7 Fastpitch Catcher’s Gear: Ultimate Protection Behind the Plate

All softball leagues require catchers to don a fastpitch catcher’s gear every time they squat behind the plate. Furthermore, the difference between fastpitch and slowpitch softball games provides an immense contrast to their pitch speeds. Even though both sports utilize an underhand pitching motion, fast pitch softballs can reach speeds of up to 77 mph for women and 105 mph for men.

As a result, we advise catchers to wear durable and reliable fastpitch catcher’s gear in every game. In addition, a catcher’s gear should not impede a player’s overall range of motion intended for quick lateral movements. Therefore, we collected excellent fastpitch catcher’s gear that protects a player and enhances performance behind the plate.

What to Look for Before Buying a Catcher’s Gear— A Buyer’s Guide

Fastpitch Catcher's Gear

The safety of a catcher depends on the quality of equipment they wear during games. Consequently, we advise players to look for brands that offer incredible quality, such as Easton Catchers Gear. In addition, buyers should look for innovative specifications that may give them an edge in games. Without further ado, here are three things you should consider before buying a fastpitch catcher’s gear:

  • Overall Fit
  • Materials
  • Certifications

Overall Fit

The comfort and range of motion a fastpitch catcher’s gear provide boil down on its overall fit. For example, a fastpitch catcher’s gear that’s too tight will prove uncomfortable, restricting a catcher’s movement. Conversely, a catcher’s gear that’s too loose will not provide adequate protection as it wobbles on its user. Therefore, buyers should look for a fastpitch catcher’s gear that offers the right helmet, chest protector, and leg guard fit.


A catcher’s gear durability and quality will depend on the types of material manufacturers use. As a result, we advise you to get a fastpitch catcher’s gear that features excellent and lightweight materials. For example, lightweight materials such as ABS plastic shells combined with sweat-wicking internal fabrics will provide excellent external protection and a comfortable feel.


Typically, leagues require a fastpitch catcher’s gear to possess certifications for it to qualify for use in official games. In terms of protection, we advise buyers to find a fastpitch catcher’s gear that meets the NOCSAE standards. The NOCSAE standard ensures buyers that their gear meets the needed specifications to effectively protect them from pitches and other impacts caused by a softball.

Excellent Catcher’s Gear for Fastpitch Softball Games

Mizuno Samurai Women’s Fastpitch Softball Catcher’s Helmet


Brand: Mizuno

Type: Fastpitch Catcher’s Helmet

Mizuno designed the Samurai Fastpitch Catcher’s Helmet to fit female athletes, protecting heads against direct softball hits. In addition, the Mizuno Samurai Fastpitch Helmet provides users with an excellent level of protection, durability, and visibility behind the plate.

Furthermore, the helmet is one of the biggest and best-selling fastpitch helmets in the market today. Moreover, the Mizuno Samurai Fastpitch Helmet meets the NOCSAE standard, ensuring its users that it meets the highest level of protection against softballs.

Firstly, the Mizuno Samurai Women’s Fastpitch Helmet features excellent breathability thanks to its Strategic Ventilation System. Secondly, the steel bars of the helmet offers unparalleled protection without compromising visibility. Lastly, the 3-Layer EVA Foam Paddings cushions the Samurai Helmet’s internal structure, providing its user with a comfortable fit and protection.


  • Strategic Ventilation System
  • Thin Steel Cage
  • 3-Layer EVA Foam Paddings
  • 6 1/2″ – 7 1/4″ in size
  • Meets the NOCSAE Standards for Fastpitch Catcher’s Helmets


  • Ideal for fastpitch softball players ages 15 and above.
  • Specifically engineered for breathability and ventilation.
  • Incorporates an excellent ventilation system.
  • The steel cage provides ample space for increased ball tracking visibility.


  • The colorway of the helmet looks different in person.

Mizuno Samurai Women’s Fastpitch Softball Chest Protector


Brand:  Mizuno

Type: Fastpitch Catcher’s Protector Shirt

If you are looking for a chest protector shirt that offers an excellent fit for women, then the Mizuno Samurai Fastpitch Chest Protector is perfect for you. Similar to a chest protector for baseball, the Mizuno Samurai Chest Protector helps catchers field softballs easier, improving their overall performance behind the plate.

The Mizuno Samurai Fastpitch Chest Protector features a low rebound foam that incorporates a grippy surface, minimizing the rebound of softballsallowing easier fielding behind the plate. Furthermore, the Samurai Chest Protector boasts a lightweight construction, allowing users to move with ease and speed.

Moreover, the Mizuno Samurai features an anatomical cut design that provides users with a superior fit. In addition, the anatomical cut mesh lining of the Samurai allows catchers to move quickly without restriction, making it ideal for fastpitch softball games.


  • Low Rebound Foam
  • Grippy Surface
  • Built-in Shoulder Guards
  • Engineered for Women
  • Anatomical Cut Design


  • Offered in 10 different colorways.
  • Features a built-in personalized nameplate for easier identification.
  • Comes in two different sizes13” and 14”.
  • Incorporates materials that help minimize a softball’s rebound upon impact.


  • The shoulder guards aren’t removable for a customized fit.

Mizuno Samurai Fastpitch Softball Women’s Shin Guards


Brand: Mizuno

Type: Fastpitch Catcher’s Shin Guards

Mizuno designed the Samurai Fastpitch Shin Guards for women who require a pair of lightweight shin guards behind the plate. Featuring an air mesh lining, the Mizuno Samurai Shin Guards provide players with explosive speeds and leg maneuverability during games.

Furthermore, the Mizuno Samurai Shin Guards offer the perfect balance between comfort, durability, and protection. Thanks to the Mizuno patented K-Pad, the Samurai Shin Guards provide players with unparalleled knee protection and comfort. Moreover, the DRYLITE fabrics of the Samurai Shin Guards effectively wicks sweat, providing players with a cool and dry experience when catching.

Lastly, the innovative construction of the Mizuno Samurai Shin Guards provides players with the precise fit they need in games. In addition, with the help of the shin grip inner lining, the shin guards allow themselves to mold themselves accordingly to their user’s leg shape.


  • Double Knee Design
  • Patented Mizuno K-Pad
  • Air Mesh Technology
  • DRYLITE Inner Fabrics
  • Shin Grip Inner Lining


  • The Innovative Construction of the Shin Guards provides great flexibility.
  • Comfortable without compromising protection.
  • Features moisture-wicking fabrics.
  • Provides users with a secure fit.


  • Not ideal for younger players ages 14 and below.

EASTON THE FUNDAMENTAL BY JEN SCHRO Softball Catchers Protective Set


Brand: Easton

Type: Fastpitch Catcher’s Gear Set

Easton took the specifications of world-renowned softball coach Jen Schro and applied them into an excellent fastpitch catcher’s gear set for all agesthe Easton Jen Schro Set. Featuring an outstanding catcher’s helmet, chest protector, and leg guards, the Easton Jen Schro Set does not disappoint.

The Jen Schro Set features the fundamental catcher’s helmet, incorporating a durable ABS plastic shell for external protection. In addition, the interior of the helmet features dual-density foam paddings that cushion the impact of incoming softballs. Moreover, the Jen Schro Set also features the Fundamental Chest Protector features a chest silhouette, offering excellent protection and fit without compromising the overall mobility of players.

Furthermore, the Fundamental Leg Guards features an improved shell design that allows the product to wrap around the shins effectively. In addition, the knee-shaped design of the Leg Guards protects the knees from direct softball impacts. Lastly, the breathable liner of the leg guards allows the legs to cool and receive ample ventilation.


  • ABS Plastic Helmet Shell with Steel Cage
  • Dual Density Foam Helmet Paddings
  • Chest Silhouette
  • Improved Shell Design for Leg Guards
  • Knee-Shaped Leg Guard Design


  • Provides users with an excellent fit that doesn’t impede movement.
  • The Fundamental Leg Guards provide ample protection on the user’s knees.
  • Comfortable interior helmet paddings.
  • Comes in small, medium, and large sizes.


  • Not ideal for buyers within a tight budget.

All-Star Sports CKW14.5PS-a Women’s Beginner Fastpitch Softball Series Set


Brand: All-Star Sports

Type: Fastpitch Catcher’s Gear Set

Excellent for beginners looking to buy their first NOCSAE-certified fastpitch catcher’s gear set, the All-Star Sports Fastpitch Set features beginner-friendly specifications. In addition, the All-Star Sports Fastpitch Gear features a budget-friendly under $200.

The All-Star Sports Fastpitch Helmet features ABS plastic materials on its exterior shell, making it an effective helmet against speeding softballs. Moreover, the All-Star Sports Helmet also incorporates a catching mask that incorporates the I-BAR VISION design, protecting the face of its user without restricting their field of vision.

Furthermore, the All-Star Chest protector features an absorbing foam lining that helps absorb the impact from a direct ball contact. Similarly, the All-Star Leg Guards offer the same specification, allowing users to benefit from its effective impact dissipation properties on the lower body.


  • ABS Plastic Shell Material
  • I-BAR VISION Cage Design
  • Absorbing Foam Lining for Chest Protector and Leg Guards
  • 5” Size for Tall Players
  • Double Kneed Leg Guard Design


  • Provides excellent coverage for tall players.
  • Meets the NOCSAE Standard for fastpitch catcher’s gear.
  • The durable cage of the mask doesn’t compromise visibility.
  • Specifically engineered for beginners.


  • Only offered in a royal blue colorway.

Mizuno Classic Fastpitch Softball Glove Series


Brand: Mizuno

Type: Fastpitch Catcher’s Glove

Mizuno specifically engineered the Classic Fastpitch Glove Series to fit the anatomical hands of female Softball players. In addition, professional players such as Jennie Finch and Danielle Lawrie endorses Mizuno, providing high-quality specifications for players, by players.

Firstly, the Mizuno Classic Fastpitch Catcher’s Glove features the rugged and pre-oiled Throwback Leather, providing catchers with a soft-feeling glove. Secondly, thanks to its leather material, the Mizuno Classic Fastpitch Catcher’s Glove can retain its shape even after extensive use.

Furthermore, Mizuno’s roll welting provides the Classic Fastpitch Catcher’s Glove with ample stability and durability through the fingers. Lastly, the UltraSoft Pro palm liner of the Classic Fastpitch Series provides a comfortable hand feel and soft interior paddings to protect the hands from harsh ball stings.


  • Throwback Leather
  • UltraSoft Pro Palm Liners
  • 5” size
  • Roll Welting
  • Right Hand Throw


  • Excellent for high-school and collegiate level play.
  • Features comfortable and soft materials.
  • Specifically engineered for female hands.
  • Suitable for right-handed throw catchers.


  • This catcher’s glove is quite hard to break in.

Wilson A2000 CM34 SuperSkin 34″ Catcher’s Fastpitch Mitt


Brand: Wilson

Type: Fastpitch Catcher’s Glove

The Wilson A2000 Glove Series is one of the best gloves in both baseball and softball. Featuring professional-level specifications such as the Pro Stock Leather, you can never go wrong with the Wilson A2000 Fastpitch Mitt.

Moreover, the Wilson A2000 Fastpitch Catcher’s Glove features a Velcro wrist closure which ensures players a secure and comfortable fit. In addition, the honeycomb padding eliminates the sensation of softball stings when fielding, allowing for a comfortable game.

Furthermore, Wilson incorporated the Grey SuperSkin on the A2000, allowing the glove to become durable compared to regular leather while weighing half as much. Lastly, the Pro Stock Leather ensures that the glove will last a long time, providing little break-in time and durability to its users.


  • Pro Stock Leather
  • Velcro Wrist Closure
  • Grey SuperSkin
  • Dual Welting Pockets
  • Honeycomb Paddings


  • Features durable and long-lasting materials.
  • Professional-level specifications.
  • Efficiently reduces ball stings.
  • Durable pocket welting.


  • Hard to break in.

Frequently Asked Questions about Catcher’s Gear for Fastpitch Softball Games

Q: When should you replace catcher’s gear?

Let’s face it, a fastpitch catcher’s gear is prone to wear and tear over a certain period. Typically, catcher’s helmets and protector shirts would only last for a year or two before you have to recertify them. On the other hand, we advise owners to replace or recertify their leg guards every year or when the paddings wear out. However, they would have to replace their gear once their equipment fails the recertification process.

Q: How do you size a youth softball catcher’s gear?

Usually, softball catching helmets come with a one-size-fits-all sizing for youth, intermediate, and adult players. On the other hand, chest protectors measure from a person’s neck base down to the waist in inches. Lastly, leg guards measure from the middle of the knee down to the ankle.

Q: What size catcher’s gear do I need?

For children under 12, we advise parents to get them a youth-sized fastpitch softball gear. Conversely, for children above 12 years old and below 18, we advise them to get an intermediate gear size. Finally, for athletes above 18, we advise them to get an adult-sized fastpitch catcher’s gear.

Q: Is there a difference between softball catcher’s gear and baseball catcher’s gear?

Yes; however, a baseball and softball catcher’s gear still works similarly, intending to protect its wearer from incoming pitches. Furthermore, the majority of manufacturers design their softball fastpitch catcher’s gear to anatomically fit a female’s body. On the other hand, a baseball catcher’s gear usually fits male athletes.

Q: Can you machine wash catcher’s gear?

Yes, but we advise owners to use a mild detergent and set the machine washer in the lightest setting. Afterwards, let the fastpitch catcher’s gear air dry. Lastly, avoid using a dryer as it can degrade the stitching and overall quality of the gear.