Mizuno Bats: The B20-Maxcor Carbon Youth Baseball Bat

If you look over an authentic list of best baseball bats, I bet, you will find one from Mizuno. And if you are an honest baseball lover, I guess, you are familiar with Mizuno, one of the most leading Baseball accessories manufacturers in the world. So, I think, you give a think to a bat from Mizuno if you need one for your young baseball player.

Well, you will find almost all the essential details of an exclusive bat from Mizuno that you can gift to your young beloved. It is the 2020 Mizuno B20-Maxcor Carbon Youth Baseball Bat. Have you any idea about the specialty of the Maxcore Carbon series Mizuno bats? If no, it’s okay. Because you will learn about it spending a few minutes from here. First, let me tell you about the key features. Then, some more details will be there to fulfill your quest.

Key Features:

  • A 2 5/8-inch barrel is here to support the fastest hit.
  • The barrel features a Hotmetal alloy + CorTech construction for a thinner barrel wall and wider sweet spot.
  • This bat is mostly suitable for the young players of 14 years and above.
  • A dual frequency dampener is present for vibration reduction and less flex.
  • It is a 2-piece alloy bat. The durable hot metal alloy is used to craft this bat.
  • A supra-helix grip is here to ensure the comfort feeling of the player.
  • A black Onyx handle is there to be covered up with the supra-helix grip.
  • Most of the authorities and associations like Little League, Babe Ruth, Dixie, USSSA, Cal Ripken, Pony, AAU, AABC, etc. approve this bat.

Now, you must want to learn something more about it, right? Well, soon you will learn everything you need. And, I am pretty sure that all the details will make a very good impression of this bat in your mind. You know why? It’s simple. This bat includes lots of exclusive combinations of its materials and functions.

The Construction of the B20-Maxcor Carbon Youth Baseball Bat

To form expensive Mizuno bats, they use the 2-piece technology. That means the whole bat is divided into 2 different parts. VP sleeve and hot metal alloy are used to handcraft the barrel that is designed for providing more power and strength. Furthermore, a dual frequency dampener is incorporated with the bat’s construction to help reduce vibration, putting the force to the ball and not to your hands. Again, CorTech technology is used to for a thinner structure of the barrel.

Extra features of the B20-Maxcor Carbon Youth Baseball Bat

Many more, it has for you. This BBCOR certified super durable baseball bat has balanced swing weight. Again, the composite handle is there to ensure a comfortable fit. It is designed with Black Onyx carbon fiber. Again, Supra Helix grip is used to wrap up the handle and it will help you enough to get a soft feeling. Also, in the end, you will get an extra-strong end cap which helps you to balance the swing weight perfectly.

Still confused about this bat? Don’t worry, we have something more for you. It’s the most important thing you should check before fixing your mind for something. Well, it is the pros and cons section. So, have a look at them below.


  • VP Sleeve + Hot alloy metal bat.
  • Composite black Onyx carbon fiber handle for an easy swing.
  • Supra Helix grip to reduce friction between your hand and the bat.
  • BBCOR certified bat.
  • Little League, Babe Ruth, Dixie, USSSA, Cal Ripken, Pony, AAU, AABC certified.
  • It features CorTech technology barrel.


  • Comparatively expensive.


You must know that good things often require more cost. Things are like that in this case also. Though this bat is a bit more expensive, it has no lacking in technology and exclusiveness. So, if it is compatible with your budget then, I must recommend this bat for you. Hopefully, it won’t disappoint you ever.