Baseball Ball Caddy for Training: 7 Excellent Products for You!

Let’s face it, your hitting and pitching training can be more efficient with the help of a baseball ball caddy. A baseball ball caddy helps players organize their baseballs, especially when training with baseball throwing nets. Thus, saving precious training time for pitchers and batters, allowing them to focus on their routine.

For instance, a ball caddy holds the ball for pitchers training their strike zone precision. As a result, this eliminates the need for them to move away from their initial position per pitch. Therefore, we collected 7 excellent baseball ball caddies to aid you in your next solo or team training session.

The Benefits of Incorporating a Caddy in your Training Sessions

Baseball Ball Caddy

When training, we want to spend most of our time breaking the mold of our skills, pushing through the boundaries of our capacity as a player. However, training sessions can become grueling, especially during solo sessions.

For example, both batters and hitters sometimes have to fetch balls from the ground or baseball buckets. Having to do this cuts the pacing and burn of a specific training regimen. Thus, we’ll enumerate the various benefits a baseball caddy brings into your training sessions.

Efficient Training Sessions

One of the most annoying things when training is when you have to break the pace of your routine. One of the main reasons why batters and pitchers do this is to bend over and get the balls off a container.

Therefore, a baseball ball caddy provides players with an easy-to-use tripod where they can store balls for future use. In addition, a baseball ball can store up to a maximum of 60 baseballs. As a result, this allows players to stick within their training regiment without having to break their training momentum.

Convenient to Use

Having an extra tool for baseball training seems to be a problem for coaches and players. This situation means that players must set up and teardown another piece of equipment within the training area.

However, the story is different with a baseball ball caddy. Usually, manufacturers design their baseball ball caddy to render a setup and teardown time not more than 5 minutes. This makes the baseball caddies excellent for both personal and team training.

Easy to Transport

As stated, baseball caddies are convenient to use thanks to their quick setup and teardown time. In addition, these products feature lightweight construction and design. As a result, baseball caddies are easy to carry virtually on any training area.

The Best Baseball Caddies from Amazon

PowerNet Wheeled Ball Caddy Cart for Baseball


Brand: PowerNet

Type: Deluxe Baseball Ball Caddy with Wheels

The PowerNet Wheeled Ball Caddy Cart features excellent mobility for players and coaches on the go! In addition, PowerNet designed this wheeled baseball ball caddy with an easy-to-fold design, allowing players to easily transport the product.

Furthermore, say goodbye to refilling your baseball caddy because this PowerNet Ball Caddy features a 5-gallon capacity. As a result, the PowerNet Wheeled Baseball can easily fit approximately 48 baseballs inside.

Moreover, PowerNet constructed this Wheeled Caddy with durable canvas materials, allowing the caddy to withstand abuse and impact. Lastly, the issue of having to lean and bend when getting a ball is huge during practice; as a result, this caddy features a waist height for easier ball access.


  • Heavy-duty Canvas Material
  • Foldable frame
  • 5-gallon baseball ball caddy capacity
  • Lightweight construction
  • Four-wheel design


  • The lightweight and foldable design make the caddy easy to transport.
  • Features highly durable frame and caddy materials.
  • The 35” height design of the caddy helps players access the baseballs easily.
  • High-capacity baseball ball caddy.


  • More expensive compared to simpler baseball caddies.

GoSports Baseball & Softball Ball Caddy


Brand: GoSports

Type: Foldable Baseball Ball Caddy

If you are looking for a traditional baseball caddy that doesn’t break the bank, then the GoSports Caddy is perfect for you! Featuring a pop-up design, the GoSports Baseball Ball Caddy allows for an easy setup and teardown.

Moreover, the GoSports baseball ball caddy can easily hold up to 36 baseballs or 24 softballs. In addition, the 2.5ft height of the GoSports Baseball Caddy eliminates the need of having to lean, saving the backs and time of coaches and players.

Finally, the GoSports Baseball Ball Caddy comes with a free travel bag. Therefore, making the GoSports caddy and ideal baseball coach gear for traveling teams.


  • Pop-up design
  • 5ft tall
  • Free travel bag
  • Capacity for 36 baseballs
  • Net-bottom caddy construction


  • Features an assembly time of less than 1 minute.
  • Extremely lightweight and easy to carry.
  • Budget-friendly price point.
  • Simplistic overall design and construction.


  • Features a smaller baseball capacity than other products within this list.

Bownet Training Practice Ball Caddy


Brand: Bownet

Type: Foldable Baseball Ball Caddy

The Bownet Caddy features a standard pop-up construction, allowing players to easily set up and teardown the product. In addition, the Bownet Caddy’s frame features powder-coated steel, providing an excellent balance between portability and durability without compromising weight.

Furthermore, the Bownet Caddy incorporates durable nylon nettings that are weather-proof. Moreover, the Bownet Caddy can hold up to 80 baseballs; plus, it serves them at hip-level, providing users with easy ball access.

The Bownet Baseball Caddy features non-marking rubber feet, providing excellent traction in both outdoor and indoor settings. Bownet specifically designed this baseball ball caddy to fold and fit into its carrying case for convenient storage and transportation.


  • 40 baseball caddy capacity
  • Durable nylon net
  • Powder-coated Steel Frame
  • Non-marking rubber feet
  • Carrying case


  • Specifically designed to become durable and weather-proof.
  • Provides users with easy storage and transportation.
  • Huge baseball storage capacity.
  • Offers excellent traction on almost all surfaces.


  • Aside from the larger baseball capacity, the Bownet caddy performs similarly to the GoSports caddy.

UpBucket – Baseball, Softball, Tennis Ball Bucket


Brand: UpBucket

Type: Bucket-style Baseball Ball Caddy

The UpBucket Baseball Caddy is suitable for coaches and players looking for a 2-in-1 baseball caddy and storage. In addition, the UpBucket caddy’s baseball bucket has a capacity of 6 gallons, or to put it simply— 60 baseballs.

UpBucket specifically designed the caddy to hold baseball buckets, raising and lowering the bucket for easier ball access. Furthermore, the trolley part of the UpBucket caddy incorporates heavy-duty wheels and a large base for stability.

Moreover, the UpBucket features a 3-tier telescoping luggage handle, making it easier to move the product around. These features make the UpBucket excellent for baseball training anywhere, especially when you need a caddy with a huge baseball capacity.


  • 6-gallon bucket capacity
  • Heavy-duty wheels
  • 3-tier telescoping handle
  • Elevating bucket design
  • Specifically designed for baseball buckets


  • Features a huge baseball storage capacity.
  • Easy to wheel around the training area.
  • Requires no assembly.
  • Suitable for use on both indoor and outdoor surfaces.


  • Not as compact and easy to transport as a standard baseball ball caddy.

PowerNet Coach’s Bundle Ball Caddy


Brand: PowerNet

Type: Tee Baseball Ball Caddy

Whether you are a parent or a coach, the PowerNet Ball Caddy is a perfect addition to your child’s tee training sessions. Featuring an adjustable deluxe tee, the PowerNet Coach’s Bundle will accommodate hitters of various heights.

Moreover, the PowerNet Coach’s Bundle features a high-capacity baseball ball caddy, allowing parents to load up to 60 baseballs. In addition, the PowerNet baseball caddy stands 35” tall, removing the need for coaches and parents to bend over when loading the tee.

The PowerNet Coach’s Bundle also comes with weighted training balls, helping children to enhance the power of their swing. Lastly, the included carrying case allows parents and coaches to easily transport the PowerNet Coach’s Bundle anywhere.


  • 5-gallon baseball ball caddy capacity
  • 35” tall baseball caddy
  • 2 packs of 16oz weighted training balls
  • Fully adjustable deluxe tee
  • Carrying case


  • Comprised of durable caddy and tee materials.
  • Fully collapsible tee and caddy for an easy setup and teardown.
  • Extremely flexible tee.
  • Specifically designed for tee ball training sessions.


  • The included weighted training balls can dent baseball bats.

PowerNet DLX Combo 6 Piece Set for Baseball Softball


Brand: PowerNet

Type: Baseball Ball Caddy for Hitting and Pitching Training

If you’re looking for the best baseball caddy bundle for hitting and pitching practice, look no further because the PowerNet DLX is perfect for you! Featuring an all-in training set, the DLX Bundle includes a caddy, throwing net, and weighted training balls.

The PowerNet DLX Baseball Caddy boasts a capacity that can hold up to 60 baseballs, beating the capacity of some baseball buckets in the market. Moreover, the PowerNet DLX can support the weight of weighted training baseballs.

Furthermore, the included baseball throwing net comes with an attachable strike zone perfect for hitting and pitching precision drills. In addition, the throwing net measures 7’ x 7’ and also features a collapsible design for easy storage and transportation.


  • 60-baseball caddy capacity
  • Throwing net with an included strike zone
  • 7’x7’ throwing net size
  • 3x weighted training balls
  • Carrying case


  • Fully collapsible net and caddy construction for easy transport and storage.
  • Perfect for pitching precision drills.
  • Ideal for soft toss batting exercises.
  • Specifically designed to provide easy setup and teardown.


  • Comparatively more expensive than other offerings within this list.

Trigon Sports Procage Professional Ball Cart


Brand: Trigon Sports

Type: Steel Baseball Ball Caddy

Trigon Sports specifically designed the Procage Baseball Caddy for coaches and players looking for a heavy-duty caddy. Therefore, if you are looking for a professional-level ball caddy for your training sessions, then the Trigon Sports Procage is the one for you!

Firstly, the Trigon Sports Procage features a powder-coated steel frame, allowing the caddy to withstand all types of abuse. Secondly, Trigon Sports incorporated premium mesh netting, enabling the caddy to hold the weight of up to 300 baseballs. Lastly, the Trigon Sports Procage utilizes pneumatic turf wheels that helps the caddy breeze through any type of surface.

Lastly, the Trigon Sports Procage boasts a dimension of 18” x 24” x 45”, allowing players to easily transport huge amounts of baseballs in one go.


  • Powder-coated steel frame
  • Premium Mesh Basket
  • Pneumatic turf tires
  • 18” W x 24” L x 45” H dimension
  • Dolly-style design


  • The Procage incorporates extremely durable materials.
  • Works excellently on any type of surface.
  • Boasts a humongous capacity of 300 baseballs.
  • A perfect partner for pitching machine drills.


  • Pricier than standard baseball ball caddies by a mile.

Frequently Asked Questions about Baseball Caddies

Q: How many baseballs are in a 5-gallon bucket?

Considering the size of a regulation baseball, a 5-gallon bucket can easily store up to 48 baseballs that is 9 – 9 ¼” in circumference.

Q: What baseballs do MLB use?

Major League Baseball uses the best balls within the game. Therefore, they use the Rawlings ROMLB balls which feature the best materials a baseball can have. Furthermore, these baseballs are consistent in terms of weight, measurement, and assembly. Nevertheless, baseball caddies can still hold these balls similarly to regulation baseballs.

Q: Where do you hit baseballs into?

During batting training, hitters send the baseball to durable throwing nets. Similarly, baseball caddies incorporate these nets to support the weight of multiple baseballs at once.

Q: Do all baseballs weigh the same?

No, unless you’re playing in the MLB, not all baseballs weigh the same. However, this weight difference only varies within 5 and 5.25 ounces, which is not that far in terms of feel. Still, no matter the weight of baseballs falls within this spectrum, a baseball ball caddy can easily carry 48 baseballs all at once.