Baseball Duffel Bag: 6 Excellent Bags for both Storage and Transportation

A baseball duffel bag allows players to pack bats, gloves, catching gear, and even training equipment in one compact storage. Let’s face it, we know that baseball is a game that requires a lot of equipment since players interchange roles per inning. In this light, finding excellent storage may be challenging as using a standard sports bag may not be enough.

Furthermore, a baseball duffle bag provides players with a huge equipment capacity and carrying comfort compared to standard sports bags. Consequently, owning one will make your gear transportation easier as you can locate necessary gear in one convenient bag. Therefore, we list down 10 excellent baseball duffel bags you can use on your next training session or baseball tournament!

What to Look for When Buying a Duffel Bag for Baseball?— A Buyer’s Guide

Baseball Duffel Bag

As we know, taking all your gear is a hassle, especially when you have to bring everything during official games. Luckily, baseball duffel bags are here to help you out on this matter. In addition, a baseball duffel bag can also carry baseball coach gear that can help out not only players but coaches too!

However, you won’t get the best out of a baseball duffel bag without knowing the things to consider when buying one. For instance, a waterproof duffel bag material will help owners protect their equipment from any weather and condition. Therefore, listen closely as we dive into the various things to consider when buying a baseball duffel bag.


Of course, a baseball duffel bag won’t be enough without a large capacity to store baseball equipment inside. In addition, a baseball duffel bag should have enough capacity to store catcher’s gear, gloves, and regular-sized baseball bats such as the Cat 9 Baseball Bat BBCOR. A big duffel capacity ensures owners that they can bring all the essential baseball equipment they need for both offensive and defensive play during games.


A baseball duffel bag’s durability and performance will ultimately depend on its performance. Therefore, a baseball duffel bag should feature materials such as polyester and other lightweight but durable materials. In addition, duffle bags should feature moisture-wicking properties to protect gloves and bats from sustaining damage over time. Conversely, having a waterproof duffel bag provides excellent protection against all weather and conditions. Thus, making waterproof duffel bags the most ideal type of duffel bag to have for baseball equipment.

Additional Accessories

Even though you have a duffel bag that boasts excellent materials and a large capacity, it is still vital that it can cater to some optional accessories. For instance, some duffel bags allow owners to mount their bags to a trolley system, providing better equipment portability. Moreover, some baseball duffel bags provide customizable name tags for easy identification. These are only some of the countless additional accessories you can purchase with a baseball duffle bag. Therefore, buyers should keep their eyes peeled for these features as they can help improve their bag’s performance.

Excellent Duffle Bags for All Baseball Equipment

Rawlings Covert Player Duffle Bag


Brand: Rawlings

Type: Baseball Duffel Bag with Bat Sleeves

Baseball players around the world know the quality Rawlings provides to its product. Hailed as one of the best baseball manufacturers worldwide, Rawlings ensures that all their product meets the best specification possible. Moreover, this tradition of excellence is present in all of their products, especially the Rawlings Covert Player Duffle Bag.

Firstly, Rawlings designed this duffle bag with a large interior pocket for general baseball equipment such as catcher’s gear. In addition, Rawlings incorporated a mesh valuables pocket, breathable shoe compartment, and two bat sleeves for better storage management.

Secondly, the Rawlings Covert Player Duffle Bag features vinyl material on its bottom compartment. Furthermore, the bag utilizes a 600D polyester main body material, making the duffle bag durable and light. Lastly, the Covert Player Duffle Bag comes with a name card holder, number decal, and removable top panel for the best customization possible.


  • 26” x 13” x 13” Dimension
  • 2 pieces over-the-shoulder straps
  • 600D Polyester body material
  • Durable vinyl bottom material
  • 5 compartments for all baseball equipment types


  • Highly-customizable baseball duffle bag.
  • Guards baseball gear against moisture.
  • Features 2 bat sleeves for convenient bat storage.
  • High-capacity baseball duffel bag through proper storage.


  • The bag is weak against wear and tear but still performs properly despite that.

PowerNet All Gear Transporter


Brand: PowerNet

Type: Mountable Baseball Duffel Bag

The PowerNet All Gear Transporter provides buyers with the best duffle bag capacity money can buy. Specifically designed for coaches, the All Gear Transporter can easily fit four 7×7 baseball throwing nets. However, this baseball duffel bag is not only limited to coaches, but it can also fit all sorts of baseball gear easily.

Furthermore, the PowerNet All Gear Transporter features over 20 pockets wherein you can fit baseball gear and coaching equipment. In addition, PowerNet designed this bag to store three full-sized bats alongside pockets where you can put other accessories. Therefore, this bag is an excellent choice for storing large quantities of gear and accessories.

Moreover, the All Gear Transporter features a hanging hook system with helps players hang this bag on fences. Lastly, PowerNet includes a hidden telescoping pull handle paired with durable all-terrain wheels, making the bag ideal for all types of surfaces.


  • 20+ Pockets for Accessories
  • 5” x 14” x 48” dimension
  • Hanging Hook System
  • Hidden Telescoping Handle and All-Terrain Wheels
  • Molded plastic and heavy-duty fabric materials


  • The bag features support rails on the back to help prevent tearing.
  • Ideal for all types of surfaces.
  • Offers a large capacity that can store 3 baseball bats.
  • Ideal for both baseball equipment and coaching gear.


  • Most expensive product on this list.

Bownet Duffle Bag


Brand: Bownet

Type: Baseball Duffel Bag with Bat Sleeves

Bownet designed their duffle bag to withstand the wear and tear of traveling and abuse. In addition, the Bownet Duffle Bag boasts a capacity to hold various gear from virtually any sport! Therefore, if you are looking for a versatile baseball duffle bag that is durable but easy to carry, then the Bownet Duffle Bag is for you!

Featuring dual interior bat sleeves on the bag’s side, the Bownet Duffle Bag can easily fit 2 baseball bats. Furthermore, these bat sleeves prevent bats from rattling around when moving, allowing for more quiet gear transportation. Plus, the Bownet Duffle Bag features a generously-sized main compartment that can hold large gear such as catching gear.

Moreover, Bownet incorporated a compartment with ventilation pockets to help eliminate the odor when storing different types of baseball cleats. Finally, the Bownet Duffle Bag features weather-resistant fabrics and zippers that can stand any condition, making it ideal for outdoor use.


  • Dual interior bat sleeves
  • Ventilated shoe compartment
  • Weather-resistant fabrics and zippers
  • Interior and exterior accessory pockets
  • 26” x 13” x 12” dimensions


  • Excellent for any type of sports such as baseball, football, and volleyball.
  • Ideal for outdoor use thanks to its weather-resistant materials.
  • The ventilated shoe compartment helps dissipate odor when storing footwear in the bag.
  • Features dedicated sleeves for baseball bats.


  • Comparatively more expensive than the Rawlings Covert Duffel Bag despite offering almost the same features.

EASTON E310D PLAYER Bat & Equipment Duffle Bag, 2021


Brand: Easton

Type: Baseball Duffel Bag with Bat Sleeves

Specifically designed for collegiate play, the Easton E310D PLAYER Duffle Bag balances aesthetics and performance in one affordable bag. In addition, the E310D features zippered bat sleeves and multiple side pockets for excellent gear organization within the bag. Thus, allowing players to look sleek while packing various baseball essentials into their training session or baseball game.

Moreover, Easton designed the E310D with vented pockets, allowing the bag to dissipate unwanted odors, especially after training sessions. Additionally, this feature helps equipment such as cleats and shirts dry faster inside the bag.

Furthermore, the E310D incorporates an adjustable shoulder strap to help customize the bag’s carrying height for a more comfortable feel. The shoulder strap also features padding that helps reduce the pressure felt on the shoulders when moving heavy equipment. Lastly, the E310D features a removable panel that allows players to put in their team’s customized embroidery.


  • 24” x 14” x 13” dimension
  • Retro-style aesthetics
  • Adjustable padded strap
  • Vented pockets
  • Foldable top opening with clip and fence hook


  • Can fit catcher’s gear, gloves, and baseball bats altogether properly.
  • The padded strap efficiently relieves the shoulders from excessive pressure.
  • Effectively minimizes odor and dries gear easily thanks to its ventilated pockets.
  • Offers multiple side pockets for baseball cleats and other accessories.


  • A bit small in terms of size; however, it still offers a spacious interior.

Marucci Team Utility Duffel Bag



Brand: Marucci

Type: Baseball Duffel Bag with Side Mounts for Baseball Bats

As we know, Marucci wood bats are one of the most sought baseball bats in the market. Marucci’s level of craftsmanship helped forge the way for them to break through the mold of baseball manufacturing. In this light, the Marucci team Utility Duffel Bag surely doesn’t disappoint.

Firstly, the Marucci Duffel Bag features retractable sleeves that can hold up to 4 baseball bats with a maximum barrel size of 2 ¾”. Moreover, the strap of the Marucci Team Utility Duffel Bag utilizes hook-and-loop patches that offer endless customization options for users. Secondly, the Marucci Team Utility Duffel Bag features a padded shoulder strap, providing a comfortable feel despite the bag’s weight.

Thirdly, Marucci designed this duffel bag with an overhanging top zipper that prevents water and dust from entering the bag. In addition, Marucci incorporates an internal zipper pouch for valuables and better sorting.


  • 26” x 13” 12” dimension
  • Hook-and-loop patches
  • External retractable sleeves
  • Overhanging top zipper
  • Padded shoulder strap


  • Capacity to hold up to 4 baseball bats.
  • Allows players to remove and add patches on the bag for a custom look.
  • Efficiently keeps water and dust out of the bag.
  • Crafted by Marucci, a world-renowned brand.


  • The material holding the strap is plastic, making it easily susceptible to breakage.

EvoShield Duffle Bag Series



Brand: EvoShield

Type: Baseball Duffel Bag with Bat Sleeves

EvoShield took baseball protective equipment to new heights through their innovative gel-to-shell technology. EvoShield introduced their duffel bag that boasts a dimension of 26” x 13” x 13”, significantly larger than other bags. To operationalize this dimension, the EvoShield Duffel Bag can fit 2 baseball bats and other essentials such as batting and catching gear.

Furthermore, EvoShield incorporated vented holes on the shoe compartment, drying wet gear to minimize bacteria growth that causes odor. In addition, the duffel bag also features a dedicated fleece-lined cell phone pocket for easy access. Moreover, to save more space on its main compartment. EvoShield constructed a tubular webbing to hold elbow and leg guards.

Lastly, the EvoShield Duffel Bag utilizes a composite treated bottom, allowing the bag to protect the gear inside from harmful elements.


  • 26” x 13” x 13” dimension
  • Composite treated bottom
  • Swivel speed clips for shoulder straps
  • Vented shoe compartment
  • Tubular outer webbing


  • Boasts a comparatively larger size than other leading brands.
  • The provided tubular webbing allows users to store their elbow and leg guards outside the main compartment.
  • Features a sleek divided bat sleeve compartment that can hold up to 2 bats.
  • Features a spacious main compartment that can hold helmets, gloves, and other gear simultaneously.


  • The included zipper doesn’t feel premium and won’t live up to expectations.

Frequently Asked Questions about Duffel Bags for Baseball

Q: What is a duffel bag used for?

A duffel bag was a bag popularized by the military after the 2nd world war. Initially used as a compact way to carry large amounts of gear, duffel bags became popular with sports enthusiasts. As a result, duffel bags became an efficient way for baseball players to store and transport their gear around thanks to their large capacity.

Q: What is the difference between duffel and duffle?

Duffle and duffel bags are the same; however, their origins are quite different. People can interchange these words for a duffel bag. For some historical context, the word “duffel” is frequently used after the 2nd world war. Nevertheless, there is no right or wrong term between the words “duffel” and “duffle”.

Q: What is a good duffle bag?

Some of the best baseball duffel bags are:

  • Rawlings Covert Player Duffle Bag
  • PowerNet All Gear Transporter
  • Bownet Duffle Bag
  • EASTON E310D PLAYER Bat & Equipment Duffle Bag, 2021
  • Marucci Team Utility Duffel Bag
  • EvoShield Duffle Bag Series

Q: What put in duffle bag?

In the context of baseball, duffel bags can fit all sorts of baseball gear, including, but not limited to:

  • Baseball bats
  • Catcher’s gear
  • Batting gear
  • Baseball gloves
  • Water bottles

Q: Are duffle bags worth it?

Let’s face it, baseball is a game wherein players pack a lot of things due to the teams switching roles every inning. As a result, baseball players pack a lot of gear where it would be difficult to fit inside a standard gym bag. For instance, standard duffle bags make baseball bat storage and transportation hard, especially when you are moving from point a to b. Therefore, having a baseball duffle bag with dedicated slots for baseball gear would be worth it.