. Therefore, pitchers cannot wear wrist tape on their pitching arms. However, leagues allow pitchers to wear tapes or wristbands on their glove hand’s wrists.