Which one is better composite vs aluminum bats review

Beginner baseball players and also their Parents, who know little about baseball, often seem to be confused while choosing the best one from the composite and aluminum baseball bats for their beloved children. Even beginners also face the same problem at least once in their life. On account of this confusion, this article is written on the topic, “composite vs aluminum bats“.

Most of the players give priority to the composite or aluminum bat over the wooden one. But the problem arises when to choose one from this two. This is why he or she has to learn enough about the bats of both the types as well as their beneficial sides and the drawbacks well. These will help them to get the right idea about which bat will be good for them. Still, I will give further advice to get the appropriate conception on this topic.

What are those materials?

The composite and the aluminum are two completely different types of materials. If it is essential for you to learn about the difference between this two kinds of the bat, first try to understand what are those materials.

Composite Bat

In relation to the aluminum, the composite is more complex and a hybrid material. Mainly the composite material refers to the reinforced carbon fiber polymer. Here the carbon fiber polymer is the main ingredient. The carbon fiber is well known for it’s high strength to weight ratio. You will be astonished to know that for its strength and countenance, this material is used to produce a car, motorbike, boat even the airplane. But sometimes glass fibers and special graphite and bamboo fiber are also used as the composite materials of the bat.

Composite Baseball Bat Marucci
composite bat

In case of a baseball bat, the composite can be of different types like exact carbon composite and paraflex composite design etc. Again there is another type of composite which is known as the hybrid composite bat. It is called hybrid because only a portion of this bat is made of polymer and the rest is of either wood or aluminum.

Easton Hybrid Composite Bat
easton hybrid composite bat

The composite bat is not invented for long ago. In 1980, the composite bat is launched for the first time. Louisville Slugger is the first developer of the composite bat. With the performance of the composite bat, in 2011, a special baseball performance standard is created with is known widely as BBCOR that means bat-ball coefficient of restitution.

Louisville Slugger Composite Bat
Louisville Slugger Composite Bat

Most of the composite bats are crafted in such way that it would be perfect to play in the respective League. Composite bats are allowed in most of the leagues. Among them, Little League, NFHS (for high school and collegiate), the Leagues under the BBCOR, like NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) etc. But the very few Leagues don’t allow any composite bats to use like MLB. In most of the cases like this, an only wooden bat is allowed.

Almost all of the players, who emphasizes composite bat over the metal one, prior it for its large sweet spot, trampoline effects, bending stiffness and vibration and power. But the composite bats are seemed to be more expensive than the aluminum one. The cost will not appear as a problem if the bat can blow your mind with its super strength and countenance.

Aluminum Bat

Aluminum bats are also called alloy bats. It is generally made of metal substance especially pure aluminum as it is named. But sometimes to make a more durable alloy, some other substances are mixed with aluminum. Aluminum bats are specifically famous for its long durability and comparatively cheapness.

For the first time, an aluminum bat was made in 1920 but before 1970, it did not get the legal permission to use it. As usual, Louisville Slugger developed it after 1970 and launched it. After that, the popularity of the alloy bats just spread over the world. At this moment, alloy bats are the most used one.

Louisville Slugger Alloy Bat
Louisville Slugger composite bat

Just like the composite bats, most of the Leagues allow alloy bats to use. Almost all the Leagues under BBCOR like NCAA, NFHS etc. give permit use alloy bat. As usual, MLB bands it like the composite bats. In today’s high school and collegiate tournaments and in amateur baseball, alloy bat has its rapid usage.

The aluminum alloy bats are made with two different systems. One is known as one-piece alloy bat and another is the two piece. When the bat is of only one running piece then it is a one-piece alloy bat. On the other side, when the bat is made with two different pieces like two parts of handle and barrel, then it is a two-piece alloy bat. Both of them have their respective features and qualifications. This one piece and two piece variation are also common in the composite bats.

Eston Alloy Bat
Louisville Slugger composite bat

Aluminum alloy bats are incredibly used for the faster swing with sufficient power. Even alloy bats are able to send the ball approximately 60 feet towards the pitch that is free. The most emulous benefit of an alloy bat is its durability. But its comparatively smaller sweet spot may appear as a cause of your irritation. But it is relatively more inexpensive and so for the young beginners, alloy bats are the best choices.

Facts and comparison

While comparing these two types of bats, you need to know about some facts related to the performance of the bats so that you can get a clear idea about which one you should buy. Here I have specified the facts as well as their conditions by the two types of bats so that it becomes easy for you to find out the particular fact you need to learn about.


More or less, we all know that the composite bats are more difficult to make than the alloy bats. So it is natural that the composite bat will be more expensive than the other one. It is true. If you want to get an alloy bat, then you can manage it from approximately 49 to 300 US dollars. But for a composite bat, you have to spend about 100 to 450 US dollars. So if you have the least budget, alloy bat can be a good choice for you.

Sweet spot and pops

The sweet spot is a very significant part of a baseball bat. The larger a sweet spot is, the easier you strike will be. Actually, the sweet spot is a part by using what, you will hit the ball with your bat. So a large sweet spot that the barrel of the bat contains, will provide more possibility of your better swing.

In terms of bat materials, the composite bat carries a comparatively larger sweet spot than the alloy bat. In most of the comparisons, composite bats go one step further than its components when the fact is their sweet spot.

Besides having larger sweet spots, the composite bats also offer the biggest number of pop. In comparison to the alloy bats even to the wooden bats, the composite bats provide more pop because of its complex manufacturing process and the compound mixture of carbon fiber.

Bat weight

Bat weight is another important fact though there is no obligation to be light or heavy as the sweet spot. In fact, for some players, heavyweight bats are comfortable while the others love to have the lighter one. So it is completely up to you that you need the lighter one or the heavier.

While comparing with the aluminum alloy bat, a composite bat is lighter enough. The aluminum bat is heavier even sometimes more than the wooden bats. So if weight is a fact to you and in terms of weight, you have a choice then grab the bat in accordance to your essence.


When the question is about a bat’s durability, aluminum alloy bats should then get priority over a composite bat. That means the alloy bats are more durable than the composite bats. It seems that on average, an alloy bat can be used for about 2 years if proper care is taken. But a composite bat does not provide performance this longer.

In most of the case, alloy bats are seemed to get dented but not damaged in a whole. If you have any warranty left, then you can fix it by them. So alloy bat is amazing when the fact is durability.

Swing weight

Swing weight is the sum of heft or weight that the strike zone of the bat transfers when the bat is hit forward to the ball. So the capacity of holding more swing weight is a big facility of a bat. For this reason, players often find the bats with more swing weight.

The research says that the composite bats can provide more swing weight than most of the aluminum alloy and the wooden bat can. So if your intention is to get more swing weight, then you have to buy a good composite bat instead of an alloy bat.


While striking, some bats produce some kinds of negative energies like vibration which can be a cause of the players’ discomfort. So most of the players hate to have a bat with high string vibration. It is the most awkward moment for them when they feel some sense of trembling when to hit the ball. So it is essential to know which bat is free from these types of negative energies.

Composite bats are good to absorb all of those negative energies including the feelings of trembling well. Alloy bats often produce a vibration that may irritate you. So if you want to avoid the risk to have a sense of trembling then you have to choose a composite bat.

In case of the alloy bat, string vibration is more often found if the alloy is not of a very good quality. But if your aluminum bat is made with rich and good quality alloy then the risk of vibration will decrease.

Weather condition

Many of you don’t know that whether it is a composite bat or an aluminum alloy bat, the weather is an active fact. Cold weather can be a cause of the damage of your bat made by both composite or aluminum. Now it is essential to learn which bat has the least risk to be damaged in the cold weather.

The cold weather that is less than 70 degrees Fahrenheit can be a threat to the bats. But the alloy bats have more risk to be damaged than the composite bats. Various types of cosmetic damages like a dent or crack can occur when to hit in that much colder weather. Even like the wooden bats, composite bats can also have some vertical cracks if you use it in such weather.

Barrel and handle

A baseball bat’s focusing main parts are the barrel and the handle. The larger and wider your bat’s barrel is the easier your string will be. Because a big barrel holds a big sweet spot. Again the handle of a good bat must be flexible enough to hold and hit with.

As I have said, the composite bat holds a comparatively larger sweet spot, so naturally, the barrel of the composite bats are more spacious and wider while to compare with the aluminum bats. Besides the handle of the composite bats are more flexible than the aluminum bats.

Compare to the wooden bat

While comparing with the wooden bats, the aluminum bats are heavier but more durable. Again the alloy bats are stiffer to hit and much cheaper than the wooden bats. The swing weight of the alloy bat is not more its counterpart also.

If the comparison is between the composite and the wooden bats, the composite bats reach one step further than the wooden one in case of weight and swing weight. The composite bats can also reduce the trampoline effect more than the wooden bats can do.

composite vs aluminum bats

Minor facts Composite vs Aluminum bats

After learning about the above facts, some of you may face the questions about a few minor facts. For them, the list below can be a help.

  • The aluminum bat produces a “ping” sound when to propel the bat to the ball. But the composite bat may not sound like that.
  • A great advantage of using an aluminum bat is it needs no break in time. But the composite bat generally needs a break in period in every 150 to 200 swing before the user reaches to its highest productivity.
  • Aluminum bat’s performance quality decreases with the time of its usages but with the passes of time, composite bat’s performance improves.
  • Composite bats are more often reducible of the trampoline effect of the bat then the aluminum bats.

To get a more specific comparison you can just see through the list below:

Fact Composite Aluminum
Weight Less More
Cost More Less
Vibration Less More
S. Weight Less More
S. Spot Larger Smaller
Barrel Larger Smaller
Pop More Less
Durability Less More
Ping sounds No Yes

Hope these facts of comparison will help to get your own opinion on this topic. But before choosing the right one for the slugger, it is intended essential to know his or her type and choice.

Things should be considered before making your decision

Sometimes we see players who love to have heavy bats where the others feel comfortable with the lighter one. To avoid this type of confusions, you should learn about the lucky hitter for whom you are planning to buy a bat. You should get enough idea about his type and choice. Even some other facts like cost should be considered before making a decent choice among a composite bat and an aluminum bat. The following points are enough to think about.

  • As the expense of buying a composite bat and an aluminum bat is different, before planning to buy one, you need to think about your budget.
  • It is important to learn about which bat the slugger wants to have that means if he or she has a per choice among these two types of bats.
  • Again what is his or her choice among a heavier or lighter bat, is important to know. Because every player may not have the same test for their comfort.
  • Try to learn about his or her type. What type of hitter he or she is like power hitter or stiffer one is necessary to know to choose the right one for him or her.
  • Weather should also be considered if you think your circumfluent temperature is not normal at all. As you are already said that some bats are not good for the cold weather.
  • Try to learn if your child will love to have a big barrel bat or not.
  • Get an idea about how he or she manages the level of a swing.
  • What are your beloved child’s choice to have a gripped composite handle or an alloy handle is also prior to learning about?
  • The ping sound that the alloy bat produces is also a good fact. Observe it whether the sound has any impact upon his or her swing or not.

Before making your precious choice among the composite and the aluminum bat, think again about these facts. Try to get the idea about which bat’s facilities are matched with you and your child’s condition. By doing this, you will get it easy to make a competent selection.

Final thoughts

Now it is time to take a decision. I think the above details make it clear that which bat contains what types of facilities. After learning these two types of bats as well as finding out the best one for you or your child, it should become easy for you to make a modest choice. Yet I have made some specified reasons for which you will choose a composite bat or an aluminum alloy bat for them who are still in confusions.

Why composite bat

A composite bat will be the right option for them who needs a high-quality performance. Again a composite bat is very good to absorb all the negative energies like vibration. If you don’t have a problem with the comparatively higher cost and don’t have a problem with its lesser period of durability, this bat is for them. If you don’t have those problems, you then won’t regret it because I can assure you of a very good performance of this bat with a lightweight and swing weight, speed and larger sweet spot. So if you or your child¬†wants a big barrel but lightweight bat, then the only option for you is to buy a composite bat.

Why aluminum bat

In comparison to the composite bat, an aluminum bat is heavier, smaller in case of its sweet spot as well as the barrel. If the slugger for whom you want to buy the bat is okay with these facts then you can grab an aluminum bat. Again for the beginner, alloy bats are perfect because of its long-lasting performance that means durability. Besides aluminum alloy bats are much inexpensive in relation to the composite bats. But the hitter may feel some sense of trembling when to swing. But you have to buy an aluminum bat only if you give more priority to the durability of the bat as well as its cost.

Which one to prefer

In the end, some of you still ask about the least suggestion and for them, here I leave some words from my own opinion.

On the topic composite vs aluminum bats, I will advise you to go with the composite bat. The money will not be a problem if you consider its quality performance, long sweet spots, good pops, big barrel, flexible handle, lightweight with no string and swing vibration. So after keeping the fact of expenses asides, I will prefer the composite bat.


Once again I suggest you think about you and your child’s test and condition before making any decision. Again you can also ask for advice from the experts or browse for further articles. But I think this article is enough for you to get an appropriate idea about the comparison between the composite and the aluminum alloy bats.