Best Wooden Fastpitch Softball Bats

Why spend your money on wooden fastpitch softball bats? Start with a quicker reaction time. These bats have a smooth construction to let you hit swing them with ease. This way they enable you to deal with pitching speeds in excess of 60 mph.

They are also long enough to cover the strike zone and allow you to take care of balls that are pitched away from your body. These bats are incredibly heavy as well and complement the strength of your forearms by letting you hit the ball out of the ground. That’s not where the good news ends.

Such bats come with barrels that induce a trampoline effect upon swinging and gives way to great hits. Their sturdy construction and above-average warranty periods mean that you don’t have to worry about these bats breaking down anytime soon either.

How to choose the best Wooden Fastpitch Softball Bats?

Know how to get your hands on the best wooden fastpitch softball bats? There are nine factors you need to consider including the length of the bat, its weight, drop weight, and the type of barrel you need it to have.

Equally worth of your attention is the barrel’s bending stiffness and the size of its sweet spot. Experts also recommend deciding on the bat’s swing weight, whether you want it in one-piece or two piece design and the type of wood that it’s made of.

Think that’s too much for you? Fear not as we’ve listed down all those factors.

1. Length

Picking the right length fastpitch softball bat is crucial for your game. Bats that too large or too small for your liking will either limit your shots or won’t be able to cover the entire strike zone. They will thus have a negative impact on your batting.

Here are two ways to make sure that the bat you’re selecting is the right length for you:

  1. Stand with your back against a wall and place the bat up against your leg. If it is reaching your mid-hip, the bat’s length is suitable for you.
  1. Place the bat’s bottom knob at the center of your chest and extend the bat in the direction of your eyesight. If you can touch its end with your fingertips or fingernails, then rest assured that the bat has a suitable length.

2. Weight

The bat’s weight is a matter of personal preference. That’s because it’s the strength of your forearms that will dictate the weight that is right for you. Which is why we recommend that you try out bats of different weights to identify which one meets your requirements.

Having said that, we can give you some tips using which you can select the right weight for you. Newbie softball players generally prefer lightweight bats because they want more control. Pros, who are always looking for ways to maximize power, typically side with heavier bats.

3. Drop weight

The difference between the bat’s weight and length is its drop weight. That is to say that a bat that is 35 inches long and weighs 20 ounces will have a drop weight of -10. Drop weight has an inverse relationship with bat’s overall weight; the lighter the bat, the bigger will be its drop weight.

Amateur players would do well to select a ball with a bigger drop. Its lightweight construction will make the bat easier to handle for them at the plate. Veterans, meanwhile, could use their sturdy forearms to exploit the power coming out of bats with a lesser drop weight.

4. Type of barrel

Wooden fastpitch softball bats have one of the following two types of barrel:

  • Stiff barrel: Such barrels compress less upon hitting the ball and force the ball to compress more. They are lightweight and easy to swing but aren’t any good when it comes to hitting the ball out of the park.
  • Springy barrel: Such barrels compress more upon coming into contact with the ball. They use their flexibility to generate – and transmit – the power to the ball, which then covers more distance upon being hit.

5. Bending stiffness

Bending stiffness describes the bend in the bat’s handle.

  • Low bending stiffness: Such bats have handles that don’t vibrate a lot when the ball doesn’t hit the sweet spot. They are therefore ideal for batters as they won’t expose your hand to much stinging.
  • High bending stiffness: Handles of such bats vibrate a lot when the batter fails to catch the ball in the bat’s sweet spot. They expose your hand to more stinging and are therefore not ideal for those learning the ropes of softball.

6. Sweet Spot

The sweet spot on the ball is that area which imparts maximum power to the ball and gives it the best hit possible. Your hands also benefit from the ball hitting the sweet spot – as then the bat will transfer the least amount of vibrations to the handle.

  • Smaller sweet spot: Bats with a smaller sweet spot are cheaply made, inexpensive to buy and rarely preferred by serious players. You should, therefore, steer as clear from them as possible.
  • Larger sweet spot: Bats with a larger sweet spot are a dream come true for experienced and inexperienced batters alike. They allow both the players to hit the ball further without forcing them to apply too much force.

7. Swing weight

Wooden fastpitch softball bats offer one of these two swing weights:


One can guess by looking at their name what ‘end-loaded’ bats are all about. Their manufacturer designs these bats in such a way as to concentrate maximum weight at the tip of their barrel. This is what allows these bats to produce a ‘whip-like’ swing and produce more powerful shots.

On the flip side, the fact that these bats have maximum weight concentrated at one end (bottom) makes them difficult to control for beginners. Which is why it’s veteran softball players, and not those who are still learning the ropes of this game, that prefer end-loaded bats.


  • Slam the ball with greater power
  • Hit balls cover more distance
  • Long-lasting and durable


  • Difficult to swing


Are you looking for a bat that you can swing with minimum fuss? One that won’t strain your forearms as you swing it? Provided your answer to either of these questions is in the affirmative, then you’d do with going for a balanced bat. Here’s why we’re saying that.

Balanced bats are easier to swing and provide the batter more control over their movement. They are also incredibly lightweight and will let you hit through the zone effortlessly. But they aren’t known for imparting power to the shots.


  • Incredibly light swing weight
  • Huge bat swing speed
  • Are Perfectly Balanced


  • Impart less power to the hit ball

8. One Piece Vs. Two-Piece Bats

Here’s how they compare:

One-piece bats

Such bats have a continuous piece of wood stretching from the knob of their handle to the barrel’s tip. They tend to be more rigid and provide less flex. Such bats are also capable of imparting maximum power to the ball, thereby generating more power.

All these qualities make one-piece bats a must-have for power hitters. But that doesn’t mean that they don’t have any shortcomings. These bats don’t do well at stopping the energy generated in the barrel from reaching the handle, which means you’d encounter more ‘bat sting’ while using them.


  • Generate more power
  • Hit the ball further
  • Less flex through the hitting zone


  • More sting in the handle

Two-piece bats

Such bats have their barrel and the handle made of different pieces when are then bonded together. They tend to flex more upon colliding with the ball and create more bat ‘whip’. This is what enables these bats to boast enormous swing speeds.

Their two-piece construction also allows these bats to keep the vibrations generated in the barrel from making their way into the handle. Those of you who are contact hitters and don’t like much feedback would do well with two-piece bats.


  • More bat speed
  • Less bat sting
  • Best for contact hitters


  • Generate less power

9. Type of wood

Wooden fastpitch softball bats are available in the following types:


Their incredibly dense nature and tight grain structure provide maple bats with three benefits. The first of which is that they ensure higher energy transfer to the ball. These bats are also less susceptible to flaking and don’t allow the rings of food to separate from each other.

Having said that, these bats do suffer from two significant shortcomings. They have a tiny sweet spot which makes these bats a difficult option for amateurs. Their tremendous weight also makes swinging maple bats difficult for players with weak forearms.


  • Resist flaking
  • Impart massive power to the shot
  • Are incredibly stylish


  • Smaller sweet spot


One of the main qualities of ash bats is their lightweight construction. It makes swinging these bats a cinch for newbies or players with weak forearms. Those of you who have never used a wooden bat before will also find it easy to ash bats.

Ash also flexes more than maple and produces a ‘trampoline effect’ upon hitting the ball. This not only allows it to hit the ball more solidly. But it also gives the batter more control as they try to hit the ball out of the park. Though these bats can flake apart when hit on the wrong side.


  • Huge sweet spot
  • Produce a trampoline effect
  • Easy to control and swing


  • Susceptible to flaking apart


Have you used a birch bat before? Then you’d definitely be aware of its softness. It is the same smooth structure that makes birch bats incredibly flexible. This flexibility also allows the batter to impart more ‘whip’ to their shots, thereby forcing the ball to travel further.

That doesn’t mean, however, that everything about birch bats is hunky-dory. They won’t perform at their best until you give them a few days of ‘break-in’ time. And their softness also puts a dampener on the speed at which the ball exits the bat.


  • Generate more bat speed
  • More forgiving on mis-hits
  • Ultra-durable construction


  • Slightly lower exit speeds

A Bat SB71 – Hard Maple Wood Softball Bat

The SB71 maple wood softball bat is currently one of the best-sellers on the market. It has been approved by ASA and is available in multiple sizes as well. It also has a massive sweet spot that keeps the chances of mis-hits at a bare minimum.


Why choose it? Equally worthy of your attention is this bat’s long handle. Its 2 ¼’’ length has enabled the handle to let you cover the entire strike zone without straining your arms. The massive size of the barrel is also the reason why this bat boasts a massive sweet spot.

You might find it useful to note that its handle is easy to hold. One reason for that is the tapered covering which has added layers around the handle for your hand to hold it steady. However, equal credit for its holdability has to go to the 15/16’’ size of the handle.

Sizes: This model is available in only two lengths: 33 inches and 34 inches. Both the sizes have the same 2 ¼’’ barrel and 15/16’’ handle. Though the 33’’ bat has a built-in 15/16’’ handle whereas the 14’’ model’s handle has to be tapered down to get to that size.


  • ASA approved
  • Suitable for fastpitch and slowpitch
  • Flared handle
  • Massive sweet spot


  • Available in only two sizes

Final Thought: Here’s one of those wooden fastpitch softball bats that offer high-end features at a price that won’t blow a hole in your pocket. Which is why it gets our recommendation.

EASTON Ghost -9 ASA Fastpitch Softball Bat

Most fastpitch softball bats that we recommend in this review don’t cost a lot. That isn’t the case with the Easton Ghost -9. This model costs as much as two or three of the other bats in this review combined. But it does have the features to justify its astronomical asking price.


Why choose it? Start with the double-barrel construction. It gives this wooden fastpitch softball bat the ultimate combination of sound, pop and feel. The double barrel has also equipped this model with a massive sweet spot to justify its utility for beginners and pros alike.

Then comes the XTX Matric technology. It has provided this bat with extreme durability and flexibility even though it has one of the lowest compression barrels in softball. Equally useful is the NITROCELL foam that has helped forge a better connection between the barrel and handle.

Its handle is easy to grip as well. Easton has made sure of that by tapering it with Hyperskin grip whose contours make the handle easy to hold. All these features are the reasons why this model is approved for play in ISF, NCAA, ASA, and even at high school level.

Sizes: The Easton double barrel bat is available in 32 inch / 23 oz and 34 inch / 25 oz sizes. Both sizes come with similar features and give the same feel.


  • Double barrel construction
  • Ultra-durable and flexible
  • ASA, ISF and NCAA approved
  • Better connection between barrel and handle


  • Astronomically priced

Final Thought: Are you willing to pay over the odds for a high-end model? Then you would have no qualms about this product as it has all the features to justify its eye-watering price tag.

Louisville Slugger WTLWBSB2MAINA34

Unimpressed with the eye-watering price tag of the Easton Ghost? Looking for something that costs multiple times less? The Louisville Slugger would then be an ideal choice for you, given its affordable asking price and a set of high-value features.


Why choose it? No corners have been cut to keep this bat’s asking price low. You can verify this claim by looking at this model’s material of construction. People in the know are aware that maple is one of the most dependable woods on the market. Its durability and shelf-life are second to none.

Yet another thing that maple does is ensure high energy transfer from the bat to the ball. This means you can count on your hits to cover a long distance. It is also less susceptible to flaking than other woods on the market and thus won’t allow the wood rings to separate from each other.

Louisville has supplemented this bat’s handle with a cupped hand. It has done that to give the batter maximum control over this model’s movement in the air. Though the fact that this bat doesn’t come with a warranty means that not everything is hunky-dory about it.

Sizes: Aside from the fact that it has no warranty on it, another feature of this bat that disappointed us was its availability in a single size only. You have no other option but to make do with the 34’’ bat and its 2 ¼’’ barrel.


  • Made of maple
  • Gives ideal swing speed
  • Has a natural finish
  • Competitive asking price


  • Available in only one size

Final Thought: Those of you who don’t have any complaints about the fact that this bat pack doesn’t come with a warranty would do well to take advantage of its affordable asking price.

BamBooBat Trifecta Softball

Are you looking for a bat that can take several mishits without breaking? One whose tensile strength can rival that of steel? Then you’d certainly be able to find plenty of features to like about this Trifecta Softball bat from BamBooBat.


Why choose it? Begin with durability. This bat has been constructed by pressing strips of bamboo together whose combination have provided it with huge tensile strength. Their getting together is another reason why this unit can take several mishits without breaking a sweat.

Yet another benefit that this model offers is its lightweight swing. One which makes it suitable for children, amateurs and professionals alike. That is also the reason why you may have seen bamboo bats in high school, college and professional softball leagues.

Sizes: Although this bat is available in two designs – one of which has a white barrel whereas the other has a black barrel – it doesn’t offer any options when it comes to its size. That is to say that it is available in only one size.


  • Ultra-durable
  • One-year warranty
  • Stylish design
  • Can take mishits


  • Pricey

Final Thought: The BamBooBat Trifecta Softball bat is available comes with a cupped barrel end, dampens vibrations in its barrel and is ultra-durable. What more can you ask for!

Brett Bros. GB5 Superlight Wood Softball Bat

Given the fact that Brett Bros isn’t one of the most popular softball bat manufacturers on the market, it came as a surprise to us that the GB5 has all the features that have empowered it to rival models from brands that are uber-famous.


Why choose it? Almost all the other bats that you have seen thus far were 100% wood. This model is different. Its manufacturer has supplemented wood with a reinforcement of fiberglass in the handle to provide it with added strength.

Yet another milestone the addition of fiberglass has been able to achieve is to place a bottom pressure on this model’s weight – as wood always weighs more than fiberglass. That is why the weight of this model is 10lbs lower than the heaviest bat on this review.

Sizes: Here’s another area where this bat surprised us big time. It is available in three sizes – 32-inch, 33-inch, 34-inch – and each size has a 2 ¼ inch barrel diameter. All three sizes have different asking prices but they all boast the same high-end quality.


  • Excellent all-weather bat
  • Light swing weight
  • Added strength in handle
  • Weighs lower than competition


  • Not 100% wood

Final Thought: Aside from offering everything mentioned above, its manufacturer further sweetens the deal by providing the option of free shipping on this bat.


Apart from taking your softball game to the next level, the best wooden fastpitch softball bats provide a lot of benefits. They are easier to swing, boast incredible strength and cost a fraction of the price you’d have to pay for bats made of other materials.

On top of everything else, these models are ultra-durable. The high-end technologies their manufacturers have used in their construction means you won’t have to worry about mishits taking a toll on their sturdiness. That is to say that they can last with you for years with proper care.