Best B45 Bat Reviews – Top Nine Models

Regular visitors of B45 are spoiled for choices. On the one hand they have a huge selection of baseball bats waiting for them on the homepage. One which includes Pro Select bats, B-1 bats, Premium bats, Youth Pro Select bats, training bats, and even bat packs.

On the other end they could have their pick from softball bats. Their range isn’t as massive as that of baseball bats, but it is still big enough to give you two options. You can either select a softball bat from the website or design a new one from scratch.

Also on offer on the website are five categories of trophy bats. These are the models you can give to your loved ones to celebrate weddings, graduations, birthdays, or other special occasions. Such bats are made from heavier wood and won’t come in handy for game use. But they’re one helluva item to gift! Read on to find out our B45 bat reviews.



Hoping to get your hands on a bat that won’t stop at hitting the ball out of the diamond? Want something that is equally easy to swing through the strike zone too? The first model on our B45 reviews is one of those rare ones that offers both these features at a competitive asking price.


Why choose it? Start with its ability to hit the ball out of the diamond. The reason why this model can boast this feature lies embedded in its flared knob. One which keeps the handle firmly in your grasp and allows those of you with muscular forearms to swing hard at the incoming balls.

Then comes the bat’s balanced construction. It gives the perfect ‘initial’ speed to help you easily swing this model through the strike zone. The balanced construction also minimizes the transfer of vibrations between the barrel and the handle – thereby saving your hands from ‘bat sting’.

Sizes and colors: The EE1 Pro Select Stock comes in three colors and four sizes. The colors include brown handle/black barrel, cherry handle/navy barrel, and an all brown hat. The size range, meanwhile, falls between 31-inches and 34-inches.


  • 30-day warranty
  • Has a flared handle
  • Is handcrafted from yellow birch
  • Provides great pop and durability


  • Sweet spot could have been bigger

Final Thought: Here’s one of those birch wood baseball bats that offer high-end features at a price that won’t leave a dent in your bank account. Which is why it gets our nod of approval.

PIKE4S PRO SELECT STOCK – Best Baseball Bat for contact hitters

Unimpressed with what the EE1 Pro has to offer? The PiKE34 Pro Select Stock might then be an option for you. It isn’t a budget baseball bat by any stretch of the imagination, mind it, but it justifies its price tag with a plethora of high-end features. Read on to know more about them.


Why choose it? The PIKE4S offers three features that make it a must-have for contact hitters. Foremost among them is its flared knob gives you maximum control over its swing. Next comes its balanced construction which ensures the bat stays in your hand no matter how fast you swing it.

Those of you who have weaker forearms but springier legs can count on this model’s -3 weight ratio to help you make contact with the ball as many times as possible. This, in turn, will increase the time you’d spend on the crease and help you frustrate the pitcher trying to strike you out.

Sizes and colors: The PIKE4S Pro Select Stock is available in four sizes. They include 31-inches, 32-inches, 33-inches and 34-inches. It gives you only one option when it comes to colors, though, which is the one you see in the picture attached above.


  • Provides increased control
  • Designed for contact hitters
  • Comes with a warranty


  • Not the ideal choice for power hitters

Final Thought: The PIKE4S Pro Select Stock is aimed at contact hitters who want more control over their swings and are always looking for ways that could help them increase the time they spend in the middle, making it one of the most sought-after option in our B45 bat reviews.

TJ19 PRO SELECT STOCK | TOMMY JOSEPH – Best Baseball Bat for power hitters

Hoping to wrap your fingers around a bat recommended by professionals? Then you’ll find plenty to like about the TJ19 Pro Select stock. This bat is the preferred choice of first baseman Tommy Joseph who has represented the likes of Philadelphia Phillies in his star-studded career.


Why choose it? Because it gives you everything you need to hit the ball out of the diamond. This bat’s top-heavy construction oversees maximum weight concentrated in this bat’s ‘sweet spot’ to let you produce ‘whip-like’ swings and regularly come up with powerful shots.

It also boasts a massive hitting surface to make it easy for the ball to find the barrel. The taper on this bat’s knob makes it feel comfortable in your handle and produces that balanced feel that hitters adore. You get a one-month warranty on this product too.

Sizes and colors: Similar to the bats we recommended above, the TJ19 is also available in four sizes: 31-inches, 32-inches, 33-inches and 34-inches. Color options that it provides include an all-brown bat, one that has a varnished handle/royal blue barrel and the last one with a matte black barrel.


  • Top-heavy construction
  • Ideal for power hitters
  • Flared and tapered knob


  • Not the ideal choice for contact hitters

Final Thought: The TJ19 Pro Select Stock baseball bat comes with a thicker handle to provide a more balanced feel. It boasts a top-heavy construction that contact hitters adore and features a taper on the knob that makes it feel great in your hand. Hence the reason why it gets our recommendation.

B271 PRO SELECT STOCK YOUTH – Best Youth Baseball Bat

The B271 Pro Select Stock Youth gets its name from the fact that pros recommend it for young baseball players. It features a balanced yellow birch wood design with a weight ratio of -5 that makes it a cinch to swing through the strike zone.


Why choose it? Mainly because its balanced construction makes it a must-have for beginners. As it allows their untrained – and probably weak – forearms to swing this bat with maximum force, while also limiting the chances of them getting hurt in the process.

Yet another feature of this model that impressed us is its flared knob and tapered handle. The former makes it an appetizing option for contact hitters by making this bat slightly longer than average. Then there is the tapered handle which won’t let it slip away from your hands.

Sizes and colors: Simply because this bat is made for young baseball players, its size range falls between 27-inches and 30-inches. However, the three colors in which this bat is available – all cherry, all black and varnished handle/black barrel – are eye-catching for players of all ages.


  • -5 weight ratio
  • Competitively priced
  • Tapered handle increases grip
  • Flared knob adds comfort


  • Slightly small barrel

Final Thought: The B271 Pro Select youth baseball bat has everything young baseball players might want to see in their ideal bat. Its -5 weight ratio, a combo of tapered handle and flared knob and a competitive asking price make it a must-have.


What would you ideally want in a bat that you’d pick for your younger kids? We recommend looking for a model that is lightweight, has a thin barrel and comes with an ultra-high weight ratio. Which is exactly what the Bomber Series Aluminum Tee-Ball bat offers.


Why choose it? This model is approved by USA baseball and is recommended for kids with ages between five and seven. It comes with a one-year limited warranty, which is, without doubt, the longest you’d get on a baseball bat of any size, let alone for one approved to hit tee balls.

B45 has further enhanced this model’s performance by providing it with a contact grip. It reduces the vibration in the handle and will save your kids’ hands from ‘bat sting’. They can, therefore, be able to play for long hours without any discomfort.

Sizes and colors: The Bomber Series Aluminum tee-ball bat is available in three sizes. They include 24-inches, 25-inches, and 26-inches. It doesn’t offer any options when it comes to colors, though, as the only option you have is one with a black handle and sky blue barrel.



  • Has a contact grip
  • Comes with a 1-yr warranty
  • Approved by USA baseball


  • Only for tee balls

Final Thought: Here is one of those bats that would make your kid fall in love with the game and won’t blow a hole in your pocket either. Seem to you like a claim that is too good to be true? Then check out its features.


The SWR Pro Select Custom is a one-piece wood bat that is primed to make waves in leagues where only USA-approved bats are allowed. Throw into the mix its 30-day warranty and huge color range, and there aren’t many faults you can find with this product.


Why choose it? Most models that you see in our B45 bat reviews only let you customize their size or color. This bat is different. It gives you the option to customize its appearance, size, weight, and even the time you want this bat to be made in. Let’s explain what we just said with examples.

SWR Pro lets you decide the wording of the two lines that you see already engraved on bat in the picture. You’re also given a range of almost 20 colors to pick your favorite handle, barrel and label color. It even lets you select how fast (or otherwise) the handcrafting time should be.

Sizes and colors: Here is another aspect where this bat justifies its reputation as the epitome of customizability. It does that by offering five different lengths and seven different weight ratios. You’d have to be superhuman to not find your ideal size in the given range.


  • More disciplined swing
  • Huge color and size range
  • Lets you decide the wording of engraving


  • Smaller sweet spot

Final Thought: In addition to offering all the features mentioned above, the SWR Pro has practically zero break-in time and only swings at the desired pitch. Sure, the last feature may have come at the cost of a smaller sweet spot, but one that is still big enough for pros to exploit.


Are you looking for a bat that could help take your game to the next level? One that won’t show any signs of wear and tear after hours of training in the nets? Then it’s time you wear your gloves and wrap your fingers around this model from our B45 bat reviews.


Why choose it? One of the most important aspects of this fungo bat is its long and skinny construction. It allows the trainee to hit ground or fly balls to the outfield or infield. The skinny construction has also helped this bat’s weight stay low, thereby making it easy for you to practice for long hours.

Further enhancing its appeal is the combo of glossy black finish and a yellow sweet spot. The latter, as you might guess, isn’t merely for showboating. It lets the batter identify the exact spot where they want the incoming ball to land to produce airborne shots.

Sizes and colors: This bat gives you the option to choose its weight ratio between 0 and +3. You may want to go for the lower weight ratio if you’re looking for something slightly heavy. Otherwise, if your forearms aren’t well-trained yet, go for the weight ratio in positive figures.


  • Skinny construction
  • Easy to swing
  • Three weight ratios


  • Pricey for a training bat

Final Thought: Whether you’re just looking to train harder or are hoping to improve a particular portion in your swing, the BStrong Heavy Training Baseball Bat will be your perfect companion in the nets.

B-1 BASEBALL BAT – Best Baseball bat under $100

Hollywood has educated us that baseball bats don’t just come handy on the baseball field. Their huge strength and sturdiness means you can also use them in other endeavors, and you’ll find it difficult to find a model tougher than the B-1 Baseball Bat.


Why choose it? This stylish looking model is made from high-quality yellow birch wood, which is not only eye-catching but is equally reliable. The grade of wood used in this model’s construction further allays any fears you may have about this model creaking, fading or splintering.

Yet another important application of this bat is for defence. It boasts a lightweight construction that would help you in sneaking out that runs by placing the ball between two fielders. And the fact that it’s easy to swing means you can deftly use it for longer periods without any discomfort.

Sizes and colors: Most other bats in this review offer four sizes. The B-1 sweetens the deal by offering six of them. Its size range starts from 31-inches and goes all the way to 34.5-inches, thereby making this bat an option for young players and pros alike.


  • Available in six sizes
  • Creates more whip
  • Lets you generate more bat speed


  • Doesn’t come with a warranty

Final Thought: Do you have any complaints about the fact that this model doesn’t come with a warranty? If you don’t, then you’d do well to take advantage of its below-average price. Otherwise, you can always check other models in our B45 bat reviews.

AT13S PREMIUM | ABRAHAM TORO – Best Premium Baseball Bat

The AT13S Premium isn’t one of the most affordable baseball bats on the market. But there’s an excellent reason why this model costs above average: it has the features to back its price tag. Have doubts about this claim? Then read on to know more about one of the priciest models in our B45 bat reviews.


Why choose it? Have you heard about the ink-dot test? Bats that feature the symbol have gained it after satisfying slope of grain requirements set by Major League Baseball. They are made from the top 4 percent of wood from any harvest and therefore boost big league quality.

Aside from having the ink dot symbol, the AT13S comes with a 30-day warranty and has a sought-after weight ratio of -3. Its balanced construction makes this model incredibly easy to swing, whereas the 0.93-inch handle size gives you the stiff feel when the ball lands on the bat.

Sizes and colors: The AT13S is available in four sizes including 31-inches, 32-inches, 33-inches and 34-inches. Unfortunately, it doesn’t give you any options when it comes to colors. That means you have no choice but to accept the black handle/light brown barrel model.


  • Ink dot tested
  • Easy to grip
  • Gives a stiff feel


  • Only available in one color

Final Thought: The AT13S is an ink dot tested model that comes with a 30-day warranty. It also includes a flared knob for easy grip and has a balanced construction to make it easy to swing. All these features are the reason why this model costs as much as it does.


Your trek through the B45 bat reviews ends here. Our detailed article not only introduces you to the best bats on the website, but it also gives you the low down on each model. We have also sorted out every bat by its category.

That is why now that you’ve gone through our B45 bat reviews, we expect that you have enough information at your disposal to select the best bat for your requirements. However, if you need further help, please feel free to get in touch using the comments box.