The Axe Elite Bat: Is the Axe Handle Worth It?

In the USA, Axe is one of the most leading brands when it comes to baseball accessories. In addition, baseball players are always satisfied with the bats produced by Axe because of their innovative design. Furthermore, their offering offers a comparatively lower price considering the features put into the product. Therefore, if you are looking for the best bat with these qualities at a lower price point, the Axe Elite bat is perfect for you!

Last update was on: June 13, 2024 4:32 am

The Axe Elite Bat offers a wide range of jaw-dropping features without busting the bank!

To provide you with the best batting experience, the Axe Bat features a 2-piece hybrid bat design made of a premium alloy barrel and a lightweight composite handle. This 2-piece design is made to ensure a power-balanced construction certified for the 1.15 BPF standard. In addition, the premium MX8 alloy barrel remains solid and durable for the lifetime of the Axe Elite.

Axe has implemented a Vibration Canceling System (VCS) that deploys shock-absorbing materials at three points on the handle. Combined with the Endogrid built into the handle, this system absorbs vibration for a comfortable experience. Furthermore, the HyperWhip End Cap provide users with a lightweight profile for a faster and efficient swing.

A new 2nd generation Axe Handle has been fitted to the Axe Elite for a seamless connection between the bat and your palms. A 12-week study was done to test the Axe Handle and the result states that the BBCOR hitters performed significantly better with the Axe Handle than traditional round knobs. Above all, their average stats gained 0.6 mph of exit velocity, increased angle by 4 degrees, and ultimately adding an outstanding 22 feet of distance.

Key Features:

  • Features a premium MX8 alloy barrel.
  • HyperWhip End Cap makes it faster and efficient.
  • Endogrid technology helps reduce vibration.
  • Two-piece power-balanced construction.
  • Features a bat drop of -5; makes it perfect for young players.
  • Comes in USSSA stamped.
  • Features a 2 5/8 inch barrel for a more prominent sweet spot.
  • It is approved by Little League, Pony, Dixie, Bebe Ruth, AAU, AABC, etc.

Unlock your full potential with the Axe Elite Bat! The Axe Elite features the 2nd generation Axe Handle provides power and support efficiently through the hitting zone. Contrary to round-knob bats, the Axe bats always hit the ball with the exact barrel alignment. This alignment provides backside support for utmost stability when playing. Furthermore, by removing unnecessary weight and material from the backside, the bat offers its user a more balanced, faster, and powerful barrel.

The Material of the Axe Elite

Just like the Axe Avenge Bat, the Axe Elite was designed with quality and durability in mind. The 2-piece construction of the Axe Elite pairs an MX8 alloy barrel to a lightweight composite handle for a more powerful swing without compromising weight. In addition, a Vibration Cancelling System (VCS) is also deployed at three points within the handle. Lastly, combined with the built-in Endogrid technology, these two features offer excellent comfort upon ball impact.

The Barrel of the Axe Elite

The 2 5/8-inch barrel of the Axe Elite is made of Premium MX8 alloy barrel that provides its user with a massive sweet spot and tons of pop. Furthermore, it is paired with a thin composite handle with Endogrid technology for maximum comfort. Moreover, the Endogrid technology makes the Axe Elite one of the best lightweight baseball bats in the market.


  • 2-piece construction with MX8 alloy and composite thin handle.
  • HyperWhip end cap.
  • Endogrid technology.
  • Comfortable grip and strong knob.
  • Tons of pop.
  • Approved by almost all the Leagues and Associations.


  • The construction of this bat might not suit round-knob users.


The Axe Elite is indeed a heavy contender when we look at its specs and features. Moreover, with its less than $300 price tag, it makes the Axe Elite a proper bang for the buck when it comes to affordability. Furthermore, the countless pieces of technology and work put into this excellent baseball bat are otherworldly. The main selling point of the Axe Elite is its Axe Handle construction which changes how a player plays drastically. We highly recommend this bat to players who find a hard time using a round-knob bat.

Take your batting on to the next level with the Axe Elite Bat now!

Last update was on: June 13, 2024 4:32 am